August 30, 2011

Why. Is. This. Happening.

I tried to upload my photos 200493 times but they appear like this. What is happening??

August 22, 2011

Sun-U Residence Day 5

I got my own ID and password - finally!!

And surprisingly it (the internet speed) feels faster than when i used my roommate's ID and pass. I wonder if it's my own imagination hmmm. Anyway. PICTURES HAHAHAHA it took a little more than 10 minutes to upload precisely 7 pictures -.- So yeah appreciate every picture i have uploaded for you okay!

Okay first is my awesome table. Though my table is really awesome cos it's SO BIG and sturdy.. It had teddy bears stuck on the wall left by the previous tenant.
......and it has 'Happy Together' on another wall.
I really don't feel like tearing them off one by one so i'll prolly be sticking something over it.. OR i'll just ignore it cos that's what i do best. Like how my table looks like 3 days.
Aaaaah. Ignorance is a bliss (:

And then it's my hospital bed.
Why did i say so is because doesn't it really REALLY remind you of a hospital bed? Or should i say the beds of Hospital Teluk Intan. Oh well. I shan't complain 'cos at least i didn't get a RM50 15cm mattress. This mattress is totally sleep-able, except for the fact that i had never slept in a single bed before in my entire life. Today is my 5th day here and still i don't get to sleep the whole night through! You see, i'm a roller. And what i meant by that is that i roll a lot on beds especially when i'm trying to sleep wth. BUT now when i roll, my brain automatically goes "OOPS YOU'RE GONNA FALL!" and i wake up and then i roll to the other side and then when i'm too near the edge my brain goes "YOU'RE GONNA PLUNGE TO YOUR DEATH AGAIN!" and then i wake up again. Haih.

I blame my daddy for spoiling me when i'm young :P

And i have 2 pillows 'cos i read on the Sunway website that students MUST BRING THEIR OWN PILLOWS, BEDSPREAD, etc etc. And when i came? They gave me a 'welcome kit' consisting of everything. But of course i still use my own pillow and my bedsheet 'cos their pillow is 10cm thick only wth.

Oh and let's not forget my AWESOME wardrobe!
Pfen told me that her wardrobe can fit two of her in it, but i'd say it's more like 2.7 of her!! Or maybe it's because i've seen the other sorry wardrobes during my room hunt so having a big wardrobe like this is really a bliss for me *sniff
(but of course still cannot compare to my 5 doors wardrobe back at home. No place like home, they say.

Well actually i'd rate this place a 8/10 'cos the place is so convenient, so fully equipped (would be a lot better if they use WiFi in the units and a 4mb line instead), the fascilities are great (no gym though), and it's soooo near my school imma cry right now *sniff. It's about 2 mins walk to the school, and then it's about 5 more minutes walk to Pyramid through the Canopy Walk! Thank you Jeffery Cheah for making our lives so much easier T.T (Not to mention by sucking out the money out of our poor souls too lol). Oh well. For the price we're paying now -RM730 for a twin sharing room, i'd say it SHOULD be this good since it's freaking overpriced.

Okay moving onnnnnn, it's a Sunday today. And pfen brought me to The Acts Church.
Nooo it's not the logo of Acts church wth i don't know why i took a picture of this instead of the welcome bag but aaah forgeddit. Anyways the talk today was really inspiring. And i'm wondering why every sermon i hear nowadays seems to stab me in the heart and sometimes the machete seems to twist a little in my heart.
Today's talk was about us being down and at that time, we gotta praise the Lord and keep praying. At the end of the service, i got some cool jie jies (lol) to pray for me about some stuff that i don't wanna reveal here.

And then i was literally vacuumed to the visitor's lounge where first or second timers go to mix around and fellowship. I wonder when have i became such an anti-social =/ Aaaand that explains the pecan cookie. Someone gave it to me at the visitor's lounge and said "Nah give you. Keep it in your bag and eat it. That costs RM2 each."

Okay anyway you should listen to some of the sermons and talks by some awesome speakers. CLICK it!

And finally......

The icing on the cake (:

Thank you sissy!
Love you so so so so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

August 19, 2011


You must be thinking i'm here to upload 39589 pictures of me in ma new crib in a new chapter of my life but I'M SOH SOWWIE no that's not gonna happen until i get a Yes broadband from daddy :( And it has only been 1.5 days since i've been here so yeah there's not much life going on yet wth.

COS THE LAN LINE IN MY ROOM SUCKS TO THE MAX HOR. And here in Sunway, to use the internet, no matter you're in the room or the study room or the common room or the foyer in the campus for both Wi-Fi and Lan connection.. You freaking need an ID and password wtf so it's taking like forever for them to process it for me or at least i felt it's like forever so i'm stuck using my super studious roommate's ID and pass cos she hardly uses the net and always study (: Peer pressure. Exactly what i need right now (not sarcastic hor.)

