November 30, 2009

Summary of last week

For the almost 1 week that i didn't update my blog,
Here's a summary of what happened, more or less.

1. Interesting article

 It's about texting and driving.
I *terasa* sikit.
Then i posted it up on fb and tagged a few of those that frequently does it.

2. Oat Krunch discovery

This packet of thing here saved my life.
(Let's allow some exaggeration here, alright?) 
When i was in church helping Ben paint the manger with Pei Fen, i skipped lunch before that, NOT knowing i'll be using much energy later.  
So, i got a little dizzy and had the fainting spell - urghh!!
And PF was very nice and helped me search for food to give me energy (and also suggested to order pizza delivery and offered to pay first - i do not have my wallet with me atm, due to some reasons)
And therefore, i discovered the very delicious (and healthy) Oat Krunch!!

 3. Car craze

 Not a spec of dust on my dashboard :)

That's cos my dad woke me up one fine morning and asked me to go clean my car (which i haven't been cleaning for ages). 
Thanks to all that, my nail colour chipped off and i had to touch up.

And after that, my dad gave me and my bro an engine lesson. I'll share it with u guys :)

How many liquids are there in a car engine?
THE ANSWER IS : 7 for new cars, 6 for old cars.

1. Windshield washer water
2. Radiator fluid
3. Engine oil
4. Transmission fluid
5. Battery water
6. Brake liquid
7. Power steering fluid (for new cars with power steering nia)

[will not bore u guys with the functions, position, how to check, etc]

4. An invitation my dad missed

Omega Starhill Gallery had an invitation to their flagship store in Starhill Gallery.
My dad missed it cos he didn't flip through the YTL magazine he got,
and the invitation card was in between the cover and 1st page.

5. With the girls

 Going out together whenever there is a chance (when Kerene and Rosalind is back),
we ♥ each other very much ^^
Kerene and Mei Ying

Rosalind and Me

The most embarrassing thing happened.
I tried to push my honey lemon juice nearer to me so that i can get a better sip out of it.
The section of table that part was a little sticky
the honey lemon juice ended up all over my shorts and the seat AND rosalind's pants
(omg i'm so sorry lind!!)
luckily i was wearing quite short shorts, so it wasn't THAT obvious, since my whole shorts was wet.
Same colour throughout la. Haha.
Wasn't that head-turning cos i didn't scream and the cup isn't made from glass, so it didn't 'cling-clang-cling-clang' (you know the sound it makes)

Can't wait for a trip that we're planning to have next year/ANYTIME that is available,
after that bloody boring and idiotic Pangkor trip


November 29, 2009

Removing Nail Polish

Best way to remove nail polish
by Sally Hansen
recommended by ME!

1. Get your cosmetic facial cotton pads ready. These are more effective as cotton balls tend to leave fibres behind. Dampen the facial pad with the remover.

2. Apply the pad firmly to the nail bed. Instead of scrubbing the nail up and down, press it firmly against the nail and hold it there for 20 - 30 seconds.

3. Now, moving slowly and maintaining the pressure, wipe the pad down the nail towards the tip. One stroke ought to do it, if u've given the remover long enough to dissolve the polish. But if there is still polish, flip the pad over, soak the side with remover, and repeat.

This is what ur cotton pad looks like after the removal.
Sweet, huh?

There. a nice, clean nail.
Without much damage done, compared to the rubbing-back-and-forth method that will literally corrode ur nails. 

November 25, 2009

first home cooked food in ...... ????

Due to time factor, and also the life on the fast lane (lol. yeah right),
my mum hasn't been cooking something 'special' for quite some time.
Definition of 'special' : anything other than plain rice and a few dishes.

And since it's holidays now,
She has time :)

The Nasi Lemak

Nasional dish of Malaysia.
Rice cooked with coconut milk, ginger, a pinch of salt, and pandan leaves, 
served with sambal, ikan bilis, eggs and cucumber.
U can find it almost everywhere in Malaysia.
There are a few versions, namely Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Chinese and Vegetarian nasi lemak.
Don't be mistaken that its name is in Malay, therefore it can only be cooked by Malays.
It's a MALAYSIAN dish

This is my mum, my bro's and my rice.
(i think u can identify which is my bro's)

ikan bilis >.<

My bro was a little annoyed with me taking pictures of the food


He don't let me take a proper picture of all the 3 plates with the sambal and stuff.
He purposely destroyed the rice first so i can't take a decent picture.
Mean mean guy.

