January 27, 2010

Dogs Rule Cats Drool

Because dogs are just the cutest.

 They're like. SO smart.

My Milo ah. si-beh smart.
10 out of 10 people that has dogs, visited my house, and said :
"Wah. Your dog very kuai (well-behaved) hor"

Don't rush out of the gate when it is open.
Don't simply move here and there during her bath.
Don't bite shoes unless u're a stranger (unfamiliar smell).
Welcomes my arrival back from school everyday (sometimes too enthusiastically).


OMG lah where are their brains?

When u go google and type 'fat cats',

u get tonnes of these.

and these

and these
and theese.

Why are they so fat?
Cos they just laze around whole day rubbing themselves on furnitures or any Tom,Dick and Harry's legs, waiting for a fur ball.

Let's compare and see.



Dogs are just the best 
Don't kill me, cat-lovers.

January 24, 2010

Jesus, lover of my soul

This suddenly came in my mind and never left since this morning's Praise and Worship session
Jesus, lover of my soul
Jesus, I will never let You go
You've taken me from the miry clay
You've set my feet upon the rock,
and now I know.

I love You and I need You
Though my world may fall
I'll never let You go

My Saviour
My closest friend
I will worship You until the very end.

January 19, 2010

pure laziness

I'm lazy to go study.
But my mum wouldn't stop nagging me about how important STPM is.

I'm lazy to go walk around for 1 hour to buy one piece of clothing in malls.
But i don't trust online shopping. FORIDUNNOWHATREASON

I'm lazy to wash my car.
But after 3 days untouched, bird droppings and lotsa other stuff tends to land on it. And i don't wanna go around with a shit ride.

I'm lazy to make sure i look presentable everytime i go out. ( nola just kidding =P )

I'm lazy to plan for my future.
But there's this "you plan to fail if you fail to plan". Baaaahh.

I'm lazy to keep the 'recycle' spirit up when everyone else is not giving a damn.
But once i stop recycling, that's 1 more idiot not giving a damn in this world.

I'm lazy to give a damn about everything.
But............. wait. there's no buts. hahas.

January 17, 2010

Sunway on weekends

If u did realise, some of my latest posts were picture-less. 
Malas nak upload pictures la. Takes times. And need to type my blog name there.
But i am not complaining :)

So, i went to KL last Friday.
Main reason was to see my bro at SunMed.
Poor boii broken his ulna and crushed his calcaneus.
Getting it fixed over there.

If u ask me, i would say this is quite an interesting trip.
Lotsa quite interesting stuff happened.
For example,

This little bugger made me stay up the whole journey.
Gave me a neck ache.
Remind me to object mati-matian when my mum is afraid lazy to drive to KL next time and don't allow me to drive when my dad already let me drive to KL before.

Oh, and i found this on my bro's breakfast menu.

"Carbohydrate is not fattening unless you eat a lot of it"
So, all those diet freaks out there, don't go "it's carbs!!" here and there alright?

Yeah i know i said my main reason to Sunway was to visit my bro,
but i'm allowed some shopping too. (lucky me for that) 
I remember reminding myself in a previous post to NOT wear heels to shopping.
Oops I did it again.

what's better than to shop accompanied by classical chinese instrumentals?

I'm so proud of Malaysia.
Like really.
All over the shopping mall, it has activities and banners about NOT using a plastic bag.
And i'm proud that i did not take a bag at body shop!
Regretted that i declined the offer to write a note there though.
Oh. this reminds me. another interesting stuff.
 U know, when i was queing to pay, there was this Malaysian indian auntie in front of me.
And before her, was an Arabian.
And when it was her turn, she did not take a bag as well.
And then she asked the cashier whether do she get to write a note on top of the board if she didn't take a bag.
And then the cashier said yeah, and gave her a note.
Then she went :
"Why do u only give me when i asked for it? Just because I'm a Malaysian? I saw it u know. I saw that u offered the Arabian in front of me to write on the note, but u didn't offer me. U should be ashamed of yourself. U should treat all Malaysians the same. And not the stupid Arabians."
while writing something on the little paper..
"U guys are really terrible."
and the poor cashier, taking out the double-sided tape, wanting to stick the little paper this woman wrote on the board,
"Don't need to stick it. I don't intend to put this up there. But u see what i wrote here."
*slams the paper on the table in front of the cashier*
It is written : Terrible!
And right before she left, "U guys should change that attitude of urs"

WHOOOOOOOA is that something or whatt??
I wanted to take a picture of the "terrible!" paper she wrote for u guys to see, but i don't have the guts to ask the cashier for it.
She was almost bursting into fumes!

