October 30, 2009

just another day at school

My friends had so much free time in their hands, that they did this :

NO idea what is it? (for some of u)
me too, when i first saw it.
I went to the next class to pay Charissa a visit,
when i came back, this was on the board.

I went "......................."
and they looked at me and GRINNED.
Wtff???? Whaaaat did i doooooooo???
Then they asked me :
"look for ur name!!"


And they told me they wrote 'Fiona' in Chinese.
Which says something like "fee-oh-na"
With all the intonations and stuff.

my friend took a snap as well.
(yes, bringing phones is very common in my school ^^)

my class name in chinese.
6K1 = "liu-ka-yi"

my enlarged name "fee-oh-na"

Haha. Just a random day in school with my friends.

Flip Flops!!

So, i was doing the usuals.
Came home from school, went to bathe.
While i was in the bathroom (MY bathroom), my bro KNOCKED on my door like mad.
(u get the tone)

"U got a flip flops from Audrey, come out now or i'll open it for u!!!"
For a split second, i was excited and almost stopped showering.
Then i thought, "naaaah",
thinking it's one of his failed attempts to bother me when i'm doing ANYTHING.

"Shut up and shoooo!!!"
And then i ignored all his constant harassment on my bathroom door,
till i went out and.......

it's a parcel!!!!!!!!!!!

my brother wasn't lying!!!!! - sowwie aaron *puppy dog eyes*

from my sista!!!

how sweet is this??
i've always bugged my sister to get me a new one,
cos i love wearing flip flops,so they wear out easily
so i can't just have one in my possession.
[yes, i only have one. pathetic me ]
and i didn't have the chance to shop for one anytime soon!!

the note says :
"dear fiona, A pair of flip flops for you. Remember to lift it up after wearing. ♥ audrey"

That's sorduf a thing that happened in the past.
Bout the flip flops she bought from her US trip for me *sobs*
The following pictures will explain it.



But i'll forget the past.
Milo Wong, u are officially forgiven now ^^

So i went down and have my packed lunch.

Economy rice =.="

But look on the bright side, i have :

the sambal fish i liked!! (and flip flops)

payasum(traditional indian dessert) too!! (and flip flops)

rassum(traditional indian soup) as well!!! (and flip flops)

My lunch became extra tasty and flavourful.
Hmmmmmmmm *big stupid grin*

After lunch, i went and tried my flip flops on

And it fits!!
[the angle made my legs look extra fat, ok? it's the ANGLE!!]

with lotsa ♥,

*i like this snap XD*

YOU (the flip flops) has just made my day!!


the good ol' cliche outing

*before anything, i would wanna apologize (x ∞) for the unspeakable picture quality, didn't have a camera with me atm, so bear with me my lousy camera's phone *

I've realised that almost every blog ( of citizens of TI ) would have a blog about an outing in McD/Old Town
Don't u realise that as well?
So i thought, *shrugs* oh well, might as well have one myself too.

So i was in pbhp to study
(nope, u didn't read wrongly, it's study ^^)
I was catching up on my accounts cos i'm waaaaaaay behind everyone else in my class.
Can't afford to loose to the others =.=
***no pictures from pbhp, i would look like an idiot snapping pictures when everyone else are studying**

and went to McD with Jinx and Pim after that

had my usual, Mcflurry Oreo ●^^●
Jinx told me Cornetto's is way better, i said NO.
I'm loyal to my taste *winks*

When i said i wanna take some pictures,
Jinx said : "take pics of stupid pose, like this", *and she poses*
and......... *snaps*
see how efficient am i?
♥ me
[she don't mind having her picture posted online, so it's alright anyway]

She lives with her gramma.
Very surprised she had never heard the phrase

For those in TI, this might be a normal sight every other day.
But for those NOT in TI, don't get a shock when u come to McD in TI

