February 13, 2011

Virgin no more

RELAX. I'm talking about my brows >.<

My virgin bushy brows are now shaped and defined oh loves (:

I went and shape my brows for the first time yesterday, with KShyen. Took my camera out to take a picture with her because we didn't for a very long time, but i got carried away talking to her (as usual) and forgot to take out the camera. -.-

From what i heard, i was already mentally preparing myself for EXTREME pain during the threading process. I guess i was expecting too much, so after everything (though i was a little teary, can't help it cos it's so near the eyes right), i went like "Eh? That wasn't so bad.". Wasn't saying that it wasn't pain, but after the first 'tear', it was kinda okay. Not as bad as i was expecting. I'm totally ready for tattoo now lol!

Wanna see how i looked like about 30 minutes after the process?

U can puke now if u want to (: So much for having sensitive skin. I was so worried that my skin won't handle the rough process of threading so i wouldn't be able to do it ever again in the future! But luckily, it subsided after 2 hours. Thank God!! So, i'm willing to sacrifice a few hours of looking like the picture above to look like the picture below :

 Sorry i forgot to lift my fringe up and i cropped the picture cos i was accidentally looking at the camera when i was taking the picture. My eyes directly staring at myself kinda creeps me out :P

Gotta thank (and kiss) Shyen to the max for bringing me there. I love hers so much more though. Boo to sparse Asian eyebrows like mine. Anyway, BUSHY BROWS NO MORE. Shyen said doing your brows makes u look more like a woman, and no more a girl. And i gotta agree with that. It's like a Bar Mitzvah! Really really like my look more now. (Oh, now i get the 'brow bone' space to put highlighter, AND i get more space to work my eyeshadows!)

Having your brows done, or having your body hair waxed makes u pay more attention to the same things on other people. Like... U walk down the street and u see someone and u say to yourself "AHA!! You have bushy brows/hair!". But i know they couldn't care less, cos they have something of different priority. It's an individual thing. Hehe.

The before/after photo :

I look like two different persons in the picture. In my defense, it was taken at different time of the day so the lighting makes a difference, and I just came out of the bath on the left photo (explains the frizzy hair).

And not to forget,

I'm so in love with my new brows! xD
Sorry i look slutty here. I was (cleverly) resting my right hand on my leg to prevent my hand from moving when taking the picture. Didn't realise it made such a big difference on the shoulders -.-

OH. And the brows only took Rm6 out of my pocket (: And my brows got done within 10 minutes. Yay for cheap and fast beauty. I can do this every month while i'm still in TI. Hahaha.

Update : I've got breakouts (4 freaking baby zits) on my forehead and the places where the lady threaded (dunno if it's the right term). Thought it was only me, but i Googled about it and apparently other people experienced it too. Nyeh.

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