October 18, 2012

This one year.

In case you're thinking that someone hacked into my Blogger account to update a post, you're thinking too much and it's just me somehow somewhere finally decided to click on 'Blogger' on my bookmarks bar (yes, it's on my bookmarks bar) after a century of ignoring it.

After every semester break, i would think "Hmmm maybe i should write a post about this semester", but somehow i've decided that sitting around doing God knows what on the laptop for hours seems more interesting. After my first year had ended, i was (quite) fired up to write a post as well, but....... Oh well. Anyways, with a huff and a puff, i'm currently in my first semester of second year for my bachelor's degree. I've even finished half of my first semester, to be precise. And of ALL the free time i had, i had the urge to blog when i'm supposed to be researching materials for my auditing assignment. Le sigh. The life of a college student is such. On a side note, i can't believe i've only written 14 posts ever since i've entered college life when i used to write a post a day, or sometimes even two!

It's funny how people go through transition, no? I'm not saying changes aren't good, cos i can't say i'm the same person i was before. Or rather, i can definitely say i'm not the same person i was anymore. What led me to feel melancholic tonight was when i've decided to read one of my favourite blog and felt how much she had changed since she was studying in the US. And the fact that many of my friends are graduating (i have a number of friends who are older than me) and shared their life transition stories and greatest fear after graduation with me, led me thinking too. Just yesterday i stumbled upon the best quote i could use at the moment ; Progress is impossible without change. And those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything - George Bernard Shaw. People experience so many things every day in their lives which gradually made them to what they are as of today, and that's not such a bad thing at all, isn't it? For those who say 1 year ain't a big difference do NOT know what they're talking about.

Let me just very (tremendously) quickly summarize what this past year has been for me, with visual aid some more okay cos i'm awesome like that. I think i will never, ever, EVER forget my management assignment which we took 3 days, almost 2 nights to finish. We went from SS15 starbucks to Sunway Pyramid's starbucks, to Sunway University's foyer, and also to HL's house (final stop before i walked back to Sun-U Residence to bathe and went straight for our morning class after).
Okay lah we were actually trying to get some very short power nap before continuing work again but HL wanted to take a picture so we were somewhat posing and also somewhat trying to get that rest we desperately need. This memory will forever be embedded in my mind, to serve as a reminder to NEVER do assignments last minute. Especially one which carries 30% weightage in your finals. No amount of concealer would cover my dark circles the next day! The amount of comments i got on my panda eyes made me wanna dig a hole in the sand and hide in there till it gets better.

We've somewhat expanded our little groupie. Despite the fact that i was in a Convent, primary and secondary school, i could say this is the first time i've grown so close to one particular group of girls in such depth. Progress, as i've mentioned :)

Had numerous trips to places around which eventually brought all of us closer to each other.

I have finally found friends who are willing to wear bikini (or bra, in some cases) with me to a beach! Le awesome awesome beach life. And thanks to a certain someone, i have somewhat rekindled my burning passion to go diving after my last scuba-dive in Form 1. I sooo wanna touch anemone again :(

Picture credis to Moh Moh, the girl on the far left. Cos she's a photography enthusiast like that. When i was still very active for my blog, i was somewhat taking pictures around too, just far far FAR less enthusiastic as her, and sometimes i even have a post in mind and i take pictures FOR that post. Artistic much? Hmmm :)

I've somewhat makeup more regularly, and by regularly i meant every day to school! Just basic eyeliner and mascara though. BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY........ *drum rolls* HG LINER AND HG MASCARA!!

Lo and behold! Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in black and Blinc mascara in black :) I have previously tried SO many eyeliners and geliners, but to no avail they all smear on me, some quite badly. WITH the help of primer, may i add. My oily lids are beyond help. But these two babies.. I wanna marry them over and over again cos they're so awesome like that! Oh and did i mention that these two are removable by ONLY WATER?? Hard to believe such great smudge-proof products could be washed off by mere water ey? I feel like i can take the world with these two babies in my bag :)

Coming next, the edgy me.

I have not mention that i had purple hair in my previous posts, did i? WEll i did :) And it was awesome..... While it lasted.