Right, going on to the next thing,

indoor ferris wheel.
u gonna ride on this and see which shop is on which floor and memorize them before going to shop?

This statement is sooooo made for me >.<
This was taken in Cotton On.
Good for cheap-asses like me. =P
but that shop hor. crowded with other cheapasses.
I heard kshyen talked bout this shop before, but i didn't know it's that affordable!!
Where else u can find clothes below RM30 nowadays??
[though it's only RM1 away from RM30]
Bought a RM49 long Tee from there. Accidentally.
Long story. Don't wanna talk about it. Lol.

When i passed by the same stage again,
i saw a different performance there.
U know, the fella at the far left.. is a he.

Finally got my si-beh hardcore maybelline gelliner.
Actually, after surveying, i discovered that MAC's gelliner is cheaper.
I mean, worth it.
It's about 8g for RM60+ only. Whereas this is 2.8g for RM32.90
But i bought this one anyway, cos i wouldn't be able to use up 8g of gelliner before it dries up.
I'm in school now, not college.

And i bought this si-beh pretty clutch for my sis from Marks&Spencer.
Soooo cantik giler i wanted to buy another 1 for myself, but it will burn a hole in my pocket.
So bought it for her along with some other stuff for her belated b'day+christmas+some oth stuff.
like it or noooooooot???
I knoow la u got Coach, but it's the ♥ that counts rite?
Say thank you.
And u're welcome.

Oh, and btw.
The Marks&Spencer guy said i was stylish cos i was shopping alone.
Said that some girls can't even go to the toilet alone.
(dad and mom wanted to go Ikea, i refused to follow them, so i begged them to they dropped me at Pyramid instead.)
I si-beh bangga man.
But hor. But hor.
Then, he asked where am i from.. I said Teluk Intan.
"Huh? Where's that?"
I si-beh xia sui man!!!!!
Sweat. Get over it.
Marks&Spencer stuff so cheap.
If it weren't for time factor, i would've strolled the whole shop for clothes.

And then, my bro.

Seeee??? I did visit my bro!!
Spent like.. almost 90% of the time i had there in SunMed man.

His #2 source of entertainment after his Motorola Q7.
Playing with helium-filled tweety bird balloon.
Bounce it high up and it'll slooooowly drop down cos there's the plastic tied to the bottom of the balloon.
(too much weight for the balloon to float)

He tried to show his middle finger. Cos his fingers were practically motionless after his hand op.
"Luckily this finger is still functioning."
*sigh of relief* <-- him
But his fingers got better the day after i went there.
Still cannot move too much though.

If this weren't RM14 per cup, i would've tapao-ed this to school everyday!
My bro was sorduf addicted to the doughnut i bought for him from Starbucks.
He even wheeled himself downstairs to buy it. But didn't open yet when he went there.
Didn't try to wheel himself down again cos it was so tiring. Lol.
He complained that the nurses saw that he was independent and tried to moved around with the wheelchair on his own, 
and then the nurses don't wanna choi him anymore.

And at night, my uncle promised us to bring us to a bak-kut-teh shop that will make us cry while eating.
I was like "o.k.a.y."
It's somewhere in Puchong.
Pleeease don't ask me which jalan and all, i don't know. seriously.
But hor. This shop si-beh canggih.

The. waiters. uses. PDA. to. take. orders. and. sends. them. to. the. kitchen. without. going. to. the. kitchen
OMG la i feel so jacoon >.<
But didn't have the guts to take out my hp and take a picture of the waiter.
(i have to fix this problem soon or else i'll be ashamed to call myself a blogger)

height of the cawan. is like my pinky finger.

but this one si-beh cuun.
keeps the bak-kut-teh warmed throughout the meal.

Bon apetit, all ye gluttons..
My first time experience with all these lard-loaded dishes.
Go ask my mum. I usually don't touch these stuff.
But this time. It's exceptional.
It's that good.

Oh well, at least this is quite a productive trip.
Visited my bro. Bought him doughnut and butter toffees and slippers. Gave him a good hair wash (not on my own free will) after a few days washed by nurses using handwash. LMAO.
Got a few stuff that i wanted. But spent almost 30% on my shopping expenses for gifts for other people.
Oh wait. 40%. Burnt almost RM300 out my pocket.
Nvm. Save up and wait for next shopping trip.
Where there are big sales here and there.
I'll wear sport shoes this time.
Wait. I can't buy heels/slippers/shoes if i wear sport shoes.
Ok-lah. Walking slippers.

