May 31, 2011

Shopping spree

I had fun these 4 days i was missing. Hahaha i bet everyone was missing me because I WAS SNEEZING LIKE MAD EVERY SINGLE DAY. Or someone was cursing me.
Either way, running nose didn't stop me from having fun at the mall. I think i'm getting better at shopping. As in like i get good deals.
Note : the title of the post is shopping spree, not spending spree. Hah!


Okay i didn't say i'm a good shopper i just said i'm getting better. Because i really didn't need 6 more tops, and what i really 'need' are killer heels, bags and shorts. But tops are so much more easier to hunt for! *grunt
Sigh and i told myself that i wouldn't get more clothes this trip BEFORE coming here. Bah. So much for self-discipline.

But somewhere along the way, i started to value money more than i did before working. Like, i'd start comparing how many painstaking days i had to endure at work for the amount of money i was going to spend on a pair of earrings, and then i'd put it down again. THEN I SPENT 2 HOURS WALKING AROUND IN FAHRENHEIT AND CAME OUT WITH NOTHING.
Okay that isn't entirely true, because i bought a nail varnish from Nature Republic that i've read about before and decided to try one bottle first. And a ring from Heart Attack. But that was about it. And both of these didn't cost me RM40. Huhuhu.

I have a confession to make, by the way. While everyone else on earth are spending time on Facebook/idunnowhat, i spent my time online reading reviews about products and random stuff. I think this is a pretty good past time, especially for people like me ; prone to buying bad products. So i thought i'd be smart and avoid that altogether by doing more homework and research before getting a product. Or just to scout around the net for stuff that are good and then when i get a chance to buy it, i'd buy it.

For example, i paid Daiso a visit today. FREAKING EVERYTHING IS RM5 and there are so many weird/cute stuff there! All hail japanese for their anime and creativity. Okay actually the main reason i went there was to get oil blotters (rice papers) because the last time i got it, it was good. And i've read reviews about it saying that it was good. And i've read articles saying that rice papers are better than those soul-sucking papers by Clean&Clear. So that made me want to stock up on it more. Huhu i'm really easily influenced by what i read.
So, among all the cheap/weird things available in Daiso, i found a few treasures (: Oh the joy of finding something really good in the midst of all the cheap things!

Make up corrector. It's like a make up remover, in a pen form.
Like this. Feels like balm, but it's FREAKING MAGICAL BALM I TELL YOU. Most prolly this is just makeup remover in solid form, but it's plenty useful for me. Since my mascara+liner always leaves trails of migration on my undereye hence making me look more like a panda than i already am.

Lemme show you:
My cream anti-crease eyeshadow from the Balm.
One swipe of the magic balm, and then wipe it off with tissue and tadaaaah! Magic for RM5. Where to get?

Since i can't do threading now (bohooo), because it is freaking official that it causes me to look like :
This. AAAAH. Wanna die. I love threading because it's sooo clean and it pulls off all the baby hair and it's so fast! Nonetheless, i don't wanna look like this for a week plus every time i do threading, so there.

I got myself these a-mah-zeeng tweezers! I was just walking and walking, and then i saw this section FULL of tweezers, i seriously think that i spent almost 10 minutes standing there, comparing each tweezers to see which is better. At last i came to this, because it has that wide tweezer and a smaller one. AND BOY OH BOY, that wide tweezer is soooo good! It pulls off baby hair like zap zap zap zap! HG tweezers for RM5. I love Japan!

Eyebrow scissors. Nothing much to say because it cuts. Nothing much to rave about, except that it only cost me RM5! Daiso ftw!

Okay then i stocked up on my hair vits. For cheaP!
When dada was paying for these, he said "Hair vitamins? I think this is bullshit. Hairs are dead cells, why would they need vitamins?" and then he paid for them. Huhu. But that got me thinking, too. Are hair vits a waste of money? If yes i better stop buying them. But these made my hair feel soooo soft and smell sooo nice!

