February 18, 2011

Scammed by Etude House chic

Just came back from a trip to KL, mainly to enquire about the degree for Accounting and Finance at Sunway and HELP. But eventually my dad decided to skip the trip to HELP instead.

The initial plan was to stay in my uncle's house, so i brought a hideous beyond description bag and ALMOST wanted to wear shorts and wore a bimbotic "Guys make good accessories" tee to KL... only to find out when my dad fetched us from the bus, we're spending the night at Ritz. That damn place, no matter what i wear, i feel freaking under-dressed okay!

So yeah i was kinda trying to cover the words with a letter when my dad introduced me to the receptionist (a guy) as his daughter.

And then i was contemplating whether to change into a more presentable looking tee (yeah i brought all tees) but wth if i'm pretty then i'll prettify the tee as well right (: So i went to S.Wang with my bro cos he wanted to go there.

And here is the jist of the post where THE ETUDE HOUSE CHIC SCAMMED ME.

So i was looking for a powder brow kit at Sasa, and they don't have the shade that i wanted, so i was just scouting around and when i saw my watch i realised i was crazily short of time, so i just barged into Etude house and told the girl "I need a brow powder kit". She brought me to the brow section and kinda introduced me to their brow mascara cos according to her, my brows are kinda thick-ish so the mascara would suffice. Okay lah. I thought it looked kinda nice also cos when she tried to apply on my brows i told her to do it on her brows instead (like hell i'm gonna let her put that tester on my face), it looked kinda nice (:

And there's this beauty passport thing i had from last time where u spend RM30 and u get a sticker. Collect 20 (RM600) and u get a RM50 voucher. She asked if i wanna get something else so that i can get the sticker. Asked her how much was the mascara, and she said it's RM29.90. WTF LA i told her to just add another 10 cents, but she said she can't cos she had to key it in and she will have to pay for me. I said i'd give her RM1 for her to pay RM0.10 (freaking 90 cents profit okay) but yet she said cannot. Then i looked at her for a moment...


I simply grabbed a mask and let her key in the thing, paid her, got my sticker, and went out of the store. While i was walking back to Ritz, i realised that she had casted a spell on me! Like... Why would i need that sticker anyway? I don't buy much stuff from Etude house anyway -.- I wouldn't reach the 20 stickers in the given time. Jeez. I should throw away all these member cards to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. Tio scammed of my RM6 that i didn't need to spend in the first place. Don't say it's a small amount only i should chill cos i could have bought a set of falsies which i actually need okay!

So yeah after the whole drama, we went to this Chiu Chow cuisine restaurant at Starhill Gallery for dinner. (in my "Guys make great accessories" tee, yes)

Sorry for the blurry picture, i wasn't expecting anything nice during my KL trip so i didn't bring my camera along. This is from my 1.3MP phone camera. I freaking should have lor! Their braised pork with mui choy was freaking good, i wanted to take one of those cliche food pictures!! Anyway the dinner cost both of us RM163.80, and daddy redeemed RM250 coupons from YTL platinum plus in RM50's, so i didn't wanna waste a RM50 coupon for RM13.80 (if u can do the math), so i paid the rest in cash.

Then i claimed my rightful cash from daddy (only because i'm short of cash now), and he gave me RM20 cos he had no small change, and neither did i. Score! Scammed daddy of his RM6.20 (:

I made a belated new year's resolution on tweeter which is not to buy anymore cosmetics this year unless i absolutely have to. Impulse purchase has left my wallet empty of cash when i travelled back from KL this time. I had tonnes of eyeshadows already but those sales girls freaking hypnotized me to buy them again okay! And i don't even makeup often now -.- Let's hope when i enter university soon everyone in my class makeup everyday so i'll feel the peer pressure to makeup everyday and use up my supplies (:

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