January 14, 2010

and I tried...

When i was about to go out for the swim i was planning to go for the whole week,
It was scorching hot.
I thought of staying in for a little bit before going to dip myself in the chlorine water + heavy duty sunlight that will toast my epidermis layer off my dermis layer.
But it took a little too long, so wth i went and apply sunblock, and hope for the best.

Oooooh the best was there, alright.
6 old testosterone-filled creatures there.
When i was in form 5, when i USED to go there every friday, there were only around 3 or 4 of them.
The lifeguard (auntie) told me it's ok, i can just go in there. There's enough space.
And i thought, " Well, i DID came all the way here. Might as well, right?"
Scoot over, uncles.
So i went, and changed, and blu bla blu bla and warmed up, and had physical contact with the chlorine water i last touched in 2008.

No it's not a motor exhaust sound -.-
It's thunderr. And i saw rain drops falling onto the surface of the pool water.

It was barely 30 minutes la machaaaa!

Don't la do this to me..... T.T

I only had about 4 or 5 laps!!

So i swim slow, got any problem with that? *glares*

Kecian saya tau.
It's like i went there to dip myself in the chlorine water for

But that's all.
As i was bathing, i realised when i wanna bend my head, i had this excruciating pain at the back of my neck.
It was a little pain in the morning, but it got that bad after the swim?
+you gotta be kidding me+
 How on earth am i gonna sleep in class tomorrow?!?!?!?!?!?

Oh well, this is what i got for trying to get my stamina back (not that i had a lot to begin with =P )

Oh, and did i say i looked at myself in the mirror before going out in my swimwear, and had a sudden determination to swim at least once every week, and at least for an hour each time?
Nope i guess i didn't.
Well, i tried today. I'll try again next time.

the worst addiction. ever.

It's the best thing to do.
But it's the worst addiction that ever existed on the face of the Earth.

I should consider it a blessing in disguise when my dad reformatted the desktop harddisk.
And ALL my manga that i downloaded with sweat and blood throughout the years are gone.
I had the worst week.
though i haven't been reading much for the past 6 months,
they're still my babies >.<

But i don't know what got into me and i started the download craze yesterday night again.
I thought  :
"Just download 1 manga and read la. Won't be much harm"

But i was wrong. Very wrong.

1 thing lead to another.
And.... and...........!!!!!
I ended up downloading alot of others, and 1 of my old collection (which consist of 7 volumes)

Therefore, the addiction is back.
I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't concentrate in class.
This is worse than being lovestruck (not that i ever experienced it :P )
Someone send me to rehab? Please?

January 12, 2010

Missing Annoyance

It's so annoying when :

someone comes into your room when u're in the midst of studying/doing your homework that is due tomorrow and meddles with your makeup kit and partially scolds u for not using your hair/facial products cos they're still full.
that certain someone is too oversized that u fail to push him out of your room door after many attempts.
so, u eventually give up and end up sitting on your study chair, but facing that fella and talk crap with him until he decides to leave the room on his own free will
fell asleep on your bed and u have to try waking him up in countless methods.

some stupid fella changes/skips the song that u're listening to in the morning on the way to school whenever it comes to a chinese song.
just because he's a banana himself.

whenever i'm going out for an outing,
some nutcase come knocking on your door and interrupts your process of getting ready to go out by :
(i) sitting on the bed and stares at u while u do your makeup/hair
(ii) comments on your hair/clothes/makeup/whateverhecanfind
(iii) asks who are u going out with, where are u going, and anything under the moon

u gotta fetch this fatty back from school everyday.
and 9 out of 10 times, he'll be singing the song played on the player with super high pitch and loud voice that hurts your ear and distracts u from driving.
so u gotta smack/box/pinch/anything to make him stop it, even though it's temporary.
he always repeats it every 5 seconds after u beat the hell outta him.

but who knows that u'll miss all of these?
I didn't know that could happen.
I mean, it's annoying right?
To the max.
No one misses annoyance.
Nope. Definitely not me.

But u know what?
Vengeance is sweet.

Someone is gonna be on the wheelchair.
Someone is not gonna be able to push it himself.
Someone is gonna need my help to get around and stuff.

And guess what?

Someone is gonna treat someone else real nice cos someone is at someone else's mercy. 100%
Someone is gonna stay at the table and study/do addmaths and all the other subjects cos he's not gonna be able to push himself away from the table.
Someone is gonna go on a NO ckt+lard diet.

