February 23, 2011

Sian sia.


All the jobs that my friend offered (which sounded crazily perfect cos what i want for now is an office job, related to accountancy so i'll know roughly what i'm gonna be dealing with in the future) was actually a NO after asking their parents. It's like, a crime to give people false hope okay? =(

And i'm staying up VERY late nowadays because i do nothing in the day that tires me out so i have shitloads of energy left by the end of the day. And everyone is working or studying now so no one will go out and have fun with me! And i often get invitations to go do really cool and fun stuff during the weekdays, usually Saturday night (duhh) but i have church in the morning the next day! Si beh tragic okay.

Lucky for me, i happen to stumble upon Xia Xue's blog when i was stalking Frmheadtotoe's twitter page. Frmheadtotoe.com happens to be the only blog that i read often (cos i don't read people's blogs often), and yeah it's a beauty blog but she has a lot of other stuff happening there and i think the way she speaks is so funny! Anyway, for those of u who don't know who is Xia Xue, she's a celebrity blogger from Singapore who speaks her mind in her blogs. Vulgar. But i like it, a lot (: But i'm kinda lazy to read all her posts cos she has been blogging since 2003! (how come i never discovered her before?)

So yeah i still had something to do online nowadays. Anyway a quick update on my sucky life :

Mom invited Zhi over for lunch quite some time ago for taking 'good' care of me (and charissa) during our Camerons trip. So i thought i'd invite Charissa over too, since she was rotting at home too at that moment.

See i was so considerate to give people fun-ish activities when they're rotting but why is it that no one thinks of me?!
Note : my bro was holding onto that bottle of wine, hoping that he'll lure Zhi into drinking but he (and the rest of us) refused so he's devastated haha!

Taken with my pretty flash mode (i don't know what is its proper name). The difference is that with this flash, it brightens the background too, and it doesn't make your face oily (or like u have jaundice)!!
Went out with Delle, KY, TTL, Zhi and my bro for a makan session before Zhi flies. We are having makan session before each one of us leaves. Hahahaha so much for farewells. We have been having those for quite some time now.
We'll be going out for my bro's and mine too, if they're still free by the time i'm leaving.

TTL freaking puked at my house after we had Zhi's farewell dinner. And me being a pro photographer, caught his puke on camera!

Weirdo said he wanna be drunk to the extent that he doesn't know what he's doing anymore, so my bro (happily) did the job. Gave him rum, wine, and 12% beer.

Lesson learnt : It's not fun taking care (though i didn't really 'take care' of him) of drunkards when u're 100% sober.

I asked Simon to bring me into his workplace cos i am that bored now. I'm hoping that i don't regret this like mad a few days later. Haha. And i'm that bored now i'm looking through LOLsnaps. Sigh. Where's my life? I feel so BLERGH that i didn't even have the mood to be emo. Cos i was emo before this.

Anyway STPM results were out. Didn't get what i expected (which was WAAAAAAAAY worse). I wanted to say 'stupid teachers' but realised that they are actually freaking smart so i'm gonna call them SENSEIs of Horley (: Cos in school, i've never got a CGPA of 2.0. I'm freaking serious. No joke. And when i got my results, i was in a total shock! I thought that STPM's standard went crazily low. But no way, cos they said STPM is the hardest exam on earth (or so they claim). And on the day that we got our results, my teacher revealed to me that actually they were being exceptionally strict on us during school exams (including trials okay!) so that we won't take STPM too lightly.

WTF okay they made me lost hope in STPM and i was telling everyone if i were to pass every subject i'd be contented already. But it was good-ish, in a way (: So yeah thanks, SMK Horley Methodist TI teachers that taught me. Haha.

Okay imma sleep now. Going for job hunt tomorrow. Let's hope i won't get a freaking crappy job with crappy pay ya. Adios!


LaQToN said...

LOL! TTL finally gets drunk. siao 1 ==

MuN said...

Find those law firm ba, cos last time heard my friend working part time there about accounts...lols
Hows ur result?

rika-chan said...

ewwww..............PUKE ><