April 28, 2011

Bad habits

Bad habit #1
I have this weird habit to hide my precious stuff so that no one will find it when my relatives come to stay because i will be giving up my room for them. The last time they came, i hid my precious Bath & Body Works lotion that i practically robbed from my sister from the States because i loved it that much. And aku kedekut mau share. AND NOW I FORGOT WHERE DID I PUT IT but it must be somewhere in the house. I just had to turn the whole house upside down before i can find it T.T sobs.

Bad habit #2
Loaning stuff to people and not constantly asking them to give it back after they're done with it. And then i eventually forget who i loaned it to. Okay the proper term is lend la but wtf i've lost my lengga now!!

Hahahahaha i purposely chose this picture because i look like i'm kicking her V and she looked like she's in pain. BUT HOR. This was an innocent attempt to look sexy and i didn't touch her V at all because if i did i would've felt it and she would've felt it and she would've shrieked and i would've shrieked too (proof : see her right leg which is way behind her left leg? There's a space there and my knee was in the space and not her V ahem). And her facial expression is always like that so yeah.

ANYWAY the point is that there was this hoohaa about buying indian outfits instead of borrowing from indians last time during form 5 because we're in such a cultural school that every now and then we had to participate in stuff that requires an indian outfit (just because we didn't wanna wear a kebaya/kurung and we didn't have cheongsam haha). SO NOW IT'S NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. My family friend invited us to a party at their house this Sunday and they always have a theme to their party and this time it's Indian (last time it was Cowboy but my dad dressed up as a Red Indian -.-). Anyone remembers where my lengga is? I suspect it's this friend of mine because she's the last one in my memory to borrow it from me but what if she says no and if i insist then she'll think that i'm accusing her of stealing my lengga? Aaaaaah.

Bad habit #3
In reference to bad habit #2, i bought 2 packets of puthu last year during the citrapaurnum (how on earth do you spell this hmm), according to my friend. Why did i say so is because during this year's citrapaurnum (haha) i wanted to buy (yes, again) because they're pretty okay but my friend asked me what happened to the ones i bought last year with them. OMG LAH. I had to stand there for at least 15 secs, staring at my friend so that my inner self can ransack my memory storage to know what is she talking about. THEN IT HIT ME, HARD. I remembered buying 2 packets, and i took a hell lot of time to choose because they have so many of them with so many different designs and i'm an indecisive person like that. Ahem and they're no where to be found too.

Hahahaha so actually i can summarize the 3 bad habits in this post into one ; forgetfulness. Before i find a way to overcome this problem, i have to first find what i'm going to wear to the party this Sunday. Life is tragic hmm.

Vlog pertamaku

WAAAAAAAH see what did i do this morning *hides face in humiliation*
Because i was on youtube this morning instead of google (ahem), watching frmheadtotoe's video, and she seemed so relax about it so i thought i would try doing a vlog, for fun. BUT i'm not all into those 'subscribe!' thing. This might be my first and last but i watched it once and thought it was so funny so i'd share my stupidity here, so that i'll be laughed at by all of you T.T

In my defense, i had a few tabs about the local universities review on but it was clearly not the tab i was concentrating on =P
Btw i've read like a thousand reviews on local universities online before but there are still so many things i need to find out about. AND NO ONE WAS REPLYING MY STATUS ON FACEBOOK WTF. Didn't wanna spam people's news feed with it so i gave up. And i had a bad experience with the HELP education advisor that was SO RUUUUDE when i called up to ask about the 3+0 programme they had for BSc of Accounting and Finance.

It went something like this :

I called for the first time, he answered, AND HUNG UP ON ME.

Me : (monologue) WTF?? Nevermind maybe he accidentally answered or something.
*calls again* *and the it got through this time*
Me : Hello, is this Mr.xxx?
Him : Yes, i'm sorry just now i was driving very fast when i answered your call.
Me : Oh, i'm sor (didn't get to finish my sentence wtf la okay)
Him : Is this very urgent that you HAVE to talk now, or can we talk some other time?
Me : Oh it's not THAT urgent, i just want to enquire about something maybe i can call tomorrow (but somewhere in the middle he started talking already)
Him : What do you want to ask?
(okay since he asked then i say lah right)
Me : Oh it's about the 3+0 BSc of Accounting and Finance by University of London i saw on your website.
Him : Okay, you listen okay?
Me : Okay.
Him : Listen. (Then he told me the fees and how it's very affordable compared to other universities, and paused)
Me : So... (And he snapped back at me fcking rudely, like stated below)
Him : YOU don't talk. Let me finish talking first, then if you have anything to ask, then talk. Is that clear?
Me : Okay (monologue : WHAT. THE. FUCK???? in the most wtf's tone you can ever imagine)
Him : bla bla bla bla bla
*then he finished explaining, time for me to ask right?*
Me : Then.. (snapped, again)
Him : Okay i'm actually going to a function now. Can you call me back tomorrow? I'm free at 9.30.
(and for some reason i wanted to double confirm that it's AM, not PM)
Me : Is it AM or PM?
Him : (oblivious to anyone speaking except him because he didn't let me finish, again) Okay? Okay? Bye.

