May 29, 2010


yesterday night was fun.
definitely more fun than what i had for the past few weeks months.
u know, being caged in the house, having no access physical to the outside world,
only internet and facebook to let me have something similar to a life.
schools and tuitions aren't counted! lol

it was my friend's brother's wedding, 
so me and a few others are invited to his house to have a wedding buffet.
and to cut the story short,
 alcohols are a must at all weddings.

one thing i realised about men is, their pride is everything.
provoke them just a little bit about their dignity, they will gobble down the whole glass of Cordon Bleu.
of course, it was on the rocks. not neat.

and one thing i realised about myself, 
is that i have a man's pride too.
there's no need to elaborate about what happened alright?
use ur imagination.

so, after a few rounds of Carlsberg (literally forced to drink by my friend's father) and Cordon Bleu,
we went to a nearby field to celebrate my friend's gf's birthday.
according to their family, it's pantang to celebrate birthdays with weddings, so we can't celebrate in this house.
si-beh mafan.
i'm telling u, if i ever were to get married, it will be pantang-free!

this was the effect
i tried my very best to correct the picture so that u guys can see what is happening.
I'M SORRY LAH my drebar came to fetch me so early i was rushing like mad.
forgot to bring my camera, makeup to touch up, tissue, and the essentials.

I WANTED TO DO IT TOO but my friend wouldn't let me

his expression tells me it was fun!!
jeles giler betul aku dalam kereta.

of course it was fun, i told my friend to drive fast, and BRAKE.
bwahaha i was quite sure i heard all the swear words this guy had ever learnt in his life that night.

and i realised i haven't been posting pictures in my previous post lately.
yeah it's cos there's nth much to take about,
and even if there is, i'd prefer to savour the moment instead of rushing out to take the cam and SNAP.
and even if i did take a picture,
i'm so lazy to download it into the pc, edit my blog's name into it, then upload to blogger.
but more pictures will be waiting after the holidays!
cos i'll be going to KL for a week, i guess.
and i'll be getting a day off to go to Sunway to visit mel and shyen.
by hook or by crook i'll get that one day from my parents!
LRT alone or a cab alone, i do not care hahahaha
i hope they're fatter than the last time i saw them
cos everyone around me in TI are growing sideways, 
so i had peer pressure to grow sideways too.

oh, and i got this new editing programme from Simon,
cun giler ni.
i'll find time to explore the programme after my exams, where i have ample time.
well, not exactly ample.
i gotta study too, but i have priorities now.
everytime i'm out of the house i'll be reminded by a phone call by my parents to remind me
"u're still in the midst of exams!"
literally W-T-F man.
but i won't make a scene cos i'm nice right

May 28, 2010

. . .

Fiona I'm a girl.. Don't ever underestimate my ability to find things out..

Fiona Good girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice..bad girls are made of jack Daniels ..coke..and ice.

Fiona isn't perfect and she doesn't plan to be.. it's her imperfections that make her so lovable :)

Fiona avoiding something doesn't always means that you hate it.. It could also mean that you want it, but you know that it isn't right.

Fiona Its like you took me to the highest mountain, showed me the beautiful world, and then you looked at me and said, "THIS is what you CAN'T have!"

Fiona doesn't have an attitude and isn't bitchy at all, I just have a low tolerance for stupid bullshit today and everyday after...

Fiona has a habit of pushing people away but hopes one day she will find someone that cares enough to stick around and fight to push back

Fiona once in awhile someone just comes into your life and makes you smile, and you just can't help it.

Fiona While you ignore your woman, there is a man wishing he could whisper in her ear. While you make your woman feel less than there is a man flirting with her

Fiona I don't want to be your number 1. because if i do, there will be a number 2 , 3 and so on. I want to be your only one!