As my house mates told me, the line is VERY unstable, sometimes it's fast-ish, sometimes it disconnects and sometimes it's like super kao slow wth like someone downloading HD porn the next unit. So yeah uploading photos will be an ass for me right now.

My orientation.. It has only been the first day so i couldn't say much yet haha but i've skipped the whole of Day 1 because it was speeches, speeches, speeches, slide shows, oh and more speeches wtf. But today pfen brought me to CF and we had prayer walk. As in like we walk around the whole building and we pray for the whole building (and the people in it too lol) so we filled the whole building with the Holy Spirit haha TAKE THAT SATAN!

Okay anyways i'm kinda sleepy and tired now so yeah amma sleep now good night.

Haiyah okay i leave you with one picture of an accident i saw in front of SEGi University College the other day while fetching my brother.

Good night haha.

August 15, 2011

This will be my wedding song.

'Cos it's the best love song i've ever heard in my 2 decades of life.

August 14, 2011

Nice guys finish last

Why do we girls date bad guys?

Why are we more attracted to someone who does NOT fall head over heels for you rather than someone who does?

Why do we stay in a relationship with that jerk even though we fight all day long?

Why do we pay more attention to that guy in the back of the class that ignores you completely rather than that guy next to you who talks to you every chance he gets?

Why do we think of that guy who does not call us back more than that guy who texted us his number?

Why don't fishes have boobs wtf.

That's a mystery that even we girls can't solve.

So live with it.

(Yeah i just watched 209 nigahiga youtube clips instead of the LCW vs LD match and updating it on Facebook every 0.24 seconds cos i'm patriotic like that)

My bimbo sissy

I have a bimbo as a sister.


She recently got a car.. With car keys (duhh)

And she wants to bling her car keys with crystals.

"Right hereeee", she says. Cos it looks very boring -.-

And she happens to be a very rude bimbo.

But cute nonetheless. 


(Yes i officially declare that 14th of August is a Bimbo Day to remember all the bimbos amidst us non-bimbos, trying very hard to live like a non-bimbo but deep down inside they know they are still bimbos, and a little blonde too if i might add)

August 13, 2011

Facebook prank revealed.

This morning i tried to blog, but every time i uploaded the pictures, they turned out whacky. Like lines zapping horizontally and half of the photo is grey or somehow it's distorted. So i gave up.

I uploaded this photo on facebook hahahaha
It started off as a joke BUT I REALLY DID DYE MY HAIR HOR. Just not as red as this. But looking at this picture, i really did hope that i dyed it as red as this T__T Haih. Looking at the condition of my current hair, bleaching it to obtain the bright red would not be an option :(

P/s : I still don't get how does this picture look haunted to some people. Like seriously -.-

Okay lah my real hair is like this
My camera doesn't convey the true colour lah haihhh. It's a liiitle bit maroon-ish.

Maybe like this? Oh well. I still have my entire 3 years of school to experiment with green, blue, BRIGHT RED hair since i'm not restricted by public university rules now x)

I can finally die without regrets now *sniff

August 10, 2011

How to : Be an absolutely NOT annoying Facebook user 101.

1. Always have an album of pictures with minimum of 500 self-shot pictures of yourself (must have at least 50 pictures where you in the same outfit same place same hair where your head is tilted slightly more than the other in every picture/different facial expression), and name the album "Me~" (must have ~, if not ^^ also can). It can otherwise be creatively named like "Me, myself, and i", "It's all about me", or however you want it to be, but it MUST have the word ME.

In this album, you can also insert another 10 or 20 or 90 pictures of yourself, edited using the infamous software Mei Tu Xiu Xiu. Thus, creating super chio pictures as such.

The end results must NOT look anything like your original self hor. Must edit to the extent that your mother also can't recognise you okay?

Can add a few random English words too if you want. It's okay if it doesn't make any sense or grammatically incorrect. Another alternative is to add some animated chinese words with fake bling, it makes your picture look extra classy.


2. If you just went to college to further your studies and so happens your course requires you to do presentation in front of the class, and requires you to wear formal cloth, you must have a specific album for it.

Doesn't matter if it's all individual shots,
The caption must be "Me in formal cloth" hor. Or "First time wear formal ^.^"

You can choose to take it using your reflection in the mirror or in the bathroom (your own or the ones in your campus). Whichever you feel more comfortable with is fine.

Or if you already have 146 self-shot photos of yourself in formal cloth, you can get your entire group to take a picture with you so that you can upload it on Facebook. People who never had a chance to wear formal cloth will definitely be jealous of you.

Reminder : Must spell clothes as 'cloth' okay if not your whole album doesn't qualify!

