March 31, 2010

greens in HMSS

so, i have a thing for my school's landscaping.
u would too, if u were there.
if u would just take a second to look around and breathe in the fresh air.
of all the schools i've been,
this is indeed the best landscaped school.

somehow, kids tend to take them for granted.
eg : carving stuff on the trees

being able to study with such scenery...
it's breathtaking.
God is such a wonderful creator.
i love Him for giving us these
can u imagine this tree is right here in my reeaally small and old school?
in Teluk Intan?
feels like spring!

March 27, 2010

reliable = me

I boiled water!!
That makes me feel so reliable.
Like, i'm taking care of the water supply at home.
So that me and my bro won't go dehydrated.
And i ate salad for breakfast this morning.
Yeah, partially cos i'm healthy,
partially cos salad's the only thing i know how to prepare without a mess.
At my fingertips, yo!

So, now i can tell my mummy that i can live on my own without worries.
I will survive!
Although i still gotta learn how to cook alot of other stuff to survive comfortably,
and cos i sorduf told someone i'm gonna TRY to learn how to cook.
Hey it isn't stated in the rule book that girls are ought to know how to cook!
Even if it is, rules are meant to be broken, LOL.

Erm, i'm starting to think what i'm typing is contradicting with my title.
Ahahaha i'll stop.

*I'm so good at chopping up fruits~*

( i have no idea what to title this)

Fire drill at 12 noon today.
Everyone's shouting "I"m gonna get dark!!!"
I'm shouting "I'm gonna get skin cancer and skin aging!!"
lol to contradictories

Teacher babbled for about 15 minutes.
I have NO idea what he/she was talking about.
Even when i'm standing somewhere in front
(there's no special line formation, so it wasn't exactly the FRONT)
The chaos about being burnt by the sunrays than the 'fire' was all over the place.

I can't cook (cos i can't cook), 
my bro can't cook (cos he's crippled),
mum's not in,
so we ordered pizza delivery.
Yay i'm feeling a little disorientated by the way we're eating so much unhealthy stuff.
The coleslaw for Pizza Hut is way nicer than KFC's.
And for those of you that are as ignorant as me,
Pepsi changed their looks!!!!
the real can looked alot better, though.
super LMAO.
Sorry for being so outdated, i rarely drink pepsi, mind you >.<

Oooh and i came back at 11.18pm tonight.
I'm succha good gal, ain't it true?

March 25, 2010


The HOLOCAUST exists, you SOB's!!!
No i'm not scolding literally YOU as in like the one reading.
Unless u're 1 of those that thought the Holocaust didn't exist =.=


Fyi, holocaust is the systematic massive murder or millions by the Nazis's during WW2.
Now don't ask me what's Nazis. omg. Go check at wiki.

OLD is SO not GOLD!

Aging, in a way, is a pain in the ass neck,
especially for those having XX chromosomes. Bleh.

The hormones start meddling with ur life and never gives u a break.
PMS hormones are the worst among the worse.

U know, i never get any stomach cramps and any other stuff during my menstrual,
from Form 1 up till Form 5.

(those with XY chromosomes, if u're annoyed by what u're reading in this post by now, u can just stop reading and go resume ur gaming or something. heeeeh. )

Now, i seem to have all those weird stuff.
I'm not me anymore!! (yes i'm being hysterical)
I have recently evolved into a glutton.
Oh that reminds me. I get hysterical and emo for no reason.
Well, it doesn't sound that bad, but i haven't been emo-ing for quite some time now.. so.. yeah.
And i get cramps and migraines (yeah and it's fuckin' annoying since i can't take paracetamol)
And i even get pre-menstrual symptoms!!
GOSH this is so annoying.

That reminds me. I'm very late, i have nausea like most of the time, and i'm getting fat.
HAHAHAHA I'M PREGGIE!! - cal's brilliant assumption.
He's always asking when is my next appointment with the doctor. Hahaha he's so into his own fantasy =.=
Jokes aside, i gotta go check if it continues. lol.
And yes i'm still a virgin, if u're wondering. Sheeeesh. You people and ur thoughts.
*shows face of digust*

Oh, and i did very bad in my exams. Bleh.
BUUUUT i will stay +ve +ve +ve. A special someone told me this.
Gonna bear that i mind. Mwaxx , you!
Haha. But it's gonna be hard. Gonna keep studying.
Blot out all the distractions i have. Which is having a freaking LIFE.
OhMiGosh i'm gonna give up my life for around 9 more months, and then i can have my life back!!
IF i still remember how to lead a life. Pffft.
 Dear God, please keep me sane till then. Amen.

March 23, 2010

a little smth from Eli Stone

I was just watching Eli Stone a while ago.. and this one conversation between Matt Dowd and Eli's ex-fiancé caught my attention.

Matt : *something bout his ex-gf from college that filed a custody lawsuit against her gf*
Taylor : Wait, your ex-gf is a lesbian?
Matt : Who isn't these days? Anyway, *continues talking*

WTF was that??

March 18, 2010


Just when i thought this time, since Kuan Yew helped jab the needle into me, i'm safe. OhMiGosh.
To be honest, he's quite pro (or the rest in Hosp TI are just plain dumb).
He just need to do it once, when the others had to jab me countless times to get my vein (OMG la)
But when the male nurse wanna put the IV drip tube in me, he HAD to mess it up..

Pooooooosh blood everywhere!! LOL kidding.

But yeah, there's lotsa blood cos of this smartass. All my blood gone just like that =.=

Hmm. Bottom line i'm fine. Well, the pain is endurable.
Not appendicitis nor urinary tract infection.
DUnno what's wrong with me maybe i'm dying ( lol )
But i'm fine now. Fine enough to blog.

Love y'all, my fellow readers! mwaxxxx

March 17, 2010

online shopping products

right, on my sister's request :

the Esprit floral top :
so sweet right the flower :P 
it's a little folded in this pic tho. hehe

this is the best one ever. the kimono top :D

Coach Poppy Butterfly tote "AaaH I LOVE"

lol so pretty right?

Lace Dream

(yeah i know i look fat DON'T LOOK AT ME LOOK AT THE DRESS!)
i am now selling this lace dress from Dainty Dresser for RM30
i'm not selling this anymore >.<
i repeat. RM30! It's a steal!
Price bought : RM40
Reason for selling : Too short, don't suit me.
Condition : Tried once for myself to see, and another time for my friends to see. That's it.
Postage price : Rm4.50 (pos ekspress for west malaysia)

The original model :
hey don't compare! she's petite!
oh btw i took out the brooch cos i don't like it but if u want it i'll attach it for you.

March 13, 2010

hearts technology

omg i love the automatic car wash.
less than 5 minutes ur car is clean.
well, maybe the washing is not as thorough as when u do it.


u still get the dust+bird shit+whatever that sticks on ur car that's unsightly.
it's so much more convenient.
so much faster.
less mess to clean up after (the water at ur porch)

seriously, who doesn't love technology?

March 11, 2010

don't worry i censored the vulgars. but READ and feel angry too.

Yeap, i definitely feel the blood pressure rising.... and rising...... maybe to about 200/100 (LOL talk about exaggerating)

Normally, i'd be so against brutality against animals. But now, brutality against kids?? 6-year-old KIDS????
What-the-fucking-fuck is that bloody lunatic fella thinking? I feel bloody sorry for his mother that ever gave birth to him.
Yeah i know i'm not supposed to curse people like that.

Buttt.....! THIS is a major exceptional case. Bloody.............. *growls*

If u read the Star newspapers today u'd probably know what-on-earth i'm talking about.
IF not, take a look.

I dare not post the pictures of the 3 kids that got brutally bludgeoned by a lunatic that stormed into their kindergarten. - did i just see blood-shot red eyeballs in my reflection?

SUCH MONSTROSITY SHOULD BE PUNISHED WITH..... omg i don't even know how to fill in the blank.

If i ever get my hands on that psychotic dickhead..........
I'll chop his flesh and bones into a paste. dilute it in shit water and .... throw them into the toilet bowl.
Or bang his head against some.... ROUGH and hard surface till ......