Sheesh. I started the post with a very random and bubbly mood but now i ended up feeling pissed because of the flash back -.-

Orlando Part Tooh

Right, so i was feeling nostalgic and viewed back the pictures i took from the States. And i even viewed back the post i did on my trip to the States (zomg lol). And i realised, i didn't talk much about my trip there, just very quickly skimmed through it and then complain about missing it when i'm back here -.-

And most of my readers are in my facebook list, so you guys would've seen all the pictures i've posted there already, IF you went through it lah haha. But i'm now posting up some exclusive pictures that i was too paiseh/lazy/no-reason-at-all to post it up on facebook (see there's benefits to reading my blog so keep reading!)

Browsing through the pictures, i realized i didn't really took tonnes of pictures. Just because i was too paiseh to take out my camera to snap stuff. And even at the rate i was going, Jack said that i'm very fond of taking pictures, so that made me even MORE paiseh than i was, and i took less pictures. In front of him lah lol. So all that's left are memories (and my memory is real shitty!). Here's proof #1 :

I was paiseh to camwhore in the Detroit airport while waiting for my flight to Orlando but i die die also want to camwhore so i just took one from the bottom where not too many people will notice the camera >.< I'm a terrible blogger but i hereby make an oath that i will try not to be paiseh and take more pictures of what i want to take. Does that make sense?

Anyway here's a picture of me and my sister, looking quite good i think (buay paiseh)
I should've insisted to my inner self to get my hair done before going to the States instead of waiting till i come back -.- Now all my pictures looked like i had shit as hair wtf lah. And i had untrimmed brows too lol fml kao kao -.-''''''''''''''''

Having a sister is fun, because a brother wouldn't want to camwhore with you and he will scold you for taking too much pictures T.T
But she complains that she looks fat when she holds the camera and she has chicken hands (which means her hands are super not steady and hence the blur picture) so she forced me to take the picture instead.
Okay now i look fat -.- And i had disgustingly messy hair because it was SOOOO WINDY that night when we went back to Epcot for the fireworks. And because i had a sister that lives there so i get to borrow a down jacket to keep me from the cold while the rest of my family freezes almost to death *guilt*

Okay this is where we eat almost everyday if we didn't go out to eat. Jack (and Diana) cooks pasta, pasta, and pasta for us almost everyday. That's because they are good with Italian food, because they had an Italian restaurant last time but had closed down, because it's not bringing back enough cash for them lol. Out of pure thoughtfulness, Diana cooked an Asian meal once because Jack thought we would've been bored of white food by then. But ahem i was doing fine with white food actually okay do you get it lol.

They had a dog when John (my bro-in-law) went to law school, which they loved, and we loved too. Because as time goes bye, we actually bonded and saw that he is terribly cute and has really funny habits. LIKE HE FREAKING SNORES WHEN HE SLEEPS. Like a human okay!! When i heard it for the first time i got freaked out okay because no one was there so i traced the sound to Bailey. Haha. Oh and they did not name the dog after the Irish cream.

He was loved with a lot of toys and had a personal Santa next to his toy box.

Had his pictures all around the house, you say they love him kao kao or not? I took these pictures when they were out for something and i didn't go out for some reason which i forgot already. But bottomline is i took it when Jack wasn't around so he wouldn't tease me for being 'overly fond with photographs'. See how i fail as a blogger?

Here's a blur picture of me trying to take a picture while i asked my chauffeur to stop for me to take a picture.

And here's me, viewing the picture i just took. And that it was blur. With a smile on my face for no apparent reason -.-

So i gave up, and my sister ordered asked me to get up so she can take a picture of the dinosaur that i wanted with me covering one of its leg lol. Imma invest in a better anti-shake camera when i have the cash one day. Or when my current camera dies and begs my dad to buy me one that is light and made for shaky hands like me and my sister.

