February 23, 2011

Sian sia.


All the jobs that my friend offered (which sounded crazily perfect cos what i want for now is an office job, related to accountancy so i'll know roughly what i'm gonna be dealing with in the future) was actually a NO after asking their parents. It's like, a crime to give people false hope okay? =(

And i'm staying up VERY late nowadays because i do nothing in the day that tires me out so i have shitloads of energy left by the end of the day. And everyone is working or studying now so no one will go out and have fun with me! And i often get invitations to go do really cool and fun stuff during the weekdays, usually Saturday night (duhh) but i have church in the morning the next day! Si beh tragic okay.

Lucky for me, i happen to stumble upon Xia Xue's blog when i was stalking Frmheadtotoe's twitter page. Frmheadtotoe.com happens to be the only blog that i read often (cos i don't read people's blogs often), and yeah it's a beauty blog but she has a lot of other stuff happening there and i think the way she speaks is so funny! Anyway, for those of u who don't know who is Xia Xue, she's a celebrity blogger from Singapore who speaks her mind in her blogs. Vulgar. But i like it, a lot (: But i'm kinda lazy to read all her posts cos she has been blogging since 2003! (how come i never discovered her before?)

So yeah i still had something to do online nowadays. Anyway a quick update on my sucky life :

Mom invited Zhi over for lunch quite some time ago for taking 'good' care of me (and charissa) during our Camerons trip. So i thought i'd invite Charissa over too, since she was rotting at home too at that moment.

See i was so considerate to give people fun-ish activities when they're rotting but why is it that no one thinks of me?!
Note : my bro was holding onto that bottle of wine, hoping that he'll lure Zhi into drinking but he (and the rest of us) refused so he's devastated haha!

Taken with my pretty flash mode (i don't know what is its proper name). The difference is that with this flash, it brightens the background too, and it doesn't make your face oily (or like u have jaundice)!!
Went out with Delle, KY, TTL, Zhi and my bro for a makan session before Zhi flies. We are having makan session before each one of us leaves. Hahahaha so much for farewells. We have been having those for quite some time now.
We'll be going out for my bro's and mine too, if they're still free by the time i'm leaving.

TTL freaking puked at my house after we had Zhi's farewell dinner. And me being a pro photographer, caught his puke on camera!

Weirdo said he wanna be drunk to the extent that he doesn't know what he's doing anymore, so my bro (happily) did the job. Gave him rum, wine, and 12% beer.

Lesson learnt : It's not fun taking care (though i didn't really 'take care' of him) of drunkards when u're 100% sober.

I asked Simon to bring me into his workplace cos i am that bored now. I'm hoping that i don't regret this like mad a few days later. Haha. And i'm that bored now i'm looking through LOLsnaps. Sigh. Where's my life? I feel so BLERGH that i didn't even have the mood to be emo. Cos i was emo before this.

Anyway STPM results were out. Didn't get what i expected (which was WAAAAAAAAY worse). I wanted to say 'stupid teachers' but realised that they are actually freaking smart so i'm gonna call them SENSEIs of Horley (: Cos in school, i've never got a CGPA of 2.0. I'm freaking serious. No joke. And when i got my results, i was in a total shock! I thought that STPM's standard went crazily low. But no way, cos they said STPM is the hardest exam on earth (or so they claim). And on the day that we got our results, my teacher revealed to me that actually they were being exceptionally strict on us during school exams (including trials okay!) so that we won't take STPM too lightly.

WTF okay they made me lost hope in STPM and i was telling everyone if i were to pass every subject i'd be contented already. But it was good-ish, in a way (: So yeah thanks, SMK Horley Methodist TI teachers that taught me. Haha.

Okay imma sleep now. Going for job hunt tomorrow. Let's hope i won't get a freaking crappy job with crappy pay ya. Adios!

February 18, 2011

Scammed by Etude House chic

Just came back from a trip to KL, mainly to enquire about the degree for Accounting and Finance at Sunway and HELP. But eventually my dad decided to skip the trip to HELP instead.

The initial plan was to stay in my uncle's house, so i brought a hideous beyond description bag and ALMOST wanted to wear shorts and wore a bimbotic "Guys make good accessories" tee to KL... only to find out when my dad fetched us from the bus, we're spending the night at Ritz. That damn place, no matter what i wear, i feel freaking under-dressed okay!

So yeah i was kinda trying to cover the words with a letter when my dad introduced me to the receptionist (a guy) as his daughter.