And i bought a butterfly ring. RM20 only can you believe it hoho

Mama said i'll outgrow them cos they're kiddish (=.=) but wth lah they're RM17 only and so so cute i gotta get 'em. SO cute! Btw i PS-ed this picture. Wanted to make my nose bridge higher but i failed miserably so i'll leave my flat nose alone for now. My complexion looks like it has BB cream on it! PS can be so addictive >.<

May 26, 2011

Fun with Howard and Jane

I remember telling you guys about the two kids that came to my house for tuition in one of the previous post. Originally, my momma was supposed to be the teacher and i'm supposed to stay in my room until their break time because i am a 'distraction' to them - oh the rejection T.T

But. My mom pointed a gun at my head and told me that i have to be her assistant in the tuition. So i had to agree :P

And... Why not take the opportunity to play with my freaking old and heavy digicam?

(I so so so so wanted to buy the Kodak M200 because of its weight and it was on promotion but in the end i decided against it because when you're given more time to think about a purchase the voice at the back of your head will tell you NOT to and by then the promotion period ended already so yeah next time just buy things without thinking okay?!)

ANYWAY. When i took out my camera, my mommy said to put it away because they won't study.

Here's mommy and the two kids, utilising my object of 'distraction' ahem.
And again.

Actually all these started with me being obsessed with the cuteness of this :
I like his tee! Asked him to stand there and show me his shirt.
Oh, this is Howard by the way. He wears a hard rock cafe tee, guess jeans, and adidas shoes.
This is Howard's cousin, Jane. She wears GAP for kids dresses and matching adidas shoes with Howard.

Here is Mrs.Wong teaching Howard to read after she used the object of 'distraction'-me for a picture of herself. Picture credits to Jane.

Here is me trying to take a self-shot but failed miserably (yet again).

Here is Jane's first attempt at the camera and she decided for me to be her model mohahaha.

I forgot what i was sad about but the thing that covered me from my neck and below is Howard's hands after he couldn't stand the distraction caused by Jane, the camera, and me. And decided to join us haha i'm ze deviiiil!

Don't worry they have snack time so i'm not entirely distracting them from their studies. They seem to like the yoghurt pretzels we got as Christmas presents back when we were in the States, so my mom gave it to them to do whatever they want with it.

ie. eat it like a glutton :

or eat it whilst posing like a model :

Nevertheless, you must drink water after every snack or else you will end up coughing or having sore throat. Such tales parents teach their children nowadays *shakes head

Okay back to studying.

Was playing with the sephia mode my camera had. Was feeling nostalgic because this was what my mom used to teach me and my siblings back when we were old so sephia was the right mode for this shot.

Haha kena tipu we had more pictures taken. This was in blue mode because Howard requested for blue - his favourite colour. I'm getting better at self-shots hoho.

This is me being forced to do a 'Gong xi fa cai' pose whilst Jane becomes all bossy and takes a very out of focus picture of me.

BOO!! It's Jane Loo.

Haha okay thank you for watching please come again good night (:

May 25, 2011

I ain't stupid, i am four.

Do you know when is my favourite time for my current job? It's when all the kids are asleep, and i'm doing my own work, and suddenly one kid decides not to sleep and come sit beside me QUIETLY (i can't stress enough on this word lol) and sees what i'm doing. Like such.

Buuuut, at some point he/she will get sick of being quiet and start talking. And talking. And talking. And talking. About what, you might ask. And my answer would be EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN WTF.

But don't be deceived by his tender age of four. He was talking to me about his dad's four wheel drive okay lol he asked me where did i park my car. In chinese, "Ni park ni de che zai na li?". And when i showed him, he said my car isn't good because the wheels are small (OMG?????) and yada yada he said his dad's car is good because it can go on rocks and water. I'm assuming he's talking about being off-road and stuff.

So much for being four!

The entertaining part of my job is that i get to see weirdsomeness. As such.
SO FREAKING CUTE CAN OR NOT?! Okay maybe from the picture you don't see his cuteness you gotta start talking to him and communicating with him to realise that he's actually freaking cute from the inside out. (Note this all of you who practise favouritism ahem including me)

When the teachers are tying the girls' hair after their daily noon nap, he was saying that he want to tie his hair too. And just to play along with his little joke, the teachers told him to bring his own band so that they can tie for him the next day. HE FREAKING BROUGHT IT THE NEXT DAY OKAY LOL don't worry he's not gay he's just being cute (: I hope.

Tadaaaa cuteness overflows!

May 22, 2011

Jehovah Jireh

Have you ever been in a situation where you're searching high and low for something, and after hours of searching, you finally found out that it's in your pocket, or you're wearing it?