Oh how sweet is the name vengeance.

Lord my God, i pray that You will use Your healing hands to heal this certain someone.
For You are the One and only God. The Healer. The Saviour.

Lord, please look after him especially during the surgery that everything runs smoothly and he'll be back in his house in a week's time.
And not to forget, keep his faith and love for You grow stronger in this period of time of distress and pain.
Let him know that You are the one that watches over him, and YOU're his Father in Heaven that loves and protects him.
Let him learn from this experience so that he will not do anything else in the future so that our parent's mind can be at ease.
Lord, i know You are listening to my prayer, and is also with him at this very moment.
There is none like You. No one else can touch my heart like You do.
I can search for all eternity, Lord, and find that there is none like You.

In Jesus's name, I pray.

January 11, 2010

stop and stare

Question : What do u do when a very very ugly and old huana uncle with a brain and a head, but no grey matter whatsoever in it, BANGED ur chair with his chair, stare at u, bang it again, and sit down behind u, just because he thinks u're sitting too far out?

A. Turn behind, pull his bloody songkok out of his head and smash his head against the wall. Again. And again. And again. And again. Oops there's nothing left already.
B. Turn behind, look at his fugly back, turn in front, take my mee, turn behind, tap his back, and when he turns, smaack the plate of mee on his ugly face, and turn back in front.
C. Act like nothing happen, but keep throwing pieces of food from ur plate of mee to the back every 15 seconds.
D. Act like nothing happened at first, but when u're ready to leave, u stand up, puuuush ur chair back so that it knocks his chair real hard, and when he looks up, stare at him, and walk away.

My answer : All of the above.        ( in my dreams )

My real answer : D

road accidents

The reason i avoid road accidents asap (as much as possible)?
The answer is simple.
Do u not?

I have been involved in an accident before. I can still remember it quite clearly, on the day we finish SPM, but i will not talk bout it here. No use mourning bout what has happened, about more than a year ago, eh?
So humiliating experience leh. Mafan my whole group of friends that went to CC to have a good time after SPM -.-

However, that accident didn't harm my body in any way. Maybe mentally (in a good way), but not physically.
Lucky me. 
Thank God for protecting me with Ur powerful and mighty arms. 

Do youngsters, mainly guys (not being sexist here, but it's so darn true!), think being in an accident is cool?
A shortcut to fame among friends? omg la. Wake up.
It might be 'cool' now, but u'll freakin' regret it when u get old. These injuries are gonna haunt u like hell in the future.
And u're not gonna like it. At all.


Those mat rempits lah. Biggest culprits.
Today, when i went to the hospital, male's orthopedic ward, i saw like.. almost 75% of them are huana kia. It's either they have fractured leg or arms. I don't need to ask them what happened.
It's definitely "langgar motor". See la. Pecut lagi. Pecut lagi.

Wanna say 'serves them right',  but my bro is one of them now. Cannot talk about kaki lang like that mah.

omfgleksjcoierlkja sdfl la. so frus now.

Pecut so fast for what. Pipe so loud for what (ok, this is not related but i just wanna say it =P ).
Nsib baek ade kHi kat kpla otak ko tu. Klau x, konfem matee.
[ omg i sound like those from the Mangga mags >.< ]

On my way back from the hospital, i saw another accident at the traffic light.
Tried to take a shot, but my mum went too fast and my effin' phone is not fast enough. 
Then, when i went back to the hospital, choysoon told me after i left, got 2 more accidents came in.
'good date' to have accidents is it? Just like marriage. Choose date to have an accident.
So 'ong' (lucky)??

And and and and and and hor. U know whaaaaat??
Those ****heads that eyes are clouded with signs of $$$$ are soooooooooooooooooooooo annoying man.
Seriously. Si-beh annoying u know.
Right after the accident, they followed us to the hospital and asked us whether we need a lawyer to sue sama itu orang.
After that, got 1 or 2 more calls for my mum, same type of people. Different companies.

Then, got those that went to the police station where the broken bike was kept, and said that we gave permission to them to take the bike (without our consent!!) and then called us whether wanna fix the bike or not. And then, tell us they took the bike from the police station already.
I know u gotta make a living......
But do u need to make it to this extent? Si-beh kiasu.

Do people nowadays look forward to accidents to make a living? Are there really no more decent jobs out there? sweat lah. 
Oh, and my friend overheard the people that actually came to 'spy' on us to tell us about the motor fixing thing talking to their boss bout the other 2 bikes. Which i assume is the bikes of the other 2 accidents.
Geng leh?