In case u didn't see (i zoomed+bad camera=super blur snap)
i circled it in red for u.
climbing on the table to get food
u see cats EVERYWHERE in TI. like literally EVERYWHERE
the authorities never take any initiative to do something about this
be it schools, restaurants, mamak stalls, franchises (like this)
what's with them(u get me) and cats? *rolls eyes*

met my friends there for the umpteenth time
[u can see a little pink shirt at the side of the photos cos that's ME ^^
i was snapping in secret so that they won't go like :
"oiiiiii!! taking my picture without my permission ahhh???" ]

actually u meet ur friends (minimum once) everytime u go to McD
favourite hangout place for youngsters,
and for a little 'fishing' session, if u get what i meant *winks*

he calls that spot his 'VIP' spot, in the middle of the road, but nearest to the place.
that guy really thinks he can get away with anything =.=

Oh, and i saw this reeealllyyy interesting guy

*credits to Jinx's phone, since my phone has a loud 'click' sound and flash-VERY noticeable*
 But still, i missed the 'perfect moment'.
He was having both his legs up before the snap AND his both hands comfortably playing with his toes,
like it's the most normal thing in the world to do.
So i did what any normal blogger would have done. *snap*
That action takes ALOT of courage to do, in public.
Hmm.. i wish i had the courage to do that, NOT.

So, that's it!! Not much pictures, cos it's not a special occasion.
It's a normal Thursday night ( schooling /worlking days),
so there weren't anything interesting to see,
sorry for the boring post, guys.
Will try to get something better for u guys next time yeah.

October 28, 2009

Butterfly Craze

Alright, some of these pics are quite old, and some might look familiar to some of you.

As the title says, i have this little thing for butterflies.
And nowadays it's getting a little more severe.

This was my previous blog's picture

My current nail *giggles*
[btw, i escaped spot check today in school (nails AND phone) - yippie!!!]

Sorry the picture is a little blur..
But i'm so so SO in ♥ with my calculator now!!
Next will be my phone *shivers with excitement*

A picture of me holding my calculator
[The real picture is my nails with my calculator ^^]

Actually, I'm not a person that likes to stick stuff on her gadgets by nature.
I like 'em the way they are ; gadgets.
But somehow i got influenced by my bro's 'chanting' to bedazzle my phone like Kimora
And so i started with my calculator. lol.
==easily influenced girl talking==

Anyways, here's a little 'out of topic' picture i would like to show u guys when i was bloody bored studying for my finals.

if u see properly, u can see my books opened on the table XD

 A close up.

Just meddling with my hair. Was so so so so bored!!
It actually look like shit =.=
I'll improve it and upload the next time i get so bored.

p.s: this is why i go to library to study.
i can't study at home with all these distractions =.=

hmm. this explains my exam results *sheepish smile*

October 27, 2009

she who is interested in ANYTHING

I hate this girl. super super super UBER hate this girl!

She can just *snaps fingers* and be super interested in something, in just a second.

Let me explain in layman terms.
She was actually doing her normal thing online, checking her mails, going on facebook, checking out forums, and then she decides to change the layout of her blog.
[Yes, she's using blogger instead of wordpress, sue her for loving simplicity and laziness]
So, she went to 'Template' and changed into another template. Haha. That was easy, took less than 10 minutes.


She HAS to google 'blogger' templates to find out more stuff about it.
So, she came across tonnes of websites for blog skins and templates (google is the best search engine in the world). And the next thing she knew was, she's browsing through templates after templates for the next 1 and a half hour.

However, when she fell in love with a few templates ( one in particular), she couldn't get to change the template. Why?

"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The element type "img" must be terminated by the matching end-tag"

W-T-F was that???
So she googled the problem again. [Yes, she realised (and admits) that she couldn't live without Google - mwaXxx!!]
It seems that the template she was using has to be reverted back to classic templates.
"Fine, the button's just there" she thought.
So she clicked the button. Haha. The template can be used!! Hooray!!!
Problem solved?

To cut the very long story short, she was surfing about HTML. She wasn't satisfied with the ready-made template code she downloaded earlier from the free websites, so she was editing this and that from the HTML. 'This and that' lead to many hours of 'these and those'. [if u get what i mean]. She ended up editing almost 50% of the HTML she originally downloaded in the beginning.
Half satisfied that she learnt (alot of) something new, and that she successfully made 50% of the layout of her blog, she posted it out on her facebook status :

"after almost 5 hours, i FINALLY finished my new blog ^^ [quite satisfied with the results despite the tiredness]

And after a few comments from a few people... there she was!!


The HTML CRAZE was born!!!!!!

Even while writing this post, she's using the HTML version =.=
and she's even seriously making [yes, MAKING] another layout for her blog.
NOT editing, but making.
I wonder how long will this take, huh? maybe a few days, since she needs some ( ALOT ) research about this and that, but maybe with her friend's help, the process might speed up a little. lol.

And there's that.  She's into HTML codes now.

p.s : In case u still don't get it,
   she → ME

October 26, 2009

all GONE......!!



No, not my phone's pic cos my phone's camera is bloody 2MP.
So i don't really take pictures with it.
Well, there are some memorable moments that i got to capture with my phone cos i didn't have my camera with me atm,
i send them to the desktop (the hard disk obviously had more storage space than my phone).

and now it's

my time at Edu&Care that i ♥ so much
my ss pictures (i'm not photogenic, so every ss picture is friggin' precious!!)
my oh-so-random pics of everything that i find hilarious and absurd, spur of the moment
candid pictures of everything
 my collection of sucky ex-phones i had ranging from VGA to 2MP(current, still sucky)
pictures of me and my friends with sucky hairstyles from old days
pictures of me and my friends when we're (i'm) still cuddly and thin/fat T.T
pictures of family/friend trips to places

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
i like that

thanks to my dad that sent the cpu to repair for I DUNNO WHAT REASON
but my dad reassured me that everything will still be there when it's back
yeah. it's there alright
the TITLE only!!
i tried to change my profile picture at facebook earlier on
a very cute, nostalgic picture of me with my huge mickey mouse when i was little
and it's NOT THERE!!
i went to 'my computers' straight to the folder n start clicking the particular picture like mad
not a thing happened.
and there's a pop up saying that the file is not there.
the facebook profile crisis was solved by downloading the pic from my friendster profile
(first time i logged in, in..... maybe a year or so?)

a quick peek at the picture i was talking about ^^

but my other pictures..................
*wails hysterically ; charissa-style*
i'm SO gonna shout at my dad and make him bring back to the computer guy, KAR FAY
i'm not blaming my dad, just that shouting about stuff i'm angry about is a way of complaining, is it not, girls? *winks*
my dad was giving me a dunno-how-many-years lecture about a programme called GHOST that will ensure the safety of ur documents in ur hard disk when u send it to reformat or anything.
yeah i'm seeing all the documents are 'safe' alright!!

ok. furious time's over. gonna relax. move on NOT.
*rolles eyes + grunt*
*breathe in, breathe out*
i'm fine. i'm ok.

loner.. huh??

Wikipedia says :

A loner is a person who avoids or does not actively seek human interaction or prefers to be alone. There are many reasons for solitude, intentional or otherwise, and "loner" implies no specific cause. Intentional reasons include religious[1][2] or personal philosophies, unintentional reasons involve being highly sensitive, having more extreme forms of shyness and introversion, or various mental illnesses. The modern term "loner" is usually used with a negative connotation[3] in the belief that human beings are social creatures and those that do not participate are deviant.[4][5]

In popular culture, however, there is a certain romanticism in the idea of the loner since he or she is seen as special and unique. This can be attributed to the notion that truly great people often lurk in the shadows of societies that espouse corrupt or superficial standards of existence. As a result, the concept of a lonely hero is a recurring theme in stories.
(not that i left the accessible links for u guys to go to the link if u want to)

the one thing i realised about people nowadays is that when you ;
1. dine alone
2. shop alone
3. watch movies alone
4. goes ANYWHERE alone


Don't get me wrong.
I don't LIKE or PREFER to do things alone. But hey, u don't ALWAYS have to do stuff with someone there with u right?
Tonnes of people in the world agrees that some time alone is good for the soul.

