February 28, 2010

Miss Random

It's so annoying that some people are so ignorant what is going on around them.
For example, the world is experiencing global warming now and they still do open burning just to get rid of those dried leaves when they can be raked and put under the tree to biodegrade themselves.
Even if u don't know what is going on scientifically, u must've realised that the temperature has gone up tremendously, right?

I just had my first experience pumping air into my car tyres.
After endless persuades pressure by my brother and mother.
Well, it wasn't such a good experience since i had an audience on a bike behind us.
Did a few mistakes and i faintly hear a chuckle from that uncle (sheesh!)
And i forgot to pump my spare tyre. 
Lord, please don't let me have a flat tyre in the middle of driving *puts hands together*

Look at my leg in a size 13 flip flops!

Can u believe all these pictures are the same person?
Neither did i, the first time i saw it.
However, his current look is the best, i must say. Lols.


Today, Jeremiah School had their graduation in my church (TI Wesley).
Filled the sanctuary with such joy and life ^^
Have been seeing the JS people everyday, since Thursday ( the evangelistic night ).
I'm so proud of myself that i remembered almost 90% of their names :)

And the great part during the graduation is,
I saw Vicky!
My 18-UP roomie ♥
Actually she's Victoria, she didn't authorise the name Vicky, but it just came out of my mouth, and she didn't reject it, oh well, might as well call her that. Adds a little cosy-ness, right?
  Oh, her boyfwend and sis was there.
Tiffany was her sister! >.<
I knew they looked alike.

I knew i had sixth sense.

26th of February was a birth date for 3 fellas
♥ chan nin's smile. and the pau. lol
2 here, but 1 was not acknowledged.
Sad fellow. lols.

February 24, 2010

By Pastor David TC Loo

Do dogs go to Heaven?
1. God loves dogs.
How do I know? He created them. He gave Adam responsible authority (Dominion) over dogs and other creatures, and authorized Adam to give names to them - names give meaning to creatures. Thus dogs, and all animals, are not meaningless creatures in the eyes of God.
God saved them during the Great Flood (if they were not saved in the Ark we would not have dogs today).
2. The Bible does NOT say that Dogs go to Heaven – OR Otherwise. The Bible (in order to be concise enough to be held in the hand, does NOT say many things about many things) is concerned about the need for Man to come into a worshipful, loving relationship with God, despite Man’s unworthiness and finiteness.
The Bible does NOT have ALL the answers to ALL questions – such as on science, culture AND the inclusion/exclusion of the Animal kingdom in Heaven. But the Bible has answers to the questions on Love, Life and Relationship with God.
(Isa 65:25 mentions animals in the Holy Mountain of God in the New Heavens and New Earth - many scholars take these animals to symbolize types of people - see preceding verses for context).
To go theologically into the topic of where dogs go when they die, we would have to also discuss whether other creatures too go to heaven - cats, germs!!, etc).
From the Bible alone, we do NOT know whether dogs go to heaven.
BUT, if we then conclude thus that dogs go to Hell, we also have NO Scriptural backing.
The Bible is silent. We can only seek to understand this issue from the point of how blessed we have been with our Pet Dogs.
3. God blessed Man with a Best Friend. Throughout history, the dog has been known as Man’s Best Friend – for good reasons: they protect, they hunt for Man, they provide good companionship to Man, etc.
The Bible Hero’s name, Caleb, is sometimes interpreted to mean “Dog” – although its deeper meaning is “Whole Heartedness”. Well, wholeheartedness seems to correctly describe the pet dogs that we all have had one time or another – the joys of playing with them when we were growing up; the faithfulness they show us throughout their relatively short life.
4. God is NOT a cruel God. He is NOT whimsical with the destiny of His creation and all that He has created. All things/creatures were created for a purpose. He has the Wisdom to Create, Sustain, Bless and bring to end of life ALL His beloved creatures.
BUT ONLY He fully understands the eternal side of His Creation and His Creatures.
We Humans are called, and required, to ONLY understand the day-to-day promptings He gives from Heaven on How to Live a Victorious Life of Faith, whether we know the answers to Life’s Questions or not.

