November 11, 2010


cough. 34 more days to TOTAL FREEDOM  for 6 whole months omg it makes all the senses in my body to go trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (vibrating sound, lol) everytime i think of that :)

this is even better than SPM cos it's the final LAST of school life and the moronic exam system. seriously. i hate having to study and study and study for a millenium, and THEN they have ONE exam, and judge u based on that one exam.

i have short term memory loss and i hate it.

anyways i think i recall saying that i won't be updating my blog until stpm ends. HAHA I TOTALLY LIED, unintentionally.

but this time.

i'll totally refrain from touching

15 DECEMBER 2010, 11.00am

i'll be waiting for you :)

my dad asked me to register into YES and i did. wth does it do actually? pffft.

November 9, 2010

STPM books for sale II

Here are some ('some' is an understatement lol) books and stuff that my friend is selling for STPM students who are taking Pengajian Am, Sejarah, Bahasa Melayu, Ekonomi and Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

Please read the following before proceeding : 

(i) I DO NOT own these books, my friend does.
(ii) If u have any enquiries, please contact me through my e-mail or my personal cell if u have my number and NOT the chatbox. You can leave your comments on this post since they go to my e-mail too.
(iii) NO bargaining, i did not set the prices.
(iv) You can only collect the books after 16th December 2010.
(v) This friend of mine is ultra peculiar about his books, so all of the books below are in perfect condition. No dog ears whatsoever, and all are plastic wrapped (yes, including exercise books).

Pengajian Am
1. Contoh Karangan Terbaik, Oxford Fajar (OF) RM10
2. ACE AHEAD Kertas 1 & 2 (K1 & K2), OF RM15
3. Teks Efektif, Penerbit Ilmu Bakti Sdn. Bhd RM15
4. PA STPM (K1 & K2) , Local Publications * RM15
5. PA STPM (K2), Local Publications* RM10
6. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan 1999-2004, Longman RM10
7. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan (K1) 2005 - 2009, OF RM5
8. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan (K2) 2005 - 2009, OF RM5
9. Effective Practise (K1), OF RM5
10. Effective Practise (K2), OF RM5
11. Praktis Tubi A, Bahagian D & E, Penerbit Ilmu Bakti Sdn. Bhd. RM5
* not available in market anymore

Note : 
 - Purchase of RM50 and above, free all Trial papers (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
 - Purchase of RM80 and above, free personal extra notes.

1. Dunia (Textbook), OF RM15
2. Islam (Textbook), OF RM15
3. Malaysia (Textbook), OF RM15
4. Asia (Textbook), OF RM15
5. Dunia (Textbook), Longman RM18
6. Islam (Textbook), Longman RM18
7. Malaysia (Textbook), Longman RM18
8. Asia (Textbook), Longman RM18
9. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan 1999 - 2004, Longman RM10
10. Q&A, Longman RM10
11. Kertas Soalan Cadangan Jawapan 2005 - 2009 *(K1 & K2) and 8 set practices, OF RM10
*photostated version

Note : 
- Purchase of RM80 and above, free 2008 - 2010 Trial papers from all states and Buku Soalan Ramalan, Adabi.

Bahasa Melayu
1. Teks Pra-U (K1), Longman RM18
2. Teks Pra-U (K2), Longman RM18
3. Contoh Karangan Terbaik, OF RM10
4. Teks ACE AHEAD, OF RM15
5. Effective Practise (K1), OF RM5
6. Effective Practise (K2), OF RM5
7. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan 1994 - 2004, Longman RM10
8. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan 2005 - 2009, OF RM5

Note : 
- Purchase of RM50 and above, free 2008 - 2010 Trial papers from all states
- Purchase of RM80 and above, free personal extra notes for K2

( everything comes in Mikroekonomi and Makroekonomi )
1. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan 1994 - 2004, Longman RM10
2. ACE AHEAD Edisi ke-2 (plus 2009 question papers), OF RM15
3. Lembaran Efektif, Federal 2010 RM5
4. Kertas Soalan & Cadangan Jawapan (2005 - 2008) and 6 sets of practices, OF RM5
5. Effective Practice, OF RM5
6. Panduan Menjawab Bahagian B & C, Federal RM5
7. Teks Pra-U, Longman RM18

Note : 
 - Purchase of RM50 and above, free 2008 - 2010 Trial papers from all states
 - Purchase of RM80 and above, free MPM's skema sebenar makroekonomi (2002 - 2009)

1. Mrs. Cleome's tuition notes
2. Skills Preparation & Practice, Federal
3. Complete Revision & Practice Book, Penerbit SAP
4. Effective Practice, OF
5. Actual MUET Exam Papers 2008 and 2009, OF

RM50 for all of the above ( 1,2,3,4,5)

Oh, and if u're from science stream, and interested in buying STPM books, please click HERE.

exam blues

This blue nail look rocks!
I totally nailed the evil look, did i?
Haha i look like crap now so i need to shield my face >.<
I love peel off nail varnishes they're awesome!
they're both different colours though.
the one on the right is from my pinky. 

November 1, 2010


haha. typical me. :)

this and that.

I'm on a facebook fast now. haha. not that i was a facebook addict before, i just log in almost everyday but i don't stay on it for more than 15 minutes each 'session'. haha anyways i filtered facebook notification messages in my gmail.

It's no biggie besides the fact that i'm missing out quite alot of updates about my friends (classmates). cos their lives practically revolve around facebook, so they update stuff about them quite often on their status and then talk about it in school. it's like, they say smth, and i go "whaaat?" and they say "oh, it was on her status yesterday". =.=

Not like it's anything new, cos most of them update their status in chinese and i couldn't freaking read them if they start typing some difficult words and i gotta use the Google translator for it. Google translator translates like shit, but the message goes through. haha.

I just realised i couldn't study like the way i used to. in form 5. not that i just realised it, but it just HIT me hard now, y'know? lol. i'm tired of studying. bleh.

I'm getting fatter and fatter by the day even though i've cut back on junk food and tonnes of chocolate intakes and ice cream and cheese and milk and toasts with thick layer of butter and all those. didn't say i stopped taking them, but i've definitely cut back. i'm even eating OATS now for crying out loud -.- I NEED LIPOSUCTION!
and plastic surgery to fix my nose. i think my eyes are shrinking. my boobs too. but my flabs are growing.
bangs head on the wall lol.

I need killer stillettos. no. i need more flats. i'm getting vericose veins it's so annoying i wanna cry T.T from now on i gotta wear heels only to functions and stuff that i'm not gonna stand for too long. i hope i can keep that personal oath lol heels are impossible to resist! i have a thousand things to buy but i have so little money. i wanna work and earn money and buy a gazillion stuff.

I just learnt contouring and it rocks my socks! [haha adapted the socks thing from youth fellowship 2 weeks ago. rhymes, doesn't it?]

I think my perm is getting a little loser. but still so darn small :S

Oh, and i'm starting to embrace the beauty of having black hair. but i'm comparing myself to those super hawt korean actresses which is not a good comparison but wth i'm an asian :) i've always thought of how to fit dying my hair into my busy schedule between finishing my exam and going to KL to catch my flight. but i think i'll give it a rest and dye my hair when i'm back from the states.

Okay enough slacking. back to studying again. sigh. what life do i have?