And then i was contemplating whether to change into a more presentable looking tee (yeah i brought all tees) but wth if i'm pretty then i'll prettify the tee as well right (: So i went to S.Wang with my bro cos he wanted to go there.

And here is the jist of the post where THE ETUDE HOUSE CHIC SCAMMED ME.

So i was looking for a powder brow kit at Sasa, and they don't have the shade that i wanted, so i was just scouting around and when i saw my watch i realised i was crazily short of time, so i just barged into Etude house and told the girl "I need a brow powder kit". She brought me to the brow section and kinda introduced me to their brow mascara cos according to her, my brows are kinda thick-ish so the mascara would suffice. Okay lah. I thought it looked kinda nice also cos when she tried to apply on my brows i told her to do it on her brows instead (like hell i'm gonna let her put that tester on my face), it looked kinda nice (:

And there's this beauty passport thing i had from last time where u spend RM30 and u get a sticker. Collect 20 (RM600) and u get a RM50 voucher. She asked if i wanna get something else so that i can get the sticker. Asked her how much was the mascara, and she said it's RM29.90. WTF LA i told her to just add another 10 cents, but she said she can't cos she had to key it in and she will have to pay for me. I said i'd give her RM1 for her to pay RM0.10 (freaking 90 cents profit okay) but yet she said cannot. Then i looked at her for a moment...


I simply grabbed a mask and let her key in the thing, paid her, got my sticker, and went out of the store. While i was walking back to Ritz, i realised that she had casted a spell on me! Like... Why would i need that sticker anyway? I don't buy much stuff from Etude house anyway -.- I wouldn't reach the 20 stickers in the given time. Jeez. I should throw away all these member cards to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. Tio scammed of my RM6 that i didn't need to spend in the first place. Don't say it's a small amount only i should chill cos i could have bought a set of falsies which i actually need okay!

So yeah after the whole drama, we went to this Chiu Chow cuisine restaurant at Starhill Gallery for dinner. (in my "Guys make great accessories" tee, yes)

Sorry for the blurry picture, i wasn't expecting anything nice during my KL trip so i didn't bring my camera along. This is from my 1.3MP phone camera. I freaking should have lor! Their braised pork with mui choy was freaking good, i wanted to take one of those cliche food pictures!! Anyway the dinner cost both of us RM163.80, and daddy redeemed RM250 coupons from YTL platinum plus in RM50's, so i didn't wanna waste a RM50 coupon for RM13.80 (if u can do the math), so i paid the rest in cash.

Then i claimed my rightful cash from daddy (only because i'm short of cash now), and he gave me RM20 cos he had no small change, and neither did i. Score! Scammed daddy of his RM6.20 (:

I made a belated new year's resolution on tweeter which is not to buy anymore cosmetics this year unless i absolutely have to. Impulse purchase has left my wallet empty of cash when i travelled back from KL this time. I had tonnes of eyeshadows already but those sales girls freaking hypnotized me to buy them again okay! And i don't even makeup often now -.- Let's hope when i enter university soon everyone in my class makeup everyday so i'll feel the peer pressure to makeup everyday and use up my supplies (:

February 14, 2011

fwJL facts #12

I have absolutely no talent. And i'm abso-freaking-lutely serious! I've been 'searching' for years now (cos people kept telling me to wait and it'll 'show' later on in life), and yet i can't find anything. I've lived 2 whole decades and yet, nothing.

Sports - I do sports, a little for the sake of exercising, but am not good at it.
Music - I know a pinch of this and that, but no where near good.
Arts - I don't do art like a 3 year old, but i'm not all that artsy bitsy as well.
Cooking/Baking - HOPELESS.
Studies - I'm not a dimwit but i'm no smartass either.
Makeup - I know a lot in theory, but i suck at the real thing.
Socialising - I have a lot of friends, yes. But to make new friends with *snaps fingers*, it really depends on a looooooot of factors.
Computer - I do know more about computers than most girls, but still it's a drop in an ocean.
Shopping - In contrary to most of u might think, i'm a terribly lousy shopper. A good shopper is one who can find good deals and good stuff. I always end up with lousy deals and buying lousy stuff at higher price. My sister is a good shopper.
Kids - Some might think i'm good with kids, but i'll only be good to them when i feel like it, and i'm totally bias (if u get what i mean *wink*)
Gaming - I play games, but i hardly succeed finishing games. Or train till a decently high level.
Languages - I speak quite a number of dialects and the 3 main language for Malaysia, and i consider English as my mother tongue. Yet, it is not even near considerably good. Above average, maybe, but not good.
Dancing - I dance a little during school time, but i can't do professional dancing.
Gambling - Hardly any luck doing that, and i'm not specifically talking about this year only.