Does my dog go to heaven after life on earth? I DON’T know.
I know that my dog goes back to my Loving Father in Heaven, Who is the Creator and Everlasting God. And that is sufficient for me.

paracetamol hunt

Alright, my life is officially filled with headaches from now onwards.
Like, literally.

Just found out i'm allergic to not only Panadol in pill form, but Panadol soluble as well.
This sucks big time.

And i thought being allergic to aspirins was bad enough. Sheesh.

Gonna be hunting for some alternative now. Some other paracetemol that can be used for headaches thati'mnotallergicto.
Gaaaaaaaaaaah this is all such a headache.

My bro even told his friends i'm allergic to this LONG LIST of stuff and they're even laughing at me T.T

Oh. btw i've just started on Shopaholic and Baby. LOL. After such a long break from the Shopaholic series.
But it's still cool and entertaining. I laughed my guts out when i got to the 2nd page. This is gonna be alot of laughter, i hope. Hahaha.
Ah, and Drey i love ur bookmark so much can u pls get me one or smth similar to/nicer than it?? *puppy dog eyes*

February 23, 2010

tigress in 2010

My CNY this year was so-so, as many people told me as well.
But i did find a few treasures beneath the roaring year of the tiger.

My new-found cousins from S'pore.
The gal's my age and the guy's my bro's age.
How sweet is that?
I talked with the girl (Kelly) for a loooong time about so many things i couldn't list it out here. 
Such a talker, both of us.
And my bro was dealing with the guitar together with the guy (Ricky) for i-dunno-how-long

and we played Indian Poker during the 13th after our reunion dinner.

It's so ironic how people get surprised when Chinese Christians celebrates CNY.

i gotta baby boii in my arms.
( the boy isn't gonna cry. it's just his expression)

he's like bloody king of the house
everyone trying to make him laugh so that they can take a good pic of him

u should see when he laughs, LIVE

oh, and i saw unprocessed bird nest when i visited my aunty's hse.
she bought like, RM8k worth of these stuff

February 21, 2010

Fourteen's Eve

Ok, this is such an overdue post.
But i still wanna post this up, as a gratitude to my lovelie classmates.
so sweet right.
saw this on the whiteboard when i got back from recess 
(which i hardly go, cos the journey to the canteen is torturing, and the food sucks like hell. but i was si-beh hungry that day, so i GOTTA go)
love 'em to the bits, 7K1

 I don't only ♥ the ferrero's, but the paper bag too


And on the 12th, i got something that i thought was for the 13th.
 sorry guys, identity of sender is P&C

But it was for the 14th.
LOL right.
But still, i appreciated it. Thanks ya.
( i know u're reading this )

And my church friends came to my hse on the 12th to celebrate the 13th as well.
had an simple dinner
as the hokkiens say : 'yi su yi su nia la'

 "taking picture of everything is the in thing"

ma sista baked cheese cake for me...
 ...that she accidentally baked a little too long than she's supposed to.
but turned out o-kay.
the people said : It-is-delicious, Audrey ~
Anyway hor, thank you lah.
(forced me to finish the unfinished)

It's totally my day on the 13th

February 20, 2010

When night falls,

Yesterday night was a nightmare.
Strike that. The last few nights was altogether a nightmare. Had insomnia for almost no reason,and at the same time for all the reasons in the world.

I cried my eyes out yesterday night, for almost no reason at all, and also for all the reasons in the world. I literally wet like, quarter of my pillow case. sweat right.

I couldn't sleep,yet again. So i got my all-time lullaby machine. My iPod. But the unthinkable happened. When the right song came,it striked me. It's like the side of me that never emo-ed for the past 19 years of my life emerged altogether in 1 night.

Emotional rush? Emotional breakdown? Don't ask me, i ain't no psychiatrist.

