October 18, 2012

This one year.

In case you're thinking that someone hacked into my Blogger account to update a post, you're thinking too much and it's just me somehow somewhere finally decided to click on 'Blogger' on my bookmarks bar (yes, it's on my bookmarks bar) after a century of ignoring it.

After every semester break, i would think "Hmmm maybe i should write a post about this semester", but somehow i've decided that sitting around doing God knows what on the laptop for hours seems more interesting. After my first year had ended, i was (quite) fired up to write a post as well, but....... Oh well. Anyways, with a huff and a puff, i'm currently in my first semester of second year for my bachelor's degree. I've even finished half of my first semester, to be precise. And of ALL the free time i had, i had the urge to blog when i'm supposed to be researching materials for my auditing assignment. Le sigh. The life of a college student is such. On a side note, i can't believe i've only written 14 posts ever since i've entered college life when i used to write a post a day, or sometimes even two!

It's funny how people go through transition, no? I'm not saying changes aren't good, cos i can't say i'm the same person i was before. Or rather, i can definitely say i'm not the same person i was anymore. What led me to feel melancholic tonight was when i've decided to read one of my favourite blog and felt how much she had changed since she was studying in the US. And the fact that many of my friends are graduating (i have a number of friends who are older than me) and shared their life transition stories and greatest fear after graduation with me, led me thinking too. Just yesterday i stumbled upon the best quote i could use at the moment ; Progress is impossible without change. And those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything - George Bernard Shaw. People experience so many things every day in their lives which gradually made them to what they are as of today, and that's not such a bad thing at all, isn't it? For those who say 1 year ain't a big difference do NOT know what they're talking about.

Let me just very (tremendously) quickly summarize what this past year has been for me, with visual aid some more okay cos i'm awesome like that. I think i will never, ever, EVER forget my management assignment which we took 3 days, almost 2 nights to finish. We went from SS15 starbucks to Sunway Pyramid's starbucks, to Sunway University's foyer, and also to HL's house (final stop before i walked back to Sun-U Residence to bathe and went straight for our morning class after).
Okay lah we were actually trying to get some very short power nap before continuing work again but HL wanted to take a picture so we were somewhat posing and also somewhat trying to get that rest we desperately need. This memory will forever be embedded in my mind, to serve as a reminder to NEVER do assignments last minute. Especially one which carries 30% weightage in your finals. No amount of concealer would cover my dark circles the next day! The amount of comments i got on my panda eyes made me wanna dig a hole in the sand and hide in there till it gets better.

We've somewhat expanded our little groupie. Despite the fact that i was in a Convent, primary and secondary school, i could say this is the first time i've grown so close to one particular group of girls in such depth. Progress, as i've mentioned :)

Had numerous trips to places around which eventually brought all of us closer to each other.

I have finally found friends who are willing to wear bikini (or bra, in some cases) with me to a beach! Le awesome awesome beach life. And thanks to a certain someone, i have somewhat rekindled my burning passion to go diving after my last scuba-dive in Form 1. I sooo wanna touch anemone again :(

Picture credis to Moh Moh, the girl on the far left. Cos she's a photography enthusiast like that. When i was still very active for my blog, i was somewhat taking pictures around too, just far far FAR less enthusiastic as her, and sometimes i even have a post in mind and i take pictures FOR that post. Artistic much? Hmmm :)

I've somewhat makeup more regularly, and by regularly i meant every day to school! Just basic eyeliner and mascara though. BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY........ *drum rolls* HG LINER AND HG MASCARA!!

Lo and behold! Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in black and Blinc mascara in black :) I have previously tried SO many eyeliners and geliners, but to no avail they all smear on me, some quite badly. WITH the help of primer, may i add. My oily lids are beyond help. But these two babies.. I wanna marry them over and over again cos they're so awesome like that! Oh and did i mention that these two are removable by ONLY WATER?? Hard to believe such great smudge-proof products could be washed off by mere water ey? I feel like i can take the world with these two babies in my bag :)

Coming next, the edgy me.

I have not mention that i had purple hair in my previous posts, did i? WEll i did :) And it was awesome..... While it lasted.

I was warned that these fashion colours do not last long, but it still hurts for it to go off so soon :( Despite the fact that i've gotten complements ALONG the fading process, i still prefer my original purple colour. In the middle it was kind of weird, where it was a little purple, pink and blonde at the end of my hair. 2 months have passed and it had went completely pink, and before i knew it.....

I'm now getting blonde-ish stripes in the midst of my brown hair with pink-ish highlights. No picture of the latest hair because it's not really a sight to see. Gotten numerous comments that my hair is super dry, not that i'm not aware of that but there's really nothing much to be done, isn't it? Maybe one day when i can't take the colour anymore i'll go back to black and then not do anything to my hair for a while for it to grow healthy....... and then decide what to do then, when it can take chemical treatments :)

I got married.

To my boyfriend HL! With super awesome wedding rings okay we're the most hip couple you can ever find bwahahaha okay cock-talking aside, our dear Emily got married :)

Okaaaay fine fine actually i'm just making an excuse to post a picture of me and Barney for her wedding reception because we looked like a mafia couple here! Partly because HE looks like a mafia himself and so happened that i was also wearing a black dress that day, and we were travelling to her wedding together.

Have you seen your calender? Well, it IS october now, so...........


It was a crazy month for me, for a NON-beer drinker to have so much beer just because there were so many good deals for good beers around. And also because i wanted to help my brother to collect these mugs, i actually drank 1L of Tiger beer *puke*. Have i also mentioned that i went out with this group of crazy friends who finished 2 barrels of Starker aromatic (on my request ♥ ) in 1.5 hours????  Well, it was a fun night despite the bloatedness we had to deal with afterwards.

Well i'm just gonna end the post here abruptly, mostly because my body is not how it was last time, and it does not favour late nights except when i'm out partying or am forced to due to assignments (ahhh the joy). I believe that my lifespan will shorten the more i stay up late so i 'save' them up for fun nights and occasions where i'm forced to do it. Short update of my one year as my comeback, but i can promise i won't be updating the next post after one year, because that is just wrong! I will take more pictures, because looking back through the pictures on my blog and hard disk are awesome like that :) Peace out!

p/s : Due to a certain someone's influence, i'm on Twitter a LOT more often than here, so do follow me there if you feel disconnected with me or my life.