March 30, 2012

Back from the dead

Soooooo many things happened since the last time i blogged, i don't even know where to start! Well, at first it was because of the crappy internet issue i had with my landlord (or rather agent), and it was this and that... Mainly i had distractions because blogging isn't my career or priority in life, if you get what i mean.


Sissie came to Malaysia in January! (And yes, i'm fully aware it's 30th March right now tyvm) With her whole in-laws (:
For her Chinese wedding. It's kinda obligatory since we're Chinese, even though you get married to a Caucasian.. Or you'll be disowned by the family. I'm completely assuming that since my gramma gave a WTF face when my sister joked about not wanting to have a Chinese wedding in Malaysia. Sooo in the end she had it and this is a picture of us doing the 'yaaaaaaaaaam seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng' from the top of our lungs. I felt like a failed Chinese when my sister's father-in-law asked me about all the "why do you do this why do you do that " questions and i failed to answer. But he's a very obedient white man,

He just came with us and shouted "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" along. And if you can spot my daddy in the black shirt next to my uncle in the flower shirt at the bottom left corner, he's shouting at the top of his lungs and chugged down Black Labels like water (literally) cos he's so happy his first daughter is getting married wtf. He got a hangover for the whole day and sore throat for the next 3 days followed by a mild fever. The things alcohol and Chinese weddings can do to you... :)

I was the photographer for all the yam seng session and luckily i was wearing my ALDO heels so i'm tall enough to take pictures of them from the top..... But i didn't really do a great job cos my dress was pretty short and when i lift my hands up, they go up, so i had to pull then down every time and in that split second i was adjusting my dress, i miss some good shots :( So finally my super super super tall cousin offered to help me take pictures cos apparently he can "take better pictures since he got a height advantage" >.<

Oh well, i get to be in the picture, so i can't complain much. (Can you see my sister's father-in-law yelling "AAAAAAAAAA" next to me and my daddy's face getting all red from the yelling?) I still laugh every time i view these pictures back in my laptop :)

Le bride and le groom. Pre-party at Al Fresco before the wedding.

It's not the best picture i had of myself and of my sister, but it's the only picture we had together that night :( Well, since she's the bride loads of people wanna take pictures of her, so she's the celebrity of the night. And i did her awesome hair i should drop out of college and be a hairstylist wtf. And because she's the bride, she gets to hide behind me so i'll look fat and she won't, and i gotta oblige. Oh well, can't complain about it too. *shrug* I miss my sissy :(((((

I'll finish my sister's Chinese wedding with a picture of the cheeky bride with my super drunk daddy, with a cut on his hand which happened somewhere sometime somehow.

Got my picture taken by a friend working at the photo shop after a year of delaying and finally agreeing to it cos i had one whole month to spend at my hometown. The sun was too hot that day, making me look like a freaking white sheet of paper, and the photographer wasn't satisfied and wanted a "re-match". I thought they looked fine though :(

Went to  Felda Residence Hot Spring with my mummy and bro finally. Too bad my daddy needed to work :( Hahahahahahahaha this is a very funny picture of my mummy i don't know why it's funny but it looked so funny wtf lolololol

That's me trying my very very very hardest to dip my leg in the super super super hot water, in front of a chinese uncle who tried so hard to convince me to JUST DO IT. He was probably annoyed at me for being such a pussy about it, but guess what? I AM A FREAKING PUSSY OKAY LIVE WITH IT.

Okay lah actually he's just being nice, trying to give me moral support but he's a hellufa persistent guy at it.

I finally gave up. So i don't have hot water tolerance. Guess i'll have to live with it.

I've been trying very hard in my life to do the one eyebrow up one eyebrow down look like how Melanie professionally did it, but failed every single time. Maybe i'm just not born with the correct facial muscles :( I don't know how my bro did it but i look freaking out of proportion and thin in this picture, maybe it's the angle. Hmmmmmm

Celebrated my 21st birthday at Jogoya with mummy daddy and Aaron, and a 2 nights stay at JW Marriot. Thank you daddy for the awesome awesome meal and weekend :D

My dad helped us to took this picture and he laughed so hard after taking the picture, and when i asked he said it's because my brother looked like a principal next to me. Hahahahahahaha

Finally he smiled........ a bit. I guess he only smiles when he's at a bar or a club with a bottle of whiskey in his right hand and a hot chick in his left :(

Got my cartilage pierced. It was a living hell for the first 2 weeks when i couldn't sleep on my left side at all, and had a few sleepless nights when i accidentally slept on it and the pain woke me up :( Not to mention the countless times i accidentally touched it (not to mention the one time where my bro accidentally HIT it - i thought i was gonna die of pain that very day wtf). I don't know how am i gonna handle clubs in the near future, especially Rootz tonight :( I had my hair up for the past few weeks to avoid any unnecessary (painful) contact where my hair gets tangled up with my stud.. Wish my ear best of luck tonight!

Oh, here's a snapshot of me and my mauritian friends in Vertigo when Calvin Harris was there. It was sooooo jam-packed that night i was literally sweating buckets! And no my boobs aren't big it's just an optical illusion where my hair fell at the right place creating a fake cleavage. I still wish for the day my boobs will grow into a matured size..... one day...... one fine day.... :(

I got my hair permed like Medusa! :D I think it look awesome cos it looks messy and i have big hair now and i don't look as innocent as before. I think. And don't judge cos i just washed my hair in this picture so naturally it would be a little frizzy okaaaaay. Hmm.


I'm angry.

Oh wait.

I fried fish and cooked curry with the help of my friend Kailing :) Tastes good okay cos it was an instant curry packet hehehe but nonetheless my mummy was very proud of me :)))) And sissie said my curry looked nice so it's all fine ♥