All i know is i'm seriously considering professional help.

I need to pour out all the contents of my mind to somewhere,yet i found nowhere.
This is suffocating.

My life just flashed right through my mind.
I haven't been drinking, and no,i'm not thinking of committing suicide,hell no. It's not pms,i hope (my menstrual cycle just ended) and i greatly hope it's not the heat that got into my head. This all sound ludicrous. Yet it's all happening.
Lord,i commit all these into Your loving hands. Take away all these emotional burdens from me. Lord, i hope that no more tears are to be shed in the coming nights. Amen.

Gotta slap myself hard on the face and get myself some sleep now.
This is all......... plain wrong.

February 11, 2010

of pure randomness

I buffered my nails!!
NOT for the coming CNY.
I don't go gaga over CNY (eg. new hair, new clothes, new shoes, new nails, new anything)

Just did it out of the blue one day when i was tired of cleaning my room.
They're like. So smooth now.
Perfect for nail varnish, which i have no time to apply.
Can't help but think that the M&S nail lotion i used was helping a tad bit, too.

omg i'm so vain 

Aloe Vera loves

Vaseline Aloe Cool & Fresh
2nd time i bought this lotion.
Ask anyone, i don't usually buy a product twice, unless i really love it.
(OK, fine. only family members)
Lightly scented, lightly moisturising.
Perfect for use during exposure to air-conditioning system for long hours.
Especially when nowadays where u can't sleep without the air-cond, and those tuition-centres MUST have air-conditioners.

I find that i'm subconsciously attracted to aloe vera scent, for lotions. 
They're mild, yet soothing.

Marks & Spencer Aloe Vera Hand & Nail Cream
But the real reason i bought this Marks & Spencer product is because :

circled it in red for you. do thy own reading.
Ironic, huh?
Attracted to stuff that is different from others.
How often u see hand & nail cream?
Hey, but i liked the scent as well, a'ite?
Bought another one for my sister as well, but hers costs a tad bit more than mine.
(and the packaging looks better)
Good thing i bought this hand cream.
The bottle is small enough to bring in your bags so that when u're exposed to air-cond for too long, 
hand cream to the rescue!
And it's not those kinda lotion where it's watery and some sort 'oily'.
Texture is just right.
Loving it.

February 10, 2010

Mothers , one of God's greatest creation.

 Did you know...?

          A human body can bear only up to 45 Del (unit) of pain.

   But at the time of giving birth, a woman feels up to 57 Del of pain.

       This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time!!!!

God couldn't be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers...


music to my ( our ) ear (s)

A few of my favourite stuff that Sophie Kinsella said in one of the articles she wrote in a magazine,
For those who DON'T know who is Sophie Kinsella, OMG la wei.
Anyway, she's the author for the Shopaholic series. And no, i'm not praising her.
It's just that we share a common ground. Except for the difference in wealth and fame and location. lol

"Done right, shopping is an empowering, life enhancing act of joy - a form of self-expression."
"Shopping colours our lives. It's not just about the objects themselves; it's about the seeking, the hunting. It's about the emotional charge that any great purchase gives us, whether it's the rush of power at finally acquiring a designer classic, the frisson of going over budget, or the satisfaction of scoring the bargain of the decade."

"Another joy : finding the thing you never knew you needed. "
"We shop because we're worth it - because we deserve it. ..... we developed a 'celebratory spree' habit. After every successful pitch or draft, we would high-five it and zoom to Marc Jacobs on Meirose as fast as we could for a joyous 'well done, us' experience."

"It must be in out genetic make-up : the need to better our surroundings, to prettify ourselves, to stock up. (A great term, "stock up". It sounds so prudent and far-sighted : I'll just stock up on some of these Missoni wedges.") "
.... and my personal favourite :
"I'll never stop shopping; I'll never feel guilty about it or stop taking joy in it. Why should I? With every spree, I'm giving myself a mood-enhancing buzz, I'm boosting the world's economy... and I'm getting all this gorgeous stuff. Really, what's not to love?"