Similar to the situation stated above, i'm in a state where i'm searching for answers online, through words of mouth, through books, through articles, you name it. I'm searching frantically, high and low, when actually the answer is right in front of me. Prayer. It's not that i haven't been praying about it, what i meant was that i should've voiced out in church, and i would've gotten what i've got today ; peace.

Nope, i haven't found the answers to my question yet, but at least there's peace in my heart now. I'm now not in the state where i'm OMG I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO OMG OMG HOW HOW HOW as i've been before this. I believe God will be the Provider, he will give me the answers, in time. Maybe not immediately, but definitely in time.

You see, i am a very worried person, i really think i am. I worry about the future, i worry about the journey to my future, i worry about how i start the journey to my future, i worry about what i'm going to wear tomorrow lol. At first, i thought i was set on doing the course accounting. I knew that it wasn't my favourite subject, i knew that i might not be able to like my job as an accountant, i knew that i had to make that sacrifice to have a secure job and have a smoother sailing life. I didn't knew what hit me, but i just know i have doubts for accounting now. Will i really be able to make the sacrifice? Will i really be able to sit in an office from 9am to 5pm everyday (except saturday and sunday lol) in my life? What if i happen to hate my job, regret, and hate my life then? Will i fall into depression? Then, will i fall into a stage where i'm unable to give birth and therefore have no descendents? WHAT IF I'M TOO SAD ABOUT MY LIFE I WON'T BE ABLE TO MARRY OMG. See i'm starting it again -.-

But all these will have to end. I will just have to trust God to lead me to the path of my life. (I trust that God won't lead me into a life full of depression and inability to give birth T.T ) He will provide He will provide so i will just have to STOP all these unnecessary (ahem) worries and leave it all to Him. Gotta pray pray pray pray pray for it.

I honestly thank God for using Mr.Kerk, Auntie Dorcas and Mr. Lim in church today for helping me at this point of life. Coincidently, today's lesson for our youth fellowship relates to what Mr.Kerk preached really well. The names of God were formed through experience. In this case, i will name my God, Jehovah Jireh (The Provider).

The power of prayer ESPECIALLY when in a group is ah-maaae-ziiiiiing! Try it and feel the difference yo!

May 21, 2011

Aftershock (2010) review

Okay i'm reviewing this movie after the 3rd time watching it. The first time i watched it was with my dad, and i kinda held back all my emotions towards the movie because crying in front of your family is just embarrassing like that. My 2nd and 3rd was so much more emotional, and i let the movie really seep into me and embraced the meaning of the whole movie.

Maybe some people might not have heard of this movie before, and believe me, i was in your shoes before this. Honestly, i should thank my dad for downloading every random movie from the net. Because this,

Might just be one of the best movies i've ever laid eyes upon. *dead serious face so that you won't think i'm exaggerating*

Warning before hand : Prepare a new box of Kleenex and a waste paper basket beside you prior to watching this. Because it's very potong steam when you start crying and realise there's no tissue for you to wipe your tears and you used your sleeve instead but because you're crying so much your sleeve is drenched with tears already and you don't wanna skip even a second of the movie so you gotta pause the movie to go fetch a box of tissue and a place to throw them in afterwards. So yeah don't say i didn't give you tips on how to enjoy a movie to the max.

Have you ever in your life watched a movie that made you cry almost every 10 minutes except for the first 20 minutes of the show? Seriously, wtf?! If someone were to pass by my room and heard me sobbing so hard they'd think i got dumped or something. Or i'm going to commit suicide.

Aftershock is the English title, and the Chinese title is Tang Shan Da Di Zhen (Tang Shan's big earthquake). This movie revolves around this one particular family that was destroyed due to the 1976 earthquake in Tang Shan. Based on true story okay. It's something like Titanic, actually. But this one's much more.. overwhelming. So yeah basically this one beats Titanic.

The pain, the grief, the sorrow, all the emotions were portrayed perfectly in the movie. Hmm maybe i shouldn't have named this post a 'review', because i'm not going to do a full review of this movie so that i won't be a spoiler instead. So, basically this movie is about a woman whose family of 4 became 2 when the 1976 Tang Shan earthquake stroke. She had twins, one boy and one girl. After finding out that her husband was crushed under the concretes and was one of the thousands that didn't make it, the rescue team found her twins. Both under a rubble, one on each end. According to the rescue team, they could only lift one side of the rubble up, and if that happens, the other end will crush one of her kids. So she had to choose which one of her kid to rescue. When she finally decided that she wants her son to be rescued, her life's journey goes on from there.

