October 28, 2010

updates updates =)

Actually this was like, a millenium years ago but since i've taken the picture and loaded it into the pc, i might as well show u guys. I COOKED MACARONI AND CHEESE! But this is the instant type. I was so fascinated that there's an instant macaroni and cheese that i bought it for dinner one day. Just pour everything into a pot, put in water, and maybe some milk, and it's done!! I added some parmesan at the end to add a little something to it.

Sigh, what can i say... IT TASTES LIKE SHIT!! -.- okay not literally shit, but u get the idea man i want real macaroni and cheese now. I've learnt my lesson ; never eat instant stuff unless u're superly desperate then go for instant noodles and that's it.

And i found a lost treasure while going through my books last week. In the midst of studying i just suddenly decided to clean up my very messy desk. And that lead to a bunch of other stuff that i don't wanna mention here haha. I miss the olden times. Only the fun part, not the part where we were driven up to the wall by teachers like omg -.-

Drool over my pup's cuteness, y'all. I've posted loads of pictures of them in fb, but it's never enough for me to look at their pics. Hahahaha.
Getting all manja-manja with me oh i love :) But nowadays it seems that they're becoming into very naughty little devils. Always fighting with each other and making noise in the middle of the night. Wanna go down and look them straight in the eyes with my index finger pointing at them, and say "NO!" very sternly and strictly. Then go back to my room and continue sleeping.

Here's the spotty that everyone likes. Haha. Well, she looks a little 'dirty' at the nose part, but that's just her skin. At first, i thought it looked kinda not-nice but now that i've accepted it, it's good :) She has to be pigmentated so that she'll have those cow-like fur, right? :) cows are like that too!

So yeah it took me almost an hour to do 2 posts imma go continue studying now.
Countdown : 24 more days *gasp*

Liese hair cocktail review

Hahahahahahaha i'm baaack, with a hair product review :P

I have been seeing loads of blogs and articles  reviewing about this product, saying positive stuff. And true enough, after the purchase, this review is gonna be as positive as can be! I totally love it, 101%. Although i don't technically use it everyday cos i still have tonnes of serums and hair lotion waiting for me. My mum actually bought this, cos her daughter (me) recommended her to use it since her hair is reeeeally unruly and dry AND very frizzy. And i mean, extra dry, esp cos her hair texture is way coarser than mine.

I forgot how much does this exactly cost, but it's about RM30-something from Guardian. Really affordable. I wanna beat my chest hard for spending so much on my current very small bottle of never-heard-before-brand hair serum from a saloon. Then again, before this, i've never heard if Liese too. Haha.

Liese is a Japan product. Somehow nowadays i'm more into Korean and Japan made products, since they're asians as well and they have the technology, so they must know what's best for us. This must be my sister's influence. She was CRAZY about asian products hahaha.

The packaging said that there's 2 layers of liquid in this bottle : anti-frizz oil and nutritive water. And i'm guessing the pink layer should be the anti-frizz oil, since oil is less dense than water. Haha. Actually i was a tad bit disappointed that the bottle isn't made of glass, cos it totally looked like glass from the box. And it'd feel nicer if it's glass. But more accident prone esp if used by clumsy ppl like me. So, plastic should be the wiser choice, lol.

So, u're supposed to shake the bottle to mix the 2 liquid together to get this mango shake :
Actually it's more like peach shake, since it has peach leaf extract and PRUNE in it. prune. hahahahah. We all know how prune smells like, right? I was initially a little worried about the smell of prune, BUT thank God that this thing smells everything like peach. Which is so loveable cos everytime i apply them on my hair, i feel like eating my hair! It's that sweet. And for those that know me, i'm a sucker for fragrances. Plus point for this product ; smells so sweet and yummy, AND it's really great for the hair. Very moisturizing.