I was warned that these fashion colours do not last long, but it still hurts for it to go off so soon :( Despite the fact that i've gotten complements ALONG the fading process, i still prefer my original purple colour. In the middle it was kind of weird, where it was a little purple, pink and blonde at the end of my hair. 2 months have passed and it had went completely pink, and before i knew it.....

I'm now getting blonde-ish stripes in the midst of my brown hair with pink-ish highlights. No picture of the latest hair because it's not really a sight to see. Gotten numerous comments that my hair is super dry, not that i'm not aware of that but there's really nothing much to be done, isn't it? Maybe one day when i can't take the colour anymore i'll go back to black and then not do anything to my hair for a while for it to grow healthy....... and then decide what to do then, when it can take chemical treatments :)

I got married.

To my boyfriend HL! With super awesome wedding rings okay we're the most hip couple you can ever find bwahahaha okay cock-talking aside, our dear Emily got married :)

Okaaaay fine fine actually i'm just making an excuse to post a picture of me and Barney for her wedding reception because we looked like a mafia couple here! Partly because HE looks like a mafia himself and so happened that i was also wearing a black dress that day, and we were travelling to her wedding together.

Have you seen your calender? Well, it IS october now, so...........


It was a crazy month for me, for a NON-beer drinker to have so much beer just because there were so many good deals for good beers around. And also because i wanted to help my brother to collect these mugs, i actually drank 1L of Tiger beer *puke*. Have i also mentioned that i went out with this group of crazy friends who finished 2 barrels of Starker aromatic (on my request ♥ ) in 1.5 hours????  Well, it was a fun night despite the bloatedness we had to deal with afterwards.

Well i'm just gonna end the post here abruptly, mostly because my body is not how it was last time, and it does not favour late nights except when i'm out partying or am forced to due to assignments (ahhh the joy). I believe that my lifespan will shorten the more i stay up late so i 'save' them up for fun nights and occasions where i'm forced to do it. Short update of my one year as my comeback, but i can promise i won't be updating the next post after one year, because that is just wrong! I will take more pictures, because looking back through the pictures on my blog and hard disk are awesome like that :) Peace out!

p/s : Due to a certain someone's influence, i'm on Twitter a LOT more often than here, so do follow me there if you feel disconnected with me or my life.

June 17, 2012

It's Papa's Day!


Today in church, ActsTV had an awesome clip for Father's day (as usual). 
I laughed so much, but i also tried putting myself in a father's shoes in the midst of the laughing. 
Let me just quote a little of what i remembered from the clip.. Some fathers were saying "I want to go to mamak, i want to go futsal, but as you marry and kids come, you realise you can't just do all these anymore", "I think my kids look at me as the banker. But at least they look at me lah, 'cos if they don't look at me at all that's a problem", "When my daughter was born i joked with my wife that i'd buy a riffle when she reaches 16, just to make sure she's...um...safe. "

Funny as it is, but those are truly the things that a father worries about all the time.
A daddy does so much for you, y'know?

They work late hours, take a photo of themselves and e-mail them to their family members...
.. with the caption "Still working, oh!"

To pay for all those expensive gadgets you like to flash around to your friends.

Not to forget, paying for expensive trips half way across the globe for that lifetime experience.
While worrying throughout the whole trip that some crazy casanova white men will steal his 2nd daughter's heart thus creating the probability that she might be 24 hours away from him too.

When they miss their younger days where they're young and wild and free, 
They have pictures of their younger days with big bikes as their Facebook cover photo.
I never told daddy this, but there are a lot of people who told me my dad is cool. 
So daddy, thank you for being a cool dad when you're not gassing in public :)

Dwey dwey, ion and me love you and mommy aloooooooot!


Okay this is totally random but i found a nice picture of my friend and his father on my hdd while looking for pictures of my papa.
Happy father's day to Zhi Yuen senior too!!

June 16, 2012

Attitude of gratitude

*Back from being MIA*

Sorry it took so long for me to finally write a post, i wanted to write a post for sooooooooooo long and sooooooooo many times you wouldn't believe it, and i had it all pretty much drafted out in my head but when i got home the urge to write pretty much died down and i decided to go on facebook and twitter and waste my life away chatting. BUT!!!! Today i lifted my heavy fingers and came here, because i just came back from SJ1 Homes (Acts Church) and was pretty moved by what Jason (SJ1 Homes leader) talked to us about. When Rev Kenneth Chin (pastor of Acts Church)  shared about it, i wanted to write it down in my blog as well. So that one day i'll look back and reminisce on what has Acts Church done to my life, since i don't write journals. 

Today's Homes theme was about being thankful, in other words thanksgiving. In my opinion, from a Christian or a non-Christian perspective, it is pretty important to be thankful in life. However, to us Christians, it's even MORE important for us to be thankful, as God has sent His son to die on the cross for us. It is of utmost important for us to be thankful for everything we have in life. I also shared during group discussion how i'm trying my best to overcome this complaining habit i have *shy*. I'm taking one baby step at a time, and my Homes friends are SO encouraging and good to me (and generally they're like super good one) congratulated me for making the effort to improve. 

As Rev Kenneth Chin said, "The language of a thankful person is 'at least...'. An unthankful person always goes 'if only....'! ". This statement, i will embed it in my mind forever. I'm even starting my "5 things i'm thankful of today" on a daily basis tonight.  ALTHOUGH, it would be good to have dreams and try to achieve what you want :) But the key thing is to look at things positively, not negatively. I know the saying 'Action speaks louder than words', but I, too, really wish i could do it every day, because i think by doing this, it will give me a total different perspective of life, and be thankful of what i have and not to whine about everything that i don't have. Which happens really often if you notice. I'm not on blogger often now, so if you follow me on twitter you'd see that i complain a lot. When i say a lot, i meant A LOT. It won't happen overnight, but i'm trying alright? And yes i'm fully aware that i even have a tag 'rantings' for my blogger but i shall refrain from using it as much as possible, and eventually ever.

Since today is the grand opening of my "5 things i'm grateful of today", i shall put it down in my blog :) I tried tweeting it but that damned twitter has word limits. (Oops i meant at least i have blogger as an alternative.... :D ) 

1. It was really hazy today, and last time even BEFORE the haze starts to sink in, i would start getting breathing difficulties and fall sick. I wanna thank God that i'm still healthy and walking around (although i took precaution - mask) in the haze now.

2. This is a little overdue, but i also wanna thank God that i finished the assignments on time, though late, and last minute, but we finished it with all the hard work everyone had put in. I was complaining a lot throughout the whole assignment, but it is done and it will be the past right now :) 

3. I'm moving to this new awesome place, where i will be living on top of a MALL. USJ19 City Mall, to be exact. Not a grand mall, but it's still a mall. At first i wasn't really psyched about the idea of moving AWAY from my school, and AWAY from all the campus mate i had made friends with in Lagoon View Resort Condominium (confession - i'm STILL not psyched about it, no thanks to Elysia who told me she'll be sad when i move away. Who will come to my room and talk about random stuff when i'm in usj19?! And my bro don't count) But i believe that God will provide a way for me to still come to college and study with my mates, and also to hang out. I'm moving further, but at least i'm not super far away. And i won't have to worry about food or groceries ever again, because now i have easy access to  Sunway Pyramid which i will be parking and also USJ19 City Mall. Score!

4. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuper grateful when i noticed this new shop in Pyramid called Holika Holika, and i kind of bugged my friends to let me go there after we had lunch. I'm so so so so happy i found the existence of this shop, because their nail polishes are the most AWESOME THING!!! For RM8.80, you could get a super pigmented polish with easy application, fairly good lasting power AND a variety of super chio colours to choose from! I don't know how did they do it with that price, but it's so awesome i'm gonna cry. My friends bought a few bottles each too, from that one visit. And i went there again to buy more bottles. It's THAT awesome.

5. Though i will be moving away, and i still do complain about them not throwing out the trash, i am honestly grateful that i had great housemates. No problems like them bringing noisy friends over at 3am, or any of them being extremely dirty or worse case scenario, unfriendly. I had friendly (and cute) housemates all these while, and i'm really thankful for that great experience whether it's in Sun-U Residence or Lagoon View. Thanks for good housemates all these while, and now i'm going to live with my little baby brother who is going to cook mee mamak for me when i'm hungry :) [Thanks for that particular one housemate which i'm truly grateful about too ]

Sorry they're a little lengthy cos i had to explain what was it before i could say why i'm grateful for it. That sums up pretty everything, and have a great weekend people! Peace out!

