June 27, 2011

Rotating slowly in my own pace.

I am found guilty for abandoning my blog for a decade i'm sowwwwiee *big puppy eyes*

The reason is.... I'm busy...... Catching up on the life that i never had last time - dramas whole day long wtf -.-

Yeah yeah i'm slowly developing into this useless dumb shoujo fat maggot that does nothing but cry over drama all day long bwahahaha i can't believe i just said that WHERE IS THE OLD FIONA HIDING?!?? T__T

I begin to sob for every little emo scene on screen if i continue doing this for every drama i'm going to go blind soon -.-

Oh well. On top of that, i had a lot of things going on in my mind these few weeks. Particularly last week because i sent THREE FREAKING WRONG STUFF TO LHDN. I felt so bad because all the aunties had to clean up my mess and send letters to LHDN and stuff T.T And so far... Guess how many wrong transactions i keyed in UBS? 233!! *proud for various unknown reasons* What if i become and accountant in the future and key in the wrong number and costs the company a few thousand dollars loss?? #killsmyself

Anyway i'll further elaborate on my job the next post or something. MY LAPTOP IS STILL NOT BACK FML. I usually don't say fml cos i love my life so much ahem but this time it really sucked cos all the Asus i've seen had NO PROBLEMS but whyyyyy it had to be mine??
WHY. Whyyyyyy. Whaiiii??  Okay enough diao-ing cos i wanna show you my......

MY RED HAIR HAHAHAHA no lah actually it just looks super red here. It's the exact same colour the rest of my hair but it looks RED. Hmm. As some of you know, i wanted to get my hair done in green, but after consulting the hairstylist.. It did not happen T.T I'm too chicken to bleach my hair and too lazy to re-do my hair every month or so because green fades off into a very eeky weird tone of yellow+green+orange so it's super high maintenance.

So anyway. I thought you guys would forget how i looked like so here's another picture of me before going to work lol
T______T at the pimple scars the pimples gave me. This was before i touched up my black roots.That's how little my hair have grown in 6 months.

And some random images i've taken throughout the decade that you didn't see me.
Jusco's potato bread ftw!!! xDDDDDDD I would die with these by my side hohohoho

The infamous Uncle Bob's chicken from Hutan Melintang is here!! Back when i was in Form 6, my classmates were raving about this and they had 2 trips there just for these but somehow i missed BOTH the trips T__T But nevermind they came to me now hahahaha but it wasn't as good as i imagined it to be -.-

Kampar's awesome beef soup noodles xDDD
One word of advise : if you don't specifically say what you want in your soup, they will give you all sorts of weird stuff in your soup eg. intestines, and i don't know what's the rest but they don't look normal to me lol. So yeah i asked for meat ONLY cos i had them once before soi knew how to order this time huhu #proud.

Do i seem like i've been transforming into a glutton too? Hmm prolly the size of my tummy will tell you T__T

Okay another selfless picture of myself before my current work and i'm gone to Neverland.
Hahaha i meant Slumberland.


June 14, 2011

Time is in my hands.

Sorry for the emo-ness oozing out from my previous post.

Okay anyway i'm much better now, i think. I'm starting to embrace my job in the midst of the 2nd last week, so yeah. I had the same feeling when i was just starting to do accounts in the beginning of Form 6. I remember how much i whined, ranted, and HATED accounts then. But somehow along the way when i got better at it, and i finally got to understand the concept, i was at peace with Accounts. Or some sort. I think that was what lead me to choosing accounts as my first choice when applying for IPTA. So..... I think i'm going to take up this challenge, even though a lot of people told me that the route of an accountant is a living hell. I'm going to bear the  torture of searching the RM6 that didn't tally for 2 hours. I think i'm ready. For this big step. 

WTH who am i kidding i'm shaking in fear at the thought of it T______T But my God will be with me (: I'm sure He won't let me fall into depression and not being able to give birth due to the mental stress hohoho.

Okay career path aside, i just finished my first Korean drama!! As much as i want to sneer at myself in your place, i kinda liked it! I thought it was a Meteor Garden rip-off (as i've said in Twitter), but the fact is that Meteor Garden is a rip-off of this! *hides in shame* So, lesson learnt don't judge before knowing the truth haha. Okay the name of this drama is called Boys Over/Before Flowers. It has a typical storyline, and the typical happy ending BUT i don't care cos i'm a sucker for happy endings! (Not to mention, there was this pat where i cried SO MUCH for a few episodes to the extent that my eyes were swollen the next day - had to ice them before i went to work -,- ) Let me introduce you to my favourite guys (yes, plural).

Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho)

Kim Bum (Yi Jung)

Hahaha it's so typical of me to have guys i rave over in a show but hey that's the reason they put so many pretty guys in the show right? I think these kind of stupid, childish, teenage girl kind of dream made into a drama is more or less an escapede for us girls, from the harsh realities of the world. I used to (and still do) think that dramas, especially drams like these are a waste of time. But hey, what do i have to loose at a time where i have gazillions of hours to waste before school starts?

Haha moving on,

The very familiar dilemma about what to do with my hair. It's still too short for me to do another perm (which i am itching to have since my natural curls are starting to show at the roots and i'm dying for a change) and it's too soon for me to colour it green (which i am also itching to do!). I can't do both at the same time, so i gotta do one now and save one for December. Aaaaah the meaningless dilemmas in my life (:

My laptop is still not back yet, and that's partly the reason that i wasn't blogging as frequently. I have this weird thing about blogging using the desktop so yeah haha everyone has something weird in their lives that can't be explained right? Like how you vege, onions, or potatoes to be super soft instead of the normal consistency. I remember Charissa likes that too so i'm not the only weirdo okay hahahaha.

June 8, 2011

Hey you, how's life?


Well... Good to be you.

What? It sucks?

Hey, guess what? Me too. Maybe even worse than yours. I'll let Fiona elaborate on that matter.

Warning : Word-heavy post. Might contain a few swear words here and there. Leave if you're not up for it.

Angry Fiona

So, my not-even-one-month-old Asus is now on its way to the Asus factory somewhere in Malaysia, WAITING TO BE SCRATCHED(again) BY SOME TECHNICIAN WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT LAPTOPS ON WARRANTY. It was working fine, and suddenly one day the webcam settings went haywire and made me look like i'm an android or something. After about a few days troubleshooting myself, i asked for my technician friend's help. After he failed, warranty was the only way :( WTF to the max!

It sucks not to have my personal PC. Where i can blog in the comfort of my own room, where i can cry whenever i get a little too emo writing a post. I can't upload stuff at ease because i don't have any photos in the shared desktop, and i gotta fetch my portable hard disk from upstairs to do it. (Yeah yeah yeah i'm lazy, aren't we all?). And i'm not gonna be on MSN or Skype. Blergh!

What if my laptop comes back super flawed?! I even asked my friend to stick a notebook skin on top of it to protect it. So when it comes back, i gotta take it out again and it'll be all sticky and guey :( Anyhow i'm afraid that it'll come back with another problem and i gotta send it back again wtf if that happens i gotta complain to my boss kao kao!


Working Fiona

Hey there! Guess what?

I'm having sooooo much fun at work! Let me tell you a little bit about what i do. I go to work before 9.30am every morning because somehow i was entrusted with the keys to the office, therefore i gotta go and open it. Since i'm the first one there, i gotta switch on all the switches to whatever we'll be using throughout the day, and continue what i've left off the day before.... until lunch time. Yeap. There's no time to stone before anyone comes because it's really that busy at this time of the year. And after lunch time, SOMETIMES the boss will bring her poodle along and that is pretty much the only entertaining thing happening every day.

Oh wait! There's another super cool thing i do every day. Cracking secret codes. You don't believe me? Try reading the same chinese characters that looks different EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU READ IT. Yeap. The thing with dealing with these chinese shop/restaurant's accounts, they freaking use chinese characters in their records! Some of them write their stuff in English, yes, but then out of nowhere a few chinese words would pop out. And then, i gotta stand up, go to the nearest person and get 'em translated for me. And then i sit down to continue keying in the receipts. And then, after a few receipts, another chinese one pops out again! And the process repeats itself. Sometimes i get smart and mark a few chinese ones so that i can ask them altogether at once, but by the time i reach my desk, i already forgot what she told me because you have NO IDEA how those chinese words look so similar to each other! And sometimes they are the same words, but trust me they look totally DIFFERENT from each other! So i had to stand up and ask again. Double work. Wtf to the max.