Pretty girl alert too!
That's the girl's foster parents. Not gonna elaborate hohohoho.
The mother. She should win a Grammy's award or something. China's amazing (:

Out of 5 stars, i'd give this movie a 7 stars rating. It's THAT good. I freaking watched it 3 times okay zzz.

(Okay this is the part where you beg me to give you the movie. Hahaha. And i would willingly give you the movie if you ask for it because i'm generous like that. Sharing is caring!)

Give this movie a shot. It will be a movie you will never forget.

Asus part II

Okay i'm uploading the photos i said i would edit into my brand new laptop post but it seems like there's a problem uploading pictures into an existing post. So instead of troubleshooting and trying it for another 500 times, i'll just post it in a new post and link this post on the other post and vice versa. Laziness ftw!

My smart way of putting the keyboard protector that protects the stickers (lol i know right) and letting me use the touch pad at the same time :

My blu ray drive sticker :
I'm saying sticker only because the guys at work are suspecting that they accidentally stuck the wrong sticker for my laptop and there's no way that my laptop has a blu ray drive. Guys are such jealous creatures.

May 20, 2011


I was mugged :(

HAHAHA no lah i wasn't. Who would dare to mug me, huh? I look so freaking fierce and steady. Mohaha.

I have exactly 5 bruises on my right leg, cause unknown. I repeat, my RIGHT LEG. My left leg is as clean as a baby's leg! I wonder what happened. Not sure when i got it, but it was after i started work at the montessory. You know lah, all the furnitures and stuff are about your knee level only right lol.

I'm telling you, my new work place is brutal!

(Sorry for the really really fugly nails. In my defense, this is a 5 days old pedicure, so yeah.)

In case you can't see it, i don't know why is the colour of the bruise flushed out in the picture. My pinky toe has a bruise! And i'm limping like.. a limper. Lol. Freaking pain okay can you believe a 3 years old did this to me? I don't really remember how it happened but it just happened. He was reversing and i was going forward, and POOOOOOOM he kicked my toe, i was crying (haha no lah) like mad and he just looked at me blankly........... and said "Tong tong ah? (pain-pain ah?)".

WTF! I can't bend my toe in any way and i can't land my sole down on the floor flat cos it is freaking PAIN. Hmm maybe i should smack his bossom tomorrow when i go to work.

Today, another teacher's hand got slammed by the door (also another 3 year old pupil's act). She just placed her hands there, and the kid went WHAM! She freaking yelled, like the whole place also can hear that type. And then she whacked/scolded/idunno the kid until she was crying like nobody's business and everyone ignored her. Reason #1, she purposely did it, because she was one of the naughtiest naughty creatures that ever walked the face of the earth. Reason #2, she wasn't cute. HAHAHA Welcome to the real world.

My work place is brutal *look of horror*

May 18, 2011

A dream that broke my heart

WTF HAHAHAHAHA okay i got complaints that my blog has a lot of 'wtf' nowadays compared to last time. Ahem in my defense, my 'wtf's are not always for anger purposes. Sometimes it can be that i'm feeling very 'wtf' then i say 'wtf' lah. Like... a i-can't-believe-it feeling, joking feeling, OMG LAH the wtf feeling can't be described in words la wtf -.-

(Btw pei fen, my 'wtf's in my previous post was because of the scratch la haaaaaaih T.T)

Haha all the 'wtf's aside,

I HAD A VERY WEIRD DREAM YESTERDAY NIGHT OMGGGGG. If i could, i would blog about it right after i woke up but i gotta go to work so i couldn't. Ahem so here goes the remaining memory of my dream last night because i couldn't remember most of the details anymore (but i still remember clearly how my ring looked like haha don't ask, read on)

Okay so i was this freaking cool thief. Something like a tomb raider lah hahaha and i had a freaking cute partner in crime, and apparently he's also my boyfriend. Don't wtf lah okay i didn't write the script -.- Ahem. So, i THINK we carried out 2 projects in the whole duration of my dream but i only remembered projet #2 clearly. Only bits and pieces of project #1 were left in my memory so i'll leave that out lah since the jist isn't in there hahaha. Okay back to the dream.

There was this mansion we're supposed to break into, and there's this security pass that looks like the LRT station before entering the mansion's compound. And the place was crowded with a sea of people la omg why so many people want to go into that mansion -.- So we were lining up to get pass the security check like all the other people lah. And and and and and... aaaaaaaand... my boyfriend proposed to me in front of the sea of people. Got down on one knee some more you know. Haha. And then my ring damn cun wan. I don't know how to draw a picture for you guys, but try to squeeze out every inch of imaginative juice you have to imagine it based on my description okay? It's.... a white gold ring, with a very very rare gem, only 100g left in the whole world haha it's clear like a diamond (but the refractive index isn't as high) with gold shimmer in it lah wtf so cun right the rock. The image was still so clear in my head when i woke up (and now too) that when i woke up i actually stared at my fingers and went "WTF A DREAM ONLY IS IT?!". I really wanted that ring to be real okay T.T

Okay continue. Then after i said yes (with tears some more!), everyone including the security officers went awwwww and then when it was our turn, we got pass quite easily and all. Ahem okay i forgot what were we supposed to steal but then right when we finally slipped out of the sight of people, my fiancée asked me to give him my right hand (yeah i wore the ring on my right hand i also don't know why), and then he twisted this small metal piece underneath the rock, AND THE WHOLE THING ELEVATED UP. My freaking ring is actually a laser beam shooter okay >.< AND it doubles as a mini electronic saw.

What broke my heart was that my 'fiancée' acted like damn cool and icy after we got to the place where we got out of people's sight. And told me "We're not really engaged, just so you know" without even turning his head to look at me while he's using MY RING to shoot laser beam onto the wall to form a hole. LIKE WTF?! The propose was actually a decoy! Just to divert the security officers' attention and so that they'll be a little more lenient on us during the security check. WTF to the max this time okay. (Now this is an angry wtf)

So.. yeah this dream was really heartbreaking okay T.T Not only i couldn't get that ring (that breath-taking rock!) because it's an object in my dream, i was hurt emotionally BY SOMEONE THAT DIDN'T EVEN EXIST (my boyfriend in the dream).

Boy i feel like i'm such a loser now T________T

I'm just going to lay in bed and mourn the loss of my literal dream ring and be mad at my literal dream boyfriend. Hmph.

May 17, 2011

Pigs can fly

I was reading the newspaper earlier on today, and i read the article concerning the first non-English mayor (Malaysian woman) in Britain today. A few days earlier, i read another article about 3 Malaysian siblings making it 'big' at fashion in Sydney and having their second shop up already.

Why are they publishing all these migrant's success abroad when they are all emphasizing on how graduates overseas should come back here now? Heck, for certain reasons, all these people that reached success furthered their studies overseas for certain reasons (namely quotas and poor education system) and they stayed there after they graduated, was given a chance to succeed NOT as a second class citizens, and through hard work plus determination, they are who they are today.

Why do i sound like i'm suddenly all fired up for these racism matters? Hahahaha that's because i've been reading a lot of articles about our Malaysian education system. Don't ask me what types, because i've read articles ranging from how our education system is so unfair towards every race other than bumiputeras to why we should all come back to Malaysia to help make a difference. As a very highly influenced being, it's only natural i start feeling a little fired up lol.

Well no, i'm not going to voice out my opinions or what am i thinking because heck, sometimes i even question my own thoughts. Me and Malaysia, it's a love hate relationship. And i haven't really been getting like excellent results (eg : Ace all my subjects in SPM/STPM) and not getting a scholarship and so on and so forth to complain about how unfair they are being, so i don't have a first hand experience of how it is like and i don't have a right to complain about it.

Okay i'm going to hit anti-climax because i don't feel like talking about the above matter anymore. Therefore showing you a picture of Niagra Falls.

Meet my current desktop wallpaper (:

Heck, i really do hope i get to go there one day.

My brand new Asus!






(Edit : This is actually a post i drafted 2 days ago but didn't post it because i didn't get to finish it)

I actually took TWO FREAKING MONTHS to hunt for my prince laptop. I'm not exaggerating okay i freaking took that long because whenever i found one, and after i asked my boss (more like ex-boss now) he'll tell me that the model is an old model and they replaced that model with another new one, that cost a lot more than my budget.

And then finally hor. I FOUND IT. Asus N43SL. Though it isn't as light as i desired it to be, but it'll suffice since it's actually pretty light for a 14" laptop. 



Right. I will not say any names nor will i point fingers here just in case it'll cause a havoc. LIKE OMG LAH haven't you heard the rule; Thou shalt not scratch a 24hrs old laptop?!

The aluminium back was one of the (main) reasons i chose this laptop.............and now it's FREAKING FLAWED WTF.

I'm banning ANY chain watches 5 metres within my laptop from now onwards! Including my own watch wtf. Just in case i scratched it myself then i can't get mad at myself then i might actually explode. Maybe for the first few months lah but let me feel like i treasure my laptop that much can or not?

One moment, i was wiping the back, thinking to myself  "How perfect thou art". And the next moment when i come back, i found it......flawed. OMGWTFBBQ.


Okay that aside, i still love my laptop very berry much. Everything's perfect about this laptop! Okay except the keyboard lah cos i'd prefer chiclet keyboards. But i'll get used to this. There's no perfect laptop in this world, ey.

The inside look of my laptop. This kinda keyboard actually encourages typos more often but wtf lah i'll overlook it >.<
And i actually hated the wrist rest but now that i look more at it, it is actually kinda pretty. A very woody design. 
The left side close-up. The button that has that little lightning sign with a circle is actually this really cool button that boots up real quick without having to really boot up your CPU. Do you get me lol cos i don't get myself. Okay it's like a shortcut button exclusively for Asus (not all Asus has this though) where you can go online and access your pictures and music folders in less than 10 seconds without having to wait for the whole system to boot up. But that's about what you can do using that function. Pretty darn cool, right?
Pretty banged that it didn't have a USB3.0 like how i was expecting it to be. But it has a blu-ray drive!! Or at least the sticker says that it has. I forgot to take a picture of that but i think i'll edit this post with a picture of it soon though. 

Edit : link to the additional pictures

This has to be like, the best laptop speakers ever made!! Maybe not the best in the market, but it's definitely the best i've heard.
Bang & Olufsen ftw! But it's still not very good at the bass. It's still a laptop speaker afterall. Haha. I was actually pretty disturbed by the gazillion amounts of stickers they put on the wrist rest. But not to worry, i've found a solution to protect the stickers from fading away like how the intel stickers would look like after a few years of friction against our palm. Doesn't look its best, but it's the best solution i can find now. I'll edit this post with the picture if i remember to take it.

Hmm. What else can i say about this piece of magic? I have been hunting for a lot of reviews before i bought this but i can only find a handful of it. Therefore i've decided that i'll sacrifice myself blogging at almost 2am reviewing the laptop from a normal  person's perspective to help all those poor unfortunate souls out there looking for a review or gazilions of pictures of the laptop itself but failed. Kind hearted, i am.

Multi gesture touch pad rocks my socks.
Though i'd prefer an optical mouse when i'm not going to bring my laptop out.
And i use an external keyboard when i'm at home. With my external hard disk plugged in at times.
That's why the 4 USB 2.0 port rocks to the max! Am even considering whether would i need an USB hub or not hahahahaha. 
Blu-ray and HD movies are freaking superb on this LED backlit HD screen!

Okay sorry for the half hearted post i'm actually feeling very sleepy now wtf. So i'll end this quickly with another wtf picture that makes me feel like killing someone ahem.
Haaaaaaaaaaih. Okay lah actually i'm not as mad as i was at the beginning of the post because it has been 2 days since it happened and i'm slowly cooling down. But i still haven't take off the transparent plastic surrounding the LED screen hahaha out of pure laziness okay.

Okay conclusion i love my laptop to the bits it's love at first sight wtf.

I'm making a 2 in 1 post since i've already uploaded the photos into
Today is 16th of May, Happy Teachers' Day!!!

Guess what? It's my first day back at the montessory. 
But i still got 2 roses wtf lol i think the parents just prepared a bunch of presents and gave it to whoever there although it might be only their first day of work lol. How ungrateful of me to accidentally leave one of my roses on top of the fridge to rot =.=
When i got a little box wrapped in a wrapping paper, i thought it would just be another useless ornament like those balls with glitters in them or something like that. Who would've knew that something this cute was in it? 
Though it isn't really useful and such but i think i would bring this to uni with me IF my study table space permits. Cos it's so cute like that. Memo clippers ftw!

Okay very sleepy already typing with my eyes closed literally good night.