April 28, 2012

Get Hired 2012 (Career Network Tea & SPARC forum)


Disclaimer : ALL the pictures uploaded in this post are not taken by me, but stolen from ACS's facebook page. 

Anyways i should be advertising Get Hired 2012 earlier before the event but LOL sorry because at that point of time i thought the days where i get engaged in club activities are long gone so i'll just laze around during my college life, but how wrong was i to think like that..

So, here i am in the midst of all the other volunteers helping out Irene to make sure the Career Network Tea of Get Hired 2012 was a success, and this is the ushering group to make sure the employers don't end up in our cafeteria instead of the event hall.

Participating in this event has given me experiences i've never encountered in college, i.e. sweating buckets

That's us, the usherers, talking and fanning ourselves with the map given to us so that we don't get lost leading the employers (which i failed miserably wtf i kept leading them to wrong places i should be hung to death) and the lecturer in charge (yellow) was telling us not to do that cos apparently it's an 'ugly and unprofessional' act. So we have to sweat like hell and stand in a nice line lor!

And since i wasn't aware that we had to walk from the foyer, up a flight of stairs, into the baking elevator, and make a few turns to the hall, help them set up, and walk all the way back down, i wore heels cos i'm vain like that. And by the end of the ushering period which was 8 to 10.30am, my feet was aching but as a woman i have to suck it up and act like it's not pain at all wtf. Actually i did complain lah (duhhh) but it was kind of clear that i brought this upon myself so i wasn't seeking for any sympathy but just for the sake of complain, and poor Kailing was my victim.

Here are the 40 over participating companies, except Citibank who bailed on us last minute.
As you can see, A LOT of reputable and big companies participated in this event and it's a rare chance to get to find out about stuff you need to know to be in the working force.

Amidst all these, i was thinking how lucky we are to have these events organised for us, instead of us having to go company by company for enquiries and stuff. How spoilt our generation are, and we still don't appreciate these services and events made to make our already easy life easier.

During high school days, colleges had booths set up in school halls for us, just like how these companies set up booths for college students. Although these events are targeted for final years, it's never too early to gain knowledge or information. I'm partially glad that Irene asked me to help out in this event. I'll let you guys know at the end of the post why i'm only partially grateful.

Here's the opening ceremony held in one of the lecture theatres, in which attendance was full house. However, there were rumours saying that there was actually a lecture which was supposed to take place in that particular lecture theatre and the students went in and sat there without knowing it's the opening ceremony for Get Hired 2012. Oh well, i was there just for a split second before being summoned back to the ushering business cos there were not enough manpower downstairs.

If you can see up front, there are 2 men sitting on sofas talking to each other, and that is the interview session led by our Accounting and Commerce Society (ACS) advisor, Kishenjeet as the moderator with Mr.Johan Merican from TalentCorp (one of the organisers for this event).

Here is the fish eye effect (i THINK that's the term for it, so don't tembak me if i'm wrong, photography enthusiasts!) of where the whole shebang took place, in our Sunway University's Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH)

Some important people of the Sunway Group and TalentCorp making their entrance into the hall with super corporate smiles and white teeth *oozing with envy*

As some of the volunteers were gathering around during breakfast time chattering away, we were asked to take pictures with these important guys making a fake "they are telling us what's in the book" poses but in fact we were just laughing at how handsome Datuk Jeffery Cheah is in the book lol.

Note to self : MUST do something about your oily face wtf

And then there was this SPARC forum held at the students' centre. Well, since me and my friends were volunteers of the Career Network Tea, we asked permission from our department leaders whether we can curi tulang and attend the forum cos it sounded very interesting and informative and guess what? We got a YES! Thank you Min Hong for being an aaaaawesome leader.

It was a really great forum, led by Nuffnang, Groupon and Google Malaysia (accordingly).