I'm sooo thankful that this isn't my permanent job. But still, after i graduate, isn't this more or less what i'll be doing? Sometimes, it seems tolerable to me. Sometimes, i feel like just hanging myself sitting at that desk for another 5 minutes. I brought my iPod to work once, and that was the only thing the day passed quickly. Can i bring my iPod to work everyday? One day i'll get bored of listening to music the whole day too.


Why must the whole world be so judgemental? What, if i become an air-stewardess, i'm a hooker on air is it?? If i become an accountant i'm a boring person from the inside out is it? If i become a shrink one day i will become a patient myself is it?? Who sets the fine line between a 'noble job' and a 'normal job'? Aren't we supposed to respect and appreciate every job in the society since we need every single one of them to get the world going?

Sometimes, we are forced to do or think the way the society teaches us. We are this only if we do that. We will become this only if we do that. Who says that that is the way we are supposed to live our lives?

Though i'm no fan of Selena Gomez, here's a song as a break from all those words lol.

Heartbroken Fiona

Heartbroken Fiona is heartbroken because of several reasons. Okay lah actually just two but wtf two is enough for a lifetime's worth of pain okay. Who would have guessed that friends would cause such an extent of heartbreak?

I really don't feel like elaborating much so i'll just brush through.

Firstly, i'm like semi-marooned by this one group of friends, only if a certain someone is around. If that certain someone is NOT around, they treat me like how they used to treat me last time. As a normal human being, as a friend. As much as i want to admit it, i am NOT that seductive that every testosterone-filled creature that gaze upon me will fall into my vixen trap okay? Even if that's so, i'm pretty much a loser vixen who can't set her spell upon the victim she wishes to have. ANYWAY. Deal with thy insecurities thyself okay?

And then.. I'm stuck in the middle of a situation where i have one of my closest friends on the left, and a friend whom i just got to know this year on the right. From a third person's perspective, i've done what i've done. But it still seems like it's the 'wrong' thing to do. What is the 'right' thing to do? Say something which is clearly wrong when i know what is clearly right?

Again, sigh.

Thinking Fiona

Is it just me or did anyone realise that my emo posts outnumbered my un-emo posts nowadays? Is it due to the fact that i'm aging? Or is it just the fact that i have too much time on my hands doing NOTHING (not entirely true) so i have too much time to think and hence on the verge of falling into depression? Maybe i am, maybe i'm not. My life seems to be in an upside down position now, and i haven't even started university yet! I foresee a bigger and gloomier storm ahead of me after my graduation wtf T___T

I think so much these days. I think when my body runs on auto pilot whilst keying in the receipts and cheques and stuff during work. Seriously i think i'm damn geng you know. I can key in while think about everything under the sun (without mistakes some more haha!) and when the auto-pilot part of me realised there's an error somewhere, i gain full attention, solve the error, and then i go back to auto-pilot/thinking again. What do i think of? Everything. How i hate my job, how my eyes gets SO tired looking at numbers and the computer screen the whole day, how my tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day but my numerous attempts of going on that cross-trainer seems to fail every single time (FML), how i feel terribly guilty and sorry for Mother Nature since i now have 8 freaking air-cons in my house even though we don't switch them on all the time, etc.

I guess the article where my friend teased me about women being overthinkers in one of the MUET practices we did in class were true. I guess having too much time on one's hands are dangerous. Maybe that's why i've been such a workaholic (according to cal). Even now, with the current job, i still keep myself busy and work the whole day with minimum breaks while all the aunties in the office keep telling me to give myself a break. But somehow when i'm working i can still run on auto-pilot wtf =.=

At this moment.... I'm depressed :(

Okay Fiona is now kind of tired and gotta sleep so that she will be fully charged to go into battlefield tomorrow! More secret codes to crack. I'm so proud of myself *sniff*.


June 5, 2011


 Had a teeny weeny bit of a hair cut.

My hair will take forever to grow long if i use the healthy way to grow it :(

Patience is a virtue.


Is important to me.

Because i can take a picture while listening to a makeup tutorial by frmheadtotoe with Howard.

And make silly stuff with Asus Photo Club.


Things like this had to happen to my laptop. Why oh why? :(

I can't take pictures with my cute cousin without looking like a saturated alien!