November 24, 2009

Kose Warehouse Sale

Date : 25th - 27th November 09
Time : 10am - 6pm
Location: KOSE (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
No. 9 & 11 (Block 1) , JLN PJU 1/37, Dataran Prima 47301, PJ

Email enquiries:

Yeah i took from other sites. Just to share with u girls/guys. 
Thank me instead of saying i rip from other websites k.

Too sad i can't go
Won't be going to KL anytime soon.
If any of u are going, do tell me, i wanna tumpang beli XP 

cakes ; not only for celebration

Who says cakes are merely for celebration purposes?
I've always loved cakes.
(almost all, not all types)

I've always liked my birthdays, cos i get cakes.
I eat them after/before/for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Hahaha. Do i sound like a sweet-tooth monster? I hope not.

I was driving to school 1 day after late breakfast,
to pass up stuff that i was supposed to pass up, by attending school.
As usual, i skipped. (Hey, no one in my class was gonna attend k!!)
And on my way back, i thought :
"Hmm.. feel like getting a cake"

But i was almost home already, and i didn't wanna turn back to town just to get a cake for my desert.
So i went to HS Confectionary (somewhere near my house)
They don't make excellent cakes, but they're not below average. That will do.

It's not my birthday,
I didn't get a lottery,
I didn't get 10 A1's.
I didn't DESERVE a cake.
I just WANT a cake.

November 23, 2009

normal mild wash replaces brush cleaners

You don't really need to buy those blood-suckingly expensive brush cleansers for your makeup brushes.
I find that a normal mild hand wash, facial cleanser or baby shampoo will do the same, for a lot less.
Unless, of course, u bought Sonia Kashuk or Kevyn Auctoin brushes, u would naturally want something on par with the brushes' standard to cleanse them, right?
If not, the economical way would be normal mild body wash or facial cleansers.

Have fun!

November 22, 2009

♥ Cheesecakes

The hell with calories and fats.
It's a sin to NOT love cheesecakes, isn't it?

My uncle bought a chesecake for us from RT (SUBANG) bakery

(i didn't realise the logo was opposite until i posted it up, sowwie)

The glossy layer(gelatin) on top of the cheesecake makes it look more appetizing, eh?
And i can assure you, it tastes as good as it looks.

See the yellow stuff? They're lemon zest.
Cheesecakes always tastes better with lemon.
Gives a little extra to the rich, creamy taste of the cheese cake.
The layer of crust underneath the cheese cake gives a rich aroma to the cake.

I can even personally tell you that this is better than the Secret Recipe's signature Marble Cheesecake.
The marble cheesecake is a little too heavy, if u ask me.
And the crust is a little too hard.
THIS one is just the right texture and taste.
Give it a try if u're in Subang,KL.
[not promoting yeah]
It's worth it ^^

Again, not promoting.
But if u wanna get 1 for urself,
ask me for their number.
i have it on the box.


November 19, 2009

TFS Nail Polish

TFS Face Shop [GR501] SOLD OUT
Nope, not reviewing it.
Selling it.
Price : RM5
Usage : Never used before
Reason : I'm not into green nail polish
Why did u buy it if u don't like it? : I didn't really buy it. Someone bought for me.

A peek at the colour [the only time i opened the bottle] :
On paper

On nail (1st coat only) :
Contact me if u're interested, thanks ^^

November 18, 2009

fwJL facts #5

 You don't need a life like Mariah Carey or Eva Longoria to blog.

I have an average life, not fully satisfied with it (who is??), but i'm trying to see the glass as half full.
Yeah i do get envious of people with nice body shapes, great features, wealth, etc.
But i don't go gaga over them, cos i'm still grateful i'm not obese or aneroxic, not super wealthy with paparazzi chasing ur back when u go grab a coffee in a shop and poor that i don't have a roof over my head, and i (constantly) remind myself there are people worse than me in every situation.
Be grateful for what you have, strive for what you don't have.

Easier said than done, huh? Hahaha.

November 17, 2009

crises all falls in 1 day

1. CF crisis
My school's Christian Fellowship club is having a crisis with the little 'camp' or I-DUNNO-WHAT that is stressing everyone out. T-shirts, activities, etc. Don't wanna bore u with the details. This is not the worst.