This is about 4 drops on my hand. 4 drops goes a long way, really. This product doesn't give the same feeling as serum, cos they're oil and u feel the instant change of texture of ur hair. But Liese Hair Cocktail leaves ur hair feeling very natural when ur hair is damp, and ur hair is dry, THEN u feel the difference. Really soft hair! I really can see the difference in my mum's hair too. Hmm. Should've taken a before and after picture for u to see, cos the difference is really drastic to my mum's hair. But didn't thought of it before, hahaha.

Anyways, i'd rate this product as 9.5 over 10! Yeap i really love this one. But am thinking of buying the green one, just to try something new. Imma buy myself a hair cocktail after finishing my current serum! :)

October 18, 2010

a random conversation

"Are u sure u're gonna study if u skip school and stay at home?"
"Suuuuure lah" with the -.- face.
"Okay then. Make sure u study okay"
"Oh ya. When the washing machine finishes washing the clothes, hang the clothes okay?"
"........ Hanalah (means okay in a reluctant way)"
"And collect the dry clothes in also okay"
"Mmmmmmmh (also okay in a reluctant-er way)"
"If u're free, fold the mountain of clothes sitting there on the couch laaaaah."
"Aiyooooooo look at the dishes. U better wash them up before they start piling up"


Favour to ask of you

The pup walks, and he runs! That was pretty great news, and i really thank God for healing him. And, after hearing what fen told me bout Cven's pups, i also wanna thank God that my dad didn't actually crush the whole pup under his tyre OMG THE THOUGHT OF THAT MAKES ME WANNA ...... -.-

Anyways, i received a text from someone that told me she wanted the pup TWO WEEKS AGO. Procrastination is annoying y'know. If she had taken the pups 2 weeks ago, that would've lessen 2 weeks worth of bonding. I wouldn't feel so heavy hearted. Then my dad wouldn't have accidentally ran over his leg. Then i wouldn't cry my eyes out thinking that my poor injured pup is now gonna go to somewhere else. Then i wouldn't have spent 30 mins sitting in the porch yesterday night feeding the mosquitoes my sweet blood while i pet the pups to sleep. Have u ever done that? Pet ur pups to sleep.
I know i shouldn't be pointing my fingers on someone else now. But lemme do it now a'ite i'm not in a clear state of mind >.<

Y'know, they always sleep on top of each other. I mean, resting their heads on top of each other while sleeping. And since the pup injured his leg, he was particularly close with Milo. To break them up is .... T.T
They lick each other's ears all the time. Who's gonna lick his ears when he get to the new hse? Will he get beaten? I wanna bang my head on the wall. Like, right now.

Maybe zee was right. I am being quite emo nowadays, if u compare me to the me last time. IT'S THE HORMONES KICKIN' IN. Y'know, the 20's hormones are starting to come. And i'm growing sideways. No matter how much i exercise i still can't loose the flabs on my upper arms i wanna die la omg -.-

Let's all pray for my pup to have a wonderful life over there ok? Thank youu :)

October 17, 2010

He helped.

I woke at 0730 today, hoping that i can study as much as possible today. Buuuuut, as u know, by 0800 my stomach was grumbling, and i went downstairs in search of food. And then my parents brought me out for breakfast instead, and there came marketing, and errands. I only got to get home at about 10 something. Sigh. Study plans disrupted. But not my fault,right? So i'll start now, not too late.

After an hour or so,i came downstairs for a study break. Grabbed a yakult, and i heard my dad's Wira coming in. Followed by a very painful cry by one of my Milo's pups. Rushed out at the speed of lightning, frantically searching where did the Sound came from. Well, i very well know what might have happened already, knowing that my dad's not used to coming in to a house compound with pups walking around in kl. I blame myself for not caging them up when my dad's around. But at that moment, i was filled with both rage and heartbrokenness.

Looking at him, crying so loudly there, i couldn't hold in the tears. It was like my few months old son was knocked down by a huge tractor. Luckily Milo brought him to the side, my smart Milo. I stroked his head, calmed him down, and he stopped crying. Like omg. I think the pain was so unbearable that he urinated a little. My heart was shattered into a million and one pieces, my eyes were drenched in tears.

