February 14, 2011

fwJL facts #12

I have absolutely no talent. And i'm abso-freaking-lutely serious! I've been 'searching' for years now (cos people kept telling me to wait and it'll 'show' later on in life), and yet i can't find anything. I've lived 2 whole decades and yet, nothing.

Sports - I do sports, a little for the sake of exercising, but am not good at it.
Music - I know a pinch of this and that, but no where near good.
Arts - I don't do art like a 3 year old, but i'm not all that artsy bitsy as well.
Cooking/Baking - HOPELESS.
Studies - I'm not a dimwit but i'm no smartass either.
Makeup - I know a lot in theory, but i suck at the real thing.
Socialising - I have a lot of friends, yes. But to make new friends with *snaps fingers*, it really depends on a looooooot of factors.
Computer - I do know more about computers than most girls, but still it's a drop in an ocean.
Shopping - In contrary to most of u might think, i'm a terribly lousy shopper. A good shopper is one who can find good deals and good stuff. I always end up with lousy deals and buying lousy stuff at higher price. My sister is a good shopper.
Kids - Some might think i'm good with kids, but i'll only be good to them when i feel like it, and i'm totally bias (if u get what i mean *wink*)
Gaming - I play games, but i hardly succeed finishing games. Or train till a decently high level.
Languages - I speak quite a number of dialects and the 3 main language for Malaysia, and i consider English as my mother tongue. Yet, it is not even near considerably good. Above average, maybe, but not good.
Dancing - I dance a little during school time, but i can't do professional dancing.
Gambling - Hardly any luck doing that, and i'm not specifically talking about this year only.

I'm not looking for words of consolation. It's just that no one wants a Jack of all traits. Feeling like bleh.

Daddy once told me that Hotel Management is like being a Jack of all traits, but no one wants that. They want people who can specialise in stuff. Felt a stab in my heart *machete in my heart*


charissa said...

Fiona-san T__T
I totally understand. Same situation mann T__T

RaYster said...

Fiona! I remember something! You told me you are good in pool. :P

There is something. xD

Eagle Chou said...

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