Anyhow lehhhhhhhhhhh,

Drive safely. Then nothing bad will happen. When i say 'drive safely', i mean don't speed. 
I mean, don't speed too much unnecessarily >.<
If u're at a safe speed, u will be able to brake in time, right? Or reduce the impulsive force.
Though it might not be ur fault that the brainless drivers knock u or cut into ur lane. Right? 

At least u get to avoid an accident, or avoid a reeeeally bad impact that might cause u to loose ur arms completely.
Either way, drive safe lah chums.
I hate going to the hospital. The smell sux. So don't make me visit that God-forsaken place so often alright?
Oh, and...

God only help those who help themselves.
So, help urself. 

January 10, 2010

fwJL facts #6

For those of u who visited my site while i was changing backgrounds, u guys must've went "................"


I know i've changed it a gazillion times. And the day before this, i was changing my blogskin again. I actually liked something else than what i'm having now, but i was lazy to change the colour of the fonts and labels and chatbox to match with the template. So i got another one.
I gave up creating my own, so i just use the default ones blogspot prepared for blogspot users. But i made a few changes here and there.
And just when i was almost finishing, i discover something else, and i wanted to add a little more.
And a little more.
And a little more.
And maybe change a few stuff.
Ok i'm done.

No, wait.
Wanna add a little more stuff.
And add a little more.
And delete that.
And move that over there.


Omg i can spend like the whole friggin' day in front of the laptop doing these. And people don't really notice it.
It's just little little extras, but it enhances the beauty of the page ( i think so lah :P ). Not like many people see it, anyway. For self-satisfaction purposes. lmao.

Not only for my blog page, for other things it's like this as well. Can't make up my friggin' mind. -.-"
For BGR stuff also like this. walaoeh.

oh, and for a little out-of-topic stuff,
when i was posting this halfway, my mum came and told me :
"What am i gonna do with this son?"
"Why? What happened?"
"He got into an accident again"

waseh. how many accidents must he be involved in to make himself a superstar?!?!?!
ok. i'm off to the scene to see what's going on with my mum.

Loose the kg's

Yesterday night was Mary's pool + ktv party. For birthday, which is tomorrow.
For some reasons, she had it earlier.
It doesn't really matter la. Just celebration only wurt.

Though i was told to bring extra clothings, i only brought a top with me ; JUST IN CASE someone pandai-pandai splash water at me or smth, i can change.
But hor. But hor. After seeing almost everyone getting into the pool.. sam xi xi already.
Then i gave up and jumped into the pool. With my makeup on. Lol.
The Maybelline gelliner (which my sis was supposed to buy for me during her US trip, but her bf don't let her buy ANY makeup -.-" so i used my sis's) si-beh hardcore leh. Jumped in a few times (more like being PUSHED and THROWN) into the pool also it's still there.
After a loooong time in the water, my mascara came out. But gelliner still there. Geng leh.
Gonna buy one for myself soon.

I stopped going to swimming weekly after i permed my hair last year. Which is around early March? After CNY.
I thought of stopping just for awhile, cos i'm afraid my hair'll spoil due to the chlorine.
Buuuuuuuuuuut the 'awhile' seemed to have lasted a little too long.
Yesterday was the first time i touched pool water since March. Lol.
So i thought of going swimming weekly again. One day. One fine day.
To loose those extra kg's and for health purposes. (trains my lungs to be stronger. and stamina ma)
Can u believe i'm the same weight as Wesley?? Just like about 600g lighter. omg omg omg.

Oh and i'm trying to stop cursing so much nowadays. Not that i curse that much, but according to the bible, we shouldn't condemn ppl. And most cursings are condemning ppl. So........lols.
But it seems that the less i swear, the more my bro swear. Is it all channeling to him? I hope not *cross fingers*
For those following me on fb, might notice that i use more of < censored >  nowadays instead of typing it rightaway.
But i realise that it doesn't really do much, cos if i censor it, i still meant the word.
But it's still improvement, hor? Hor?
What to do.
Ban ban lai la.

My posts are getting shorter and shorter by the day.
Lazy to type much. Not much time.
Should be using all those time to study too.
So in my previous posts, more pictures than words. Lol.
Paiceh la.
[omg Simon's way of typing is really seeping into me. highly infectious man ]

January 9, 2010

Avatar movie review (finally)

I just came back from Avatar (the second time - accompanying my sis. and my friend told me to MUST accompany him to watch the third time. omg. the awesomeness of the movie is becoming stale =.= ) + Al Fresco + CKT (thanks to chingee). I thought of writting this NOW instead of tomorrow cos the movie is still fresh in my mind. Another reason why my Avatar movie review was delayed sooooo long after i watched it the first time in KL. And my mind insisted that i write about this movie cos i really think this is a good movie. Something different from the others, yet almost the same.