3.Okay this one applies to both working young adults and students.
For an example, if you go to University of WTF-ness, (UWTF), then title of album must be "UWTF life~" (again, must have ~). And in that album, make sure everyone have their student cards around their neck.
Can make super kawaii poses if you want regardless of gender.

On the other hand, if you're working.. or you went to somewhere other than your hometown to study, for example Tanjung OMG, then you can have pictures of yourself, or with your new friends all compiled up in an album named "Tanjung OMG life~".

4. Get a new haircut. Doesn't matter if it's a drastic change or a subtle change. Janji it's a new hairstyle. And then, as usual, take 720 (360x2, or more) pictures of yourself, but must have at least one picture from different angle. Horizontally and diagonally ya.

Title of album : New hairstyle, new life~
Or if your new hairstyle coincides with the new year, it can be "New hairstyle, new year, new life" because your hairstyle can totally change your life! It's true one okay. You know, like how you used to see with both your eyes and now you're only left with one eye?
See the change in your life?

5. Occasionally change your names so that your friends will not recognise you, thinking they accidentally added a fruit into their friends' list.

You can also put fictional characters as your profile picture to go with your fictional names so that anime lovers will think that their favourite characters came to live and added them on Facebook.

And when you decide to get into a relationship, you and your partner can change your Facebook names to something identical or similar so that the whole world will know that you're deeply in love with each other by having similar Facebook names. Or you can just ask them to add this very popular word to his/her name : 


The special thing about this word is................. You can place them wherever you want it!!
You can either place it in front of your name: 
In the middle :

 Or at the back :

So versatile right?? In fact, you know what, it sounds so cool and unique i think i want to change my name too! How about this?

I should totally win the award for the best Facebook name x)

Okay that's all for now, i hope How to : Be an absolutely NOT annoying Facebook user 101 has helped you tremendously in your attempt to be an absolutely NOT annoying friend on Facebook (:

Have a nice day!

Note : This post has been created only for the purpose of entertainment and has no means whatsoever to offend any Facebook users out there. 

Got problem then learn how to take a joke lightly kthxbye

August 9, 2011

Frying kai lan

Despite having my nose falling off NOT because i had too many nose jobs done but because i'm having a bad running nose and i can't have antihistamines cos i'll get sleepy for the whole day - no kidding. I can sleep, wake up, look at the ceiling, maybe go to the toilet to take a leak, and then go back to sleep again. And i wake up some time in the evening when the drowsiness wears off, and then i can't sleep at night. Not being able to sleep when half of the world's sleeping is not really the best feeling on earth. Hmm. Where was i? Oh yeah. My nose falling off. Despite having my nose almost falling off, i attempted to fry some kai lans for lunch today (: Can i hear some wohooo for the giiirl?

You see, occasionally my mom will leave me notes to tell me what to do for lunch when she does not feel like eating out.

But she can't come home immediately to a home-cooked meal cos her daughter can't cook to save a life. So she can only instruct her to prepare the ingredients so that she can cook right after she comes back from school. And for IDUNNOWHAT reasons, i decided to try cooking (at least) the vegetables today.

But, howw??? You may ask.

Le Google is a life saviour (:

So, according to this recipe which i chose because it seemed easy enough and because i had the ingredients in the kitchen, this came out.

ARE YOU GONNA EMPLOY ME AS YOUR PERSONAL CHEF NOW HAHAHAHAHAHA but I'm expensive don't say i didn't warn you.

Sigh okay lah it was a tad bit too oily. But mommy said it was goooooood x) Seriously my mom is such a motivator sometimes i find myself reporting stuff to her just to seek her appraisal (like when i did better in my exams this term), like a 5 year old. And here i was complaining that my ex-students are seeking for attention too much lol.

Well, i can't say the whole thing was kinda smooth sailing. There was the oil splattering.. And chopping the garlic. Seems easy enough right? 'Cos i always saw my gramma and mom chopping them, i thought i kinda knew it theoretically already, but i got confused. You know the process of putting your chopping knife on top of the garlic and you go WHAM!! on that poor garlic? Like this?

I don't know why you do it but i always see people do it so i just do it lah. Prolly the garlic tastes better after this process lol. But the thing was, i forgot whether i should peel it then wham, or wham then peel. Then i googled how to peel garlic wtf don't tell people okay T.T

Seriously, what would i do without you, Google?

Your sincerely,
The naked fully-dressed proud chef.






August 8, 2011


Told you what?

Told you that i will over-pack when i pack too early!! Thus i'm here to vent all my frustration on blogger listening to Take Over by Mizz Nina ft Flo Rida (damn i can't get enough of this song!) when i'm supposed to be sorting my suitcase out. I'm that good at time management (:

So the thing is, my suitcase was almost full except for the space that i've allocated for some stuff that i'm using now. And then i gave myself an imaginary pat on the back and thought to myself "Hey, that wasn't so bad. You finished packing a few days before you leave. Bravooooooooo!"