Ok this is getting sick. I shall stop.

God will punish him in his own way. Won't You, big man? Justice will be served!!

OMG la what is happening with the world nowadays? A waterfall is drying up as well. Pffft.

March 10, 2010

complications of relations

Got this from somewhere on the net :

I'll tell you my story. I
married a widow whom I deeply loved and dated for 3 years. 'After a couple
of years, my father fell in love with my step-daughter and married her, so
my father became my son-in-law and I became my father's father-in-law

Legally now my daughter is my mother and my wife my grandmother. More
problems occurred when I had a son. My son is my father's brother and so he
is my uncle
Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my father's son, my
brother is my grandson. Ultimately, I have become my own grandfather and I
am my own grandson..

fwJL facts #8


though they sometimes brings a pang of disappointment in you.

but hey, life's full of ups and downs right?

gifties from long ago

WARNING : this is gonna be a long post.
not 'cos i have that much crap to yap about,
but i have pictures of precious stuff to share with u guys.

First and foremost,
why on earth do i take pictures of all the gifts i've received over the years?
Ok i didn't take pictures of ALL.
That will be.... super time consuming. So, yeah.

Well, it all started when i was gazing resting my vision after a long time of reading.
And i came across this :
"What on earth...........??" u think.
It's a bottle of blue liquid and silver dust.. an Esprit bottle.
i used to think ornamentals are merely to trap dust (and yes, they still do)
but i somehow get a calming effect whenever i shake this bottle and see the silver dust go around the bottle haha.
a gift from pt. a going-to-NS gift, or so he calls it. haha
surprises u how thoughtful ur friends will be, esp when u're going away eh?

..and this is one from my gal, Rosalind. All the way from HK.

i actually bought the 5 pigs on a milk bottle. bought 4 for my friends and 1 for me to keep. some kinda friendship forever thing. lol
and the tortoise is from Ying, my other gal frm Penang^^

a heart-shaped RM1 origami from Rene, my other gal as well >.<
(somehow it sounded a little wrong. but it's not. my besties ^^ )

.. here's a heart-shaped felt keychain from a friend in GB camp.
met her a few times and she decided to give them to a few of us that she treasured.

bracelets Harviin got me from Aus.
it was very thoughtful of her to get me smth though somewhere in my mind i thought she 'shun-bin' got them for me since she's getting stuff for my bro BUT i appreciate these quite very much.
so pretty right.

a cute cellphone chain but sadly i don't hang stuff on my cellphone Eugene got me frm S'pore.
i still remember him saying "I don't know what is it, but they said it's popular there." LOL

I bet with all my heels that Adelle chose this. Maybe together with Kyew. Hahas.
It's a hair-band, if u're wondering what is it. It comes with a matching earrings.
If u noticed, i don't wear stuff like these (before). But i do now!!
Thanks for letting me try smth new, Ade&Yew.

elephants! did it ring a bell?
answer : 
Choy Soon (knew him through my bro) got it for me from Thai.
It's an aluminium bookmark. Quite unique eh?
Fine, probably it's not and i'm just a jacoon that has just set her eyes upon smth new, a'ite?

Anthonians would probably know what is this.
I love this shot LOL
Frankly, this is still in the box at the corner of my room.
It's a gift from Tchr Aishu (Edu&Care) for my going-away gift.
I'm missing the teachers at the montesory i was teaching in.

 another one from my Edu&Care days.
though hideous and i've only worn it when i went to her shop ONCE so that she'll see me wearing it,
it was from the parents of a gal (Xiao Tian) that i was quite attached to,
and i offered to drive her and her bro back to their shop everyday after work,
cos their parents just comes SO LATE.
And their shop was on the way.
Pity that two, seriously.

Teacher Lynn (my ex-boss at Edu&Care and my family friend) got me this crystal bracelet for my birthday when i was working there.
She always gives me stuff every other day, just for the sake of giving.
I don't wear this bracelet often, but hey, i'm still keeping it dear in my closet ^^

Frankly, my god-sisters gave me countless gifts over the years.
couldn't be able to snap all of 'em and post it here
Yeap, i have an elder god-sis and a young god-sis.
From the schooling days ( not that i've left it yet, lol)

It's from China. And the bamboo one is from Bali (duhh)
seeing stuff like these reminds me of the days when i'm still quite close to my elder godsister.
 Still keeping in touch now, but rarely since she's so busy with her UTP activities and me with mine.

the smaller bamboo key-chain (the chain rusted so i took it off) comes with a bigger bamboo thing!!
also from Bali (double-duhh)

she also got me this glow-in-the-dark uber cute fishey keychain from iforgotwhere-sorry!
she even got me a Creative mp3 player (back when Creative and mp3 players are still the 'in' thing)

haha. memories, memories.
my younger godsis got this for me when i was.... form 2??
omg i'm so old

And, not to forget my sister (blood-related, yes)
Got me loads and loads and loads of stuff..!
 o-k, i forgot who gave me the bird-in-the-heart glass block.
But the sweet and apple is from my sister!
No i dunno what are the functions, i guess they're just ornamentals but i still keep them :D

and and and this Nike pencil case that i've been using for the past 2.5 years!

Seriously, what did i do to deserve such great godsisters/sister?
It must be one hell of a thing. 
sowwie i'm so full of myself hahaha

Charissa never fails to give me a handmade birthday card every year!
Imma keep them all in an old shoe box and take them out when we're 50 years old,
over a cup of tea, reminiscing on life's journey so far.
 In Malay, it's called berangan-angan.

don't be surprised what ur brother that watches E! channel might get u!
so touched he spent RM53 on this on top of some hair products he got for my permed hair.
it's good to have a fashionista as a brother.
(but ever since he was introduced to bikes by IDUNNOWHO, he has lost his touch of whateveritwas, sheesh)
this was also from him when he was form 1? or somewhere near.
from Thailand.

gift from my gramma all the way from England.
u'd be surprised how i treasure my gramma's gifts.
it's just a thing that i do.
i once kept a RM50 note she gave me for my PMR for a few years in a special red packet. haha

yeap it's colour pens. metallic colour, to be exact.
from my grandpa, who passed away almost 5 years ago.
and they're still working!
i still remember how he'd go around town fetching me behind his old bike.
which goes like POP POP POP POP POP POP POP whenever he kick-starts his engine.
i miss him so dearly so.
Last, but not least.
lemme explain.
the gold ring's from my gramma.
the star is from a guy named Ian from Edu&Care.
the butterfly is from a guy named Ivan, also from Edu&Care.
Both 4 years old in 2009.
One day, Teacher Lynn came into the class to give the kids a short quiz, and both of them (bright kids) got the questions asked correct and they got 2 of these each.
Wherever they go, and i mean WHEREVER they go,
to lunch, homework time, nap time, tv time, they had this with them.
They wouldn't keep it in the bag or their pencil box.
From time to time, they'd check whether it is still there in their teeny tiny little pocket.
It was sorduf like their trophy, and they treasured it much.

And during the tv time while waiting for their parents at the end of the day,
they came and gave these to me.
I was shocked, and asked them to keep it for themselves.
But they insisted that i have it.
I couldn't even believe how touchy i was, i was close to tears.

Sometimes, if not most of the time,
it's the thought that counts, ALOT.

I even surprised myself how sentimental i was.
Well, towards certain stuff. 
Seriously, nothing is absolute about me.
I vary.

U know, to some people, keeping small gifts like these are

on one hand :
troublesome/dirty/collects lotsa rubbish

on the other hand :
if u have time someday sometime, and when u go rummage through ur stuff like how i do at times,
it brings back lotsa lotsa nostalgic times.
Just like musics and video/sound clips do.

oh, hey, for those that didn't find their gifts on this post,
cos hey understand i can't post all here right? hehehe.

omg i gotta stop talking or else this post has no end to it lol ok bye bye!
thanks for sticking to the end :)
ok serious. bye.