His siblings were all surrounding him and one of them accidentally kicked his bad leg, he cried. If he were able to cry tears, i'm sure his eyes will be swelled up by now. I sat beside him for quite a moment, thinking hard what to do. The vet's closed on saturdays, and i'm feeling so useless. I could only stroke him gently to calm him down.

Then, very very slowly n carefully, i cupped him up and put him at the other side of the house. He laid there, like a crash victim in the ER. I looked at him, and i cried again remembering that being a male, he was the most active one among his siblings.

After a while, he tried to stand up and my heart literally skipped a beat. Though wobbly and shaky, he stood up, on 3 legs. I cried, foreseeing his future like some of the stray dogs i've seen walking on 3 legs. His sister came n lick him, and fell on his bad leg, and he cried. I cried again. I helped him up, and kept his sisters away from him. He limped himself to the cage, but unable to get in like how he used to.

I gently lifted him up and placed him inside the cage. He tried to walk, but because the floor in the cage was uneven, he fell. This was really heart throbbing. I literally wanna punch myself. I took him out, placed him in a corder, found some even planks n placed them in the cage so he could walk properly. When he was inside again, he limped himself to a corner n Laid there. I got a small bowl n filled it up with water n placed it next to him. I sat there, looking at him, for about half an hour.

After that, i gave the rest of the family a bath, just to occupy myself while keeping an eye on the poor guy. I checked on him one last time before i went up and locked myself in the room. I opened my glass door wide open so that i can hear him if anything is wrong, or if he needs me, lol like a nurse button.

Obviously,i couldn't study. I kept worrying that he'll be limping for the rest of his life. I prayed, i prayed hard. I begged the Lord to place His healing hands over the pup's poor leg. Then i reluctantly did some PA. Whenever i hear the pups making noise i'd rush down to see him. I was quiet during lunch. I was depressed. But apparently during their lunch, his mood was beginning to feel better, since he was wagging his tail. I sat there for another 15 mins before going in again. This time, he could very lightly straighten his bad leg to gain stability during his meal.

I thanked God for helping him heal, bit by bit. And i prayed again. At times like this, i will be religiously praying. And i hated myself for having such an attitude, using God only when i needed him. But He was faithful, He answered my prayers. God,i love Him to death! I promise i'll be praying more often =)

By late evening, i went out to see them again. Cos i opened the cage door to let Milo go in and nurse him, i left the door ajar in case Milo wants to come out. Boy, was i filled with joy when they came and see me when i opened the door. All 4 pups were there =) it seems like they've got their mum's habit, to come to the front do whenever they hear the door chime (which i think was very annoying).

At a glance, u might think that he's walking fine already. But if u sat there n look closely like i did, u'd see that he's actually placing his bad leg very very lightly on the floor, instead of really stepping on the floor. Still, i thank God for healing him up to this state.

At night, i watched a movie n went on fb for awhile. Before i went up, i peeped through the curtains to see the pups one last time before going upstairs and started blogging. In the noon, i felt so depressed i wanted to find someone to talk to real badly. But when i thought of it, if i were to tell someone what happened, i'll just get comforted, which is the last thing that i wanted right then.
And i don't feel like blogging at that moment, so i kept it all, till now.

Someone asked y am i being so emo nowadays. Yeah i was damn emo today, but not 'nowadays' that's for sure. It's just the stpm's-drawing-near-but-i'm-still-not-studying-seriously thing. I think. Haha. Anyways, it was a mixed feeling when i was writing this super long post. At the beginning it was teary, but towards the end i got better =) praise the Lord, he saved the day! Imma bring my grandpup to the vet tomorrow, after church, just to make sure.

I didn't bring him to the vet today, but i asked for the greatest Healer's help today. At least now i don't feel so useless =)

October 14, 2010


One of my friend just lost his life to a fatal accident on the road. I don't know how it happened exactly. Nor am i super close to him. I just happened to be in the same school as him for 2 months before i transferred to Horley and he was close to my friends so i was sorduf in talking terms with him. However i still do talk to him, said hi, joked around with him.

It makes me wonder.



If i were to MATI KATAK tomorrow, will i be satisfied with my life? Will i have like, tonnes of regrets? It's impossible to NOT have regrets, therefore i'm trying to live a life that has minimum regrets. As i have stated in my status.

My classmates constantly ask me whether do i regret transferring to the arts stream, since (according to them) i was doing well in Science, and now that i'm in Arts i'm not doing like super good as well. At times, i do think about that. But not to the extent of regretting it. I might feel heavy-hearted for leaving the scientific life, i've missed my chance of meddling with lab equipments and all. But i definitely do not regret.

They asked whether do i regret transferring to Horley, since my English deteriorate drastically ever since i went into Horley. Regret? NEVER. Yeah, i do miss my friends over there,  missed moments that they share and i do feel left out at times when they're talking bout their school happenings which i know nothing about during our get together. But i don't regret. I got to know a bunch of great friends over here. Not of the same genre (LOL is this the right word i dunno la but u get the idea) but something refreshing, and i really do enjoy being friends with them. Spending time with them is such a bliss. And now i've widen my social network as well. Mwahahaha.

Other than this, i vaguely remember complaining about the tonnes of regrets i have to anybody around me when something happened. At the moment i only remember my latest perm. Cal should know best lol i complain to him like WHOA when i first got the perm haha. BUT. If i can't even remember what i said i've regretted about, it's not counted as a regret, right? It's most prolly an at-the-moment-disaster temporary regret.

Up till now, i wouldn't say that i'm totally satisfied with my life. But i got what i deserved, i think. I have a great circle of friends, i love them so much i couldn't imagine living without them. I got a normal and considerably happy family. I have an awesome and wonderful God watching over me and everyone around me. I have all my body parts intact. I think i'm not a nimrod LOL at least i can read write equate plus minus times divide square root. I didn't ace all my subjects in SPM, but i wasn't doing my 100% too so i don't get to complain. I haven't been good grades in form 6 but i seriously gotta admit i have been playing, relaxing, goofing around too much.

My biggest semi-regret so far was most probably to join form 6. Teachers (FORM 6 TEACHERS, MIND YOU) have been telling us. More like CHANTING to us that we are a bunch of unlucky souls to be stuck in FORM 6. Especially in Malaysia. I don't even feel like repeating what he/she said. But i'm still happy that i met the friends i know now in Form 6. I had a small class of 11 throughout my form 6 duration, but we were all happy together. Being in a small class for the first time in my life had made me realise that in small numbers, u do bond better. And according to my teachers also, the tough syllabus of STPM preps u for university well. At least 75% better than the other pre-u courses. Well i'm at least thankful for that :)

I think i had a good life. Not great cos i don't have a Porsche but it's a good life.

If You decide take me right now, in front of the monitor, i'm willing to.


Oh and btw, ppl kept telling others to be careful on the road when an accident happens. WHAT BLOODY POINT IS THAT LA OMG even if u're dead careful and never exceed the speed limit, there are still other brainless good for nothing road users out there that might just swerve into ur lane and hit u right in the face. Smash ur brains smash ur body and ur guts will be splattered all over the floor mwahahaha and u can't do anything about it.

Well this is just my 2 cents. Of course, it pays to take precaution. Do be alert on the road at all times. But if it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen.

