September 26, 2010

Leo Installation 10/11

I just came back from SASTI's Leo Club Installation 10/11.
I had a bunch of stuff on my hair and on my face,
so i had to get a full bath, even though it's 0020 already.
While waiting for my hair to dry,
i'm doing this.

I had my car doors tinted on Thursday.
should've done this much earlier.
well my car has been tinted and had the UV layer before this.
but it's not dark enough.
as u can see in the pic, there's a 'before' and 'after' version.

and for the leo installation,
i helped with the makeup.
here's yeeyong helping with the makeup as well.
these are the only 3 pictures taken during the preparation for the models.
cos i had both my hands full doing the model's makeup and hair.
i was so busy i didn't get to eat as well lol.
but i did get a liiiiiitle time out to go get a sip and took back some watermelon for the models.
cos i remembered how STARVED we were last year during the wait.
hahaha so i understand their situation
i'm so understanding xD
sigh i didn't even get to take pictures of the show.
my dad were on the big bike taking the lead model in.
i'll try to steal some pictures from fb if anyone uploads them..
but i think most of the ppl that reads my blog are in my friend's list,
so lol.

here's some shots after i'm done with everything.
[time to breathe]
if it's enlarged it's blur.
btw this is my future sister in law :)
that's jag's legs, tiptoe-ing for the group photo.
nah. no phat thighs.
above waist pictures are the best yo xD
from left, exex-vp1, ex-president, ex-vp2
the DJ with their turntables.
they're professionals okay.
not those self-proclaimed deejays.

so that's all i guess.
not much pictures cos i weren't free to take pictures during the event.
and after the event there's nth much for me to take.
all i can say is...

the incoming board sucks.
my feet hurt ( not cos of the heels, but it's the heel's strap).
i'm sleepy.
God, pls forgive me if i'm sleepy tomorrow 

September 23, 2010

a little bit of Monica in my life

I went to the Taman Ros pasar malam earlier on.
Wanting to buy some fried chicken ass.
it might sound GROSS but it was surprisingly nice when i first tried it, and now i'm addicted to it! :)
it's either it has been a long time since i ate 'em,
or my eyesight is really failing me,
or it was just me that never recognises chicken parts from the beginning.

it didn't taste like chicken butt.
so i don't know what i just ate just now

anyways, it was Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday.
i spent the night at home, doing microeconomy!
like, so miserable right my life.
Pim invited me over to her hse, but she has this group of lower 6 friends going over,
so i don't wanna barge in.

but good thing i've already celebrated it in advanced with my classmates.
i couldn't remember when was the last time i had so much fun during mid-autumn festival (i'd prefer to call it mooncake festival tho lol)

here's some shots : 

we had barbeque!
barbequed frog's legs, tried it before?
before this, i had never even heard about it.
till my classmate said he tried it before and said it was very nice.
so we gave it a shot. haha
my 2nd try at the chicken wings were better :)
my mom marinated 'em.
everyone said it was so nice.
asked me the recipe.
i said "errr. i know there's ginger in it... cos i helped to pound them..."
and that's it.
this fella.
LOL. always wanna take out his specs before taking a picture.
cos someone said he looked better without.
when i said "i think u look good with it as well"
then he straightaway said "ok ok let's take one with the specs"
LOL see how vain guys can be?
i love lanterns so much.
traditional types.
with candles.
not the ones that runs on batteries.
with songs.
so potong steam -.-
they were decorating the tree
the finished product, sephia effect.
ish. so shaky -.-
i tried not to use flash cos pictures that uses flash are seriously not nice
but up close it looks so nice :)
we are the gals
they are the guys
we are all here.
i censored smth here, in case u were wondering >.<
a new invention, 3 in 1
this was just before we set out for our 'moonlight walk'
as in like, we walk around this place called 'Pa Mei' (cantonese)
holding lanterns.
it really brings back a nostalgic feeling....
right before the rain came, like, 5 minutes after we left the house.