Like, total loveliness, right?
Haha. Love her loads. Smooches.


Today, during assembly, my principal was talking bout road safety during the festive season. 
"Berhati-hati di jalan raya"

Today, my microeconomics teacher quoted the principal just before she let us dismiss from school.
"Berhati-hati di jalan raya"

Today, when i was on the way to fetch my bro from school,
I freaking banged into a motor, and i was going quite slow.
The motor was in a blind spot.
Don't wanna go into details.


Accidents. Are. A. Pain. In. The. Neck.
Happens even if u're slow. Even if u're careful.

Hating myself now for being involved in another road accident.
I'm not helping my parents that are already stressed out on my brother's accident.
*knock my temple on the wall*

February 8, 2010

In books lies the soul of the whole past time. -Thomas Carlyle

I first started reading novels in Primary 6.
That was a 12 years old.
It was non-fiction. - by accident. ( a good accident)
(Please don't think that i'm a bore!)

Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt.
Could hardly remember the storyline, but i can vaguely remember it's about a mother. 
With a shit-ass father that drinks like hell and the writer has ALOT of siblings, which most of them died.
Died of poverty and disease.
Lotsa hardships.
And in the end he ended up somewhere nice, with a job and promising future.
(hahaha! hardly a description, let alone summary)

Anyways, it wasn't like any other 12 years old to buy these kinda books, eh?
I was a little influenced by my sister, that was reading some novels back then.
I thought that i wanna read as well.
She looked so engrossed. (and it seems that i had turned into that as well =P)
I didn't realise that this was a non-fiction, i was taken in by the word 'winner' and 'prize'.
For it to win some kinda award, it must be a good book.
That's what i thought.
So i purchased it (Not literally lah. Put it on the counter and my dad purchased it. lols)
It didn't turn out that bad. It was heart-warming, quite interesting.
Can still remember my first novel till today. Proud of it.
Ever since then, i'm into these kinda novels.
A little more to serious type, mid-life type. Memoirs. Autobiographies. Mystery. Action-adventure. Sometimes romance.
I do read chick-lits, sometimes, almost rarely.
Minimum cheesy romance, if possible.
Just like this one i'm about to show u guys.

I just finished this chick-lit novel, by the way.
It's my sister's.
Had 'insomnia' one night due to the mocha i had when i was out with the peeps from church.
No matter how much i roll on the bed, i couldn't sleep.
So i went to the book shelf that has my sister's and my books there.
Looked through my sister's collection, since i've already read mine (naturally).
Took me 2 and a half day to finish this book.
Don't be deceived by the pink covers.
Pink always reflected innocence and feminity.
Yeah, it has feminity in it. A little overdosed. But it was one twisted storyline.
Father screwing 'grandmother', mother, mistress.
Son banging girls in college AND dad's mistress.
Lols. No further details. 
And i'm not gonna review the book.
I predicted the ending when i was at the third quarter of the book.
But it's not a boring book.
Worth my time / sacrifice (homework - don't ask)

February 4, 2010

jealess giler


coolest wedding cars ever.
I want 'em for mine next time!
Grand weddings like these makes others jealous.
It's a SIN!

OMG la weii >.<

And no, i'm not itching to get married. 
My cousin forwarded this e-mail to me about the grandest wedding he ever saw, and i thought of sharing the pictures with  u guys.

February 3, 2010

.... in the kitchen

Fiona Wong has finally stepped foot in the kitchen!

I spent like. 1 hour plus in front of the wok. Frying.
The oil, the heat the heat the heat the heat, the heat, and the heat.
The agony.
But the satisfaction is great in the end :)
Not till my bro gobbles up everything that i fried with my sweat and blood!
Don't know what is this?
It's nga-ku. Don't ask me what is it, for those that dont' know what is it, cos i can't explain what is it.
I shreded a little of my nails trying to shred these little buggers.
Well, i'm thankful God answered my before-cooking prayer. 
I did not harm myself. Not serious ones, at least.

1 hour facing this thing. *wipes sweat*
I was quite thrilled the first few minutes, and then it faded tremendously towards the end.

The first batch.
(for beginners' standard)

Then i got alot better.
This is real kung-fu. Don't play play.
(at least the colour is even now, ok?)

After the 2nd batch, i wasn't bothered to take pictures anymore.
Was in the 'cooking' mood already. 
Paid 100% concentration while frying these.
Not bad, huh?
I can cook.
*trying to prove something here*

And i noticed one thing.
Some of my batches are alternately slightly burnt.
Cos the batch before the burnt batch was quite impressively golden brown (just the right colour).
And then i got a little cocky and then it went burnt the next batch.

Now, i wanna clarify/teach something : 
See the burnt part?
It wasn't my skill's problem.
That is the skin that weren't peeled out clean.

So, lesson : peel out the skin clean or u'll get some of these on your nga-ku.

fwJL facts #7


Hmm... I'm bad at it.
Not all the time, though.
I think.

My school shoes.
(actually it isn't as grey as it seems like in the picture, it's just the lighting+shadow+etc that makes it look so dirty :P )

But guess what i did instead of washing my school shoes?

She/He was really dirty, ok!
No i didn't torture my bear.
I washed and dried it in the sun.

February 2, 2010

Put Your Glass Down!

Got this from an e-mail. Re-typed.
A professor began his class by holding up the glass with water in it.
"100g..... 125g..!"
...the students answered.
"I really don't know the weight of this glass unless i weight it,"
says the professor.
"but, my question is : What will happen if i hold it up like this for a few minutes?"
"Nothing.." the students said.

"Ok, then what will happen if i hold it up for an hour?" the professor asked.
"You arm would begin to ache, sir." answered 1 of the students.
"You are right. Now, what will happen if i hold it up for a day?"
"Your arm could go numb, and might have severe muscle stress and paralysis and you would have to go to the hospital for sure!!"
..ventured another student and they all laughed.
"Very good. But during all this, did the weight of the glass change?" asked the professor.
"No..." was the answer.

"Then, what caused the arm ache and muscle stress?" 
The students were puzzled.
"Now, what should i do to come out of pain?" asked the professor again.
"Put the glass down..!" said one of the students.

Life's problems are like this.
You hold it in your head for a few minutes, they seem ok.
Think of them for a long time and they begin to ache.
Hold them even longer and they will paralyze you.
You will not be able to do anything.

It's important to think of the challenges and problems in life, 
but what is more important is to
at the end of every day and go to sleep.
That way, you wake up every morning feeling fresh, strong, and you can handle any challenges that comes in your way!

So, before you sleep tonight, remember to :

February 1, 2010


WHAII can't i study my Economics books like how i study Harper's Bazaar?

WHAII can't i remember the terms in Biology like how i remember the names/types/brands of stuff in the fashion world?

WHAII isn't Shopping a subject in STPM?

WHAII am i so short?

WHAII do u get varicose veins after too much of killer heels?

WHAII am i born in Malaysia?

WHAII is my hair naturally curly?

WHAII am i getting old so fast? I'm not that into sweet things and more into oldies. Sheesh.

WHAII do i not have facial features like Kim Kardashian? (not her arse, though)

WHAII am i asthmatic?

WHAII is everything around me so against me, trying to prevail from getting involved in a BGR atm?

WHAII are there so many idiots in the world, trying to destroy the Earth God has created for us to inhabit, and making all of us suffer for their deeds? GLOBAL WARMING SUX TO THE MAX!

WHAII does form 6 students have to suffer with the other school students instead of having a separate (comfy) building for those sitting for one of the most tough exams in the world?

Oh well, i think i just gotta live with all these. At least, for now.

"Star of Bethlehem"

Seeing pictures like this make me go 'awwww'.
Am i at that stage already?
I hope not.