September 29, 2009

The 2 white elephants

     The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT
 I even wonder why did i ever buy this perfume in the first place. it smelt nice at the shop, either that time i wasn't thinking right, or i was hypnotized by someone to buy this. i was with rosalind when i bought this though :P (NOT IMPLYING ANYTHING!!!) And i wonder why did i even buy an EDT. they NEVER last long. and this particular fragrance smelt different after maybe an hour of application to my skin or clothings.
According to my bro, it smelt like cough medicine. and indeed it smelt a little weird, but definitely not cough medicine, in my opinion.

◄just showing the nozzle (typical TBS cap, just that this has a matte look to it. looked better than the glossy type)

◄it'll take me an ETERNITY to finish this horrifying liquid!! and this is just a 50ml bottle!

◄Not much for a fragrance(my DKNY costs alot more), since TBS is the most affordable beauty products anyone can get. but it's a waste of money (to me)

 The Body Shop Aztique EDT
Now this is a mistake that i will not do again, ever in my life. Since form 1 ; that makes it almost 5 years now, this thing has been a nuisance to me. in Form 1, i barely sprayed this perfume on myself for 5 times. and that was it. the reason the level stooped 'so low' was because i sprayed this on random people just to annoy them. exceptional case for my little cousins, since they're like 4 and 5 years old, so they still don't know much about scents. this particular perfume doesn't give even an ounce of classic feminine scent, doesn't portray glamour, or elegance. sorry for those out there with aztique in ur posession. just voicing out my own opinion. this is not my cup of tea.

◄again, the typical cap of TBS.   the bottle was shaped in a way that a few of the same type of bottle can be fitted at the small curve at the side of the bottle,side by side.

[additional info : The Body Shop perfumes does not contain alcohol ( preferred mostly by Muslims-alcohol based products are 'unclean') , and that's the main point. alcohol-free perfume does not last as long as an alcohol-based perfume. the minute u walk out of ur hse, ur perfume scent is gone. 'wow']

September 28, 2009

Long Awaited Shopping Trip

Being stuck in Teluk Intan (TI) for I DUNNO HOW LONG, i'm deprived of a whole list of 'neccesities'. and i thirst for shopping everyday. but, to my rescue, my dad announced that we're going to KL during the raya holidays (and today is the last week of the raya holidays, pardon my past tense/present tense mistakes). The original plan was to go on Thursday noon, but somehow my parents postponed it to Friday noon, suits me fine. as long as i get my shopping hours, anything's fine.

Friday wasn't much of a shopping day for me, as i arrived there at almost 6pm, and we got lost while finding for my dad (my sis was driving, and we're supposed to meet our dad SOMEWHERE, but somehow we ended up somewhere else), so dinner was almost 7something at YUEN's buffet steamboat in Sunway. It was lovely, esp the teriyaki chicken wings (mm-hmmm!). i sms-ed kit shyen (my friend studying in sunway but currently in ti) that i was in sunway, and she went :
wtfffzz!!! When i'm not around???

Saturday was the highlighted day! At least that was what i thought. Who knows that sleeping at 2am the day before would cause us to wake up at around 10am the next day? that + breakfast + parents talking about I-DUNNO-WHAT to my relatives, shopping time was around 12 something in the noon.  my sis's flight back to singaporeo was 8.50pm, so dinner would be around 5pm (cos we're eating crabs - YUMMY). therefore i have only around 5 hours of shopping to go, and i shopped smart. i went straight to what i wanted, no wandering and loitering around and peeking thru clothes shop to see what i MIGHT be interested in.. frankly, clothes shopping is VERY time consuming, unless u wanna just grab an emergency t-shirt cos u spilt coffee all over ur shirt n u have a whole day ahead of u. lol.
Anyways, i didn't get to shop much, but i was satisfied with the results. just what i wanted ( and needed) - a new perfume ( my previous post), Dr.Young BB cream, makeup remover, and a flip flops. *sigh of relief*

Sunday  was the day i'm supposed to go back. the original plan was to go back after lunch, because we wanna go have a very quick 'walk' around the mall.. but my mum had diarrhoea, so we wanna head back ASAP (i get to drive!! - that's what my dad told me). my mum said she'll trail my dad to jalan duta first, because she's afraid i'm not familiar with the KL road, and she said she'll do the highway too, cos they're all driving at high speed, afraid i'm not familiar also. HOWEVER (as usual), all the way back ti i never get to touch the wheel. it's OK. it's perfectly FINE to toy with my feelings. it's nothing NEW (seriously, yeah. my mum kept telling me that she'll let me drive trip after trip, i kinda got immune to the disappointment already).
so the whole journey i just slept ( like what i usually do every trip, i can't travel for long, but i LOVE travelling).