Status Shuffle

May 27, 2010

pictures, no more!

u know,
one more time someone tells me :
"Hey, u look better in real life than ur pictures",

ok, fine.
to completely stop taking pictures is a little outrageous.
and almost impossible.
but i'll definitely NOT take pictures unnecessarily.
a few pictures during outings to keep as memories is ok.
a few pictures during trips as memories is ok as well.
a picture paints a thousand words, doesn't it?

i know i look fat in pictures.
esp during bad angles [i'm bad at finding angles, don't laugh at me, BHP >.< ]
but do i really suck THAT MUCH in pictures??
i need to slim down to make sure i look good in every angle.
or ..... ??
damn i need to look for an alternative.
or i'll seriously have to slim down.
hey, does learning makeup for body count?

but i do need to slim down.
i almost wanted to say 'after STPM'
funny how we like to put things to the last minute, and never do it, huh?
but i just realised, i'm going all out and gonna have fun to make up for all the lifeless times i have before STPM,
so i gotta look good after STPM.
means i gotta start working out now!!
motivation motivation motivation.... *and continues to chant*

oh shit. i gotta say bye to (loads of) cheese, mayonaise, butter, chocolates, sweets, etc.

aaaah my food life is meaningless ALREADY.

maybe i'll start next week.
or the week after holidays, yeah yeah that sounds nice.
or maybe after my trials?
i can put all my time into study + workout that time.
HAHAS. or should i just live with the flabs?

missed me?

so, finally i'm slowly being released by the evil warlord of EXAMS.
well, i have to venture into 2 more battlefields next week, and it's the crucial ones!
i think i do deserve a few hours off study..
guilt-free hours of off-study 
since it's a 3 days break.

OK, updates updates
*rubs hands as if i'm devouring an extremely lavish lunch*

WARNING : it's a long post!

1. Jit's Cafe

It's a new chappati shop me n my bro discovered last week.
Jagadisvaran's recommendation
Ever since, we've been dining there almost every day for lunch.
chappati diet.
someone tell me the correct spelling lols
i have to follow, since my bro has been very determined to loose some kg's off the scale.
gotta 'give him moral support'
well, the chappati's good. the aunty's good.
except for the 2nd time i went there.
u know, cos the aunty was extremely talkative and kind to us during the first visit,
i expect to see her like that everytime i go there.
u know, warm.
the 2nd visit i went there ; SHE WAS COLD.
and i was terrified out of my bones.
don't ask me why i was so intimidated but i was.
she was awfully quiet and hardly ever smiled!!
so, i was very good and i tried my very best to finish up ALL the;
curry (which i complimented on the 1st visit,so i feel obliged to finish every last bit), 
chicken in the curry (nvr liked those chicken), and
anchovies (which i usually don't fancy AT ALL.
and right when i was having my last spoonfull of chappati,
she came and said : 
"so, how's everything? good? curry good?"
with that big warm smile on her face.

hahaha anyways she's a nice old woman.
after that 2nd visit, she was nice every time.
despite that, i still feel obliged to finish up the curry she gave me.
cos she said "everyone likes my curry!" [put a little indian accent to it]
when i said "aunty, ur curry is very nice lah!"
excuse the messy hair, it was after school
It's at the Speedy food hall (or whatever u call it)
my bro tried to help me take a picture of the place,
without making it too obvious.
in every shot he got me, and they weren't good shots.
so this is the best out of the worse 


Mr. Gecko and Mr. Roach have already made their debut in my room.
And just in yesterday, Mr.Cricket.
sorry, no pictures. i was too focused =P
only 1 death, 1 coma, 1 alive.
GENG right
i handled their presence very calmly and maturely.

So, it was Mr.Gecko first.
Saw him when i was bathing
yeah i know, WTF right. hilang kesucian dy!
was stunned for a few seconds, 
but i very calmly finished my bath,
with both eyes fixed on that bugger,
then i put on some clothes and i took a long stick,
and very slowly but skillfully shoo-ed that fella out the bathroom window i opened for that thing.
1 point for me 

And, it was Mr.Roach.
it was when i was studying.
same thing, i remained calm, naturally.
i'm just a little worried that it flies and land on my head or smth when i'm trying to get it.
so, that little bugger was on my stool (I WASN'T SITTING ON IT YAY xD )
so i very slowly pulled the stool out of my room,
so that when i start chasing it, it won't run all around and cause blood haemolymph spills.
u know how fast those things run right
i used newspaper (hahahaha cliché right but what to do it's cheap and effective)
and again, i very skillfully make the roach move on its own free will to a piece of newspaper i laid on the ground (in other words, IT'S DEATH BED)
well, i shrieked a few times during the process, but hey, sound effects make it all more interesting kaay
aaaaand  WHAAAAAAAM!!!
as dramatic as it sounds, Mr.Roach didn't die.
it was still moving, so i hit him a few more times.
but i had enough,
so i quickly but carefully wrapped up the pest with layers of newspaper to make sure when it recovers from its coma, it will never find its way out
it's like burying him alive bwahahahaha
the adrenaline rush was better than caffeine to keep me awake for my micro econs!
so, another 1 point for me!

Mr. Cricket's death was less dramatic.
cos i was so pro already right.
so, my reaction was "tsk. wtf"
and i took my form 5 physics exercise paper and
as swift as the lightning, i gave 1 light pat at the cricket with the paper.
mati terus la wei.
y didn't the roach react this way?
tsk. anyways,
1 more point for me!
so that makes it 3 points woooooots!!

i'm a grown woman lady that handles her intruders in a skillful way,
don't mess.

3. 读书!
translation for the bananas out there : reading!

this is my current study table :

cos my original study table was... somehow preoccupied.
 FYI, more than 50% of the bottles of stuff u see are mere white elephants.
i can NOT imagine how am i gonna live by myself next time,
let alone have a roommate.
we will have to hire a maid if i were to have a messy roommate as well =P
my table, meant for studying, always end up having alot of foreign things on it.
for one reason or another.
no, i'm not proud of it.
solutions, anyone?
oh i have one. but it's no good.
cos my 'cleaning mode' is always activated during exams.
so i have higher tendency to clean during exams.
actually yeah i can. it's human psychology.
not applicable to everyone though.

BUT, i do need help on this :
this means inner monologue

2.00 pm
i need to study. i will study like hell to redeem myself for the micro paper!!
*opens book*

2.30 pm
*looks at the clock*
walaoeh. not bad hor. i can study for so long.
*continues to study*

2.45 pm
*looks at the clock*
hmm. i should reward myself for studying for so long.
maybe in another 15 minutes
*continues to study*

3.55 pm
*looks at the clock*
*goes down and takes a bar of chocolate*
*looks at the computer*
i'll go on fb to see what's on. just for 5 minutes.

4.30 pm
oh shit, when did it get this late??
*closes msn window chats as well as gmail, twitter, facebook, youtube, and blogger tabs*
*rushes upstairs, back to the study table, and opens book*
*notices a cuticle on the pinky nail*
oh shit. i'll meddle with this the whole time and not concentrate on my studies
*fetches a nail clipper and cuts it*
there. now i can study =)

4.35 pm
gosh. the air-cond is so cold. gotta raise the temperature.
 *fetches remote control, press*
hahaha this should be better.
*continues to stare at book*

4.45 pm
stupid air cond
*fetches body lotion*
*smear smear smear*
my lotion smells so nice ♥
*sniffs hands*
OH SHIT i think i still have another bottle of lotion unused!
*goes and search for that lotion*
*places it on the study table*
yeah. if i put it here i bet i'll smear it on my skin everytime i study.
*continues to gaze at my book*

5.10 pm
*dog barks like hell*
omg did somebody try to sneak into the house?
i must check it out.
maybe i'll take the scissors as well. just in case. self defense right.
*grabs scissors*
*goes downstairs and look out the main door*
chey, nothing also.
*walks up the stairs*
eh. i thirsty lah. should bring a bottle of water up with me as well.
*goes down and take a bottle of water*
maybe some chips too.
*grabs the chips as well*
*goes upstairs, and study*

and u get the idea right.
well, this don't happen ALL THE TIME..

i never get into the intensive-study-mode when i'm pressured to go study.
yeah it's psychology and my own will as well.


menyampah betui.

= end of a very very long post =
thanks for sticking around till the end!!

May 23, 2010

just stuff.

i wanted to change my template.
real badly.
cos i was freakin' bored of it already.
but it takes time and effort, cos i usually wanna personalize my stuff.
but what i don't have, is time. 
*inhales heavily*
*exhales heavily*
i shall not complain.

so this will have to wait till after my exams.
and i just changed the background to satisfy 1% of my desire hahahas.

and have u noticed i didn't update my blog as often already?
same reason as above.
i'm not even supposed to be blogging now. i have so much studying to do.
but screw it, seriously.
fuck exams.
we hafta study like hell for exams, and get that ONE PIECE OF PAPER to prove that u're smart.
then, u compete with other smart asses, or stupid ppl that threw all their life away to study like freakin' hell to get the same marks as the smart ppl.
i know all of these actually make sense. u need that one piece of paper.

and i had alot in mind to tell u guys.
all these 'posts' are clogging up my mind.
but i don't have time to put them all into typings.
so, yeah.
they're allllll inside waiting to explode, y'all.
i'll find a time to sit down and write them down if i can still remember/ have the mood


moving on, 

my mother  i made wan tans

OK LAH i didn't technically made them.
i just wrapped 'em.
but the wrapping makes a difference too, ok?
presentation matters!

can u believe these pictures actually made someone hungry??
thanks to my mom's skills in frying.
yes yes i will learn the kung fu, some day, some how.

the other day, i went to Speedy for lunch with my bro
came across this really cun vehicle
nice ride, huh?
i wish i had this ride, WITH A ROOFTOP.
then i can go around shouting : 
like a sampat lou.

our own Eiffel Tower.
TI version.
beh pai right?
ayy i should've editted the lighting and all to make it look more pro.
but since i've already uploaded it to blogger i'm so darn lazy to re-upload it again.

i think laziness is directly proportional to time/age.
sounds familiar? yeah it's frm u, simon. except i've substituted it with smth else hahahah

i can stare at the book for hours, but nothing goes in.
i sincerely meant this, ok?
not like YOU, cho.
u always say this but the book's jist actually absorbs into ur brain like the pad absorbs our blood.
it's a nice metaphore admit it.

May 21, 2010

good hair

For once in my life,
ok, that was an understatement. it was WAAAAAY more than once.
the hair was actually useful.  [not for the appearance]

In what sense?
u may ask.

Like what?
well, let's see... maybe stuff like,  

i dunno what got into me today.
i actually forgot that i left my door open, and i turned , real quickly.
and the next thing i know, both my hands were applying pressure on my forehead while lying on the bed in a foetus position.
it started out with mere pain.
then, it became a bump.
like, wtf la.
i hope it won't evolve into a bruise tomorrow morning.
the guys will make fun of me tomorrow >.<

well, lucky for me, i have my fringe as a cover.
on top of that, the bump was exactly underneath the end of my left brow.
so, it wasn't so prominent.

*thumbs up*

but if u're hoping for a picture,

*evil laugh*

now, whenever i try to make an extreme facial expression
(eg : squinting or laughing hard)
the bump will be reminding me of its existence.

and of all times, exams period.
so, i can't frown or make faces at my exam paper when there's shit questions that i can't answer in it.

May 20, 2010

sneak peak

For those of u who were DYING to look at the picture of my new hairdo...
here's a sneak peak
i'm just showing half my hair.
cos i feel good today.
so, Her Majesty feels like showing compassion towards those of u thirsting to see my picture
u know who u are

feeling better now?

May 19, 2010

1 spider 70 sheets of paper

For those of u who weren't following me on fb,
here's the jist.
as u can see, it's a facebook status update u noobie
this si jia lat spider was literally appearing and disappearing at my study table, for 4 days!!
on and off, occasionally showing itself to me.
just to remind me of its existence.
i didn't try to get it the first few days cos it was too hard to trace where that little bugger went.
my study table has... lotsa obstacles.
and lotsa hiding places for the little fella.
u get the idea.
anyways, back to the status,
(here's the explanation, as promised.)
i got lotsa "GO GREEN" comments from my friends,
which made me think that they misunderstood what i meant when i said 70 sheets of papers were sacrificed.

i did not like, scrunch one sheet of paper,
go hunt for the 3mm-in-diameter spider,
and when i missed, i use another sheet of paper.
and ended up using about 70 pieces of paper.


here's what happened.

this should explain everything.
i mean, about the spider juice.
yes drey, it's haemolymph.

i placed a pack of 100 sheets next to this, so u guys can compare the 2 stacks of papers,
and see that the juice actually stained almost 70 sheets of paper.
there's actually more of the juice at the bottom part. but u guys can't see it cos my toopid cam didn't get it.

so, yeah.
that's practically what happened.
needless to say, i'm gonna GO GREEN, so i'm still gonna use those papers.
yes, despite the juice stains.
cos, i can just... cut off the stained part.
which... makes the paper NOT a complete rectangle.
which makes my paper looks retarded.
which will make me look like some cheapo that bought rejected papers that weren't cut out nicely or smth.
LOL ok that was a little too much.

-end of explanation-

May 16, 2010

hansem mug

another si beh cute sweets for u guys to drool at  =D

this mug :


keep ur hands to urself ya.


actually it's a freebie.

the story behind this was..
buy 2 packets of instant coffee, free 1 mug.
the one and only species that can spot these kinda promotions :

The scene
Mummy : wah. got free mug wo. wanna buy coffee or not?
Daddy : ok ah.. lemme see first..
*looks at the pictures of the mug*
Daddy : DON'T WANT LAH. got pictures of boys wan.
Mummy : chey. duwan ma duwan lor.
*both walks away*
*daughter 2 looks at the pictures*
Daughter 2 : I WANT I WANT I WANT!
Daddy : oh. if she wants, then take lah.
Daughter 2 : i want that guy ah.
*points at the 2nd picture*
Mummy : ok ok..
*puts 2 packets of instant coffee in the trolley*

therefore, this is in my house currently.
MINE hor.
u want one, go to the hypermarket n get one urself.
am not sharing. 

[Charissa's style of laughter]

exams in 1 week's time.
si liao loh.
haven't study kao kao yet.
ur fault lor.
si cubi kia >.<
i'm gonna be in solitude for the next... 2 weeks?
and then.. i'll get 50% freedom for maybe... 3 days?
then.. it's back to studying for trials again.
what life is this man.
my friends asked me where have i disappeared to yesterday when i went out for the first time in a gazillion years.
Fiona Wong has officially vanished from the face of the Social World.

May 11, 2010

pain. essential stuff.

some say i'm crazy.
which most u will think the same.

sometimes, pain feels good.
and i'm talking about physical pain.
of course, not up to the extent of breaking ur bones and crushing ur arms. or smth gruesome like that.
nonono those will leave a horrifying scar on ur body

i'm talking about small reeeeally minor injuries.
for example, ulcers.
put salt onto it.
the pain hor
makes u feel so alive.
and apparently, it works like a charm.
salt is the best antiseptic, says mummy.

physical pain, i can tolerate.

recently, i posted a Funny Status that i mentioned in my previous post on fb

"truth is.. every ones gonna hurt you, you just gotta decide who's worth the pain.. ♥"

caused a havoc between CAT LIEW, ZEDDIE LIM and FIONA WONG. and recently, AARON TI. bwahahaha.
well,except for cat, i think most of the people agreed with me.
everyone. hurts. you.
in one way or another.
big or small.
long lasting. or temporary.
u just gotta decide.
not whether who can hurt or cannot hurt u (yes, talking to u cat liew =P )
it's who u are willing to let ur heart be hurt.
who is worth u withstanding the pain they inflicted upon u.

tell me i'm wrong.

May 10, 2010

2 days in UCSI

i found this really gigantic fan which i fell in love with.
no need for air-cond when u have this big guy.
and everyone's mouth went "wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" when they saw it.
and it was static for.. 3 seconds?
during my private scouting session with CHO, i gave :

strictly no editting, guys xP
credits to UCSI's hall lighting.
when i saw the light shining at the cross,
i was like. THIS IS IT.
and i quickly took a shot.
u knooow, like the pro poets/songwritters, 
where they SUDDENLY got an idea out of a rock or a tree, or someone falling into a drain. 
and they go home and write like mad on a paper, and there. a masterpiece.

if only that amp and there were no organisms on the seats. (sorry, pastor!)
it would be perfect.
i gotta admit,
i'm not musically inclined, so i wouldn't know Steinway like the way i know Prada or Gucci.
on the other hand, 
 CHO went gaga over it >.<

nothing like me. so calm and composed.
gawd my face looks like it was just dipped in cooking oil

oh shit i look extra chubby in this shot.
while trying to act as if i'm playing a Beethoven piece.
technically, i can just play one of my exam pieces from last century that was composed by Beethoven. 
IF i can remember.

thanks wes for the piccha, u're so pro =.=
this is the real thing.
Barney says : "it's like touching gold, hor?"
They say : "a Ferrari on stage"
i have a shot of the g.p without me in it.
but hell no, i want u guys to see me with the grand piano ^^
charissa is supposed to be the priviledged one that gets to play it
but oh well, gabriel, joe shen, wesley, and a few others (including me) got to meddle with the keys a little.
but there was a misfortune that happened to the Steinway by thou-shall-not-be-named.
don't feel bad, ang-gu-gu.
let them think we're the bagans that were given the priviledge to use the Steinway but wrecked it cos we're so bagan.
it was an honest mistake =D

double dose of me can kill

sweeties ♥

In life,
u will come across food that is done so cute-ly....
that u don't have the heart to eat it.