I'm not looking for words of consolation. It's just that no one wants a Jack of all traits. Feeling like bleh.

Daddy once told me that Hotel Management is like being a Jack of all traits, but no one wants that. They want people who can specialise in stuff. Felt a stab in my heart *machete in my heart*

February 13, 2011

Virgin no more

RELAX. I'm talking about my brows >.<

My virgin bushy brows are now shaped and defined oh loves (:

I went and shape my brows for the first time yesterday, with KShyen. Took my camera out to take a picture with her because we didn't for a very long time, but i got carried away talking to her (as usual) and forgot to take out the camera. -.-

From what i heard, i was already mentally preparing myself for EXTREME pain during the threading process. I guess i was expecting too much, so after everything (though i was a little teary, can't help it cos it's so near the eyes right), i went like "Eh? That wasn't so bad.". Wasn't saying that it wasn't pain, but after the first 'tear', it was kinda okay. Not as bad as i was expecting. I'm totally ready for tattoo now lol!

Wanna see how i looked like about 30 minutes after the process?

U can puke now if u want to (: So much for having sensitive skin. I was so worried that my skin won't handle the rough process of threading so i wouldn't be able to do it ever again in the future! But luckily, it subsided after 2 hours. Thank God!! So, i'm willing to sacrifice a few hours of looking like the picture above to look like the picture below :

 Sorry i forgot to lift my fringe up and i cropped the picture cos i was accidentally looking at the camera when i was taking the picture. My eyes directly staring at myself kinda creeps me out :P

Gotta thank (and kiss) Shyen to the max for bringing me there. I love hers so much more though. Boo to sparse Asian eyebrows like mine. Anyway, BUSHY BROWS NO MORE. Shyen said doing your brows makes u look more like a woman, and no more a girl. And i gotta agree with that. It's like a Bar Mitzvah! Really really like my look more now. (Oh, now i get the 'brow bone' space to put highlighter, AND i get more space to work my eyeshadows!)

Having your brows done, or having your body hair waxed makes u pay more attention to the same things on other people. Like... U walk down the street and u see someone and u say to yourself "AHA!! You have bushy brows/hair!". But i know they couldn't care less, cos they have something of different priority. It's an individual thing. Hehe.

The before/after photo :

I look like two different persons in the picture. In my defense, it was taken at different time of the day so the lighting makes a difference, and I just came out of the bath on the left photo (explains the frizzy hair).

And not to forget,

I'm so in love with my new brows! xD
Sorry i look slutty here. I was (cleverly) resting my right hand on my leg to prevent my hand from moving when taking the picture. Didn't realise it made such a big difference on the shoulders -.-

OH. And the brows only took Rm6 out of my pocket (: And my brows got done within 10 minutes. Yay for cheap and fast beauty. I can do this every month while i'm still in TI. Hahaha.

Update : I've got breakouts (4 freaking baby zits) on my forehead and the places where the lady threaded (dunno if it's the right term). Thought it was only me, but i Googled about it and apparently other people experienced it too. Nyeh.

February 12, 2011

Valentine's day special

After dinner, daddy said he's gonna buy something for mommy in a few months' time, worth RM5k. But mommy said she wanted something for Valentine's. 

Then i gave her a lecture (fuyoh!) about how Valentine's day is so commercialised to TRICK all the couples to spend (much) more money just to show their affection towards each other on that very day that man invented. I'd rather my partner show lotsa love to me for the rest of the 364 days in a year, except 14th February. True right?

Some might say this is an act of being sour grapes, but i really think that all these years of me being single has made me lost every drop of romantic essence in me, and instead being really practical and realistic. It's really the result of being at the sidelines, watching relationships come and go, hearing friends sob over their useless girl/boyfriends, being kinda too involved in someone's relationship, so on and so forth.

Yeah, all these words are so commercialised as well. Then again, i can say anything i want because i'm not 'blinded by love' or at least that's what they call it. People do stupid stuff when they're in 'love', and i really gotta agree with that. It's like this 'love' (or i'd rather call infatuation) blocks your rational in every sense possible. But every relationship has more than meets the eye, so i'm only judging by a third party perspective.


Looking back, it's kinda stupid (or rather naive) of me to think that i can 'set' criterias for the guy that i'm looking for. Don't tryna deny that u have never at least THOUGHT about it before! Minimum age gap, minimum height difference, which nationality, which race, how far away is he going to be from u, etc. For all u know, u might get something totally opposite than what u've 'set'. 