she loves the lantern
i love the lantern too!!
this mini lantern.
emits out a really sharp light.
cos it's so small right.
and yellow in colour.
like fluorescent lamp nia

and the night before, my bro and i had dinner with :
kyew, delle, emily, aiti, barney, ben.
almost like, half of the 2.5hours we were there, 
we were talking about all my bro's accident histories.
and we even said we'll be telling all his 'glory' moments to his children, grandchildren, and if we still live when he has greatgrandchildren, it will be done.
and yes that's a chivas bottle u see on the table.
these are the only 2 pics i took cos we're busy talking,
and i was busy dizzy-ing.
i didn't know my alcohol tolerance were so low -.-
i mean, it was okay-ish last time.
according to my bro, this time it was b'cos i had chivas with coke.
chivas is stronger than the liquors i had last time,
and coke has gas in it.
so it delivers the alcohol to the brains faster.
oh i had another vid of barney squeezing the chivas bottle neck as if he's having an orgasm
barney u crazy old man !!

another thing is, 
i found this biscuit out of nowhere in my hse.
made in Japan.
i had matcha ice cream before, it tasted great!
this tastes just as great :)
the matcha chocolate bit in the middle,
tastes just like matcha. at room temperature.
lol it sounds weird but yeah it's still nice.
so thin yet flavourful.
i'll give this, 8 out of 10

and some random shots at school.
in chinese we call it "Guillinggao"
it's sweet at the first bite, but it has a bitter aftertaste to it.
but still taste good.
apparently it's very good for ur i-dunno-what.
chinese stuff are always good for smth. 
mostly health.
can u believe it, my friend took a picture with me when i was sleeping -.-

so yeah. that's the summary of what happened recently in a jumbled up sequence.

i'm missing the kids at Edu&Care so much.
i met one of them with her dad at pasar malam just now.
i looked at her,
she looked at me,
i waved,
she paused for 2 seconds,
then she jumped up and down, 
smilling while saying "JIE JIE!!!".
i felt so happy at the fact where,
she was so excited to see me.
but she didn't run towards me lol
she has grown so tall.
and after that, i walked around, and she was standing with her mum this time.
according to my mum, 
she was screaming "JIIIEEEE JIIIIEEEEE" with all her might.
apparently i was temporarily deaf at that moment =S
dunno why.
to quote Yanni, her voice is one with nature.
her mom said there are others that has grown alot taller too.
i'm afraid some of them will forget me.
or will be shy to be all cozy with me cos they're apparently 'big' now.
that's how it goes with children.
i think i had like, 0.01% of how it feels to be a parent already.

and i just finished following delle's blog.
lol sorrie delle it took me so long to do it hahaha
she's the only blog that i've clicked 'follow'.
and i've learnt that she linked my blog as "fiona's drama"
i'm i such a drama queeeeen?
hahahah guess i am.
wait till u see charissa's blog, if she ever decides to have one.
i'll definitely link her as "drama queen the first"

September 18, 2010

enabling chinese characters in Windows 7

So, lind asked me how to enable chinese typings in her laptop (windows 7). But because i didn't have a laptop that time and i wasn't so sure how to describe, i just said "go to start, control panel, and u'll find it from there.".

So sorry for the vague instructions, i'll give u a clear one now. With images summore! :)

Well, first is to go to Start, and Control Panel (as i've told u :P ).

Then, select Clock, Language, and Region.

U'll see this, and then select Region and Languages (circled in red)

Go to Keyboard and Languages, then u'll see the above window. click Change keyboard (circled in red), and then u'll see the window below :
on the left one, u click Add, and u'll get the smaller window on the right.
From the window on the right side of the images, choose Chinese Simplified PRC.
Under that, u'll see :
in the red box is supposed to be what u should be ticking, if u want to enable Chinese pin yin .

Click on the image to enlarge.

September 16, 2010

Moonlight Resonance

I know this is quite an old series, but lately 8TV was showing it again. Every 7pm.
I remember somewhere around last year, when it was still the 'hot' thing around, my aunt brought the whole series back when we had our CNY gathering. Everyone was like "WAAAAAAH u had it?! let's watch let's watch!!", of course, except my family. Cos our dad never approved TVB drama series in our household.

When my gramma was still in TI with us, we used to watch the series they show from 6-7pm, and from 7-8pm. Then, it was dinner time, and there's another show from 9.30pm-10.30pm. It was like a ritual hahahaha. And my gramma always get too absorbed and start scolding the bad character while pointing her index finger towards the tv. LOL my aunt said it's very disturbing watching a movie with her cos she's so noisy, u see (jokingly, of course). Aaaaah, how i missed those times.

I think i was the only one from my family that watched the series with them back then. Cos now, both my mom and bro claims that they dunno bout the movie at all, while i said i've watched it all. Somehow it's in my blood to like rewatching stuff (SO WASTE OF TIME RIGHT but what to do lol ). So my bro, my mom, and i will stay in front of the TV and watch this series every 7pm during weekdays. It's kinda nice to have some sort of a family ritual lol.

However, yesterday i got greedy and i googled the series so that i can watch the next episode, cos i know it exists. In a blog, the guy said that this series is like ecstasy. Only one episode per day, or else u'll get addicted to it. THAT FELLA WAS FREAKIN' RIGHT LA OMG now i'm high on ecstasy >.< But one thing's for sure, i was somehow glad too. 

This couple. Dammit their stories always make my tears flow like the water tap. And i just couldn't take it when the guy started sobbing over the girl. Sigh. Since when did i get so emotional? 
The guy does biscuits and the gal does surgery (she's a doc yo). Well there's a big hoo-haa and they were lovers when the gal was 13years old. I'm not gonna elaborate la it's a long story. 

U know, when u're watching the series at 2am alone (by you, i meant i ), there's no need to hold back ur tears. And for the first time, i realised how emo i can get over trivial things. Maybe it was because all these while when i'm watching a movie with someone else, i always feel obliged to hold back my tears as much as possible, and i always always ALWAYS remind myself that it's just a movie, and the director will say "CUUUUUUUT" right after this scene and they'll all stop and drink water or smth. That'll totally be the anti-climax of the emo feeling, trust me lol. U could give it a try though it really works. But it's so bleeeh to do that right lol.

There's one thing u should know, is that somewhere along the way i adapted my father's way of thinking about these TVB series, which is "THEY ARE A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME" and there's always these predictable plot and their reactions are all always exaggerated. Well i still think like that too but i guess they've reduced? I can accept some series and some series are just plain stupidity.

How ironic, huh? I'm like this typical girl that can practically tell what's gonna happen before it happens (in the movie la lol) but i still wanna watch it and i cry like hell after watching it -.- kinda hate myself for behaving like this jackshit. What to do right i  have XX chromosomes >3< So stereotype of me to say this but i still hate typical soap operas lol.

Y'know, if i listen to this song before watching Moonlight Resonance,
i would've hated the song cos it sounded so stupid and all, but after watching the series, everytime i hear this song i'll remember Dr.Ling and the gal on top. zzzzz. See how much a movie can change ur perception on things? 

In this series, i've laughed a thousand times, cried a million times. Besides stuff that concern the couple mentioned above, i always loose it when it concerns the elderly. U know, when they're almost dying, or when they're begging, or the young ones mistreat them and they put those really saddening songs as the background music, and (u get it). 

As far as i know, there's 2 singers in this series. One is "Sa-yee" (Aunt Sa) DON'T ASK ME THEIR NAMES COS I DON'T KNOW EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPEND ON IT  and Raymond Lam (real name ya lol). Hmm i think he really looked good in this movie. When he gets all smart and HK-artist-look, he doesn't really interest me anymore lol. 