Here's my parents acting cute lol. My dad kept calling me to take pictures of him during the trip for some apparent reason. Must be mid-life crisis ohohoho

Here is a random picture of one of the regrets in my life. It doesn't look that geng here but believe me, it was CRAZY STEEP and only for $30 T.T Where to find in Malaysia?? Stuff in Malaysia are so freaking expensive :((((

And a picture of a Brooklyn pan crust pizza with a size that will suffocate you if you happen to have someone slap it on your face. Because it's that big. You can't possibly eat it horizontally, and you have to fold it in half to eat it. After this you'll start wondering wth are Pizza Hut serving to us all these while.

A random picture i took in the car that has no green grass and blue blue sky because that's Orlando. A really cute local indian guy sitting next to me during my flight from Detroit to Orlando (he has fear of height too omg how cute is that??? ) said Orlando is just land.... Land.... And more land. Because the towns are really far away from each other, and in between the town are just land. That aside, it's still a beautiful place to be.

-- Okay talking about the indian guy, there's this funny story. Before any of the people beside me boarded, i opened the window because i wanted to see us taking off ( i wasn't sitting next to the window, but he is). So after about 5 minutes after taking off (we're reaching the clouds very soon already), he finally asked if he can shut the window because he's afraid of heights x) In my defense, it wasn't sunny at that time so it wasn't the sun okay. End of self-proclaimed funny story.

American really damn lazy.

But i love this automatic hand dryer because it really BLASTS air to REALLY dry your hands within seconds! Unlike the ones we have around here, you stand there and blow and blow and blow for 5 hours also your hands won't dry type. (Ahem took this when there was no one around too lol)

Did i mention how lazy were they? They had trams to take you to the parking lot even though it's within walking distance. BUT. Disney's parking lot is one hugeass of land, so even if it's within walking distance, it's a freaking LOOOOONG distance to your parking lot. So yay for things that makes life easier (:

You get a mint from every restaurant you go and i really look forward to it! Like a kid lol. Some restaurants give chocolates instead. (Took this shot before eating it when i was alone too)

Mommy dressing up very exaggeratedly for a night in Magic Kingdom. It really wasn't that cold. Really. Oh i remember the night i was at Magic Kingdom. It was after Animal Kingdom in a wheelchair, and i thought my leg was fine-ish already after the whole day resting on the wheelchair so i don't wanna trouble anyone to push me around (and it slows down the crowd too wtf damn paiseh you know) so i insisted that i'm FINE like a normal Asian would do and guess what? By the time it was time for me to go home my leg fell off. Okay lah it FELT like it fell off my body because i was literally limping like someone that has one leg shorter than the other and i looked like ahem. Don't know how to describe. But you get the idea lah. Then my sister got mad at me for not wanting to sit on a wheelchair because we paid for one full day in any Disney park anyway. T.T

Okay end of reminiscing and time for future planning. Headache giler ni. Bobye!

April 27, 2011

Two sausages.... and an egg.

As the title suggests, IT IS ABOUT TWO SAUSAGES AND AN EGG LAH what were you thinking -.-
Anyway this was my dinner tonight hahaha i don't know what got into me, blogging 3 times a day (conveniently counting the post she did at 12am - it's today already!).

But little did you know, today was my first time frying sausages (: Because my mum had a stomach ache, and she wanted to cook pasta for me despite her pain but i didn't want her to suffer (see i told you i was kind) so i said i'll prepare my own dinner. Then she asked me if i wanted cheese sausages for dinner and i said yes and she took it out for me and thawed it for me and instructed me how to make sure my sausages don't get burnt and so that the oil won't splatter. So in the end my mum did about 50% of the work lol. And then she asked if i wanted eggs to go with it then i said yes but this time i took it myself (hah!).

So it turned out like this :
Ahem not too bad lah it's edible. Mom said the sausages would do a little more brown to it but since it's pre-cooked already so wth lah. And the egg was a little bit too thin and wide to my liking because the heat from the pan got a little bit too hot for me to handle so i raised my hands high up and when i cracked the egg shell open, it went SPLAT on the pan and hence :(

The fact that i would blog about frying sausages suggests the fact that i do not cook often enough so i think that will be my new determination - try to cook more often so i won't starve to death in college.

Bad quality pictures due to the use of my poor 2MP camera phone. Nokia phones suck with their camera. Nonetheless my camera has not failed me so far and has lived a good 2 years. Maybe i should start saving up to buy a bb (better camera) because qwerty's my thang, y'know? But i'm too kiamsiap to spend my money on a phone so i shall live with it and bring my camera with me more often despite the fact that it's heavy =.=

Oh and i baked peanut butter cookies the other day because of this crazy craving i had for Diana's peanut butter cookies :

And my version :

I know in a way my version is weird because of the coarse sugar and the chocolate buttons. Diana used fine sugar and the peanut butter brand she used can't be found in Malaysia AND she used Hershey's Kisses for her little chocolate bliss on top, so yeah. I suck big time -.-

My cookies were a little too small sized to my liking, but because my brother told me to make them bite-sized because they are Asians and they prefer things bite-sized, i succumbed to his command i'm such a sorry creature i have no stand -.- Some batches were chewy and some batches were crunchy. Recipe was supposed to be chewy, and i looooove chewy BIG biscuits x) But oh well it wasn't really a success, but some batches were.

But still, i thought it tasted okay-ish and was so so proud so i gave Adelle and Charissa a bottle each. I have yet to hear from them, which means it is..... T.T Maybe i thought it was okay-ish because my happiness made the cookies tasted better than they actually are. Humiliation overwhelms! >.<

Okay i'll go hide under my pillow now good night.

Rambut oh rambut

Warning : a thousand vain pictures coming up.

Haha actually just 5 lah just pulling your legs.

Okay you know how i used to scrutinize people pictures of themselves in the bathroom? I take back my words now haha because why?

Because my bathroom has the best lighting ever!!! I have no idea why but my hair colour looks better in my bathroom it could be the perfect amount of natural lighting. My room's natural lighting makes my hair looked a little more yellow ewwwww In the bathroom, i see my hair with a hint of red, but the pictures doesn't convey the colour well enough.

And it's pretty annoying and confusing because i can't possibly see the real colour of my hair no matter how i see it because under different circumstances my hair appears differently!

When i take a picture of myself the hair looks super brown and lala.

When i use the reflection of the mirror like this it looks even more lala because it looks like the brown looks yellow-ish especially on top. (hahahaha do you see my short and chubby fingers -.-)

When i take it further like this you see the hint of red more prominently, right? TELL ME IT IS or else it will mean that i scrutinize myself in the mirror too much to cause hallucinations.

Nah another picture for you.
See see it's a whole lot different from the first 3 pictures right? So yeah now i don't know if i'm a lala brown or am i still an ang moh (red hair).

Anyway when my black roots dominates about 30% of my hair then i'll re-dye it again. Reddify it again. If there's such a word hahahaha i love it that i can invent my own words because i won't get a red circle around the word on my blog (not that i've invented my words in essays but yeah you get my point). And the waves i had in the pictures above are totally man-made. It's SO unfair that some girls can get these naturally beautiful waves by just.... waking up in the morning but i have to tie my hair in a bun while it's still damp the night before and THEN, i wake up and get the waves. RAAAANT.

Marry You - Bruno Mars

Okay i'm writing this for the second time with a very mang zhang (frustrated) feeling because i accidentally deleted like 8/9 of the post that was 98.75% finished. Zzz!

Can you believe that it is possible to do something so beautiful yet meaningful that made the whole world "Awwwwww" and then the next moment did the something that made the whole world (cal blindfold yourself) go "WTF??????" or maybe it was just me. 

Anyway do you remember the song 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars?
In case you don't, here
This could be one of the best love song that was ever written in the modern music history. The lyrics made sense and gives false hope to people like me that there are guys that actually think that in real life. I linked it here so you can listen to it while you read the rest of the post because it's good like that x)

A very unrelated thing that just popped in my mind right now :
Can you believe Manglish words like 'lor, hor, aiyo, etc' that seemed so familiar to us Malaysians are actually so strange and unknown to other people? Okay actually i knew but to experience it myself is like wow. When i was chatting with someone i met from the States the other day and i accidentally used 'lor' (which means i was refraining myself from using it), i was asked what does it stands for. Hahahahahaha Manglish ftw!!!

Okay back to the original post

On the other hand, the song 'Marry You' is just trashy. Shame on you, Bruno Mars!
I shall scrutinize the lyrics verse by verse for you.

It’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Marriage definitely doesn't seem like something dumb and spontaneous to do to me. Does it to you?

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

The look in your eyes, still okay ah but does dancing juice makes you wanna marry someone? Oh and the word 'think' really pisses me off. You don't THINK you want to marry someone, you either WANT to or you DON'T. It's like someone asking you if you're a male or a female and you say "I think i'm a male..." -.-

Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go,
No one will know,
Come on girl.
Who cares if we’re trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow,
Shots of patron,
And it’s on girl.

I know it's a super Asian thing to get married and let the whole world know, but does your marriage have to be so secretive? It sounded like he's finding a secret bush at the corner to have a one night stand and he doesn't anyone to know -.-''''''''''

So whatcha wanna do?
Let’s just run girl.
If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool.
No, I won’t blame you;
It was fun girl.

Speaks for itself. Call me conservative but i do believe that a marriage is supposed to be forever. Till death do us apart. And it's written in the Bible too ahem.

Okay if you want to listen to it, here

Can you believe yesterday my colleague was playing this song over and over again on the big speakers we had in the shop? Bleh i could pull out my hair there and then if i didn't shout at him to change the song because i'm powerful like that (:

Another unrelated thing,
My dad just called me when i was writing this post and asked about his torrent downloading (but not about his daughter wtf) and then he asked if there's anything i want to say, and i brought up the topic about my degree. The other day he sort of gave me the green light to go find a place where i would want to do my degree and said if i really wanted to do my studies overseas or anything i can definitely talk to him and work it out (You know, the lunch that made me teary lol). AND NOW. He kept firing and asking me what's wrong with our local public university and why would i want to go overseas why would i even want to go to Singapore to work because it's such a kiasu place and i won't be living in a house but in an apartment (a shoe box, to be exact) WTF IS THIS LAH do i have a father with split personalities? Come on lah don't fcking give me false hope and then go stomping on it with your safety boots. I don't even know what am i supposed to do now.

Okay i shall stop before i become emo and make this into a super wordy post again with a mixed feeling of rage and grief kbye.

April 26, 2011

Finally pictures

Hello fellow beings.

I'm so sorry i just realised most of my previous posts were all very wordy and boring i suck as a blogger T.T
Anyway it's going to be almost 2 months after i started work and i think those of you NOT in TI haven't seen me in my perfectly hideous 'uniform', there.

I don't know what got into me but i kinda had a tad bit too much time before going to work today and i thought my hair looked fine today (although they look the same everyday lol) so i decided to....

Show you my very dirty mirror and 1/8 of my excessively messy room. Oh and a better view of what i'm wearing everyday to work. I'm telling you.... i can't even put what i'm trying to convey into words -.-

Oh wait i want to show you my black roots too.

Sorry i forgot to put it into macro mode so it's blurry but wth you can still see the colour right. My hair looks like shit now because my eeky natural hair is slowly taking over my head with black and curly-ish hair T.T
AND my previous hair colour is fading into a crazy lala colour so yeah i'm officially disgusting now.

Talking about lala, once there was this girl that i thought she was lala and then she said something like this to me "I don't want to buy those clothes that make me look like some lala, you know?" and then i was like "......" and being a polite person (ahem) i was like "Ooh ya ya i know right".

So, what exactly is the definition to being a lala? Points to ponder lol my blog is so intellectual right.

Ending the post with a picture of myself which accidentally appeared scary like shit.
HAHA have nightmares you beings x)

p/s : If you realised, i didn't watermark my pictures anymore because i'm too lazy like that and WHO WANTS TO STEAL MY PICTURES LA OMG -.- So yeah i'm back to watermark-less pictures (again)

April 24, 2011

Fake after all

So, the tweet. I suddenly don't feel like elaborating anymore now la haha so it really was a fake tweet =P I have a perfectly good reason okay so don't think i'm those people. You know, those that poses fake tweets and make lame excuses for them.

Okay i made that up but anyway the reason is that things changes quite often for me, as in like from good to bad and then back to good again and then it became bad-ish after awhile. So i'm not even sure i can keep up with myself, let alone blog about it. So yeah i'm gonna keep it to myself until it's all decided and sorted out-ish. I'm taking a day off to really really concentrate 101% and sort out some stuff IF i am able to. I hope i don't go emo by the end of the day (again) I HATE BEING TWENTY zzz.


What's going on with my life? Nothing really, besides being emo and boring and work. Did i mention emo? Something's wrong with me. I kinda got into a mild discussion with my dad about going into a local university and he gave me the yellow (not that much of a green yet) light to go look for a private university that's going to be recognised internationally and then somewhere along the discussion i became all teary and you have NO FREAKING IDEA how hard i tried to held back the tears (and from making myself look like a psycho who tears up for no reason at all). I'm on my period though. Does that help explain anything? No lah i don't really think hormones could do such a freaky thing to one's mind/body.. does it?

Right and i realised my posts nowadays are rather wordy. Sorry if you got bored. But somewhere along the way i got lazy to plug the cable from the camera to the USB port and then click here and there. I wish i have a camera with a bluetooth function. Or rather it's because there's nothing worthy of a picture in my life now. Sorry that i'm such an unenthusiastic blogger lol.

Oh. I started painting my nails again (: Itching for some new colours to spice of my life.

I'm currently holding the key to the shop i'm working in now stress giler ni.

I need a retail therapy. ASAP.

Okay imma sleep now happy easter everyone oyasumi (:

Not a fake tweet!

Sorry for being so emo in my previous post i don't know what got into me. No actually i know, it's life's decisions wtf.

Anyway i tweeted :

Thank you God for reading my mind blog (: Imma blog tonight!

April 22, 2011

Grass is greener on the other side.

Like literally okay. I don't get why Malaysian grass are so dull. I tried searching for a picture on my hard disk for comparison but that only made me realise i never even bothered to take pictures of Malaysian grass. But then again, there were no green pastures and meadows in Orlando, so wth la lol.

I've been thinking about the future a lot, especially in these few years where decision-making plays an important part in my life. Not to say i'm the only one thinking about it, because everyone goes through this stage too. Anyway, i've been thinking, and sometimes tried to draw an outline of how my life is going to be (playing God), especially in these past 2 days. Up to the extent that my mother said she flashed the headlamps at me this afternoon where she parked IN FRONT of my house and honked at me loudly (or so she claims), and i'm telling you, i didn't hear a thing. My friends visited me at my workplace today and said that i looked emo. I'M NOT EMO LA OKAY i was just thinking. Jeez. Girls really do over think too much.

Okay, so what was i thinking? Shitloads of stuff. Primarily about my tertiary education and my working life. As cliché or overrated as it sounds, i want to go some place else. Yes, i know, i hear everyone saying it nowadays too. With the cheap (or considerably cheap compared to those days) air tickets now, it is possible for everyone to go everywhere. Call it whatever you want, i want to broaden my horizons, open my eyes to the world, etc.

My dad wants me to wait for our local university acceptance letter, which i am still clueless which university i'm going to be accepted into, and whether their certificates for a degree would be accepted internationally or not. Because believe me, i've heard countless stories of people telling me otherwise. But fine, i'll listen and obey, like i did 2 years ago before accepting the offer to enroll in Lower Six in 2009. Like my SPM results, my STPM results were okay-ish, which means it is not good enough for me to apply for full scholarships but it is good enough for me to be accepted into local universities with a higher chance of getting in. Great. Just what i wanted.  But i couldn't complain considering the amount of effort and seriousness i put in. I'm just not the examination type.

Which leads me into.... working life. In the first place, i don't know if i will be regretting my decision of going into accountancy, because i know i am not the person to go to the same old office everyday, sitting in my same old desk and doing figures whole day long. I will hate my job, i will hate my life, i will hate everything around me, and finally i will fall into depression. So that's problem #1.

Problem #2 is that i want to work in the States. Why on earth does the States has to have a totally different education system than us? Because they can afford to do so and Britain has conquered Malaysia back in those days so we have to follow their education system. I have been thinking, and thinking, and researching, and looking, and reading, and hunting for a suitable pathway for me to do so. First is ADTP, which my dad clearly said no already because he has to pay for my brother's foundation and degree in some private university while i took STPM and am waiting to enroll in a local university for 9 months. Oh and some financial constraints that i seriously am not clear about too but bottom line is that I DON'T HAVE THE CASH ATM. So, next is i take a degree and take a CPA America by AICPA. But if i were to graduate with a degree from a local university, will it be recognised as a degree for me to take a CPA America? Oh and WE CAN'T TAKE THE EXAM IN MALAYSIA although i've asked 2 counsellors from some universities whether i can take it in Malaysia, and they said 'yes'. Before this, candidates have to fly all the way to the States to take the exam but in August they're having one in Japan so that it's easier for us Asians to take the exams. I read all these in their official site okay so if you think otherwise blame their website. But i'd appreciate if any of you have relatives or had experienced the pathway to get a CPA America yourself to share with me (:

I've summarized my 2 days of thinking into the above paragraph so bear with me if this is wordy and long winded. I just needed to rant and put my thoughts somewhere where someone could give me opinions and proper advises. Facebook is too public and my blog isn't public enough. So yeah so this is like a diary for me -.-

The question is, why the States? Am i brainwashed to think that the States is the 'land of opportunities'? (adapted from a book i'm reading recently) No, not really. I just think that if i were to go anywhere, i would go to the States, rather than Europe or the Land Down Under. I mean, why not? My sister's there. They have really cool stuff like Birchbox there :P Though their taxes are pretty heavy, but oh well. For instance, i never get English jokes. Like, seriously. Movies, or people i've met. (My aunt says that they ALWAYS start a conversation with the weather. What could possibly be a better starter for a conversation?) And Australia doesn't appear as an interesting place to me. Though i wouldn't mind visiting to both places. And i'm not 'influenced' to be like an ang moh nor am i denying my race. Believe me, i am very asian in a lot of ways. Like, i always, always, always eat my eggs with soy sauce, likes long hair, uses BB cream, has a flat chest, i pronounce three without the 'h' and i fight for the bill (at times). Anyway i've been told that Asians are very exotic, so i'm definitely sticking with Asian (: If anything, i find Asian guys appealing. Only if the guy doesn't have his hair sticking to his face on one side. And has typical Asian-like mind. You know what i mean.

For some reasons, i like travelling. Even if it's within the country. It would be better if my country has the Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls though. Maybe i'll make it a point to go travelling every now and then when i'm working in the future. The thing is, if i had no other choice but to be stuck in Malaysia, i'd like to spend my university years abroad.  But if that were to be in America, it's not gonna happen because my dad has this thing against me going there, meeting someone and settle down there. And we have a different education system. Bah. Welcome to the Asian family where parents have the say to everything although they always say "it's your life, you decide". Anyway none of these are going to happen now because i am going to be here. Not that it's not a good place. I like Malaysia. I love its food, and that it's a tropical country. Just too wet at times. And we don't get natural disasters, at least not yet. But if we do, the whole country will be wiped out omg. I can't decide whether i'm a pessimist or an optimist.

Anyhow... All these will just remain as an empty box which i haven't tick on my life's to-do list. Then again, it's not my decision to make. It's God's will. But sometimes i do wonder, do we just wait for God to show us a way, or do we make an effort to do something ourselves and God will guide us through? Zzzz i need loads of prayers. And answers.

Dam dam di dam. Woooooh.

April 11, 2011

I hate how some songs make me emo.

I hate you. For making me regret. For making me emo. For making me sneeze. For making me happy and sad at the same time.

April 6, 2011

One month now.

Why hello. Let me tell you a little about working in the sales department, from my one month's experience.

1. People expect every salesperson to have supersonic hearing because they'd just mumble and jumble up all the words in the softest voice possible, and expects u to hear them, and understand what they just spoke to themselves.

2. When mandarin speaking people comes in the shop and asks for 'pu tong', which in my understanding means normal (which means neither expensive nor cheap) because that's the literal meaning, they actually meant the cheapest in the range.

3. Your colleague aka senior would want u to tell the customers information that they are already reading because they will not be irritated and offended to be thought as illiterates attempting to read the information on the packaging.

4. There is this thing called salesgasm. It happens when someone came in just to say hi to u, and ended up buying a laptop from you because you talked them into it. Right at the moment where they say "Haihz.. Okay lah.", that's salesgasm (:

5. Being the top salesperson is like winning an Oscar award for best actress/actor.

6. Talking someone into buying something that they didn't intend to in the first place feels good. Pretty darn good, i must say. Even though you know you won't get any commission from doing that.

7. Working in a situation where you must talk almost all the time, you start to appreciate quiet mornings and nights where you don't need to deal with people, and spend some time alone by yourself. This doesn't make one a loner, or does it?

8. Your biggest fear is to run into someone that you ignored totally during your schooling days as your customer.

That's it, i guess. One month felt like four when you're working. It zooms by when you're schooling. Hmm. Anyway, 3 months to go before i can quit my job and splurge all the moneh on stuff x)