Wtf Asus i hate you T.T

June 3, 2011

New gadgets for him.

Logitech Z305.

Okay lah this is not that new but it's still a new gadget for my prince charming. I'm not saying that my Bang & Olufsen speakers aren't any good that's why i bought this speakers. The Z305 is just like the icing on top of the cake. 360 degree sound system some more. For its size, i gotta say it's the best laptop speakers on earth! If you're not too picky about the subwoofers, bass, etc.
It's rather expensive though. I'm probably considering to sell it off since i bought it before knowing i would soon be owning a laptop with awesome speakers. But i loooove this speaker! T.T

Logitech M505
Guess which one is my new mouse!!

The answer is........................................ TADAH the one on the left hahaha. It was such an upgrade from my previous Logitech Spot Mouse to the current Logitech M505. Hmmm let me see, i've upgraded from a wired mouse to a wireless one (but the unifying receiver is a tad bit useless for me since i don't use much a lot of wireless Logitech products), from a mouse which has the noisiest scroll wheel on earth to an almost silent one,  from an optical mouse to a laser mouse (no more eye-blinding red LED light, yay!) and from a mouse designed for kids (as said on the official Logitech website) to an ergonomically designed one! I no longer need to use a mouse pad or a paper for my mouse now *sniff*

All thanks to my dada else i'll buy a cheaper wireless Microsoft mouse myself T.T Might be getting a Belkin bag for my Asus in a few days time. Wohoo, the complete set! My laptop is an oasis now *sniff*

June 2, 2011

It's me!

Edited : Was blogging halfway when i received THREE complaints that my blog uses too much wtfs nowadays and when i read my soon-to-be-posted post..... Lol okay let's just say the post is 'clean' to read now okay go ahead and enjoy. 

Greetings from my latest work place!

Yesss i have my own desk hohoho damn yeng okay. And most of the time for the past 2 days, my desk was filled with these bills. How fun.

I don't even know what is the title of my job, but currently i'm creating accounts for companies (teeny little ones) and keying in the numbers. The main reason i switched to this job is to see whether i will like the job in the future or not. And YES i know that after i graduate with a professional cert i won't be doing these stuff but still, it's more or less the same. I stay in the office, 9am-5pm, i get a desk, put a framed picture of me/my family somewhere at my desk with a bonzai next to it, maybe a fish bowl somewhere if the table is big enough, and i deal with numbers, papers, and i'll be facing the computer the whole freaking day. FMFL (F* my future life)

It's only my 2nd day of the job, and i'm almost sure that i DO NOT WANT A JOB LIKE THIS as my career pathway in the future! OMG man seriously damn depressing okay to sit at the desk the whole day long. Not only is it boring, but it's really painful for my back to sit at the same position almost the whole day. It's not like i'm NOT allowed to stand up and walk, but it's just that after i stand up and walk, i have to go and sit down again.

I like to deal with people. I'm more of a.. people's person. Though i might complain at times, but i definitely, definitely, definitely prefer people to papers. Why can't my parents see that? Why must they insist that courses that involves people relationship ie. psychology are 'general courses' that 'everyone' can do, and that won't get you 'any jobs'? Why do MOST (if not all) Asians think like that? What did our Asian culture drilled into their minds? Why can't we recognise journalist or an event manager as professionals as well? Are doctors, lawyers and accountants the only respectable jobs? Sigh. Tis a sad life. And i'm stuck in it.

Zhi told me that if i think about the $$ i'm gonna earn in a few years' time, it might motivate me to go through my degree+ACCA+chartered accountant exam (hopefully). Yes, it did drive me to choose accountancy as my first choice in the IPTA form, and to actually THINK that i will be just fine to go through this journey of hell. But really? Is it really worth all the pain and suffering? Isn't your job supposed to be something you like? Why does everyone's job has to suck? Is the norm of the society priority, or is it your own interest?

It's painful to have a realistic part of me, and another part where i want to unleash the Fiona within me. Mulan would understand me the most T.T

Though my case is not as exaggerated as Mulan's, i still feel the similar pain. Haaaih now i'm getting emo already. I don't know why these stuff matters so much (sometimes too much) to me. Why can't i be like some of my other friends that just KNOW what they are supposed to do and want to do? Or like those who knows what their parents want them to do and they are totally okay with it because they have no stand on their own? Don't get me wrong, it is sometimes a good thing to not have your own stand and views too much. Just obey.