So, till my next shopping trip ( which i think will be around end of the year - SALES!!), i'll enjoy the things i have. if i really can't stand it anymore, i might just buy it online *grins*

September 27, 2009

The New Love of My Life!!

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
(and it is M-I-N-E now!!)

At first, i had my eyes on 2 fragrances.
1. Burberry The Beat

2. DKNY Fresh Blossom

[It didn't look as pink as it is in the picture though]

After a looooooooooong time of sniffing between those 2 impossibly intriguing fragrances, i made up my mind and took DKNY Fresh Blossom (although my bro kept telling me that Burberry The Beat is nicer)

When introduced by the sales assistant to the line of Be Delicious by DKNY (all apple looking), i had my eyes on Delicious Night (the colour SHOUTS "night life in NY!"), but when i got to smell it, it is no where near my preferences of fragrances. (for me) it's a little choking, and it's just not my cup of tea.
Next, i tried smelling the original Be Delicious and Red Delicious, and i found out that both of them smelling almost the same, however, over-fruity smell. Yes, apple does has a nice fragrance to it, but this is just like u squeezing the apple juice and maybe adding a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit of flower scent to it, ta-daa! = Be Delicious. also not my cup of tea.
At last, the sales assistant introduced me to the newest DKNY Be Delicious fragrance, awarded one of the best women fragrances of the year, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. At first sight, it looked a little too feminine (pink-ish) for me, as i'm not that all feminine, to be frank. but when i smelt the fragrance... it was (one of the) love at first scent!! so i kept this particular one in my KIV list.

That's how i came to select DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (the one i purchased). i can't be writting the process of ALL the scents i tried, would i? there's a limit of words to type in each post :P

Anyways... back to Fresh Blossom, this is the description given by the DKNY fragrances website.

"Inspired by the beauty of the Apple Blossom, this new fragrance is lighthearted, intensely feminine, and radiant. A blend of sparkling grapefruit, cassis and sun-kissed apricot, blended with sheer muguet, petally rose and jasmine.

DKNY will make a donation of $15,000 in connection with the sales of DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom 3.4oz Eau de Parfum Spray to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation."

Hey hey.. i'm doing charity when i bought this perfume! Yeay!!
I do feel that this fragrance is very feminine, not too choky, a kiss of fruity mixed with flowery scent, perfect for a hot date night ( not that i have any), or a special occasion. When i sprayed this on my skin and i went out (just to try it out after buying it) , i can't help myself to stop sniffing my wrist. Have i loved any other fragrances like this before? NO.

Anyhow, i noticed that the nossle of this spray shoots a little too hard (and a little upward rather than straight), so i'll make sure not to spray it too near to my skin, or else i'll end up with a bruise next time (obviously hyper-ing). So, conclusion : I LOVE IT! but of course i have to spread my love to all my other fragrances.. my Dior Voyage Perfume Mini Set was hardly touched yet. And so is my Body Shop Cherry Blossom (bad buy) and Body Shop Aztique (HATED IT since i bought it a few years back when i was soooo into heavy fruity smell *puke*). And a few others as well. 

Peek-a-boo!! i see you!!
can't help but take a picture of every step of unpackaging my Fresh Blossom 


Oooh yes, baby. u're mine.. :D 


September 25, 2009

Mineral Makeup

Due to a request from a certain someone, this post has been made. enjoy :)

After a long 'research' from many materials and websites, i'm summarizing briefly on mineral makeup, that i have been curious about and wanted to try long time ago.

