August 31, 2010

Kampar's famous Yau Kee Chicken Curry Bun

it has been ages since i've last ate the bun.
i dunno whether it's my imagination or it's the fact that :

maybe it's cos i ate it for my breakfast and it's the first thing that came in contact with my mouth,
so my taste buds can't accept the shock.

THE bun!
taken from different angles bwahahaha
so, it's like this.
[if u dine in]
someone will bring the bun to ur table and cut it on the spot.
macam very pro like that.
and do everything for u, and then u dig in.
u tear off the bread at the side and u dip it in the curry inside the paper.
the curry consist of potatoes and chicken xD
BE VERY CAREFUL not to tear the paper.
cos if u do, the curry will leak and soak ur bread and then everything becomes soggy 
 u won't want that to happen right lol.
cos ur roti will become very bleh and yucky.

i'm not very sure how much it is,
but for 3 of us + 3 drinks,
it's RM30.60.
so the bun should be.... twenty-something?
sorry i'm of no help hahaha.
but yeah it's quite reasonable i think 
cos that bun is huge like my thighs.
so, yeah.

****SIDE STORY****

in front of Yau Kee, there's this pet shop.
this pup looked so sad i wanna buy it la omg 
but i shall not betray my Milo hehe
and there's this poodle.
i tried to make my shadow cover the poodle so the reflection won't get the dawg.
haha but this is it cos the owner came out n said 
"cannot take pictures ah"
in chinese.

after breakfast, ling felt sick for dunnowhatreason.
i secretly suspect it's morning sickness HAHAHAHA just joking! 
it was so fun making barfing sounds to make her barf.
nevertheless u can still see her texting and smiling.
now that's the scenery of the infamous UTAR
kampar has like, nice lake and mountain scenery for a studying environment.
i won't say it's the best, but yeah sufficient for a studying environment.
and a great retirement place.
except the fact that they're having McD and everything setting up there.
cos that place is swarming with youngsters.
and with youngsters, u see cars.
so yeah. swarming with cars as well.
this is the westlake pond.
but hey the lily is so cantik :)
meet the driver of the day enjoying the scenery 'masculine-ly'
if u can spot the girl with the blue umbrella....
Pim enjoying the muddy and eeeky lake water.
but that's like, if u see it close range la.
if u see it like this,
nice right cos got me in it
i must really go all out for that work out.

i was chatting with my friends,
including the temporary 'locals', keong and leong.
haha rhymes right.
and when i chat i like to keep my body parts preoccupied.

like this,
or this,
and sometimes this.
what to do i'm a pro-climber right.

i wanna photoshop my thighs to go down like this so badly :
|| ||
but malas la.
nvm this will become the driving force for me to go on that diet and workout.

August 28, 2010


 i just finished watching the sorduf outdated SALT.
there's tonnes of movies and anime waiting on my to-watch list.
but it's just a matter of time before i'm forced to study yet again.
so imma go on a movie marathon before the stpm-studying-nagging season begins!!
*imagine a reeeally loud evil laugh fading in the background*

stpm isn't.
shiiiit >.<
means there's more of this to travel down my stomach.
aku makan banyak ini tau masa studying.
and got an 'encouraging' message on the foil summore.
smth to look forward to after eating the yummy choc.
not that i need any encouraging messages =S

my 2nd trip to KL by bus.
i meant the headrest.
i hate it cos it's bulging out.
but this time i got the first seat so i got to see the driver's view.
very syok u know. it's nth like being in a car.

and when i reached duta,
guess what i saw?
tayar kena curik
spoiler kena curik
it's surprising what people will do to ur car when u left it there overnight, huh.
damn those drug-addicts or good-for-nothing beings

imma hunt for this plaster.
cos my bro scratched me and i was bleeding, i got this kiddie bandage from my mom.
when i asked her where did she get it, 
she said she just got it from a cupboard and that's the end of it.
btw if anyone saw this before pls pls pls PLS let me know

when i was in Pyramid, outside of camel active waiting for my bro,
i saw this really kawaii girl.
she just sat there while her mum was choosing clothes for her at cotton on kids.
when her mom saw smth nice for her, she'll run to her mom.
if it fits or doesn't, she'll go back to her seat and wait for her mum to call her again.
 i want a kid so sweet n obedient like her.
i don't want a kid like me. :P

this is like one of the shortest shopping trip i've ever had.
in less than 2 hours i'm made to go home.
uncle said if we stay any longer i will use up all my mummy's money.
i buy things sparingly.
and i choose!
and i look for sales.
and i look for absolutely strictly needed items only.
all my plans ruined.
wanna look for presents and stuff also no time.
and i wanted to buy a dress also can't cos there's like zero choices there.
with a specific colour to choose from la, that is.

