January 13, 2012

Who's an ang moh?

Definitely not you :)

This time, it's not a prank.

Things to do before you're old and ugly (or dead) : 
Dye my hair red  [check!]

January 4, 2012

This is NOT a cliché 2011 post

14 days till school reopens, i have a new crib, life is gonna be schweeeeet this coming semester! Except the fact that instead of the 1 or 2 days per week for classes which i heard from my friends, i'm having freaking 4 (FOUR) days per week for classes :( And not just classes, but for Moral and Malaysian Studies. Pffft right but what to do, unlike how i thought college classes would be, Sunway (or maybe just the Lancaster programme) don't allow us to arrange our subjects or classes ourselves, and instead we're given a timetable of everything and are supposed to follow it.

I had sooooooooo many plans for the next semester when i thought it's gonna be 1 or 2 days per week for classes only. For example, work..... and party..... and..... party. NO LAH do you think i'm some kinda party animal i hope you don't cos what i'm really thinking is a whole 2 months of mental oasis or something.. Was thinking of taking an extra subject or two so that i don't waste time being there for the whole 2 months. We'll see how that goes.

Tweeted about finding a new room, and am kind of (SUPER) excited to move in! Why, i have no idea but i'm gonna be having a room to myself! Well it's not that i don't like a roommate, but it's much more convenient having the room to yourself. Like, you don't have to be considerate and use headphones or change whenever you like or walk around the room bottomless.... Cos some people are uncomfortable with that.

Aaaaanyway, it's a new year, so.... new year resolution? Nahh i stopped that shit a long time ago because i've never achieved any before. Am not gonna do the cliché 2011 post about how great or how bad 2011 has been to me, cos honestly i feel like it's kind of so-so? Or maybe i'm an emotionless person like that. But i have been receiving comments i'm sensitive T_________________T The WORST comment that can make me depressed for a week wtf cos i used to despise sensitive people :((((((  I have split personalities *gasp*

Frankly i think i MIGHT have evolved into a different person, i don't know? Into an entirely new different person i don't think i like ; melodramatic, excessive over-thinking, emotional...  Just a few weeks ago i had this ride on the emotions roller coaster, and when i said roller coaster, i really meant it like...

Roller coaster. Figuratively.

I was literally happy like i was about to fly in the clouds one day, crying over a skype video call the next day, went so depressed the day after that i did weeding for the entire house non-stop (i should get depressed more often hmmmm) - not to mention i hardly spoke to my family members that day, and then i went back to being a little above normal (not quite happy yet) the day after, and then back to being a constant line again. And now i'm being mini-depressed and hence the wordy post. Is this still considered as sane? Cos looking back, i felt totally foolish to feel that way back then. I always thought i was a mean, stone-cold-hearted person. Where did that person go? Hmph. 

And i will have a healthier diet. 


A few stuff i should keep in mind, but not a resolution.

 Okay not every day maybe most of the days cos i have assignments and exams to be lifeless for :(
 I soooooooooo wanted to post this on fb but i have lots of nosy people on my list. Bleh.
Stop splurging unnecessarily wtf. 
My mom literally begged me to stop buying shoes cos it's starting to turn into an addiction.

In the end, this did partially turn into a cliché 2011 post. Sorry guys :P