June 17, 2012

It's Papa's Day!


Today in church, ActsTV had an awesome clip for Father's day (as usual). 
I laughed so much, but i also tried putting myself in a father's shoes in the midst of the laughing. 
Let me just quote a little of what i remembered from the clip.. Some fathers were saying "I want to go to mamak, i want to go futsal, but as you marry and kids come, you realise you can't just do all these anymore", "I think my kids look at me as the banker. But at least they look at me lah, 'cos if they don't look at me at all that's a problem", "When my daughter was born i joked with my wife that i'd buy a riffle when she reaches 16, just to make sure she's...um...safe. "

Funny as it is, but those are truly the things that a father worries about all the time.
A daddy does so much for you, y'know?

They work late hours, take a photo of themselves and e-mail them to their family members...
.. with the caption "Still working, oh!"

To pay for all those expensive gadgets you like to flash around to your friends.

Not to forget, paying for expensive trips half way across the globe for that lifetime experience.
While worrying throughout the whole trip that some crazy casanova white men will steal his 2nd daughter's heart thus creating the probability that she might be 24 hours away from him too.

When they miss their younger days where they're young and wild and free, 
They have pictures of their younger days with big bikes as their Facebook cover photo.
I never told daddy this, but there are a lot of people who told me my dad is cool. 
So daddy, thank you for being a cool dad when you're not gassing in public :)

Dwey dwey, ion and me love you and mommy aloooooooot!


Okay this is totally random but i found a nice picture of my friend and his father on my hdd while looking for pictures of my papa.
Happy father's day to Zhi Yuen senior too!!

June 16, 2012

Attitude of gratitude

*Back from being MIA*

Sorry it took so long for me to finally write a post, i wanted to write a post for sooooooooooo long and sooooooooo many times you wouldn't believe it, and i had it all pretty much drafted out in my head but when i got home the urge to write pretty much died down and i decided to go on facebook and twitter and waste my life away chatting. BUT!!!! Today i lifted my heavy fingers and came here, because i just came back from SJ1 Homes (Acts Church) and was pretty moved by what Jason (SJ1 Homes leader) talked to us about. When Rev Kenneth Chin (pastor of Acts Church)  shared about it, i wanted to write it down in my blog as well. So that one day i'll look back and reminisce on what has Acts Church done to my life, since i don't write journals. 

Today's Homes theme was about being thankful, in other words thanksgiving. In my opinion, from a Christian or a non-Christian perspective, it is pretty important to be thankful in life. However, to us Christians, it's even MORE important for us to be thankful, as God has sent His son to die on the cross for us. It is of utmost important for us to be thankful for everything we have in life. I also shared during group discussion how i'm trying my best to overcome this complaining habit i have *shy*. I'm taking one baby step at a time, and my Homes friends are SO encouraging and good to me (and generally they're like super good one) congratulated me for making the effort to improve. 

As Rev Kenneth Chin said, "The language of a thankful person is 'at least...'. An unthankful person always goes 'if only....'! ". This statement, i will embed it in my mind forever. I'm even starting my "5 things i'm thankful of today" on a daily basis tonight.  ALTHOUGH, it would be good to have dreams and try to achieve what you want :) But the key thing is to look at things positively, not negatively. I know the saying 'Action speaks louder than words', but I, too, really wish i could do it every day, because i think by doing this, it will give me a total different perspective of life, and be thankful of what i have and not to whine about everything that i don't have. Which happens really often if you notice. I'm not on blogger often now, so if you follow me on twitter you'd see that i complain a lot. When i say a lot, i meant A LOT. It won't happen overnight, but i'm trying alright? And yes i'm fully aware that i even have a tag 'rantings' for my blogger but i shall refrain from using it as much as possible, and eventually ever.

Since today is the grand opening of my "5 things i'm grateful of today", i shall put it down in my blog :) I tried tweeting it but that damned twitter has word limits. (Oops i meant at least i have blogger as an alternative.... :D ) 

1. It was really hazy today, and last time even BEFORE the haze starts to sink in, i would start getting breathing difficulties and fall sick. I wanna thank God that i'm still healthy and walking around (although i took precaution - mask) in the haze now.

2. This is a little overdue, but i also wanna thank God that i finished the assignments on time, though late, and last minute, but we finished it with all the hard work everyone had put in. I was complaining a lot throughout the whole assignment, but it is done and it will be the past right now :) 

3. I'm moving to this new awesome place, where i will be living on top of a MALL. USJ19 City Mall, to be exact. Not a grand mall, but it's still a mall. At first i wasn't really psyched about the idea of moving AWAY from my school, and AWAY from all the campus mate i had made friends with in Lagoon View Resort Condominium (confession - i'm STILL not psyched about it, no thanks to Elysia who told me she'll be sad when i move away. Who will come to my room and talk about random stuff when i'm in usj19?! And my bro don't count) But i believe that God will provide a way for me to still come to college and study with my mates, and also to hang out. I'm moving further, but at least i'm not super far away. And i won't have to worry about food or groceries ever again, because now i have easy access to  Sunway Pyramid which i will be parking and also USJ19 City Mall. Score!

4. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuper grateful when i noticed this new shop in Pyramid called Holika Holika, and i kind of bugged my friends to let me go there after we had lunch. I'm so so so so happy i found the existence of this shop, because their nail polishes are the most AWESOME THING!!! For RM8.80, you could get a super pigmented polish with easy application, fairly good lasting power AND a variety of super chio colours to choose from! I don't know how did they do it with that price, but it's so awesome i'm gonna cry. My friends bought a few bottles each too, from that one visit. And i went there again to buy more bottles. It's THAT awesome.

5. Though i will be moving away, and i still do complain about them not throwing out the trash, i am honestly grateful that i had great housemates. No problems like them bringing noisy friends over at 3am, or any of them being extremely dirty or worse case scenario, unfriendly. I had friendly (and cute) housemates all these while, and i'm really thankful for that great experience whether it's in Sun-U Residence or Lagoon View. Thanks for good housemates all these while, and now i'm going to live with my little baby brother who is going to cook mee mamak for me when i'm hungry :) [Thanks for that particular one housemate which i'm truly grateful about too ]

Sorry they're a little lengthy cos i had to explain what was it before i could say why i'm grateful for it. That sums up pretty everything, and have a great weekend people! Peace out!