Haaaaih let me go and emo now. Listen to the Disney sing-along lah (I HEART DISNEY OMG)

June 1, 2011

In the 4 days i was missing,

I went to china town. For the first time after 20 years of living in Malaysia.

Where else do you see old chinese man having their haircut at the roadside?

It felt really foreign, it felt a little bit like Thailand, and a little bit like China. It's Chinatown in Malaysia, after all.

In the scorching heat, 

We had this ridiculously smooth tou-fu-fah.

and soya milk + leong fan. I still don't get why people like it, because i really don't.

And i went to Pudu Raya (the infamous bus terminal in KL) for the first time.
I couldn't really make a comparison, but based on the horror stories told from generations to generations about THE Pudu Raya, i painted this picture of the bus terminal being very ghetto, with a few mysterious man in a hoodie standing at each corner, eyeing on the poor innocent passengers just getting down from the bus so that they can find a way to sneak their filthy little hands into their pocket and rob every last penny there is to that poor innocent passenger. Tis a sad world *sniff*. 

Anyway i got a shock lor okay! I knew that Pudu Raya was undergoing a veeeery long renovation, because right after they started renovating, i started taking the bus to KL. So i didn't get a chance to see the infamous Pudu Raya before it was renovated, but WHOA THIS IS CRAZY!
Our Malaysia is improving, one baby step at a time *sniff*

(by the way i went to Pudu because my mom was supposed to have something to do with some GB girls that were supposed to be in KL for a GB camp. Those were the days where the word GB sound so familiar)

And a random picture of a little shop somewhere near Pudu Raya :
One look at it, and i thought "How he shines in the midst of darkness". I put this up in facebook too, but i didn't wanna caption it like that for fear of creating a religious ruckus on facebook. Anyway cal reminded me that this is still a form of an idol. So anyhow this whole picture is wronggg lol.

Paid a visit to Fahrenheit soon after. HOW I LOVE THY AIR-CON!

There was this show/function featuring the transformers and Optimus Prime (WTF!). And two really weird half human half robot girls standing next to him. The spokesperson said "Jangan malu, anda boleh tangkap gambar dengan Optimus Prime. Mari mari mari mari". I WAS SO TEMPTED TO GO OKAY WTF. But then all the little kids started going there and then my bravery shrunk by the milliseconds T.T

I kept tugging my dad's sleeves and repeating to my dad "I WANT TO TAKE A PICTUUUUUUUUUUUURE" with a sad face and he kept repeating "Go lah go lah give me your camera i take a picture for you" and then i said "But i maluuuuuuuuuu" and the process kept repeating for a few times. I can't imagine how annoyed and pissed i would be if i was in my father's shoes. Thanks daddy for putting up with such an annoying daughter T.T

Okay then we went to Sephora because i wanted to xD
But i didn't get anything for i was too kiamsiap after knowing that the price for the same product is a lot cheaper in the States! Why Malaysia tax us so much T.T Life is sad. 

Then we went to Starhill. And i saw a cute guy. On the grand piano. My heart was brutally kidnapped on that very day.
I tell you something you don't tell anyone okay =P pretended to stop somewhere near there and toggled with my camera's lighting because my dad just taught me how to toggle with it correctly.


Mama and me. I strictly did not edit myself okay i don't know why i look like a sheet of white paper next to my mom -.-

Dada and mama somehow got an idea that they will be camouflaged by the models and become models themselves. Hohoho.

And then we went back to Cheras where we are spending the night. AND I SHALL PRESENT TO YOU...
The impossibly best fu-chok barley that ever existed on the face of the Earth!!! *serious face* I'm not kidding okay damn serious here. 
If it's possible, i'll tapao like 5 litres of these and NOT share it with anyone so that i can sip on them the whole day.

But due to the fact that i'm that kind and generous with my information, i shall share it with you...
The picture where you can get this mouth-watering fu-chok barley. Because i don't know the exact address to it hahahaha so go search all over Cheras with this picture on your cellphone lah Cheras is not that big only what =P

Okay thanks for stopping by please come again soon (: