March 23, 2011

All about B.

I guess i only update every week/ every few weeks nowadays. But it's better than leaving my blog for the cobwebs, no?

Beauty updates!

1. I'm currently on a no-polish month cos my nails are turning yellow even though i'm using Essie's close the gap base coat every time i apply polish.

2. Just went for my 2nd threading session, and this time it got red but no swelling. Yay!

3. Bought Bio-essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost sleeping mask when i went out for grocery shopping with mommy.

Can u believe i only bought the sleeping mask? The rest are samples that the salesgirl generously gave me (:
I heard my sis singing praises about Laneige's sleeping mask so i thought i should give this one a shot since it's on promotion (YES, i know Laneige is department and Bio-essence is drugstore. Wa bo lui! ) and i'm loving it so far. Smells kinda nice-ish, not too strong and not too mild.

4. I will be showing u swatches of my favourite polishes at this moment (:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Pink Proposal : I like the colour a lot but this polish is way too sheer! To achieve the look in the picture, i painted 5 freaking coats, and STILL SHEER!! -.-

Revlon nail enamel in Revlon Red : Freaking happening colour! I'd stare at them the whole day, if time permits. But i can't use them on a daily basis cos it's too happening for my boring life x)

Revlon nail enamel in Grey Suede : MY FAVOURITE OUT OF THE FAVOURITES! It's like a dupe from the nude OPI i used for my sister's wedding, but way cheaper (Malaysian price)

I think Revlon's nail enamel is my favourite thing to buy now cos TSF's nail polishes chip really fast. So much for cheap polishes with nice colour.

5. Got my bro to help me buy Skin Food Salmon Oil Concealer Cream during his trip to Ipoh last week.
The shop was out of #2, so he got it in #1 cos he thought that since i'm so fair it suits me. LUCKILY, it doesn't look like i painted white on my dark circles (:
But my bro's friend parked his car under the sun for a few hours, and it made my concealer sweat :( It's really greasy when i apply it now, i wonder does the sweating jumbles up its formula.

6. Bought FCUK edt for her and i freaking LOVE it!! I got it cheaper than retail price thanks to connections, so yay for cheap fragrances (: FCUK fragrances are really cheap. And nice. I have this thing for male fragrances, but i can't use them cos they're too 'manly' for me. So my new fragrance has a tint of manliness but yet it's feminine, score! Complicated much.

7. For the grand finale..
It has been awhile since i had straight hair, and it has been forever since i had curls, so there. As usual, i hated the stick straight-ness of the hair.
Thank you for visiting, please come again soon (:

March 5, 2011


As a working woman *ahem*, i hardly find time to blog ey. So, now i'm wondering how working adults would ever find time to blog at all. And by this, i meant the beauty blogs i read, cos they always say stuff like "Work have been really hectic for me,....etc".

When i reach home at night after work, i just don't feel the urge to do a post. Lazy much, huh?

The truth is, my current work is not very stressful and tiring everyday, and i would actually say my previous work as a teacher for 4yo are far more stressful than this job. Heh.

Anyway, a very short update on my life that u've been missing (:

Went for random job interviews

 So this was how i looked like when i went for interviews, and i successfully got 4 jobs (woohooo!) but i chose the best among the 4 jobs (i emphasize on among the four jobs), which is being a salesgirl in 81 solution, a computer shop.

I love how slightly heavier makeup makes my skin look so FLAWLESS x)

If u had been stalking my profile, or u're on facebook / twitter 24/7, u would've noticed my tweets and statuses saying i was really desperate. And not to forget, my previous blog post. Hah.

And it has been 9 days since i've started work, and no serious complaints yet. It's just this thing with freaking rude and fussy customers. I kinda reminded myself why i DIDN'T wanna work as a salesgirl in the first place. But oh well, i haven't encountered customers that i feel like slamming the whole monitor into their head like in the cartoons yet. So i should be fine-ish till then (:

-- Btw can u believe how cocky kids nowadays are? Just because they're customers doesn't make them the freaking queen alright. SUCK MY TOES LAH OKAY.

Bought an epilator!

Nyahahahaha i have been thinking about this for quite a long long time and so on my first off day, i went grocery shopping with my mum and conveniently asked her to buy one for me (:

It was so freaking pretty i felt so happy i got it!! To the extent that i would stare at it for a minute every chance i get (no joke!). With this in my hands now, i would even consider pulling out hair from my legs and hands instead of going to waxing, which is bad for the skin. I said ; consider.

And i just discovered that guys are actually freaking CHICKEN about getting their hair from any parts of their body pulled. Makes girl feel so macho cos we pluck our eyebrows, and do all the other grooming that involves plucking hairs. And by 'we', i meant only those that cares to groom. Heh. I have heard of the word SHAVING, but it just doesn't do the job well, and shaving doesn't leave your body hairless for long enough. x)

Bought Tamagohado AHA+BHA Hada Labo Facial Wash!

Okay actually i thought i was having a good hair day that day and just wanted to find something to take a picture with xP But apparently it still looks like shit. Nyeh.

I've read pretty good reviews about this one and the name Tamagohado means 'egg skin' so it's supposed to make your face feel like hard boiled egg skin? Haha! Don't know how it is yet, but i freaking L-O-V-E the previous hada labo facial wash i used (the white one) before this, and it didn't cause any breakouts AT ALL besides the one caused by hormones during my menstrual. So yeah i have a pretty good feeling about this egg skin cleanser (:

I'm usually a sucker for stuff with good fragrance but i'll let this one go since it is sooo freaking good!

My birthday

Actually my birthday passed like a gazillion years ago, but i just got my best birthday present this year not long ago, so there :
Made by none other than Miss. Charissa. SERIOUSLY even her drawing or notes were to fall somewhere on the streets i'd recognize it straightaway! And this is like, the best 'card' she ever made me during my birthdays! (Yeah she makes me cards for all my birthdays but i've just started collecting them in a file a few years ago >.< )

Why did i say 'card', was because it's not actually a card.
It's in a comic form, drawn very meticulously (i'm assuming lol), reminiscing some of the life adventures we've been through the past 20 years. Well obviously she can't draw everything because if she does it'll take her till my next birthday to do it! But yeah this is a real sweet and nice thing to do, so yeah thanks (:

If u're reading this Charissa, and if we're still into cards when we're 40, i'm hoping for another one (with kids) ya xD

Just to show u guys what a great friend i had that spent all her time doing fabulous birthday cards for me when she was supposed to be cleaning the dishes, moping/sweeping the floor, doing the laundry, baking cookies, etc during the months after SPM/STPM (: Jealous, aren't u?

So, THANKIUUUUUUUUHHHHHH Charissa mwah mwah mwah (:

And that ends my very short update of my life so far, and if i feel like it maybe i'll go do a post of my working days and take pictures of my working place. If i feel like it. Adios!