1. Dining Alone
I love talking to my friends, laughing with my friends, snack with my friends all-day-long, and all those. However, it doesn't mean that i always, always, ALWAYS have to go out with a bunch of people.
Sometimes, when u need to go out for a meal, and especially when u're like me (u can't friggin' prepare a proper edible meal by yourself), u go out for meals  A LOT. And if u care about having a human being with you ALL-THE-TIME, u're gonna need about maybe.... 1 hour 30 minutes or maybe 2 whole hours for a single meal!!

Going out alone saves one alot of time. By the time u find someone to accompany you, u had spent the time that u could've used to finish up a whole lamb. And when u have someone with u, u tend to talk (u can't call someone out with u and JUST eat, right?).
that + the time spent for finding someone to go out with u (not everyone is free when u're free)+eating = lots of time.

U could've just grab your wallet, car keys, and a little entertainment (iPod,a book, any reading material, PSP, etc.) and go have ur meal. This way, u'll be back by 30 minutes and u can continue doing whatever u wanna do after that.

Dining alone is not a rocket science, is it?

2. Shopping Alone
I get influenced easily, especially during shopping. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing. But somehow it just happens that most of the time it happens to me, it's a bad thing. I tend to get opinions and LOADS and LOADS of comments from someone if i'm with someone. So, i ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff that my friend liked, not me, in my past shopping experiences.

Going shopping with a girlfriend, or maybe two, or maybe none is the best during shopping. For a whole group of people to go shopping together, that is absurd. Seriously. When u have a big group with u for shopping, u spend HOURS in ONE shop. ONE shop! Imagine how many shops i would've went if i was alone!!

If u have to, get someone who :
1. has the same fashion sense
2. has the same interest in stuff (makeup, clothes, hair accessories, etc. )
3. believes in efficient shopping ;and
4. has the same budget in spending as u.

Anyhow, when u're alone, u're free to go wherever u want! Suddenly i felt like grabbing an ice cream, BR. Then i feel like looking at clothes, F21. Then i feel like looking at books, Borders. No one cares, no one says u're being troublesome, no one will grumble in their hearts about how u're going from this end of the building to the other end of the building just anytime and anyhow u like. U don't get blamed for being a selfish bitch for making your friends feel bad.

If anything, i would love some quality time with my girlfriends, but shopping is something best(not must!) done alone.

3. Watching Movies Alone
People see activities like 'going for a movie' and 'grabbing a bite' something that MUST be done with someone, regardless of couples or in a group of friends. U go into the screening room, u still watch the movie alone, u don't talk during the movies (or people might be throwing popcorns at u for being noisy). So it doesn't really make a difference whether u go alone or with 5-15 people. Your friends watch the same show, just different time. U can review the movie when u get together later on, right?

I hate missing conversations during movies. Especially in the theatre, cos they don't rewind the movie for you, just because u missed what the people were talking cos ur friend interrupted u in the middle of the movie. Have u ever seen the cubicles seats with arm rests in the theatre? Yeah. To seperate u. YOU-DON'T-TALK-IN-THEATRES. Yeah, i do miss laughing off some funny lines or acts during the movies with someone. That's about it. I prefer discussing about the movies AFTER it, not during.

Actually i haven't went to a movie alone before, but i just don't feel that watching movie alone is something to be starred at nor does it need ANY sympathy from anyone. I've seen people done it. They just buy a bottle of water, go in, sit where they're supposed to sit, watch the movie, go back. Simple as 1,2,3 and A,B,C. It doesn't make u a social leaper if u buy a ticket for one.

"I'm not a loner for feeling independent to do things alone.
I'm not a loner for appreciating some quality time alone.
I'm not a loner for having some time alone to settle down.
I'm not a loner for going places myself
I'm not a loner
I'm not in solitude
I just love myself ^^ "

October 18, 2009

Milo Wong suspected pregnant!!


suspected pregnant, AGAIN!!!

After a 3 days and 3 nights disappearance, causing her whole family distress, grief, and tears, she came back with a super big sized belly. Half relieved half angered, i gave her a good bath to clean off I-DUNNO-WHAT that has touched her and she has touched from the outside world.

After a few weeks, she gave birth to 6 little (cute) angels, but too bad, one stillborn. Anyhow, my family was quite worried about the puppies, because there is NO WAY ON EARTH that my mum (or anyone else) can take care of 6 dogs in a house!! [except aunty rani, of course :P ]. so i hunt and hunt and promoted and promoted for places to adopt these cute little angels, and luckily, i got to find 2 people to adopt 2 of our Milo's offspring, and the rest went to my aunty and her friend.

*wipes sweat*
Though feeling a little sad that all those little cute ones are away now, no longer seeing them tailing their mum all around the house compound, we're quite relieved that we had less hassle now. However, we kept one of the puppies to accompany their good 'ol mother.

after around half a year later,

"what?? i'm not pregnant!!"

Can u HONESTLY tell me that this is NOT the belly of a pregnant dog???

"Hey, don't look at me like that...."

"I'm not pregnant......."
the innocent look
puppy dog eyes!!!!!!

So, any puppy orders in advanced?
I'll upload a pic of her puppies once she give birth. They're super cute with those little pink noses and legs :D

October 17, 2009

a day in Ipoh

It's been forever since i went to Ipoh
(other than my piano practical exams LAST time, i hardly go to Ipoh. lack of entertainment :P - hey, no offense to those living in Ipoh alright. just that compared to KL, Ipoh has SO much less)
somehow i feel like taking alot of pictures, so i took a lot of random pictures during the trip to Ipoh.

here's a pic of my dad driving.. we went to the wrong exit for the parking basement and went to 'more parking' instead,and so we need to go around 3 floors up and down again to go to get out of the parking basement!

wheee~~ it's alot of rounds u know.

my bro getting nauseous.
(just joking, he's actually rubbing his nose :P )
[he scolded me a jacoon and estate(his term of 'hooligan') for taking pictures of almost everything :( ]
anyways, after alot of rounds of anti-clockwise and the same amount of clockwise.. it all became neutral and we all recovered from all the dizzyness. haha

i saw this antique car in a very old car workshop.
whoots! got a layer of dust over it. haha
in those times, this car was considered royalty.

those living in TI, u know there was a coliseum next to the Convent school right?
well, compared to THIS coliseum, the size of THAT coliseum might just be the toilet for this coliseum.

ONN KEE tauge ayam

the last time i came, there weren't anything like this for us.
it's just us and the stars above us (for the ones eating on the road)
it REALLY has been awhile..

the grease on the chicken has increased a whole lot as well. - fat fat FAT FAT FAT!!

i skipped the part where i went to mph, popular and novelhut to hunt for my accounts books.. zzzzzz.
wan't much of a fun experience though, but it's good that i got at least 2 books for my accounts.. and around 3 or 4 books for my macroecons. LOL.
i REALLY wonder whether will i be putting them to full use though.

and on my way back to the car, i came across SUPER KAWAII biscuits!!!
can't really see it?? get a closer look.

kawaii pigs/mices!!!!

kawaii pigs with big noses!!

more kawaii pigs and tortoises!!!
(there's chicken and a whole bunch of stuff as well, but i didn't wanna look like a weirdo that keep taking pictures of the biscuits and didn't buy them, so i took a few quick shots and walk away quickly.

and guess what? if u wanna become famous one day, have ur haircut here :