James Cameron.
King of the World.
(he got this title from Titanic, i didn't call him that)
Director of the Terminators and Titanic. Should be good, eh?
Anyway i didn't go and watch Avatar cos i wanted to, my dad just arranged it for us as part of our KL trip.
Didn't regret going though.
It was much better in KL (sound system and seats AND COMPANY ; bloody huana and kelengna) than TI <-- duhh.

Well, the title already speaks about the whole movie, actually. It's about avatars. Lol. And the movie was way more than 'not bad' for a computer-generated movie. If i didn't read from Wikipedia, i would've thought this is another rip off from the movie Surrogates or something like that.
According to Wiki, this movie was supposed to be released after Titanic (in 1999). But the technology wasn't good enough for this movie, so he waited. Till NOW. Man, he had patience. And man, the technology had really grown up to the standard for this movie. The graphic and special effect was awesome. In other type of sci-fi shows, u can find bits of flaws here and there, but in this show? None. It all looked SO good, so good. The glowing forest, especially when night falls, is a breath-taking sight, and u will actually try to put urself in Jake Sully's shoes to imagine how it would have felt to have seen it with ur own eyes, eh?

I don't know whether to trust Wikipedia or not, but yeah. The drama was a little stale. You know, the same old a bad guy was supposed to do something bad, he went to spy on the enemy, and then he fell in love, and he 'betrayed' his own kind, and helped his lover's clan, bublah bublah bublah.
It's either some other people caught a glimpse of James Cameron's script for this Avatar and go copy his stuff, OR it's just how humans come up with movies nowadays. ANYWAY, this was something fresh. A little. I liked the entrance Jake Sully made, being a Toruk Macto. He was practically being worshipped when he went back. LOL.

It's too bad that Augustine had to die, but it was funny when she said "I need to take some samples" when she's at the verge of dying from the gunshot wound she had. These biology people and samples. *rolls eyes* Anyway, not much lost. She wasn't that important anyway. LOL. Oh. One question. Did Norm die? I don't really know. His avatar died, but his human body just woke up panting hard, and that's it. Anyway (again), not important. When i was watching this movie, it's the first time i despised human beings so much. I was practically being happy (in silence) when the humans were killed by Na'vis. Can u imagine how BIG was the Home Tree? It's like a trillion size bigger than their bloody spaceships! Do u know how long does it take to grow that big? Actually I have no idea as well :P but i'm guessing it's a loooooooong time. It really reminds us, to what extent humans can go to get wealth. Like those China people killing tigers and polar bears even though they're at the verge of extinction. Just to get more money. Not forgetting they WENT to the Na'vi's planet and then tried to shoo them out of their own village. wtf wtf wtf wtf. Ok, back to the movie.

Well, as much as u think i'm into city life and sky scrappers, i'm in love with nature. God created our world, and he created so many different species of plants and animals, all sorts of rich colours and various sizes. Shouldn't we appreciate them? Though in the movie Avatar, it's all just virtual, i still think they're a part of nature, and it somehow gets to me when all these beautiful things get destroyed by missiles and bombs. The mountains of Hallelujah (what a name =.= i sorduf feel insulted a little, as a Christian) was breath-taking.
This all just made the length of the movie was all worth it. Unlike 2012, I can watch this the 2nd time and not feel sleepy or bored. I was still captivated by the awesomeness of this movie throughout. Though at times, the kelengnas siting beside my sister gets a tad bit too loud, and it gets a tad bit too annoying. Zaaaaah what do u expect in TI? Omg i'm straying again.

And though there was very little humour in this movie, the little bits of sarcasm and humour every now and then is enough to last the whole movie. Little is more. Again, James Cameron pulled it off again, after Titanic. He was clever to use the word Pandora as the name of the place. As most people know about Pandora's box, the word Pandora gives all the mystery in the world u can get. Therefore, in the beginning (when i first watched it), i was so eager to know what type of place is Pandora, as it sound so dangerous, yet mysterious. Beautiful, yet deadly.