October 6, 2010

glasses frenzy

somewhere along the way my dad sorduf 'forced' me to wear this.
apparently it helps to correct ur vision -.-
cos i was complaining that my vision were getting from bad to worse lol
but it kinda relaxes my eyes since it restricts light to a certain amount that enters my eyes.

i just found this lying in a drawer in my hse.
should be my sister's haha
drey y i didn't i know u had these??
i know u're not supposed to wear glasses that aren't ur power.
but apparently my eyes felt comfortable wearing this.
so i just wear it occasionally (yay i have two glasses now!)
this is my real glasses.
dunno why.
i think i quite like my bro's glasses as well though his power is a wee bit higher than mine.
i'll find a chance to steal his glasses to ss again one day xD

having a self-declared perintah berkurung is worse than i thought

but at least i went to a teacher's open house like. dunno how many weeks ago.
nasi himpit!
dunno what is this called. 
but it's some kinda vegetarian soup/sauce/thing.
super colourful bubur cha cha. 

i'm gonna go crazzziiee

Asience Inner Beauty review

made for Asian hair.

really lures u to buy it right. 
since we're asian.
and we trust them Japanese to do their research and know what's best for us asians to look 

okay anyways, Asience is a brand by Kao (Japanese corporation). Apparently, they've come up with this hair product that is most suitable for asian hair. According to their brochure, Asian hair has more cuticles, therefore it's prone to damages compared to caucasian hair.
*raises an eyebrow*
but seriously their hair texture and our hair texture is not the same, so there's truth in this statement. So, my sis bought this set for my from S'pore a few months ago. I'm sorry i don't know the price :P

I just got to use this last week cos i still haven't finish my Tresemme shampoo when my sis bought this, and there was the Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur. Thank God that shampoos don't have a short shelf life. I dunno whether is it just me or it's the fact, but i seriously think that my hair's condition has improved ALOT since the middle of the year, shortly after my latest perm.

It's either the frequent haircut (to keep the ends healthy), the Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur (i seriously think it did help during the duration too!), the L'oreal night serum, or the Swissvernice hair serum. whoa i put loads of stuff on my hair! and to top it off, i really really am convinced that the Asience shampoo + conditioner did help loads too :) and it has only been a week since i used it!

I dunno if i'm exaggerating or not, but i really feel the difference after the first wash using Asience Inner Beauty. It really felt softer and it really is more manageable. Before this when i'm using the Gliss Kur, i used an appropriate amount of L'oreal night serum on my hair and it felt good the next morning. But when i'm using Asience Inner Beauty, it seems that the hazelnut size amount of night serum is too much, resulting in over-shiny hair. like, it clumps up. Most probably it's because i have permed hair, so it clumps up in one corkscrew shape. hahahahas. So, less night serum and it does my hair wonders. Oh and i uber love the bottle cos it's so pretttttty. It's yellow in colour, with glitter. Sorry i didn't take a close up picture. Here's one from the net : 

HOWEVER, i hate the smell. Okay hate is a strong word. DISLIKE. It smells... 'old'. Gliss Kur smells 'younger'. I'm sorry for the weird comparison and the weird usage of words, but yeah. I haven't used the treatment though. But so far, i'm happy with the shampoo and conditioner, though i don't really fancy their smell. It's bearable, just not to my liking. 

This is a really short review, i'm just voicing out my personal opinions. And since i did not plan to buy this product myself, i did not do tonnes of research beforehand. So i know little of this product and i dunno what the net has to say about it. BUT i'm really eyeing to buy the Liese hair cocktail after i finish my Swissvernice. Apparently it's really great and has a really nice smell. I've seen them in Watsons and Guardian but i couldn't get a sniff cos they're wrapped up. And as most of u know, i wanna get my hair dyed after my STPM. My original plan was to do it at a hair saloon cos i don't wanna result in really uneven or unwanted colour cos i ain't a professional, not at doing my own hair at least. Well the thing is, while i was researching about the Liese cocktail, i came across the Liese bubble hair colour. IT SOUNDS SO CUTE OMG and apparently almost every review i read about it says that it gives a very even and pretty colour! am so tempted omgomg :) and at a fraction of the cost i spend at saloon too! really tempting. will give it a thought hahaha.

Anyways, from a scale 1 to 10, i'll rate this product as a seven :)