February 10, 2011


Boohooo job hunting sucks. I could really need some cash right now. Aaaanyway, i received something PINK in the post yesterday (no i'm not a pink fan).

But what do u expect from my bimbo sister, ey? I like the butterflies and abstract pattern though. So happy to have received a birthday card from my sister all the way from across the globe.

I like the contents a lot more (:
I think i finally get why adults like writing letters and sending cards, and going through all the hassle to go to the post office to send cards. It's a whole lot better receiving a card with handwritting inside instead of receiving an e-mail or a wall post on Facebook. Mwah i love my dwey dwey although she's married already hahaha.

And i love both my grammas too.

This one's from my paternal gramma. Friends, boyfriends, husbands might forget your birthday. But grammas (and prolly grampas but i don't have one that remembers mine :P ) will not. It's amazing how they forget to take the towel out of the bathroom although they went in 5 times to get it already, but they won't forget their grandchildren's birthdays. She freaking remembered in her head okay!

I read all the contents on the red packet to my gramma (trying to show her that her granddaughter ain't a banana) and she was so proud of me okay. I'm telling u, the sides of my mouth reached my eaaaaar (:
My maternal gramma couldn't write English, my aunt wrote it for her. But still, (: Grammas are the best.

And speaking of gifts, 
Gifts cards are the best yo. To tell u the truth, the best Christmas present i got last year was from my sistah. We should have this in Malaysia (if we don't have it yet, i dunno) cos sometimes people just don't know what to get u, u know? Not to say my sistah don't know what to get me, cos she knows. But gift cards are just brilliant.
(And Malaysia should have the returning merchandise system too y'know. If only those people who take these services for granted wouldn't exploit them)

And i'm a thief. Or more like a robber (:

Cos i robbed a lot of eye shadows from my sister. 
I love the design on Paul&Joe items. I'm a sucker for abstract designs. Wait till u see the colour!
If u're a guy u might as well stop reading now cos u'll be bored to death, ey? Hahaha. Anyway, the camera couldn't get the hint of purple in the colour. But if u see it for yourself, it has this small hint of purple that's really something and i can't wait till i get to use this. Despite how much i love to paint my face, i still find it a little troublesome to do my makeup for a short outing in TI. 

This one she gave me okay :P Cos the colour didn't suit her. I find this colour really nice and it suited me well. Very pigmented too! No wonder frmheadtotoe loves NYX eyeshadows so much. 
I think this Revlon Diamond Dust did me more justice than it ever did when it was in my sister's hands. 

To think that i have the time to take pictures of eye shadows and stuff to blog about.. I should really go all out to hunt for a job now. Instead of staying at home and ranting about it (my new-found favourite hobby).

And since i'm not a beauty blogger, i didn't do any swatches. But they are real preeeeettty and once i get enough funds i'm going to go buy some more. Ooyeah (:

No wonder Zhi said i became a bimb after Form 5. I've only started manicure and makeup after form 5. But hey, doing all these doesn't make me a bimb okay >.<


zyinw ty said...

love your nail art :)

Audrey Wong said...

Btw john bought the sally's card. hoho. Not me.