September 6, 2011

Food in my belly

*clears cobwebs using a broom*


*clears throat*


That's because i have been busy stuffing myself with food. Hmm not to mention i'm a little inactive on facebook as well. BUT FEAR NOT, for i am kinda frequent-ish at Twitter so if you're dying to know how am i doing but is so kiam siap to text or call me to ask how am i doing, follow me on Twitter!

And if you're following me on facebook you would already know about MY AWESOME FRIEND'S PROJECT in making teeny weeny small little stuff. Sigh. One can only wish to be as tedious as her.

Lucky for me, i get to share some of her loooooove.

Wrapped so kawaii-ly in a muffin box some more!

Okay lah actually i was the one that tak tahu malu and demanded for one thing on her wall cos too cute already wtf. Then she was so generous to give me....

THREE!! Jealous or not i ask you. *evil laugh that fades into the background

Initialised some more.
So that no one will dare to steal them from me mwahahahahahaha suck on that you cute-stuff thieves!
These are accompanying me throughout my college life haha thank you so so much Rosalind!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of it when i got it and my dad had to tell me to stop taking pictures of 'em! But haih life is sad because i have a super sucky connection here and i had to wait for an eternity for these pictures to load. In contrary to my TI house line, it takes only a little while to upload but REALLY SHITTY photos were uploaded like the ones in my previous post wtf. Like super angry cos i tried to upload 4 times and all 4 times it turned out like that. Wanna smash my notebook but have to remember it's not my notebooks' fault haih. So that kinda explains why i wasn't updating my blog as frequently as i used to.

Maybe once in awhile i can pop in to post a short post as a quick update on my life. Cos i have assignments coming (OMG THIS WORD WAS SO FOREIGN TO ME LAST TIME AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S HAPPENING TO ME NOWWWWW) and it's my first assignment wtf i don't know what to do so i gotta ask here and there. And not to mention most, if not all of my coursemates are one year younger than mua so yeah haih. But i guess it's kinda true when they say age doesn't matter when you're out of school. Cos everyone seems the same age and some of them are even more mature than you are! #ashamed

Okay anyways i mentioned food in my belly on the title because i suck at titles (for the umpteeth time) and because i literally have food in my belly all the time!
Preparing to battle against famine in the war.

Mummy loves me so much *sniff
Why are mooncakes so bloody expensive?!
And Tae Kae Noi crispy seaweeds too wth must treasure them to eat slowly when i'm super stressed out studying then have one to destress myself hahahaha -______________________-

Oh wait one last unrelated thing :
My housemates and i have awesome cute bellies (:
[Guess which one's me!]

Okay one last picture
My awesome initials at the back of my cute little fruit tart (:

Okay have to read more materials and stuff for my coming assignment and presentation already wtf such is life.