I was soooo bummed that almost nobody knew what Nuffnang is! I guess not everyone is into blogging ads or stuff like this.. Anyway, the dude in the centre was kind of the centre of attention, since he's only 29 and he used to be in the entertainment industry, and the emcee told us to listen to what he said and not just focus on his looks. I only thought he looked good after he stood up and started talking. Maybe it's the charisma he's portraying? Somehow i thought he looked like the better version of David Choi, don't you think so too?

Anyhow, since he graduated with an engineering degree from Monash, he was telling us the process where he got interested in the business field while he was studying engineering, and how he snuck into business subject lectures and photocopied notes from his business studies friends. And he also made a statement where there's this stereotype where the not-so-smart people would naturally study Arts subject, and he totally said this just to prove us it's wrong and he didn't have any ill intentions, but somehow the Google Malaysia dude was somehow offended cos he graduated with a bachelor's in history. Hahaha. Well, he kind of laughed it off as a joke but there was (obviously) hidden meanings in his sentence "well, because i did History for my bachelor's so i'm not a smart person, according to Joel (the Groupon guy)". And we laughed. And they laughed. Then i think everyone forgot about it except that the Google Malaysia guy would be cursing Groupon guy in his sleep(?)

Well, after that it was tea time and then we wrapped up.

Okay lah i was lazy to tell you guys TalentCorp had this ICQ quiz thing on the stage and there was chance for us to win iPad 2, iPod and Golden Class tickets but i was kind of half-hearted when i tried the quiz and i didn't really made an effort to study the stuff before answering. Kinda regretted it though, since it was pretty easy and it was MCQ questions. Oh well, laziness come with a price. Although it was partly because i literally couldn't feel my feet anymore!

After helping all the employers to keep everything and back to the foyer, we had kind of a wrap-up meeting to sum everything and Irene was thanking us for helping her out. Well, her thank-you mini speech wasn't phrased in the best way possible, but her gratitude came through all in all.

Meanwhile i was holding in my pain in a poker face wtf but i wanna thank my friend's gf for lending me her flats for about 30 mins when we were helping to clear things up cos at that point i really thought i was going to die. Like seriously. Literally. No exaggeration. And i didn't even care about my super messy hair and oily face, and also slightly smeared makeup towards the end (5.30pm! That's about 9 hours on these babies, minus the 30 mins i was on flats). Well, everyone else was smart enough to bring flats with them to change but since i was kind of rushing in the morning i forgot to bring, though i planned to bring my flats the night before. Oh well.

And, the obligatory group picture :

Though fatigued, everyone made an effort to smile for the camera (: Truth is, there's this girl holding Nicholas's camera and she took like 50 shots and asked us to hold our smiles and she went experimenting flash, without flash, different angles and stuff. Wtf now i know the pain of being a model and have to smile continuously for the camera.

Lastly, picture of the president of ACS (left) - which i suspect is the photographer of these pictures which i have stolen too since he had a dslr around his neck the whole time and took lots of pictures during the event, and judging from the angle of the pictures i would guess it's him (detective mode) and the president of the Golden Key (GK) society. Just giving credits to the photographer :)

SO. Any of you guys reading this and happens to be a student or future student of Sunway University should definitely join Get Hired 2013 (i was told it was held last year so i'd assume there's one next year too) or the next Get Hired programme by ACS! It'll totally benefit you inside out! i.e. how i learnt to NEVER forget to bring flats to an event like these so i'll prevent my feet feeling numb from thursday till now (it's saturday btw). Of course, and a lot of other experiences like having the opportunity to speak to a lot of important people during networking session and also the Q&A sessions at the end of forums.

April 13, 2012

Changes i don't like

"Hi, do you have a Facebook account?"

What happened to the good 'ol "Hi, what's your name?" or "Hey sexy, who are you?" or any oldest trick in the book pick up line? Okay maybe the second one only happens in movie, but don't people nowadays prefer to know one's name before knowing whether the person has a Facebook account or not? It pisses me off so much i want to say "Yeah i have one and the name is FUCK OFF LOSER" but i can't cos i'm a nice person wtf T.T That can only happen in movies (again) cos Sunway University is generally not big, so you bump into people very often, and rumors like "I slept with that chick" or "That chick sleeps around for money" or "That chick is actually a dude" might circulate around, and your entire college days would be ruined! This might sound exaggerated but it might totally happen cos college is a dramatic place. After all, i've personally experienced a Gossip Girl drama on my very first semester in college already.