Like this : 
 and this
 and this!!

OMG  the cute-ness.

In contrast with their innocent looks,
they're actually lethal.
OK fine they're not lethal.
they might just make ur tongue bleed if u suck onto it too hard.
Don't make me go into details about the air pressure and vacuum state u create when u suck the air out of the air holes in the sweets.

Oh and btw, i found this really nice app in fb.
Funny Status.
really found lotsa funny/catchy/bitchy status that i really heart there.
am releasing them out to the public one by one.

May 6, 2010

kenduri pertamaku

guys do u remember the dress i said i wanna sell cos it's too short?
i've decided not to sell it anymore
(cos nobody's buying it sheesh)
and i wore it that day to my teacher's daughter's kenduri.
my first kenduri, yay!
i had jeans. 

not the best top i had. but it will do.

and for those of u that were like me.
WERE like me. haaaah.
 this is what a kenduri looks like.
trying to show off
they become Raja Sehari.
trying to educate u
they sit on their 'throne' on the stage for some photo shoots, and one silat
woaaah silat weh, don't mess.
and then they come down to have their meal.

talking about meals..
yeah these were the dishes for the kenduri.
there were shrimp sambal, beef rendang, fried chicken with spices, some acat-like thingy, oranges ; REALLY sour oranges. and they serve with some corn? rice.
with no cutleries.
i'm NOT using my hands to eat, no thank you.
so i asked for 'sudu dan garpu',
and they gave me soup spoons.
but yeah they had a reason to it.
'sudah habissss'.
fine lah i eat with soup spoon.
it didn't feel weird, cos my friends were doing it too.

and the dishes were nice except the acat-like thingy 
so were the door gifts
 inside, it's Gardenia chocolate muffin

and i made a card to go with the gift we bought as a class for our teacher's daughter.
 if it's a negative comment,
keep it to urself.
cos I .WILL . KILL .YOU.

baby coos

I felt as though i just gave birth to a baby.
i said : AS THOUGH.

yeah i know it sounds a little exaggerating.
buuut my friend asked me to choose a name for his baby boy..
WHAT AN HONOUR, walaoeh.
first time in my life man.

how many times do ur friend come to u and ask u to think of a name for their baby??
ok fine, u might get alot of that in the future.
when u're old... and wrinkled... which makes people think u're wise.
but at 19??
when u're hot and hippie
ok the father's 19 yrs old too.
yeah a young papa ^^
i pray and i pray that this will work.
 i won't elaborate anymore.

here's a picture of the baby i stole from the papa's fb album.
*my heart is literally melting now*

his papa asked me which of these names are good :
vance, iverson, warren, wesley, colin, douglas, elvis, lance 
*raises an eyebrow* 
ok anyways, i had my eyes on Wesley.
cos my friend's name is Wesley and he seems okay.
cos Lance sounds like.. Lance Armstrong?
and the rest are... *coughs*

but of course, i didn't just did that.
i went and search from many many many baby names website for THE ONE.
and i came up with Nathan (God has given).
and i suggested it to his papa too.
and he seemed to like it!!
bangganye, gembiranye, excitednye aku ~
so, it will be Wesley/Nathan Lee.
he's still thinking of his baby's chinese name.
THAT, i can't help 

*sighing while looking up to the sky*
it's like...
when he's 10 yrs old or smth, his papa will say :
"Aunty Fiona picked out this name for u " 
and Wesley/Nathan will say :
"Wow, Aunty Fiona really has good taste in names!"
and papa will say : 
"Yes, she does. That's y i asked her, son"

sheesh this makes me want a baby of my own too
 BUT, i know now is not the time.
not even close hahaha

so i'm contented with people's babies around me.
it's the same fun.
minus the commitment.
and the baby-sitting.
for some reasons i am really in LURVE with this piccha.
cos the models are cute. 
(and yes, are, so that includes me xP )