December 18, 2010

arrived safely

Yo people!

Have savely landed in Orlando :) this 30 hours journey is a super pain in the ass, and i meant it literally. But other than that it was really, really, good! Met so many nice people on the plane next to me, so i wouldn't be dead bored sitting alone n rotting. Well, except the trip from M'sia to Shanghai where i was surrounded by this group of China students that were chattering, and chattering, and chattering, and laughing, and chattering, VERY LOUDLY OKAY. But somewhere along the way they slept haha.

Took some pictures so far but haven't upload into the pc yet. I was truly blessed to have met a super friendly and nice 'uncle' sitting next to me during my 14 hours trip :D (am feeling terribly uncomfortable not calling the elderly 'uncle' and 'aunty', and also wearing shoes in the house lol.) Don't think i'm experiencing any serious jet lag cos i didn't really sleep throughout, so i slept at around 11pm and now i'm awake blogging at 5am. 6 hours of sleep, still okay la :) and actually i woke up was mainly because of this serious rash i had and i sneezed for about 15 times in a row zomg -.-

I thought i'd be having serious plane sickness but thank God i didn't :) so it's just car sickness which sucks cos i can't travel long in a car (no road trips, booo). Throughout the whole journey i kinda felt underdressed, in a sense that i see people wearing thick woolen long sleeves or puffy jackets, while i just wore t-shirt to shanghai and then i changed into a 3-quarter sleeved top. But i almost freezed to death in the very short period from the airplane in Detroit to the airport haha it was minus five degrees celcius okay >.<

So. I think i'll update more on my life currently with photos so it's not so dry next time when i upload them haha. Follow me on Twitter to catch more updated updates on me :)