Organic soy sauce, organic flour, organic ketchup, organic ice cream, organic pillow, organic milk powder, organic body bath, organic....? You name it. And now comes organic makeup; mineral makeup.

What is mineral makeup?
Ok, first of all, i won't stress on scientific terms like mineral makeup consists mainly of mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (oops i said it out :P ). but yeah, those 3 are the main components of mineral makeup. Apparently, these 3 products are very useful in blocking the harmful UV rays from the sunlight we're exposed to everyday. Mineral makeups comes in loose powder form. And the most important aspect of mineral makeup : NATURAL ELEMENTS
However, the colour pigments are inorganic, but none of this will clog ur pores and harm ur skin.

Why mineral makeup?
- (the super super main point) it's all N-A-T-U-R-A-L
people nowadays are so conscious with what they apply on their skin, and there came mineral makeup, somewhat 30 years ago. as the name says, MINERAL makeups are made of earth's natural minerals. It's so natural that dermatologists say that u don't even have to remove ur makeup(mineral) before going to bed like how u do with traditional makeup. (saves u awful alot of time if u wanna sleep late and save time on doing ur makeup the next day to work)

- natural sunscreen for ur face
as i have explained earlier, mineral makeup products consist of the 3 components useful to block the harmful UV rays from the sun.

 - great friend to oily skin types
aliens with super oily skin like mine befriends them, because mineral makeup comes in loose powder form, unlike any other traditional makeup that comes in liquid or gel-like form, mineral makeup has no moisture in it from the start when u apply on ur face. therefore, it can absorp the natural oil and moisture that ur skin excretes, reducing the shine from ur face that blinds any passerby.
[additional info : becaues it's in powderlike form (no moisture), bacteria are less likely to develop in ur makeup, and therefore a longer period of usage, and storing] = bio students, u know that bacteria growth aren't supported without the presence of moisture, so there's the explanation.

- it does not clog ur pores
due to its non-comedogenic nature, it does not block the pores of your skin,allowing it to 'breathe'. Apparently, good for those with sensitive skin as well ( like mine too)

- it is water-resistant (no re-applying every hour!!)
i said water-resistant, not water-proof, so don't get me wrong. It is claimed that mineral makeup wouldn't budge even when the climate is so hot that the oil u produced can fry an egg THERE AND THEN ON UR FACE!(ok, a little hyper, but yeah.)
However, because of its water-resistant nature, removing the makeup will not be as effortless as the traditional makeup. BUT, with a good makeup remover this process will be as effortless as breathing :)

- gives u a healthy glow to ur skin ( NOT the oily-shiny-glow)
 mineral makeup (stressing more on foundation and blush - best sellers) reflects light from ur skin in a desirable way, not in the way that our really stubborn oily skin reflects in the most unglamorous way. these healthy glow minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles(not so useful for me, hmm) and also it produces a smooth, evenly light dispersing and non-greasing surface. the matte look. just the way i want it. 

- non-drying and preserves the skin's moisture balance

 mineral makeup doesn't dry ur skin and preserves the skin's moisture, but it DOES NOT moisture ur skin. don't misunderstand, and then go around claiming that the product did not work.

- does not contain alcohol and harmful products
alcohol, bismuth, parabens or talc are not found in any of the mineral based makeups.

How to apply mineral makeup?
Out of all of the websites i surveyed, most of the websites has a section on 'how to apply mineral makeup', which i think is almost useless. the way to apply mineral makeup is just the way u apply other normal makeup, it's just that they're in loose powder form, so u need to use ur brush and sweep over the powder, tap it to loose the excess powder, then u apply. other than that, u're required to put moisturiser before applying make-up(which i think we all do on the traditional makeup as well) because if u don't, the loose powder will make ur face looks cakey.

A few mineral based makeup products to recommend : 
Coastal Scents
Affordable Mineral Makeup (yes, this is a brand. for those under a tight budget)
Mineral Makeup
Faerie Organic Minerals


For those out there that are using traditional makeup products, when u're looking for makeup products, make sure that it does have bismuth, parabens or talc, because these ingredients are known to be harmful to the skin.

For more detailed explanations on mineral based makeup, kindly visit here or here. Thanks for ur support.

September 23, 2009

3 Golden rule of getting a Haircut/ Hairdo

I'm very very VERY sure that all of us had experienced a very bad haircut or a hairdo experience in a saloon that u swore u will never step foot into again after that. unless u're bald ur whole life, then u might say 'no'. Well,anyways,these are all from my personal experience (sadly).

1. If the hairstylist gets a little too chatty,leave.
These kind of species are the worst! And be extremely cautious of aunties n uncles. These types will talk n talk n then they'll end up talking u into doing something u will definitely regret n KILL urself for not being firm enough earlier. Let it be a haircut,or a perm. Not to condemn ALL of them,just that 9/10 of them are like this.

2. Peep through the window or glass door,look at the hairstylist. If they look like shit(esp their hair),leave.
The way the hairstylists bring themselves are deadly crucial. They themselves are like a walking billboard for their shop,and if they can't even do this aspect well,how will they transform ur hair into?? Omg they might just trim ur bangs with a lighter. Urgh.

3. Once u find your PERFECT hairstylist, STICK TO THEM AND NEVER LET GO!!unless u're migrating to somewhere or something else. HEH.
This is something that i don't even have to tell u. don't go 'explore' all the different hairstylist to 'find a better one'. Omg the last time i did that, i regretted to the core of my bones!!!! Once u found the perfect hairstylist that understands ur style and u are comfortable with, that's the perfect match. don't be greedy and go find a better one, or u'll get a shit hair again. Well, this rule is exceptional if u really have ALL(or most) of ur friend's recommendation to go to this hairstylist to do a hairdo. but for a haircut, it's best if u go to ur good ol' one, since they understand ur style already.

September 22, 2009

20 things i don't get

1. bags like these.

i refer them as the 'plastic bags'. u won't even see me touching these bags even till the day i die :)

2. people wearing statement shirts and can't explain what do they mean when being asked.
COM'ON la,buy something u understand, or don't touch them at all, alright? it only shows how shallow u are.

3. "You got play friendster/facebook/msn ah? Add me!!!!" to random people.
in the first place, where does the word 'play' friendster/facebook/msn came from??? *rolls eyes*
and to people u don't even know their names. haha.

4. Cam Whores
Wikipedia explains it all :

A cam whore (sometimes cam-whore or cam-slut)[1] is an individual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods, usually by a fixed per minute fee or by encouraging viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts.[2] While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting,[3] it is also used by these people to describe themselves, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner.

The term "cam whore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with attention whore.

5. t-shirts with pierced babies on them.

having this on ur t-shirt, isn't it super creepy? and it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out-dated already, please guys. even if it's in the trend, i wouldn't even dream of touching a t-shirt like this.

babies are such cute n angelic beings, why put them in a form that will creep someone out? i really don't get 'em.

6. short heels
i never wear ANY heel less than 3 inches. anything lower will make u look weird,esp with short legs. if u have long legs, wear flats. if u have short legs, wear stilettos, or else u will look stunted wearing kiddy heels.

7. u're sick and u tell the whole world about it.
u post it on friendster's shout out, facebook's status, msn's private message, u make a blog out of it, i'm sorry. i just don't get it. u want sympathy from people or u just wanna hear "awwwww.. i'm sad to hear that", then go get a voice recorder, record it from people and hear it everytime u're sick,ok?

8. u can't live without a partner
when u have a bf/gf, u go around "WHAAAATTT??? u don't have a bf/gf????", but when u broke up, "i love single life.. enjoying it alot now" =====> WTF!!!!!!

9. people who can't stop complaining about waiter/waitresses or the service of somewhere.
hey, if u complain so damn much, why not u go serve customers that don't smile or treat u well when they're giving orders, and expect u to smile back like a freaking retard?? give them a break, will ya?
(NO, i haven't been a waitress before, just my 2 cents)

10. those so-called 'taiwanese' style people wears these days.
polka dots leggings, horribly torn t-shirt, green/red/yellow/orange and black stripes shirt/singlets, overly torn jeans and worn so low that i can see ur anus line, weirdly shaped tank tops that shows that u are nothing but a scronny and FLAT chic/dude.... i just don't get 'em. they claimed it is taiwanese/hong kong/I DUNNO WHERE 's fashion, but i just don't see people from those countries looking as horrible as they do.

