July 28, 2011

Think happy thoughts!

Okay actually i'm not particularly in a happy mood or anything, but don't tadika murals make you feel haaappiieee? *big stupid grin*

This was what kept me and Charissa busy for the past 3 days, thanks to Charissa's big fat mouth x)
Note : In this case it's a love hate relationship for her big fat mouth haha.
Since we didn't have anything particularly important to do nowadays, so this project gave us a reason to get up early for the first time since school ended, and gave us a reason to strain our backs squatting and tire our hand muscles holding the brush up for hours. I'm saying this is a totally positive perspective okay #serious.

And since Zhi and Fen were on their holidays, they got dragged into this project too! Many hands make light work (:

I feel happiee!

Ooh so happiee!!

Note that we had a rafflesia and a fly on its way to its death bead in the 2nd pic and the snail chomping off the pretty leaf in the first pic (you can totally tell it's my idea wtf). Who says all tadika murals are supposed to have happy endings?!? Kids should learn the facts of life.

Aaaaand we accidentally painted a FW (half of my initials)
It was a TOTAL coincidence okay seriously =.=

Charissa wanted an H next to the C, and so we did (: SEE HOW HAPPY SHE IS OMG.

Okay there's this funny story about the ladybird's black spots (like, who doesn't know that ladybirds have black spots right?? We all read the ladybird series when we were young!). She painted it white and none of us realised it until we started to paint the ladybird. And then i asked her why did she paint the base (white) since we're gonna paint it black? And then she went "I thought the spots are white??", and the 3 of us (zhi,fen,me) went "NOOOOOO?????" and then she said that she always thought that the spots are supposed to be white!

And then it took her like 5000 hours later to realise why she 'always' thought it was white.. Cos she got mixed up with mushrooms. You know the red mushrooms with white polka dots in Alice in the Wonderland? Yeah that's how blur our future lawyer can be ohohohohoho (:

Okay end of lame-ish funny story.

One last picture of our future law graduate in action before i go pack my stuff for the room hunting weekend in Subang.

Okay wait a final final last thing.

Lemme share my current favourite song and MV with you.

Current favourite song :

Current favourite MV :

Look at her sassy legs sassy body and sassy moves(except the part she squeezes her boobs with her arms lol)!

That's all good night bye bye (:

July 24, 2011

Not dead... not yet.

So, before Dorinna left for Monash last week, we had a get-together. Instead of the same 'ol McD, i suggested for us to go somewhere different i loathe the kids screaming in the play section and that place is soooo boring.

And somehow we ended up on my house's balcony.

It wasn't such a bad idea after all. We get to feel the night breeze and enjoyed the night scene. We should do this more often hahaha.

We were in the darkness most of the time except for the faint light that the Moon reflected from the Sun. Enough for us to see each other and not fall, but not enough for a picture.

FEAR NOT!! For there is Photoshop!

I did my best x)

Aaaaaaand. Just to show you guys i'm not dead yet, i went to KL last week to shop since the Malaysia's megasale is here sitting and waiting for me to go visit since forever. BEST TRIP EVER WTF. Okay maybe not best, but it was a good trip. I got what i wanted, but not everything that i wanted/needed. Uhuhuhu.

Zhi went all the way there to pool his tooth out (wth right i know) so i met up with him and Fen in Pavillion.

We were admiring the people at Sticky doing their thang.

 It looked so fun i wanted to snatch the knife from them and do it myself xD Fen said the sweets were really really good and i was sooo tempted to buy it BUT I AM WATCHING MY DIET SO THAT I WON'T GET ANY ROUNDER.

..... and then we went to J.Co for doughnuts omg i love sweet stuff :P

Fen was so kind to let me take a (decent) picture of her.

But not her bro. He must have had an ancestor who died taking pictures >.<

Okay so i crashed at my bro's place for the 2 nights i was there. His apartment was awwwesomeee T.T Are college students supposed to get such a good place to stay??? I thought you're supposed to be staying in a matchbox with nothing more than a bed and a study table. And maybe a closet lol. (Not to mention, i don't see a single study table in the whole apartment lol).

So, i went there on Wednesday, which is my bro's birthday. They had a little celebration that night, and we all had a little drink and ...... that's all okay hahaha okay anyway the next day i woke up at about 9am. I knew that was a little too early but what to do i just woke up and couldn't sleep back. So i cleaned up the mess last night and swept the apartment a little since it was an almost pig sty lol. AM I EVOLVING INTO AN OCD?!? Definitely not.

And so, i was starving cos we didn't have dinner last night (so the alcohol literally burnt my stomach yesterday omggg) but i didn't know whether they have a 'my food you don't touch' thing there, so i didn't dare to make myself anything. And i don't know where are the keys so i can't go down and grab myself something to eat. So i'm stuck. Tis a sad life T.T And so, i read my book on the couch - Land of a hundred wonders by Lesley Kagen. And then it got a little stuffy so i opened the balcony door.... and took a few pictures hahaha.

That's my bro's college. Only within walking distance so convenient right.

And that's Sri KDU, a private school.

And i have no idea what's that but anyhow i took a picture lol.

Then i got sleepy again so i slept on the couch... till i heard some clanking sound from the kitchen, and voila!! No it's not my bro's collegemate/housemate. It's my bro's housemate which is a working guy who woke up to work. Lol. MY LIFE SAVIOUR I TELL YOU. He offered to make some coffee for me so i quickly said thank you T___T My poor starving stomach had to settle for coffee.

And then i continue alternating between reading my book and walking a few rounds around the house because i was bored like that. Till 2pm. YES 2.00PM/ 1400!! Sigh. And i had to force my brother to wake up too. So by this time my stomach was literally having its own beatbox inside already and then luckily my bro made me some instant noodles.

The next day, we went out to drop my bro's roommate Meol for exams at SEGi, and guess what?

Hitz.fm was there giving away freebies! And i spot a whole stack of Dunkin Donuts boxes. And then my bro drove past them and wind down the window, asking "Hey are those for giveaways?" and the gal said "Yeah yeah i have a lot of things to give away, there are movie tickets and all! Go park your car and come here!" and then my bro went "OKAY OKAY I GO AND PARK NOW!!" and then he stopped the car somewhere and left me in my car while he and his friend went out T.T

Apparently there was some game you had to play and my bro together with his friend got first runner up and champion. The champion got tickets for the MTV World Stage and the first runner up (my bro) got movie tickets to American Captain premier! Jealous much. I loooove freebies x) Okay at least i get to enjoy the doughnuts lol.
That's my (very happy) bro and the champion right next to him!

And that's Meol having doughnuts cos he saw the truck on the way to his class and he turned back lol.

Oh wait there's another thing.

I've discovered.....
The best seaweed in my life no kidding *deadseriousface

For as long as i remember, i HATED seaweed because i tried having some last time when i was little and i told myself NO MORE SEAWEED SNACKS cos it tasted that bad. And i missed lunch today so i was ransacking my mom's kitchen for stuff and voila! I saw this. I saw the expiry date and it was only a few months away so i thought okay lah maybe i'll take a bite of this and look for something else.

It only took a bite for me to love it omg i will stock up on this when i study for my exams next time in Sunway. Oh. I haven't update you guys on my education dilemma (if you're not bored of it yet :P ). I'm going to do BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance in Sunway University. And that's final.

See you guys soon tata!

Oh wait show you my loots first huhuhu
Bought so many things at only a few places lol.

Okay bai bai.

July 17, 2011

Now what?

Well, my placement for an IPTA might not be a secret anymore since it's all over facebook even though i did not update on my status or shout it out loud anywhere. And since most of my readers are on my list in facebook... Oh well.

When i first saw the result on the screen saying that i was accepted into UniMaS for International Economics, i was a tad bit happy, actually. Because deep down, my heart and my brain knew that i wasn't that all for accounting. But still, i'm looking for a loophole or thinking about enrolling in a private university so that i'm able to study accounting.

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?????!!!!!??!?!?!?!??

One of my friend just asked me something regarding accounting barely 15 minutes ago, and it was a really basic thing. I don't remember how to do it, but i remembered it was a basic thing. So i frantically flipped through my old books and notes while i calmly asked him to "hold on while i refer to my old notes". This struck me like a lightning. Or maybe like a lorry falling on an ant. Cos it really did hit me, hard on the head. I just remembered how much i HATED doing accounting in the beginning, and how i struggled with the ever-changing debit credit entry. Or maybe it's just because i was slow huhuhu.

Thinking that i'd 'just' suffer 3 years and then i can have a slightly smoother sailing life after graduation.. That was just plain naive. I completely forgot how the word suffer means back then, because it was so long ago. And university level accounting is not the same as STPM accounting. Am i really up to it? Can i really survive without hanging myself during finals or something wtf. Maybe it's a way of God telling me not to do it *finding excuses* But still.. Sigh.

Tell me of Your way, Lord. I'm like, kinda dying from making decisions here T___T

Apparently, these will be waiting for me in Kuching, according to Google.

What? You're not packing your bags to fly to Kuching already? I'm halfway to the airport now! - mentally wth.

And according to google, my future university would look like this :

If it doesn't look like this when i get there (if i get there) can i sue Google? Charissa would help me hahaha. It's so ironic when she was gonna leave M'sia and i was supposed to stay in Malasia (peninsular) and then when the IPTA results came out, it was the opposite. Well, both stays in M'sia but i (might) leave Peninsular Malaysia and she stays in Peninsular Malaysia. Bah.

Oh well. It's time for deep thinking again and maybe getting all emo again wtf is that all i'm made of? T.T Fail. Okay time for tea bye bye

July 14, 2011

My gluttonous trip to Ipoh

Greetings from the me who had spent the last 13 days watching movies after movies and dramas after dramas. From all these, i've at LEAST spent 50 hours in front of the monitor or the TV. Thumbs up for me anyone?

Anyway i accidentally had bangs don't ask me how is that possible it's just possible so you won't see me having pictures of myself with bangs at all wuwuwuwu T____T

Anyway. I just wanna tell you guys of a 2D1N trip i had with my family (except my sister cos she's halfway across the globe now) to Ipoh, and that trip was filled with AWESOME FOOD i tell you AWESOME AWESOME FREAKING AWESOME!! And i learnt a lesson during this trip ; never be lazy to stuff your camera in your clutch and hope that your brother will take lots of pictures for you to upload on your blog because at one time he will say you're annoying and sweep you off *hides in a corner, drawing circles on the floor * - those who watches Ouran High School Host Club, it's what Tamaki always does huhuhu

So yeah. I still have pictures, but not those that i have mentally captured in my mind so that i could tell you guys and share the happiness i had while consuming those heavenly food *eyes gazes in the sky*

Okay. So we went to this Restaurant called :
Kok Thai Restaurant in Tasek. It's a Chinese restaurant. Just in case you were like the guy that sat beside me at the table, thinking that it's a Thai restaurant (:
Psssst that was an awesome bowl of fried rice btw but we were too stuffed to stuff them into our system anymore so a lot of them were gone to waste. Boooooo

Before i forget, it's my father's 30th anniversary in ExxonMobil dinner. ExxonMobil is such a great company that cares for its employees, i would love to work there one day. Eh no joke i seriously think it's a good company. How many companies care so much for their employees? (Apart from having anniversary dinners, there are so many other benefits too)

This was the menu of the night, and my father's boss's boss asked me what it's written there (he's white)...... and the only thing i could only tell him is that i THINK the fifth dish is a vege. I humiliated the Chinese race i should be hung to death T.T



Was the BEST crabs that has ever, ever EVER entered the premises of my mouth wtf i can't contain my excitement  i can still taste the sweetness of the crab meat in my mouth om nom nom nom.... *almost delusional now*. Alaskan crabs cooked in egg white and XO. Ommmmmm T___T I'm gonna die if i see this again huhuhu #hyperventilates

Okay this is a very common sight especially for Chinese at a Chinese wedding dinner. But this time, it's a little different. The way of eating. They provided lettuce, sliced nangka, apples, and water apple (googled 'jambu air in English' lol). How do we eat it? We get a small piece of lettuce, add a few slice of each of the fruits on it, and a slice of piglet's skin. Finally, we put a teaspoonful of the sauce provided, wrap the lettuce around, and MUNCH. When the captain first demonstrated how to eat it, it was the first i've heard of it and definitely thought it will definitely taste weird. But somehow the adventurous side of me decided to grab all of the ingredients and put them in my mouth... OH MAI GOODNESS. It was good i tell you. It's like, the sweetness of the fruits are collaborating with the fragrance of the piglet's skin and the sauce, together with the crisp of the lettuce... Hmmmm.. It's a new experience, and definitely one of my best (: See? You shouldn't just stick to one way all the time.

Okay that's about all the food that i thought was so  so SOOOOO good i had to tell you guys about it. The other courses were the same old same old.

Here's an artsy-ish picture of my chinese tea in a wine glass :P WHAT? They all drink it like that too lol. They had beer in the wine glass too.

And somewhere along dinner someone brought this to the guy next to me (my dad's boss's boss) to let him try one of my dad's friend's favourite drink. Am i confusing you i hope not.

Lo and behold! My (probably) only favourite beer (: Todi+Stout. I was never a fan of Stout (or any beer - except German beer), and i had never tried Todi before, but i decided to give it a try after all. IT'S SWEET I TELL YOU. I'm a sucker for sweet drinks huhuhu i'd get drunk fast this way =.=

And after that i decided to give Todi itself a try. (Btw Todi is fermented coconut tree flower juice? I DUNNO LAH i don't even know if i got the spelling right :P But yeah that's more or less what it is)
SWEET i tell you it's sweet *sobs tear of happiness* And it's a little fizzy. According to my brother, it's still 'breathing' so if you put it in an enclosed bottle the bottle will explode. Facts are ever interesting, aren't they?

That's fruits. Haha just showing you cos i have so limited pictures and so much to tell i don't know what else to put.

And that's how i looked like that night from a very fat angle thank you very much Aaron. Or i should just spend more time on that cross trainer T_____________________________________________T <--very long cry because i know how flabby my arms are.

Btw this is right after i had my accidental bangs so i was slopping jars of wax and cans of hairsprays to keep it up. That'll explain why it looks a little weird hahaha.

And that's our table without Aaron cos he took the picture. Pretty girl sitting right across me imagine how my self-esteem felt the whole night T__T She's pretty quiet though. Or maybe i just looked like i was gonna gobble her up when i talk to her lol. But we kinda got to talk in the toilet (of all places) to freshen myself up after all the Todi i had :P I was as red as a lobster you know. Maybe a lot more red than a lobster.

So that's for Day 1.

Next day no pictures i'm so sorry i left my camera at my aunt's place and went out for breakfast cos i thought there weren't going to be anything worth to take a shot for. HOW WRONG THOU ART YOU DIMWIT! That's my inner voice scolding myself. We went to this AWWWWEEEESOME dim sum place which i forgot the place wtf =.= I kept telling myself to remember the name cos i'm gonna write it in my blog but when i came back, one thing came after the next and therefore the very belated post. I'm gonna pledge to take my camera no matter where i go even though it's so heavy with a full metal body T.T

Okay no pictures nevermind i HAD to tell you about this particularly bun (pao). Let's see if my descriptive skills can make your mouth water like no tomorrow! Okay this pao.... The size is almost the same as my palm - very cute. And the filling was.................. lin yung and salted egg yolk. Go google lin yung lah i don't know how to describe cos i've been told that it's lin yung from young. It's like a kaya-paste-like thing. OMG I TELL YOU it's like eating molten gold *sniff* The minute i sink my teeth into the pao..... my gums and my teeth felt very hot cos the filling was very hot at that time hahahaha but after that it was like.. Ohmmmmmmmmmmm. The consistency of the bread and the filling was a match made in heaven! I know i'm using it wrong but i'm just showing you how well they taste together. I took two of those paos because it was THAT good :P I hope i never live in Ipoh cos i will definitely be as fat as Jabba from Star Wars in 3 months omg omg.

Well, that summarizes my gluttonous trip to Ipoh. Maybe i should invest in a light and small compact camera, sacrificing better picture qualities so that i'll be able to capture every moment i want to huh? I'll save that for some other time. For now let me go back to the delusional state of mind, flashing through the mental snapshots i had of the yummilicious omnomnoms.. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........................

Edit : 

HERE IS THAT DIM SUM PLACE HAHAHAHAHA i finally remembered the name and i googled it to show you guys x)

I even googled the address in case you guys want to give it a try (because i freaking highly recommend it omg) :

22, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11,
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : 6017-256 1115 (Louise Khoo), 6012-237 8297 (Frankie Kwok)

July 7, 2011

Zoom zoom zoom time passes by


I am now like an empty shell, waiting for the 15th of June so that i can decide my future path ASAP. I think the days are passing by quite fast at the rate i'm going. I wake up at about 10am, i watch movies, dramas, all the way till noon, and sometimes i run errands with my mother and i continue my dramas/movies after that. In the evening, i exercise for about 30minutes (you must think i'm damn healthy and fit now right hahahaha don't worry i'm still as sickly and unfit as last time) and thennnnnn i just hang around on the net surfing every random stuff until i feel sleepy and then i sleep. The days passes by so quickly that it's 6th of June now.

When i blink my eye again, i'm gonna be experiencing the "OMG I'M GOING TO UNIVERSITY NOW WTH WTH WTH" stage.

Dam dam di dam.

Aaaaand the clock continues to tick....

July 1, 2011

A summary of joooon.


Today is the 1st of July. Yesterday marked one month of my days doing clerical work. And it marked the final day of me working before i go into uni soon. I spent the whole of last night playing pool for the first time in so long, and the whole of this morning sweeping and mopping the whole house wtf at this moment i really wish that we're staying in a small condo instead of a two storey semi-D my hands are all red and aching from all that! Anyway. This might be how i'll be spending the month of July, helping out with house chores and learning how to cook (hopefully) so that i won't die from hunger when i'm in uni - according to my mother lol. AAAAAND i really wanted a break from working. So yeah. I realised that i only had 8 posts in June. If the bloody Asus would give me my laptop back ASAP, i would blog more from now onwards too! (: August would be my month for travelling.

Anyway. My June. Was practically filled with this.
And this
And this
Oh wait. Let's not forget, this!
Doesn't this look like heaps of fun??

I even brought my iPod to work because i couldn't stand the silence and the clicking of the keyboards and the roaring of the photocopy machine.
Using the ZAP-ME bear with one eyeball dangling out as a case, this was what kept me going the whole day.

Haha okay all the sarcasism aside, it was definitely pretty boring and kind of a shock to me at the beginning. I deal with papers, numbers, papers, numbers, LOADS of invoices, more papers, and more numbers. Oh wait and Excel lol. My back ached of sitting the whole day keying in invoices, and i hated my life so much at that point. I'm pretty sure that i had a post or two about that lol. Crazy emo kid, i am. But as time goes by...... (NO i'm not going to say that i started to like it wth) i guess i could tolerate it. If it's only for one month. Aside from all of the above, i actually get to see stuff from a whole new perspective.

Like, i begin to appreciate old people a whole lot more than i already did before.
I don't know this man i just googled 'chinese old man' for this picture

There was once where an uncle talked to my boss about his life next to me so i had no choice but to listen to it :P He was talking about how his kids refused to help him at his kopitiam unless he fixes air-con or upgrade it into a 'coffee shop' or something like that, so he was forced to hire some foreigners to help him at the kopitiam. "Kui dei kwong ngo geh kopitiam mm gao kelass wor.." (They said my kopitiam had no class) was his exact words. And he said that some of the customers told him that he was lucky that his kids aren't good in studying, so they are staying put in TI (and not helping their father wtf!), unlike the customer's kids, studying overseas and outstation. By now he was close to tears, and it made me close to tears too omg you had no idea how hard i tried to suppress my tears (you know lah i'm getting so emo nowadays i get moved by the slightest things) and my urge to go give him a big bear hug, telling him "IT'S OKAY UNCLE I WILL NOT GO FOR MY DEGREE/PROFESSIONAL CERT AND I WILL GO HELP YOU AT YOUR KOPITIAM!!! " T______T

There were many other stories too, but this was the one that got stuck in my mind so vividly because it really did moved me so much. There was also an uncle from 'pa mei/pa boi' (a place in TI where it's considered not in Town although it's so close to town lol) whom commented on how the people in town has the 'gam cheng'(referring to the neighbourhood spirit) as thin as a paper. And then he took a paper and waved it in the air hahahaha. But it's so true, don't you think? We care about upkeeping our own privacy, reinforcing our alarm systems, get as many dogs as possible to guard the house, fixing metal grills, etc. However, this couldn't be helped, could it?

Times are bad nowadays, and everyone are taking precautions. I mean, if i see someone falling down in the airport i would even think twice or thrice before going there to help them up for the fear of being the victim of drug-traffickers or even pick-pockets. What happened to the good old times where we can help an old gramma to carry her luggages because she's struggling with it or the time where we can help an uncle that fell down and bruised his elbow without so much doubt???

Times really have changed, huh? Anyway. Back to the work at the accounting place. I was supposed to go there and help them lighten their load of work, but boy the mistakes i did.... -.- I've sent so many wrong details to the LHDN and one of them was keying in a single girl as married, and his husband was his father wtf T____T i could kill myself this instant. WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE THAT THEIR SUR NAME WAS THE SAME BEFORE SENDING IT?!? That's how absent-minded and ignorant i was. I focused too much on getting the numbers right that i wasn't paying attention to the other things. I mixed up debits and credits a whole lot of time, mainly because i didn't even hear the word debit and credit for, what, 6 months already? And my brain rusted that much. Imagine when i enroll into university soon! By the way i got to know on facebook this morning that the results will be out on the 15th of July wohoo that's 14 days away and i will no longer have to suffer the "what if" questions in my mind anymore!

So. I guess this concludes my month of June. I guess clerical work has one plus point compared to being a salesperson, which is having the weekends free. That means i get to spend more time with my parents, and sometimes my brother when they're back. So far, i've done 3 jobs and all of them are so different from one another. I've been a salesperson, teacher in a montessory/kindergarten, and an accounting clerk. All of them left me with great experiences, great memories, great lessons, and great friends. I've learnt not to be (too) judgemental to people for various reasons. I learnt how to be (a little bit more) patient with people whom i could not be patient to before this. Now, being an ex-salesperson myself, i now walk in the mall with a not-so-naive thinking anymore. And i go "AHA! I've used that trick before hohoho you're not scamming me into buying this *with a big fat inner grin in my head*".

Sounds like i turned over a new leaf right but believe me i'm still the same Fiona, one way or another.

Okay thank you for visiting my blog although i've been such a passive blogger nowadays and stay tuned for more updates about my life at home hahahahaha -____-