I really hope i won't get hooked onto more TVB series like how my friends are right now, lol. Well since i'm surrounded by chinese-ed ppl nowadays, it's kinda great if I FREAKIN' KNOW WHO ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT when they talk about artists and movies right. But if u watch one series i think u might know who are they talking about already cos somehow these TVB series always recycle actresses. Like, seriously. Go watch if u don't believe me. They're always the same people, plus minus a few new talents. But yeah.

Great i've babbled too much now -.- sorrie that this post is not really about moonlight resonance that much. More like about the me that is gradually changing into an emo blob now omg i hate myself like. so much. Wait. Emo might not be the right word, maybe vulnerable? SENSITIVE! One of these words la lol.


Nights :)

September 14, 2010

study blues

i mean like,

ignore the fuglie overall.
it's a super comfy one, only to be worn behind closed doors hahahhahhaa

my dear girl eve bought this pencil for me.
more like, for us.
all 'em girls, it seems.
hahaha and i love it, thankyiu eve! 

i don't blardie understand those patterns.
every pen and pencil nowadays have it.
looks gothic.
pens are supposed to look... studious?
i bought it cos it's really good.
and what's with 'mystery' 

guess i must've ran out of topics to post about. 

leading a real crappy life where i don't feel like stepping out of the house.
i don't sound like me

September 13, 2010

POOPHEAD is your name.


Since i can't write in to The Star's views section due to some reasons that i will reveal later on in this post,

Well, you see,
At this website : [click here to view] ,
it shows that STPM 2010 ends on 14th December.
I've read all the fine prints. They never said that the dates were subject to any changes.

I've circled it in red for u. U can click to enlarge if u can't see.


Weeks after the information above was released, this came out :

Now, it says that it ends on 16th December. (but mine ends on 15th)
I'm not complaining because it delayed 2 days of my freedom ( not the main point anyways).
I'M FREAKING COMPLAINING BECAUSE my family made plans before this for the 15th.
All the bookings were done. Payments were done.
And now, thanks to the information that the MPM website gave THAT WAS FREAKIN' FALSE, 
an additional cost of RM3555.42  was spent. 

And, the reason i can't complain on the newspapers?

KPM got smart. Issssshh.

Y'know what? 
I think i'll just write in.
But i'll write it smartly so that it doesn't sound like i want MPM to be responsible about this or anything.

September 12, 2010

Aftershock review

I watched these 2 movies back to back. The first was Assassins, starring Louis Koo. Second one was Aftershock.
After the first movie, i thought that it was quite a good movie. It's not a movie about any normal sniper assassins. They're a bunch of assassins that carefully plan the murder of their customer's target to make it look as if it's an everyday accident. U can watch it if u want to. But it's not that satisfying. Rating would be 6 over 10. Anyways i'm not here to talk about this movie.


What a name. Fuhh. But in chinese it's called "Tang Shan Da Di Zhen" which means Tangshan's earthquake. lol so the english and chinese names weren't a direct translation like some other movies.
One piece of advice before watching this movie ; prepare a box of tissue in front of u and make sure the room is dark or make sure that u watch this in front of ppl that u're not paiseh to cry in front of, or watch it alone. LOL THAT WAS MORE THAN ONE but yeah.
I had no idea what was this movie about when i sat down and joined my dad cos he just plays any random movie.

The one thing i wasn't satisfied about this movie was that the graphics for the earthquake in the beginning was a little too fake. Other than that, both my thumbs were up. I didn't know if it was the emo part of me that were taking over me or what, but i literally cried during the whole 2 hours of the movie. Only if i weren't trying to suppress the tears from coming out. I really seriously did hold back like a thousand times cos i had my gramma beside me n my dad in front of me (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) but there were only a thousand other times where i reached the point where i couldn't hold back anymore.

The movie started by showing the everyday life of a family of 4 (father, mother, twins - bro and sis), took place in Tangshan, China. And there was this part where the rubble was on top of the twins, the sister at one end and the brother at the other. The mother had to choose between these 2 cos when they lift the rubble at one end, the other end will crush the other kid. OMG LA HOW TO CHOOSE MAN -.- but anyways she chose the bro at the end. And the girl heard every word.  I won't go into details cos i really would recommend u guys to watch this movie, and i don't wanna spoil it for u guys.

And then they showed the lives of both the bro's and sis's life, separated for 32 years, mother was still alive of course. The sister was adopted by a couple from the Tangshan rescue team. Filled with guilt and grief, the mother lived her life for 32 years before the bro n sis reunited at a rescue mission at another earthquake in Chengdu. The beginning of the movie was filled with tears, the reunion was filled with tears, the end was filled with tears LIKE OMG LA how much tears do u want from me?!

However, the reunion of the daughter and the mother wasn't the typical reunion where the mother will drop everything that she's doing and run towards her daughter or some sort like that. I won't go into detail here either nehh :)

Nah. The reunion of the twins. The girl (sister) damn chio right.

The cast

I heard from my dad that they actually filmed the real earthquake scene (satellite view) from the earthquake in Tangshan 1976 and managed to insert it in the movie. That's the earthquake in the beginning of the movie. In a way, this movie is like Titanic. Not the storyline, but the pattern.

Overall it's a good movie, i'd say. Not because it succeeded in making me sob like bleh but the storyline was great. Great cast too. I'd give it 9.5 over 10 :)

Watch. It's worth your time.

September 10, 2010

pieces of you, pieces of me.

I cleaned my room.
After procrastinating for 1 week after exams.
Found alot of lost treasures.
For example, the velcro patch i told u about?
I lost it for a few weeks.
Then i found it :)

And i sorted out lotsa boxes (cardboards) and unwanted papers to be recycled.

At first i was so lazy to flatten the boxes and threw them into the bin.
Then i sat down and stared at the bin.
Felt so guilty to Mother Nature so i picked it up and flatten it nice nice.

Here's the after shot.

I won't give u a before shot cos it's too embarrassing lols cos i neglected my room for about 1 month or so due to exams preparation.
So clean right. I even changed my sheets.
Once i'm in the cleaning mood it just keep on going.
And i swept and mopped the floor before i clean my bed n table.
wtf right -.-
I'll remember to do that AFTER i clean my bed n table next time.

And i went to ipoh yesterday.
I drove. Through Kampung Gajah way to avoid the jams.
Missed a turning so i went to Kuala Kangsar's toll, paid the toll, u-turn, paid the toll again, and turn back.
And i missed the turning again. So i went to Simpang Pulai's toll, paid the toll, u-turn, paid the toll again, and turned back again.
I WASN'T AT FAULT HERE OKAY. The bloody new road system was confusing my dad n me.
Late for my bro's appointment but the doc said it's okay as long as we arrive before 1230.

And here's my gramma :)
Oh she aged.
And since she went to KL to stay, she wasn't like those normal grammas anymore.
u knooooow,
those that perm their hair up like a mini-afro style,
wears tops and bottoms of the same materials and pattern,
My gramma's cool now.
And she's still working out so she don't get those reeeeeeeeally flabby arms yay :)

Then in the evening was a relative's wedding dinner.
I so did not recognise any relatives there but oh well if my gramma said they are, they are.
Saw a few cousins i recognise.
Some are my grandpa's bro's 2nd daughter's son.
Or my grandpa's sister's kai lui's daughter's son.
the older generation spent like. 30 minutes? trying to clear the confusion bout who's who and who's who's who and what we should call each other what.
I'll just call uncle and aunty.
If they look young i'll just say "hello".

And today is the first day of Hari Raya.
Went to my ah sun ('grand daughter')'s hse.

1 Malaysia spirit, yeaaaah xD

And i love kids that speaks random words.
At appropriate age.
Cos it'll look dumb if they still do it when they're like, 4 or smth.