And then................................ i remembered i forgot to allocate space for my hair dryer, makeup bag (duhhh how can i forget?!) and a few other things. Cos i thought i had extra space so i put in stuff like a big packet of biscuits JUST IN CASE i get super hungry in the middle of the night and my room door mysteriously lock myself in, there's no need to worry cos i have ze food in my suitcase!! See i'm that good at setting my priorities right too (:

I have no idea why i'm making such a big fuss out of packing hahahahaha thanks for spending a split second glancing or even reading this stupid post and for putting up with my nonsense hahaha good night x)

I'm retiring in Tronoh!

So, i just came back from a visit to UTP in Tronoh about 20 minutes ago and i have semi-decided to retire in Tronoh in the future (: Will elaborate more on that later on.

Cos i had so much time to spare, i accompanied Hui Shiong to send something to her university, UTP since it's 'only' one hour drive away. Little did i know, i got car sick and felt kinda shitty but not too shitty on the way back zzz. WHY OH WHY. Having carsickness is the worst feeling in the woooooorld T___T

Okay back to UTP. They have the biggest and most canggih library in the wooorld! At least in my world. Biggest i've seen for a uni lol.

This is the right side.
So freaking big you need an elevator to go to different floors to get books wtf. According to my one-on-one tour guide, there's this underground office where there's a lot of people working. Somehow it gave me an impression like there's secret minions being forced to work down there and the supervisor has a whip on the hand to whip anyone slacking. Too much of Kaiji i guess =/

See the white sticks sticking out from the ground all along the corridor? It's supposed to light up at night. Freaking grand library that looks like KLIA -.-

The left side is a hall, apparently.

According to Hshiong, this particular building is one of the pride and joy for UTP (the other is the mosque which is surrounded by water but i didn't take pictures of it just because.).

And after that we went around UTP and she showed me where and where but somewhere along the way i lost my sense of direction and all the buildings looked the same cos that area is freaking HUGE i tell you! If you throw me there alone i might break down crying in the middle of the road cos i can't find my way out #deadseriousface.Though it's surrounded by lush greeneries and i bet it's really cooling at night and it's like the almost-perfect environment for studies, it's hell walking from one building to another! To walk from the hostel to the lecture halls is even further than the houses in PJS9 to Sunway university and here i was complaining so much *shy*

Okay anyway after that we went to Tronoh. DID YOU KNOW that Ice Kacang Puppy Love was filmed in Tronoh?! Not that it's a super big news but i always thought it was filmed in Malacca or somewhere. And it wasn't the first time Tronoh was used in a movie too. Most prolly it's because the whole place has this 80's or 90's ambience and it's somehow very nice and soothing. Like everything's so slow paced and relaxing, no rush, no hurry, purrrrfect for a retirement town (: I guess Malaysia has a lot of towns like this hidden some place, somewhere.

The main location for the movie. Remember the kopitiam where Ah Niu's father worked? Yeaaaah the coffee guy. I was told that they repainted this place because of the movie. Imagine how old and dirty it must've been before this!

Here's where Ah Niu (forgot the name he had in the movie) got his haircut. Don't remember the scene about the haircut but since my tour guide told me this i thought might as well take a picture. She kept asking me why do i have to take a picture of everything omgg i only took a handful of pictures! Not even 10 T__T I should stop blogging altogether wtf.

Hmm the part where Ah Niu's brother told Ah Niu he's going to a bigger town to work cos he don't want to be making coffee for the rest of his life therefore Ah Niu had to take over his brother to make coffee but he sucked big time at it and kept getting scolded by his daddy :(

The annoyed-at-me-for-taking-pictures driver/tour guide :(

Just a random ice kacang stall (i assumed) under a biiig shady tree, just how i like it (: Don't you love trees giving you shades rather than awnings? Damn you MPTI for cutting down the big trees i loved in TI!! Damn yooooouuuuuuuuu kao kao wtf.

Aaaaaand for the best part..

Imma show you the teddy bear clothes peg i told you!
It feels kinda sturdy too.

Okay i know it's pink wth but it's so cute! There's another blue one but somehow the blue teddy didn't look as good as the pink one so i had to go with the pink one!

Sigh. NOW i might look like a complete bimbo to my future housemates cos i'm using some hand-me-downs from my sister like her pink basket, pink hangers, pink pail, pink ruler, pink nylon loofah, pink dunnowhatelse. Oh well.

Imma have my afternoon nap now because i'm always hungry and sleepy nowadays. Can i blame it on the weather? Or the food i eat. Hmmmm.............. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *sleeps on the keyboard*