I sorduf expected the ending, though. Jake Sully will stay with the Na'vi. Happy ending. Which is exactly what i want. Though it's stale beyond description, though it happens in every-single-shit-movie, though it's something u would would have expected, though happy endings are often boring for some people, i'm still a sucker for happy endings. Sue me. Neytiri and Jake Sully got happy ending after Jake Sully get to be in his avatar forever, thanks to Eywa and the Tree of Souls. Happpie ever after!! Lol. However, i sorduf expected the 'blue monkey's to 'mate' or get intimate in a different way. U know, maybe by connecting their two ponytails together and let the leggy thing bond together. Mwahaha. But no, old fashioned French Kiss does the trick :) and they do have lust. Lol.

So, yeah. This is the end of the review. Sorry it's not juicy enough and i didn't really explain bout the plot. Mainly my own opinions here bout bits and pieces of the movie. Well, like 2012, which everyone adores, except me, some people out there might disagree with me and think Avatar is a shit movie. I don't mind. I'm not a hardcore Sci-Fi epic fan, but this is one hell of a good movie. Just a liiiiiitle flaws here and there, but it can be overlooked. Worth watching for those that haven't watch. *hints Aaron*

January 8, 2010

hidden treasure in time



No, not the ones that pirates loot from other people.
grow up, man.

i'm talking bout this :

a picture speaks a thousand words

haaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa

I'm still considering whether to upload this on fb or not.
Since some of them looked like LOL (hey, still form 1 ma.. )

Anyway, this is treasure.
No way in the world i can make them look like this again.
tsk tsk tsk.
Good 'ol times, they were. Good 'ol times.

please don't kill me, friends. i'm appreciating the old pictures!

January 7, 2010

the old has gone, the new has come

No i'm not talking about me turning over a new leaf.


Everyone so excited of the new member in the house.
It's not everyday u see your family members crowding around the washing machine. 
HAD to take a picture!
Can u get a glimpse of it?
Try this then :

50% less energy and water man.  
Canggiiiih. Good for the environment also. Consumes less energy and water.
With global warming happening n stuff.
( we didn't buy the washing machine cos we read it in the newspaper. we saw it in the newspaper AFTER the delivery man delivered it to our house. lol)

Waaaaah canggih canggih.
( like a jacoon >.< )

I'm not that into all these household appliances, by nature.
But u know what's my favourite part of this new baby?

I don't have to wash my delicate clothings that needs to be hand-washed anymore!!
Though most of the time my mum does them for me

It's amazing how technology makes things so much easier for us, eh?
Thank you God for giving humans brains that works sometimes.

My first baking experience

The title must have shocked most of u who know me, ay?
U can rub your eyes a million times, but u didn't read it wrong.
Yes i've stepped foot in the world of baking.
My sister's influence? Most probably.
Since she has been baking non-stop ever since she came back from Singapore
It has been that way ever since she went to Singapore. Most probably it's cos she don't have an oven over there or something. Training her bakery skills for her future.
Anyways, i started off with the easiest thing to do ;  
Not bad-lah.. right?
followed the recipe Jamie Oliver gave me
(through his show :P )

Watch my bakery skills blossom..!!

It's actually quite easy, just whipped egg whites (ooooh healthy healthy) + salt + sugar.
It looked sooo easy when Jamie Oliver made it, so i thought of giving it a shot.

The result is okay-lah.. riiiiight?
Actually, meringues can be done in small small lumps (if u prefer crunchy type) or one big lump, like how i did it (if u prefer chewy type).

a little extra topping.
[ it looked SO different from how Jamie Oliver did it. Lol. Cos his recipe of the topping has chocolate + orange juice and zest + crushed hazelnuts + alot of other yummy stuff. I only had chocolate and raisins, so i improvised ]

Gimme a little word of encouragement instead of criticizing it, will ya?

The last of my grandpups

The ticks was unbearable.
Thanks to one of my good-for-nothing friend that wanted one of my puppies and promised to take it at 1st of January 2010, and when i texted him to come n get it, he said he don't want it already. Irresponsible jerk.
When my dad decided to give all of the puppies away at once, i asked him to leave one behind cos my friend wanted it. And now that we were stuck with this one puppy, my sister kept blaming me (cos i had such a useless friend - what an excuse =.= ) for it.

And my mum broke her last straw when some of the ticks got into the house this morning (why do puppies attract so much ticks?) and decided to put them in a pet shop.
There were some complications which i don't feel like describing with the process. And i was feeling so sick i couldn't speak a word.
ANYWAY, bottom line is, the puppy is gone. And Milo is all alone now. si-beh-kesian. Walking back and forth the house compound, most probably looking for her lost pups T.T
Gotta spay her soon, to prevent this problem in the future. If not, we have to repeat the whole process all over again, and get emotional when we gotta send the puppies away. Sweat.