11. people who gets or wants to get the latest gadgets or stuff, but they don't know a shit about them.
if u get the latest iPod nano or iPhone 3G, at least do the gadget some justice, go and do ur own research about it, and know the name of ur gadget, for goodness sake!! don't just say "i dunno what model is this, my bro/sis/whoever just got this for me n i use it.

12. speaking english all the time is "lan si" (cocky)
try going to the internet and not knowing how to read english. it's the freaking lingua franca alright.

13. INDESCRIBABLE hairstyles.

a little over the eyes is ok, but this?

multi-coloured hair
*gulp* HELPPP

14. this pose

i can NEVER get this pose. *gawk*

15. conservative Islamic parties in Malaysia and superstar's concerts.
yeah, showing some clevage and skin while doing a performance on stage is 'unclean' acts. see where it got Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Avril Lavigne. and u guys are stuck being NO ONE

16. parents and going out late.
gender descrimination gets on my nerves easily. guys can go out till 4am while girls have to be home before 12am? ridiculous and preposterous.

17. couples that are strangers.
nowadays more and more couples are forming, but they only communicate through the Short Messaging System (SMS), or else, nothing. when they see each other, they act like they don't know each other and walk away. yeah, this will get u far, people.

18. What's your hobby? Online.
u say ur hobby is going online, when in fact u don't even have internet connection. do u even know the definition of hobby? u spend most of ur time doing that particular stuff, now THAT'S hobby. fair enough, if u say u go to cc VERY often(like the whole day), but isn't that realy playing DOTA, or online games? if u 'play' facebook often, say going on facebook is ur hobby, not online-ing!! wrong usage of terms, my dear friends.

19. mat rempits
no offense, but BOY DO THEY DESERVE TO GET INTO AN ACCIDENT. they go so fast, swerving in and out of vehicles, and go in a huge group. once they BANG into something, i won't say i'm grieving. and the pipes they put that causes SUCH AN ANNOYANCE, vibrates very vigorously, i would say. i sure hope their balls are doing them good in future.

20. (last but not least) AH BENGS AND AH LIANS
yeah, i know u have ur own sense of style and code of conduct. go resolve everything with the volume of ur voice and tilt ur chin up when u speak. it's okay, all they do is just PISS.ME.OFF. yeah i hate 'em, and they hate me too. *shrugs*

September 21, 2009

The Birth of beautyzealot

Edit : Okay this is not really a story sorry i semi-conned you into clicking the link. Just to tell you how i derived the name Beauty Zealot, in case you were wondering.

Behold.... beautyzealot was born!!

How it started :
Rosalind came online, we talked about i-forgot-what-was-it-SORRY!, then i started talking about how i wanted to write a blog, and then i thought of blog names, and then i went on and on and then we started thinking of blog names for I DUNNO HOW LONG.. lol. thanks loads, lind!! mwaxx love ya~

Origins of the name :
Don't be misjudged by the blogname though. yeah, i thought of ranting and babbling stuff about beauty, but this blog is not ALL about beauty, my friends. i googled my name for its meaning, to come up with a blog name, but too bad my name(AND initials,grrr) are taken. So i came to know that my name meant 'beautiful' in Gaelic. Therefore, (more) reasons to put the word 'beauty' in the blog address. haha that's for 'beauty'.

Now, for zealot.. there's not much to say, but it's the synonym of 'addict'. i thought of having 'beautyaddict', but it's taken (rolls eyes with rosalind), and therefore the word 'zealot' :D
So, the blog url actually stands for 'beauty addict', and 'fiona addict' :) be addicted to me, y'all !


Before choosing beautyzealot, there were :

after a long hassle, i came up with the idea of 'beautydiehard' (with a little modification) as the blog title and 'beautyzealot' as the address because rosalind likes beautyzealot, and i liked beautydiehard and beautyXtreme AND beautyzealot (cos they're all my masterpieces :P)

Credits to :
Fiona Wong
Rosalind Wong (not my biological sister, but yeah. 'chi mui' :D )