so, on my way out i saw cupcake chics.
of course i bought la.
  looks bimbotic right lols
like smth out of legally blonde.
green velvet and vanilla frost.
my aunt got the buy 1 free 1 coupon from Pyramid.
so we bought 1 la.
lucky for me these are so so so sweet so everyone didn't wanna eat it
oh the gluttony.

i wanna learn how to bake really yummy cupcakes,
and then put cream on top of them.
then i can draw funny funny pictures on them like Hachi.

and then there's this restaurant called Lan Je in Balakong, Cheras.
[main branch's in Rawang tho.]
don't ask me why the name is so weird i also dunno la 
 pernah masuk surat khabar ni.
should be quite pro

this is tilapia.
not that i know how to differentiate all the fishes in the world,
it's just that this particular restaurant has this signature (the one and only dish, actually) dish.
they only cook this fish in one style.
and apparently, 
u're supposed to finish one whole fish by urself.
that's how the restaurant roles
but surprisingly i get to finish it ALL BY MYSELF LA.
so proud.
for those interested : 

Lan Je Steamed Fish
27-28, Block C, Jalan Rawang
Gerai MPS, Batu 16

Tel No: 012-227 0037
i should be paid for advertising so many stuff la ish xD
and that night i had tilapia bakar too.
tilapia overload la lols.

the lobster my uncle caught last time.
it was his pride n joy.
so after they ate the lobster meat,
he preserved the shell.

and before we went back we went to this shop.
totally my dad's shop la. lols.

August 23, 2010


i have discovered the wonders of batch editor.
for you noobs that dunno what is that
i can call u noob now cos i'm now an ex-noob HAHA!
it's to edit ur picchas altogether in one batch.
i know i know xD

so yeah.
i'm now less lazy to upload pictures already, 
although i will still be blogging less often than i usually would.
cos of exams mah.

so.. this is overdued pictures.
lobster! haha nyam nyam.
over a millenium ago i had my first lobster in San Fransisco Steak House.
tasted like eeeeek so i had the impression that "lobster is yucky"
until they tried it this way, by taking out the lobster meat and cooking it in various forms.
bro said it was a waste of the lobster meat.
but wth i like it so what xD
and notice that at the sides there are little little octopus that i ♥ so much!

ini pig tail.
seriously i don't get chinese delicacies.
i took a picture cos i never had abalone in its full shape before haha so jacoon right.

it was my dad's company's dinner,
and it was a... 8 course meal, i think?
filled with weird stuff, like.. fish moe?? i dunno if i spelled that correct but THEY TASTE LIKE BUBBLE WRAP.
not that i've eaten any before hahahaha.
and we ate real sharks fin cooked with fish moe(????)
dweey's gonna lecture us about the mercury content la hahaha
and desert was some 'tong sui' with starch-alike stuff floating on the surface which are very expensive, according to the aunty =.=

didn't take alot of pictures cos i don't wanna look like a complete barbaric hooligan that just ran out of the jungle in front of those aunties.
yeah, aunties one table uncles one table.
kids sit with the aunties.

my new batch of grandpups 
some ppl like cow print some ppl like brownies
i love 'em all.
fuiyoh, unconditional love.
where to find right xD
meet their cool grandmama
look at her sucking my fingers.
damn cute right.
damn cubi right.
damn ke ai right.
omg this is my favourite shot la hahahahahahaha
andrew said i'm so strong cos i can hold a cow with 1 hand.
terima kasih enfagrow :)
aren't u proud to have a gramma that always ss?
Thank you Milo Wong for giving birth to such cute pups!
no matter how much i point the camera at her, she keeps looking away.
si beh shy.
or it's just her scheme to make me take a gazillion pictures of her so that she feels like a supermodel at a photoshoot.
but what to do. u're my dawg xD
i still love u and find u cute although u have given birth 3 times,
and even if u did this to me:
 gua maseh sukak ko

oh btw i made onion omelette and deep fried some luncheon meat.
geng right.
i have found a new passion for this emoticon cos of Nana cos she draws this on her omelette (: