December 30, 2009

Shopping went Wrong

Well, this trip was SUPPOSED to be a shopping trip for me to go full blast and buy strictly what i needed. Had almost 2 and a half days for me to do that, though.
there's always a 'but'

The first day was gone ( i shall not use the word 'wasted' ) with us spending our whole time after arriving at my uncle's house in Seri Kembangan, followed by dinner (bak-kut-teh) and then movie (Avatar - i didn't regret going to the movie, though i usually think going to the movies during shopping trips are a total waste of time. Gonna write a review for Avatar soon, stay tuned!).

My newborn cousin sleeping (not exactly newborn. almost a month plus already)
Was told not to take pictures of ppl sleeping AFTER this :P

And there's day one.
The thing i'm most grateful for : I drove the camry from TI to Seri Kembangan. AT LAST. 
The thing i'm least grateful for : Didn't get to shop. At all =.=

[didn't take much pictures, was a little too depressed cos i didn't go shopping. 
it's not ONLY me, alright? some ppl get these depression too, okay!!]

At least that was what i thought, until i was awaken by my mum and said "Change of plans. We're going on a one day Malacca trip with ur aunty". Though i was still in a very blur state (that i usually get when people talk to me when i'm half awake), i could digest those words into my brain and concluded : NO SHOPPING.

After a slight debate with my mum, we're still going to Malacca. Will not bore u with the details of how the original plan changed to THIS. So, we went to Malacca. "Yay"

Anyhow, before we are headed to Malacca, we paid Macy's a trip. To buy pillow case. How exciting is that? "Yay" again. Buuuuuuut, i did find a few interesting stuff there. Wait, no, there's one only.

The fur pillows!! 
Pillow-like fur balls. Too bad i'm allergic to furry stuff like this.
Well, not that i'm that into furry stuff.

Took a shot of my bro, with the trolley, shopping for soup spoons.
Any orders for house-husband in advanced?

Then, we headed to Malacca, with my aunty and her mother.
  And had lunch in this nice restaurant :

highly recommended for those going to Malacca ^^
LOVELY nyonya food in there.
Try "ayam ponteh" (no babi ponteh, since it's halal)

The setting in the shop was very nyonya-ish too.
With the chairs n windows n stuff.

Then, after that.....
My auntie + her mum + my mum went on a basil  craze at the back of a restaurant.

Then, our auntie dropped us at a mall while she go back and do some stuff with her mother.
 OK-lah, at least we get to shop. Around 3 hours plus, in Dataran Pahlawan. Though most of the stuff there are not my cup of tea (will not use the word 'lala'), at least got Padini Concept Store lah. Spent almost half the time walking and walking PAST shops, instead of going in them like any normal shopping session. 
Thought of going to Mahkota Parade, like my brother wanted, but it was almost 30 minutes more to my aunty coming to fetch us for dinner. It'd be a waste of time, and my feet are killing me, since i went to shop in my heels, and i was walking most of the time. Boy, was that painful!
(Reminder to self : DO NOT attempt to wear heels to shop anymore)

Saw this Christmas tree made out of bottles.
Another way of re-using, eh? Go green, guys!!
3R [i haven't forgotten my f5 moral textbook stuff :P ]

For dinner, we ate mee Siam (didn't take a picture - regretted) and after that, my bro bought a sausage sprinkled with malat (no picture too, SORRY). 
My bro practically went on FIRE when he ate around quarter of the sausage. Hohohoho~~~ [I liked a little of the malat powder and it was horrifying, so i can imagine how much my bro is suffering... ice cubes after ice cubes, bottles after bottles of water]
And we went for popiah (with lard - my bro's favourite) in front of Madam King's, but it was finished already. Bro was disappointed to the max. One of the main highlight of Malacca (for him) is that heavenly sinful popiah.

So, that's day two.
The thing i'm most grateful for : I bought a platform heels (FINALLY)
The thing i'm least grateful for :  I paid RM80 for some capalang brand heels. Got so frustrated that i couldn't buy anything, and i went "WTF LA JUST BUY SOMETHING LA"

This time, i didn't keep my hopes up high anymore. Don't want it come crushing down, eh? Cos my parents planned to go Sunway today as well, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. As i feared, cancelled also. Well, not 100% cancelled la. We went to Mines. For around 2 hours or so, to shop for my bro's shoes, while i go sight seeing myself. Mwahahaha. Bought myself a bag there ; 1 of my missions accomplished. More pictures today cos i was a little more in the mood (yesterday get to buy soooome stuff, at least).

While waiting for my bro to try + choose + whatever,

I went hunting for my favourite Delifrance french bread with garlic butter + kaya.
Rich and fattening, yet sooooooooo delicious.
RM5 only! Go give it a try, guys.

It's really yummy!

And then, we went back to my uncle's house in Seri Kembangan and hung out till it's time to pick my sis from the airport. My dad let me drive to KLIA again ^^

Me at the driver seat.
omg i look so pale =.=
what to do, tired of driving mah >.<

Dah le we have to wait so long for my sister to call,
This bloody crow bising-bising pulak.

SO bored =.=
Don't wanna munch too much on the chocolate wafers my dad bought.

He thought i was just meddling with my camera on useless stuff.
[well, technically, in this picture, i AM doing it too]
*evil grin*

AND finally my sister called, i drove to pick her up, and then drove to Bukit Bintang ( kan-cheong leh! ). Drivers in KL are reeeeeeeaally aggressive and impatient and rude and impatient and aggressive!! [oops i repeated twice. lol]. Anyhow, i survived to Jalan Alor, where we were about to have our dinner, and parked.
sigh of relief.

Now, time to eat.

"ngau lam meen"
Minced Beef Noodles

Beef intestines *barf*
Brother ordered this. RM10 per bowl of intestines.
(the soup is great though)

These are beef balls (cos i ordered beef balls).
There's pork balls, meat balls, beef tendon balls????, and beef balls.
Up to u to order.

Finished every last bit.

Though it's just a hawker stall at the road side..

Only at Jalan Alor, Minced Beef Noodles.
*said in the advertisement tone*

So, that ends my trip to KL.
End of day three.
The thing i'm most grateful for : We arrived TI safely, and nothing happened while i drove to Bukit Bintang and back :)
The thing i'm least grateful for : again, not enough shopping time. Uuurghhh =.=

Now, a little out of topic stuff :

Sister bought Mo-Chi (i dunno whether is it adapted from the Penang's muar-chee, whatever la) from Japan!!
Green Tea


squishy squishy

With chocolate paste inside!!
How cool is that?
And it tastes good, too.

Green Tea powder mix.
Sister bought it at the air port, costs around RM30++ a packet.
U must be thinking "Ewwww.. Tea powder mix?? Tastes like shiit wan la"
That's the exact same thought i had!! LOL.
But after i taste it, it's awfully fragrant and good for a powder mix.

December 28, 2009


Sorry guys, for not updating in quite some time.
I did try to update a few times, but they all ended up in draft, cos everytime i'm doing it halfway, something else came up (lunch / dinner / cousins or relatives wanna _________ / anything! )
So, yeah.
And I thought of posting one of my KL trip (supposingly a shopping trip, but something came up. further details on the post itself), but suddenly i got caught up in msn chatting and POOF!! it's now 1.46am and i'm not in the mood of blogging anymore. Sheesh, Sowwie guys.

Anyways, just a checklist for me, and also to tell u guys of what to expect during the next posts ( i have SO much to tell, i just dunno where to start from!! And so little time :P )

They're not in order, and they're not the titles.

1. my shopping trip turned bad (KL+Malacca trip)
2. some rantings of a shit school t-shirt i'm forced to buy
3. Avatar movie 2009 review
4. my camerons trip with extended family for christmas
5. christmas prezzies!
6. after a long time, finally some durians in my mouth :)
7.  the New Year 'countdown' with extended family [again] (which is gonna happen after 31st)

They're just guidelines, i might add little random stupid posts in between though :P hahaha. Meanwhile, enjoy yourselves for the last bit of holidays, for those schooling (me) !!

Toodles, now.

December 15, 2009

TRAC 18-up Camp [WWF]

From the 8th to the 12th December 2009,
I spent my days in Lakeview Lutheran Centre, Cameron Highlands.

stands for Wrestling With Faith
Throughout the whole camp, the preachers and fascilitators have been embedding this sentence in our mind.
To wrestle with God.

I'm happy that i went to this camp.
Credits to Mr. Lim Chong Ho that introduced the camp to me.
I've learnt to re-build my relationship with God.
Constantly reminding myself to live a life holy and pleasing to God.
And i'm happy that i have my good camp mates (thanks, James) to keep reminding me, and giving me a pat on my back whenever i stray from the path that i was walking on.

♥ u guys!!

And here are some pictures of the camp that i wanna share with u guys :

The beginning of a 6km hike, mirroring life

saw some wild berries on the way..

and a loan advertisement on a tree, in the middle of no where

we're headed to Boh Tea Centre.

Joker!! Joshua :)
Before our journey, mirroring brokeness.

James (Josh's hubby)

a great shot i got in the forest, during our 'jungle trekking'

see what i wore to jungle trekking!

 i wasn't expecting jungle trekking, so i brought my handbag n wore slippers T.T

tsk tsk tsk. Malaysians. Rubbish.

The road not taken.

Which i'm gonna take :)

even though u grew up, strong and healthy, sometimes with wealth, don't take things for granted.
Don't take God for granted.
One fine day, parasites will come onto you and break you up there and then.

Waterfall!! The water was so cooling and nice, i wished i didn't get out of there so soon

Read, all of you!!
Credits to Kin Man's button badge by his university.

The pathfinders!

The 'gurl picture'.
While waiting for aunty Viji and uncle Pooh.

best roomies i had ever got!
love u gurls, mwacks!

With Aunty Kim Guat and Pastor David.
Such great people.
Vessels of God to reach out to many lives out there ^^

I'm not a poser. He is.

He's THA man!
Joshua's a DJ
We just love Rae.
and her monkey acts

"Make an ugly face!"
Tze Shern : my face is ugly enough. I'll just show my natural face.
roomies out of PJ's
[the girl HAVE to get in the picture =.= ]

"The girl looks so wrong"
*and both of them ignored me and posed at the camera*

and the girl wasn't looking at the camera now.

The unofficial Mafia group!
The game that brought us together.
The game that gave us good memories.

Camp 18-up is a camp that i never regret attending.

"point to the there (right)"

"point there (left)"

"point here!"