2. Teacher crisis
As usual, people get teacher crisis all the time. But this adds up to the bad day though. I don't get teacher crisis on a daily basis, alright? Good girl speaking here.
Due to the crisis in CF, we had an emergency meeting and i got carried away and forgot to go for my Maths class. Hey, can u blame me? All the teachers except her and accounts go into the class to teach now. Can't keep track of these 2 periods only =.=
And my teacher NAGGED(she didn't scold, but nagging is...annoying?) me for... i dunno.. 20 minutes??
From not going into her class into our (my) results, and then into us (me) playing truant.
Teachers can REALLY nag, huh? From 1 thing to another.

3. Police crisis
Alright, folks.
We've reached the highlight of the post *smiles*

Was fetching Charissa back to my house from lunch in Old Town, and when i was turning into Taman Teluk Intan's junction [those living there will know where], TWO BLOODY POLICEMENS aiming at helpless school girls like me!!

Nope i didn't take this picture. 
I thought it'll be dull without any pictures in this post, so i took it from the net.
Sorry i didn't take any pictures, people don't take pictures when they're blocked by polices, do they?

Of ALL the days (only countable with 5 fingers) that i didn't bring my Identification Card and Driver's License, it has to be today!!
So i did the usuals, step out of the car, talked a little, he (they) threatened to saman me by saying it'll sum up to RM500 obviously asking me to 'seng mok' and slip some money into his pocket, and bla bla bla.. Luckily Weng Lee was there to be with me. He passed by and very thoughtfully stopped his car by the road side to see what's going on.
Then, an uncle with a proton saga stopped by the road side and walked towards us.

Bloody Policeman : "Siapa itu? Kawan u kah?"
Me : "Bukan. Tak kenal dia pun."
Me (to charissa) : "I dunno him. U know him?"
Charissa : "Nope, i dunno him also"
Uncle : "Fiona, hi! What's happening here"
Me & Charissa : "................................................."

And then i acted like i knew the uncle - LOL.
And the very nice and helpful uncle told the policemen that Charissa was the daughter of the Principle of HMSS, and i was a daughter of a teacher, and he knows my mum.

Guess what?

They let us go after that! LMAO.
I was like wtf?!?!?!?? I talked to him for 10 minutes and all it took was telling them Charissa was the daughter of a principle? [at least i thought that's 1 of the main reasons they let us go] =P

Then, the kind uncle gave us (me) a lift home for me to take my license and i/c and offered to fetch us back to the car to drive the car back to my hse. ===> cos legally, i can't be driving,(policemen there mah) and Charissa can't drive for peanuts.
When we reached my house gate,


 Frustrated and mad at myself for being so absent-minded =.=, 
Weng Lee to the rescue!!!!!!!!!
He came to my house (to see how i was doing/scold me for being so absent-minded, i guess) shortly, and THANK GOD he was there, we(i) asked him a favor to give the kind uncle [Mr Lee from Dato Sagor(i dunno the spelling, sue me) - Charissa took the liberty of asking him when i was talking to Weng Lee ^^] a lift to my car(which is back at the scene) and he drove my car back to the house.

1 complicated situation, huh?

Anyways i'll just be grateful and thank God that no biggie happened.
[If not, oooooh will i be in BIG trouble n BAD mood]

Credits to :
God - for blessing and helping me by sending:
Mr. Lee - to help me talk to policemen and stuff

Weng lee - to be there with me with the policemen and to chauffeur =P

Charissa - to be there with me in that situation

NO credits to :
My bro - for not being in the house when i need him to open the door *pout*
Milo and Polar Wong - for barking like mad at Charissa or anyone (esp. when i wasn't in the mood)
The weather - for being so damn scorching hot
Forgetful me - didn't bring my wallet and <-censored->

November 15, 2009

A visit back to Alma Mater (sorduf)

Alright, the title might seem a liiiiiiiiitle too exaggerating,
but definition-wise it's correct. I had attended that school. 

After breakfast with Pim, she asked whether I wanna join her to SASTI to find her (and mine) ex-teacher from Convent ; Pn. Norhuda.
I thought, "OK!", since I hadn't seen her for quite some time,
AND i missed her distorted laugh. LMAO.
[and also to meet some of the ppl that i can't meet during yum cha after i transferred]

I can see a few major changes in the school,
this is 1 of the nice ones, brightened up the 'lorong' to the canteen, ALOT.

But I don't get the dots at the sides.
(Nope, my 'artistic' side didn't give me any hint)
Got leftover paint but not enough to pain the whole part?

And there seems to be some huge renovation of I-DUNNO-WHAT happening,
And the bloody guard's [i had some issues with the ex-guard, pardon me] pondok has been abolished.
I just realised i didn't take a picture of that when i got home. Sheesh.
Took a quick photo of this on the way out of school.

Alright, some random out-of-topic stuff :

Took this from the car,
there's a HUGE gang of indians fighting another huge gang of indians.
Lol! So i did it very quickly, therefore the bad quality+reflection+all the extra stuff at the corner of the pictures

another attempt of taking another clearer shot nicely,
through a small opening from my car.
the bloody plant seemed to take the spotlight.

On the way back home, i spotted something interesting :

Note the 'P' stickers?

p/s : sorry if the owner of the car happens to read my blog XP
ur car is interesting ^^

November 14, 2009

fwJL facts #4

No matter HOW hard i try, i still can't win guys in gamings (well, i do win SOME guys, but not most of the guys) =.=
Why is that? *grunts*

I admit i'm a tad slow, but this just isn't fair! This creates a descrimination between females and males. Doesn't it? Sigh. I guess i'll have to practise more and train on my reflexes. Maybe keep my nails a little shorter so that my fingers won't slide of the keys during a game <== putting the blame on my nails

2012 movie review

When i heard of the title, i thought it was just another movie of the apocalypse (and indeed, it was!). I was a little reluctant to join my friends when they asked me to go for this movie, but i joined anyway (since my brother said it was good ). Much to my relief, the movie wasn't that disappointing. It wasn't the same old 'end-of-the-world' type of movie, and they even applied Noah's Ark's principle in it! Haha.

Since most of u must have watched the movie already, i won't waste my time reviewing the plot,alright?

Overall, the movie was good. The graphic was very impressive, i must say. It gave me a real picture of what the apocalypse might have looked like. The crumpling of California's road like a piece of paper, Yellowstone becoming a huge erupting volcano, and Los Angeles slipping into the sea was breath-taking.

The movie started off with the US government geologist, Adrian Hemsley, in India, paying a visit to the copper mine where his friend discovered that the solar neutrinos from the sun is heating up Earth to the point that it is causing the continental plates to slide over each other, causing the Earth's magnetic waves to go haywire, and has a microwave effect on the 6000ft water tank they had in the copper mine to go boiling. Adrian rushed back to Washington to warn the president during a fund-raising party and from that point onwards, 3 years passed in 3 minutes. Lol.

And has it occured to you that in every armageddon movie, there is a nobody-that-turned-into-somebody? In this movie, it is Jackson Curtis, a divorced man that works as a limousine driver and also a writer (the reason he's divorced - too 'dedicated' to his work). The 'side' charaters are : Kate, Gordon (plastic surgeon-new husband), Lily and Noah (the 2 kids). As much as i enjoyed the thrill, i find the ultra narrow escape that happened to Jackson's attempt of saving him and his troop (his ex-family and the new husband) a little too boring, as it happened over and over again. They always, always,ALWAYS missed the falling bridge, the cracking land, etc by a hair. It was quite exciting the first and second time, but by the third time, i was yawning already.

As this movie was lacking comedy, i really enjoyed the part where Yuri Karpov (Russian industrialist/ex-fighter) shouted for silence in the Bentley, and said in his really cute Russian-toned English : "Engine, Start". LMAO.
I super super super loooooooooooooove that Bentley!! Such a waste that they have to crash it like that though T.T

And there was the unexpected ditch of Jackson and his troops, as well as Tamara (the girlfriend).
1 billion euros (RM 5.3 billion) for each ticket. can u believe it? Yuri would pay that amount for the fat pigs (the siamese twins) he owned. Lucky for Jackson and the rest that they found a strong believer of the ancient Tibetan. Didn't understand a word, but luckily there were subtitles.

The rest of the movie was good, with the multiple malfunctions happening here and there, causing tension and shluck, but it always end up with a happy ending. [Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm a sucker for happy endings, but the movie just seems too perfect, isn't it? - except for Gordon, but that scene was clearly to eliminate the 'new husband' so that the old family can be reunited again. Urghh].

The ending of the movie was also adapted from Noah's ark where the captain of the ark decides that the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa was the place for them to grow a whole new population of earthlings again.
And............... ** Happy Ending ** ~ with the sun setting in the background~


Religious View
Don't get me wrong, i like how Roland Emmerich used the idea of a story from the Bible into a great movie. It's just that, for those that actually knows the story from the bible, u would know that God had the rainbow after the 40 days flood as a sign of promise to Noah and his generations that God will never send another flood to destroy mankind, after the one from Noah's. [Refer to Genesis 9 :1-17]. So, technically the biblical concept of this movie is a little wrong.

Time Factor
You know, there are some movies where you can watch it again and again and again, and not get bored? This is NOT one of those movies. 2 hours 40 minutes is a long time. Maybe during the first watch, u don't feel that it's long, most probably because you sorduf enjoyed the thrill and all. But during the 2nd watch, it will be all very predictable and bored.

I wasn't in much favor of the ending, since i personally like movies that leaves an ending that makes me wonder and think about the movie after watching. However, this particular movie cleans up its ending pretty 'clean', and everything that was happening was crystal clear. This is just my 2 cents. Different people likes different endings. Mine wasn't much like this one, but it will do. 6=^^

November 10, 2009

fwJL facts #3

I'm addicted to computer.
With or without internet (preferably with internet, OF COURSE).
This is how addicted i am.


November 9, 2009

fwJL facts #2

I'm a hot-headed girl. Bad temper. I used to get angry over the most little thing in life.
I improved a lot since last time. A LOT. You have NO idea how much.
Yet I'm still occasionally angry over stuff (hey, i'm only human, alright?).
And this runs in my blood. Can't help it, can i? *winks*

This grows out of people through time. Gimme some time, I'll be 'calm and composed' as a proper 'lady' should be. It's just a matter of time. (don't know how much time though :P )

the unexpected fever.

 I was dead FURIOUS about something.
Those following me on facebook would've known about it.
I was so furious i thought i'd explode.
I felt my body heating up (literally).
I went on facebook to find some games that i can play with.
To channel my rage into it.
After beating my friend's highscore in Parking Mania,
i went to Crazy Taxi.
While concentrating in beating my friend's highscore as well,
i breathed in and out very hard.
It was normal, right?
Until my mum asked me : 
"Are you wheezing?"
"You don't look well"
"I'm well"
"You're having rashes?"
"Your face is very red"
*stood up and went to the mirror*
[my taxi crashed]
I took the digital body thermometer from the medical cabinet,
and measured my body temperature.

I know it's only slight fever,
But a fever is a fever.
[i just recovered from my fever + cough few days ago]

And guess whaaaat???
I thought my body temperature was rising cos i was ANGRY earlier!!

Weird how things turned up, huh?

fwJL facts #1

I literally become ugly after a (huge) session of alcohol. Serious.
My face become blood red, my face becomes swollen, my whole body feels swollen, and my eyes shrink(due to the swelling)!!

So, NO pictures of me after alcohol, alright? hehe.

tortured an ant

Alright, i know this is late, but..
haha. i still wanna post it.

After MUET examination, i went for lunch with ma peeps, Krishnan.
I don't wanna go for the details, it might bore u.
Anyways, as the title said,

Well, it's not entirely him, actually....
I partially did it. Woon Fong partially did it.
BUT Simon did the mosssttt!!! =P


First i hid the ant under my cold drink,
Then when i took it up, Simon said :
"Poor ant, let me warm u up with some chilli"
and he dipped it into the chilli!!!
(actually there were some commotions in between, but i summarized the whole situation, alright? hehe)

[with the evidence on his his right hand]

and then i took some random shots....

of Kevin talking. hahahaha.
Keng Mun's (ALWAYS) sleepy face

Kevin caught me snapping him, and said he'll have to charge RM5 (while showing the action) for each photo.

I'll miss these hang out moments 1 year from now, when all of us are spreaded all over the globe.

Anyways, just some random hang out moments :)

November 7, 2009

I'm a gramma, 2nd time!!


I'm soooooo happy i can't even describe it!!
The following pictures explains it all >.<

Milo and her pups

 When i came back from my MUET exam,
I saw her near the palm tree my mom planted
(my mum even forgave Milo for DESTROYING her plant ^^ = how sweet is that?)
I was like "WHAT is she doing there???"
And it struck me.
I RUSHED down the car at lightning speed, and sawwwww it!!!!
OUT came my phone, and *SNAP*
~~~ I'm in tears~~~

Licking them [awwwww]


It started raining...  =.=

....and it got heavier!!


Close up of the 5 new members

Happy Family Picture