February 12, 2011

Valentine's day special

After dinner, daddy said he's gonna buy something for mommy in a few months' time, worth RM5k. But mommy said she wanted something for Valentine's. 

Then i gave her a lecture (fuyoh!) about how Valentine's day is so commercialised to TRICK all the couples to spend (much) more money just to show their affection towards each other on that very day that man invented. I'd rather my partner show lotsa love to me for the rest of the 364 days in a year, except 14th February. True right?

Some might say this is an act of being sour grapes, but i really think that all these years of me being single has made me lost every drop of romantic essence in me, and instead being really practical and realistic. It's really the result of being at the sidelines, watching relationships come and go, hearing friends sob over their useless girl/boyfriends, being kinda too involved in someone's relationship, so on and so forth.

Yeah, all these words are so commercialised as well. Then again, i can say anything i want because i'm not 'blinded by love' or at least that's what they call it. People do stupid stuff when they're in 'love', and i really gotta agree with that. It's like this 'love' (or i'd rather call infatuation) blocks your rational in every sense possible. But every relationship has more than meets the eye, so i'm only judging by a third party perspective.


Looking back, it's kinda stupid (or rather naive) of me to think that i can 'set' criterias for the guy that i'm looking for. Don't tryna deny that u have never at least THOUGHT about it before! Minimum age gap, minimum height difference, which nationality, which race, how far away is he going to be from u, etc. For all u know, u might get something totally opposite than what u've 'set'. 

Oh well. God has his plans for us and all we can do is just wait for the right one that He's gonna send us. Like a baby sent by a crane(?). Or He already sent one, and i just have to open my eyes a little wider. 

I heard from my friend saying that the STPM results will be out in 5 days! *gasp+faint+melt* Talk about being anxious.

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