And there goes the last of my grandpups.

January 5, 2010

Camerons Retreat with Extended Family

This is a very delayed post!
I even thought of skipping this.
But since i'm quite in the blogging mood now, i might as well seize the chance, since i might not know when i'll get this mood again in the near distant future! and time

Stayed in Dahlia.
Owned by Datuk Michelle Yeoh's dad, it seems. Lol.
Good choice of name, uncle.
We went there on the 24th, came back on the 26th.
Celebrated Christmas in Cameron Highlands, 2009.

look at the amount of things we brought!
We practically shifted the whole 3 kitchens from our house masing-masing here

went to a park for the kids to play on the first day we arrived

omg i love these pictures.
my joker uncle wanna 'collect qi-gong' before giving the HULLA HOOP OF DEATH a shot.



then it was drizzling a little bit...
the baby is the King of the House, declared the father.

My chef uncle frm England performed his skills in kitchen!

oooh i love this shot >.<
It's from the Bharat Tea House's plants.
They're damn stingy with the scenery >.
Though it's not copyrighted or 'bought over' by them.. Hmph!

But anyway, we dined there..

Didn't regret getting this strawberry cheese cake AT ALL!!
U guys ought to try it if u guys are there..
Too bad i didn't get to try the scones that were recommended by Calvin..

I look dark n mysterious...

i love this shot as well!
Though the uncle is not the baby's dad, they look so happie together, yes?
I captured the 'happiness' of the picture >.<

Though we look pale... i love my cousin, Kimberly.
Very sweet n obedient gal :)

My dad took a picture of us ss-ing XP
My sister and i were taking pictures at first, then my aunty joined in. Lol

Didn't know my dad could ss as well..
It's not everyday u discover ss pictures of your parents!

Ancient telephone booth somewhere near Ye 'Ol Smoke House

Their garden. Very English-y.
Looked almost like my aunty's house in England.
(she was there, and she can almost name all the plants planted there. shows how much they had in common)

Can u believe there's a BB crest in the Smoke House?
It's right in front of the reception area.

I notice the baby likes to do that a lot.
Forgive him, he's teething!

I'm so naughty >.<

And on my way back, i noticed some very beautiful leaves.
My aunty in England planted the same plant too!
She told me the name, but i forgot.
Sorry-lah. My interest for plants aren't to that level yet.

And we had steamboat in the cold cold weather..
 It was so appropriate ^^

And on the 3rd day, we went to a Bee Farm before going downhill.

My dad bought 3 boxes of these.
Honey combs.
My aunty was saying how good it is for allergies, immune system, etc.
It tasted nice at first, when u chew it.. BUT after a few chews and u chew out all the honey out of it, it taste like PLASTIC!!! So damn hard to swallow the comb, and according to my aunty, the comb is where all the nutritions and goodness is.
So i swallowed it.
It was hell i tell you.
On my way down, i passed by the Lakeview Lutheran Centre.
Aaaaah, memories memories.
18-up camp

3-layer tea.
Teh tiga lapis.

My sister was so excited to see it on the menu, and told us it's some kinda tea from Sarawak, etc.
So some of them ordered it, and loved it instantly!
It had a little cendol flavour to it.
I ordered my good 'ol longan water, cos i felt like eating longan.
But i liked the tea too.
Highly recommended though :)

my nightmare experience i had in this BLOOODY restaurant.
IF i had not mistaken, it's called Little Cafe or something.
daaaaaaaaaamn i was too pissed to take a picture of the whole scene man.
I ordered 'nasi ayam masak merah', expecting what u guys would expect when u order that dish.
It made me quite excited that i could eat that, since i missed it so so much.
The last time i had it was quite long ago.
BUT guess what came out?
Sweet and sour chicken rice.
I was like WTF? and i said i did not order that.
and there was quite a commotion about it, then the fckin' gal that took my orders came out and said :
quite piss-y, and quite loudly for a whisper, originally meant for her dad.
I WAS LIKE *censored* MAN!!!!!
*censored* *censored* *censored*
and i said, i ordered "nasi ayam masak merah"
and they said that IS nasi ayam masak merah.
walaoeh. want me to give them BM lessons or not? I'll give FOC!
that time i si-beh-dulan dy, so i just gave them a WTF look again,
and just ate the food in silence.
anyway, that place is shit la. food not good, everything not good.
except for the 3-layer tea.

So, this ends my post.

More pictures during camerons at my fb profile