Oh well. God has his plans for us and all we can do is just wait for the right one that He's gonna send us. Like a baby sent by a crane(?). Or He already sent one, and i just have to open my eyes a little wider. 

I heard from my friend saying that the STPM results will be out in 5 days! *gasp+faint+melt* Talk about being anxious.

February 10, 2011


Boohooo job hunting sucks. I could really need some cash right now. Aaaanyway, i received something PINK in the post yesterday (no i'm not a pink fan).

But what do u expect from my bimbo sister, ey? I like the butterflies and abstract pattern though. So happy to have received a birthday card from my sister all the way from across the globe.

I like the contents a lot more (:
I think i finally get why adults like writing letters and sending cards, and going through all the hassle to go to the post office to send cards. It's a whole lot better receiving a card with handwritting inside instead of receiving an e-mail or a wall post on Facebook. Mwah i love my dwey dwey although she's married already hahaha.

And i love both my grammas too.

This one's from my paternal gramma. Friends, boyfriends, husbands might forget your birthday. But grammas (and prolly grampas but i don't have one that remembers mine :P ) will not. It's amazing how they forget to take the towel out of the bathroom although they went in 5 times to get it already, but they won't forget their grandchildren's birthdays. She freaking remembered in her head okay!

I read all the contents on the red packet to my gramma (trying to show her that her granddaughter ain't a banana) and she was so proud of me okay. I'm telling u, the sides of my mouth reached my eaaaaar (:
My maternal gramma couldn't write English, my aunt wrote it for her. But still, (: Grammas are the best.

And speaking of gifts, 
Gifts cards are the best yo. To tell u the truth, the best Christmas present i got last year was from my sistah. We should have this in Malaysia (if we don't have it yet, i dunno) cos sometimes people just don't know what to get u, u know? Not to say my sistah don't know what to get me, cos she knows. But gift cards are just brilliant.
(And Malaysia should have the returning merchandise system too y'know. If only those people who take these services for granted wouldn't exploit them)

And i'm a thief. Or more like a robber (:

Cos i robbed a lot of eye shadows from my sister. 
I love the design on Paul&Joe items. I'm a sucker for abstract designs. Wait till u see the colour!
If u're a guy u might as well stop reading now cos u'll be bored to death, ey? Hahaha. Anyway, the camera couldn't get the hint of purple in the colour. But if u see it for yourself, it has this small hint of purple that's really something and i can't wait till i get to use this. Despite how much i love to paint my face, i still find it a little troublesome to do my makeup for a short outing in TI. 

This one she gave me okay :P Cos the colour didn't suit her. I find this colour really nice and it suited me well. Very pigmented too! No wonder frmheadtotoe loves NYX eyeshadows so much. 
I think this Revlon Diamond Dust did me more justice than it ever did when it was in my sister's hands. 

To think that i have the time to take pictures of eye shadows and stuff to blog about.. I should really go all out to hunt for a job now. Instead of staying at home and ranting about it (my new-found favourite hobby).

And since i'm not a beauty blogger, i didn't do any swatches. But they are real preeeeettty and once i get enough funds i'm going to go buy some more. Ooyeah (:

No wonder Zhi said i became a bimb after Form 5. I've only started manicure and makeup after form 5. But hey, doing all these doesn't make me a bimb okay >.<


I accidentally dyed my hair into this colour. It was meant to be a lot more dark, and more RED. But.... Oh well. Hair saloons have this thing against me. ALL of them. It's like they have this National Hair Saloon Association and at their AGM, they'll mention NEVER TO GIVE FIONA WONG JIA LI (I/C num : ************) THE HAIR THAT SHE WANTS, EVER.

Despite all the efforts of buying colour hair shampoo, buying hair vits for coloured hair, and applying serum for coloured hair (they are all supposed to 'retain' the hair colour and shine, FYI)....

My hair still transformed into this in less than a month:

Fully lala-fied.

I might as well buy some stripy leggings, puffy red polka dots skirt with a torn top with studs all over to match this hair. 

Am a bit depressed but i think i'll live with it. Itching to straighten it but i dread the look that i'll have after doing it (115.6% lala-fied look).

Aaaaaand, since i was taking picture of my hair i thought of.....

Camwhoring a little bit although i am highly NOT photogenic and am having my naked face with super hugeass dark circles cos it was CNY season and u never get to sleep early during CNY (:

When will my hair ever grow?


Good night sweet dreams (: