September 21, 2009

The Birth of beautyzealot

Edit : Okay this is not really a story sorry i semi-conned you into clicking the link. Just to tell you how i derived the name Beauty Zealot, in case you were wondering.

Behold.... beautyzealot was born!!

How it started :
Rosalind came online, we talked about i-forgot-what-was-it-SORRY!, then i started talking about how i wanted to write a blog, and then i thought of blog names, and then i went on and on and then we started thinking of blog names for I DUNNO HOW LONG.. lol. thanks loads, lind!! mwaxx love ya~

Origins of the name :
Don't be misjudged by the blogname though. yeah, i thought of ranting and babbling stuff about beauty, but this blog is not ALL about beauty, my friends. i googled my name for its meaning, to come up with a blog name, but too bad my name(AND initials,grrr) are taken. So i came to know that my name meant 'beautiful' in Gaelic. Therefore, (more) reasons to put the word 'beauty' in the blog address. haha that's for 'beauty'.

Now, for zealot.. there's not much to say, but it's the synonym of 'addict'. i thought of having 'beautyaddict', but it's taken (rolls eyes with rosalind), and therefore the word 'zealot' :D
So, the blog url actually stands for 'beauty addict', and 'fiona addict' :) be addicted to me, y'all !


Before choosing beautyzealot, there were :

after a long hassle, i came up with the idea of 'beautydiehard' (with a little modification) as the blog title and 'beautyzealot' as the address because rosalind likes beautyzealot, and i liked beautydiehard and beautyXtreme AND beautyzealot (cos they're all my masterpieces :P)

Credits to :
Fiona Wong
Rosalind Wong (not my biological sister, but yeah. 'chi mui' :D )

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