Though i wasn't the main character, but Princess F still appeared in Gossip Girl's blogspot.... Along with printscreens of my Facebook! Oh drama drama drama.. And no, i don't watch Gossip Girl but i plan to soon since my brother kept pestering me to watch..... and a few other guy friends. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?!

*cough* Sorry i get off-track. Anyway, Facebook. People find it easier to make friends through the net, particularly Facebook, than to interact face to face. You might not know this (guys or girls), but having the courage to say "Hi" actually adds a point to your scoreboard. Yes, everyone has a scoreboard and don't try denying it cos even though it's not in points form there's a certain way you evaluate an individual, yes? Well, in some poor guy's defense, some girls do think that they are freaks when they try to approach the girl in person, but that's due to your lack of confidence and balls. If you don't have either then don't bother picking up random chicks. Seriously. I miss those B.F (before Facebook) days. Though that time it would be phone numbers, but at least that's more personal and you don't go stalking one's profile to know a person instead of the good 'ol getting-to-know-you small talks over coffee..... or Tutti Frutti :)

I was in my hometown for a few days last week, and i noticed some shops in Glutton Square are using disposable chopsticks and polystyrene plates instead of the plastic ones they used to use. Don't they care for the environment at all? :S Despite the statistics saying that Gen Y care most about our environment, that's only because the environment is getting from bad to worse, no thanks to these people who does not care to contribute to curb this problem at all. Oh well, i shouldn't be complaining too much since i'm using the A/C almost everyday in school and in my own room (which does not have a fan nor a place to put a stand fan - in my defense).................. Back when i was young, which was not very far back, SOME stalls actually still used melamine bowls but plastic chopsticks were widely used since it's dropped super often and it might cost more to buy chopsticks than ingredients wtf (speaking from experience at home).

Well, i know change is constant, and we, the older generation have to cope with the technological changes that happens around us, but i just don't like it :( There was this video by JinnyboyTV, a local group of people who hit 1 million views for their MY GENERASI youtube clip :

Brings back memories of my childhood B.F, except the Batu Seremban and bottle caps part cos i sucked at them. By the way, when i said it brings back memories doesn't mean i would like to go back to that point of time, and somehow i don't miss my high school days. Does that mean i'm not sentimental? Nope, i'm just contented with my life and grateful that God had brought me this far in life :) Though i'm not so happy with the changes around me...

March 30, 2012

Back from the dead

Soooooo many things happened since the last time i blogged, i don't even know where to start! Well, at first it was because of the crappy internet issue i had with my landlord (or rather agent), and it was this and that... Mainly i had distractions because blogging isn't my career or priority in life, if you get what i mean.


Sissie came to Malaysia in January! (And yes, i'm fully aware it's 30th March right now tyvm) With her whole in-laws (:
For her Chinese wedding. It's kinda obligatory since we're Chinese, even though you get married to a Caucasian.. Or you'll be disowned by the family. I'm completely assuming that since my gramma gave a WTF face when my sister joked about not wanting to have a Chinese wedding in Malaysia. Sooo in the end she had it and this is a picture of us doing the 'yaaaaaaaaaam seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeng' from the top of our lungs. I felt like a failed Chinese when my sister's father-in-law asked me about all the "why do you do this why do you do that " questions and i failed to answer. But he's a very obedient white man,

He just came with us and shouted "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" along. And if you can spot my daddy in the black shirt next to my uncle in the flower shirt at the bottom left corner, he's shouting at the top of his lungs and chugged down Black Labels like water (literally) cos he's so happy his first daughter is getting married wtf. He got a hangover for the whole day and sore throat for the next 3 days followed by a mild fever. The things alcohol and Chinese weddings can do to you... :)

I was the photographer for all the yam seng session and luckily i was wearing my ALDO heels so i'm tall enough to take pictures of them from the top..... But i didn't really do a great job cos my dress was pretty short and when i lift my hands up, they go up, so i had to pull then down every time and in that split second i was adjusting my dress, i miss some good shots :( So finally my super super super tall cousin offered to help me take pictures cos apparently he can "take better pictures since he got a height advantage" >.<

Oh well, i get to be in the picture, so i can't complain much. (Can you see my sister's father-in-law yelling "AAAAAAAAAA" next to me and my daddy's face getting all red from the yelling?) I still laugh every time i view these pictures back in my laptop :)

Le bride and le groom. Pre-party at Al Fresco before the wedding.

It's not the best picture i had of myself and of my sister, but it's the only picture we had together that night :( Well, since she's the bride loads of people wanna take pictures of her, so she's the celebrity of the night. And i did her awesome hair i should drop out of college and be a hairstylist wtf. And because she's the bride, she gets to hide behind me so i'll look fat and she won't, and i gotta oblige. Oh well, can't complain about it too. *shrug* I miss my sissy :(((((

I'll finish my sister's Chinese wedding with a picture of the cheeky bride with my super drunk daddy, with a cut on his hand which happened somewhere sometime somehow.

Got my picture taken by a friend working at the photo shop after a year of delaying and finally agreeing to it cos i had one whole month to spend at my hometown. The sun was too hot that day, making me look like a freaking white sheet of paper, and the photographer wasn't satisfied and wanted a "re-match". I thought they looked fine though :(

Went to  Felda Residence Hot Spring with my mummy and bro finally. Too bad my daddy needed to work :( Hahahahahahahaha this is a very funny picture of my mummy i don't know why it's funny but it looked so funny wtf lolololol

That's me trying my very very very hardest to dip my leg in the super super super hot water, in front of a chinese uncle who tried so hard to convince me to JUST DO IT. He was probably annoyed at me for being such a pussy about it, but guess what? I AM A FREAKING PUSSY OKAY LIVE WITH IT.

Okay lah actually he's just being nice, trying to give me moral support but he's a hellufa persistent guy at it.

I finally gave up. So i don't have hot water tolerance. Guess i'll have to live with it.

I've been trying very hard in my life to do the one eyebrow up one eyebrow down look like how Melanie professionally did it, but failed every single time. Maybe i'm just not born with the correct facial muscles :( I don't know how my bro did it but i look freaking out of proportion and thin in this picture, maybe it's the angle. Hmmmmmm

Celebrated my 21st birthday at Jogoya with mummy daddy and Aaron, and a 2 nights stay at JW Marriot. Thank you daddy for the awesome awesome meal and weekend :D

My dad helped us to took this picture and he laughed so hard after taking the picture, and when i asked he said it's because my brother looked like a principal next to me. Hahahahahahaha

Finally he smiled........ a bit. I guess he only smiles when he's at a bar or a club with a bottle of whiskey in his right hand and a hot chick in his left :(

Got my cartilage pierced. It was a living hell for the first 2 weeks when i couldn't sleep on my left side at all, and had a few sleepless nights when i accidentally slept on it and the pain woke me up :( Not to mention the countless times i accidentally touched it (not to mention the one time where my bro accidentally HIT it - i thought i was gonna die of pain that very day wtf). I don't know how am i gonna handle clubs in the near future, especially Rootz tonight :( I had my hair up for the past few weeks to avoid any unnecessary (painful) contact where my hair gets tangled up with my stud.. Wish my ear best of luck tonight!

Oh, here's a snapshot of me and my mauritian friends in Vertigo when Calvin Harris was there. It was sooooo jam-packed that night i was literally sweating buckets! And no my boobs aren't big it's just an optical illusion where my hair fell at the right place creating a fake cleavage. I still wish for the day my boobs will grow into a matured size..... one day...... one fine day.... :(

I got my hair permed like Medusa! :D I think it look awesome cos it looks messy and i have big hair now and i don't look as innocent as before. I think. And don't judge cos i just washed my hair in this picture so naturally it would be a little frizzy okaaaaay. Hmm.


I'm angry.

Oh wait.

I fried fish and cooked curry with the help of my friend Kailing :) Tastes good okay cos it was an instant curry packet hehehe but nonetheless my mummy was very proud of me :)))) And sissie said my curry looked nice so it's all fine ♥